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Setting up your Twitter Profile - 1st Impressions count

Here's a Tutorial from Mick Holloway, of 24-7 Business Networking, showing how to set up your Twitter Profile that works, and works HARD making those all important 1st Impressions count.

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Setting up your Twitter Profile - 1st Impressions count

  1. 1. Page 0© 24-7 Business Networking Copyright © 20101 24-7 Business Networking Ltd. Make your Twitter Profile Work HARD
  2. 2. Your Twitter profile tells the world something about you and lets any other twitter user find you and learn about you. How to do this in just 160 Characters! Twitter Profile
  3. 3. Twitter Profile Why bother ? Well for one thing… You’re twitter bio will appear in google search results
  4. 4. Social Media Ranking LinkedIn Facebook Website Twitter Google+ Website ALL your Social Media should be ranking… It’s a Marketing MIX
  5. 5. Edit your Twitter Profile Log in to twitter… Click on your picture… Click on ‘View Profile’
  6. 6. Edit your Twitter Profile Click on ‘Edit Profile’
  7. 7. Edit your Twitter Profile Edit fields then ‘Save changes’
  8. 8. Header Photo – 1500x500 pixels, landscape banner type pic Profile Photo – 400x400 square head and shoulders or logo Name – the name you wish to be found by. So your real name or your company/brand name Twitter Profile TIP - Text here, is not indexed, but neither is it counted in your Bio You MUST have these, or people will think - FAKE!
  9. 9. Location – Country/City/County, there are no rules - but be safe Web – Any URL link Bio – 160 characters about you or your business. Be accurate, interesting, targeted use # and @ PIN Favourite Tweets - First Tweet visitors will see. Twitter Profile
  10. 10. Make that Bio WORK - HARD Mention my business and its Twitter account Relevant #tags Mention my target audience Hyper link to web site Phone No My Name and Twitter handle link to our about page
  11. 11. Twitter Profile Profile Photo Header Photo Name, Location, Web URL & Bio Notice this ‘pinned Tweet’
  12. 12. Pin a Tweet – 1st impressions count Post your tweet, then click on the three dots… You can pin any tweet to stick at the top of your profile … then ‘Pin…’
  13. 13. Pin a Tweet ‘pinned’ to the top of profile page
  14. 14. 24-7 Business Networking: +44 (0) 1438 791017 Email: Web: Twitter: mick_holloway Thank you. Now, apply this tutorial make your profile work HARD, make the most of Twitter We train and mentor across the Social Media Spectrum. Over 100 tutorials like this one, 10 Training courses – All available Online and Offline… Find out more … 24-7 - Insulating you from the technology. 24-7 Business Networking Training and CoachingCopyright © 2015 24-7 Business Networking Ltd.