Gilda by Belgious Social Media Coverage (EN)


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Short presentation about the strategies that were used to present Gilda by Belgious to potential and current Belgious customers.

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Gilda by Belgious Social Media Coverage (EN)

  1. 1. Gilda by BelgiousSocial Media Coverage Michiel Das Gilda by Belgious Marketing Manager 01/12/2010 – 28/02/2011 Web: Mail:
  2. 2. Summary Company: Gilda by Belgious is a modern restaurant located in the heart of Barcelona’s Barrio Gótico, combining a typical Mediterranean cuisine with Belgian influences. The restaurant was opened in December 2010 by the Belgious Group (Belgious & Belgious Catering). Web: Mail:
  3. 3. Summary Challenge: When Belgious acquired the already existing restaurant Gilda, they wanted to maintain the name of the restaurant, and at the same time also stress the young and fresh image of the Belgious Group (Belgious & Belgious Catering), and inform both tourists as well as locals about the new venue. Web: Mail:
  4. 4. Summary Solution: The relationship with Belgious was stressed by changing the name from ‘Gilda’ to ‘Gilda by Belgious’. Because of the success of the other Belgious brands on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, these channels were used to promote the restaurant, as well as setting up collaborations with influential websites, and inviting them to write about Gilda by Belgious. Web: Mail:
  5. 5. Strategy for Belgious customers (existing networks) Since Gilda by Belgious forms part of the Belgious Group, the already existing social networks on Facebook and Twitter were used to inform the Belgious and Belgious Catering fan base about the new venue. Web: Mail:
  6. 6. Strategy for Belgious customers (new networks) To give Gilda by Belgious its own image and style, new accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare were created, and existing Belgious clients were invited to join these new social networks. The company profile that was created for Belgious and Belgious Catering on LinkedIn was also updated to include information about Gilda by Belgious. Web: Mail:
  7. 7. Strategy for potential customers In order to promote the restaurant and improve the positioning on Google, collaborations were set up with various online reservation directories. Web: Mail:
  8. 8. Strategy for potential customers Influential bloggers and international websites focusing on tourists coming to Barcelona were invited to come and try the kitchen and write about their experience. Web: Mail:
  9. 9. Strategy for actual customers Customers visiting the restaurant via these directories were automatically contacted a few days after their visit to share their opinion about Gilda by Belgious. At the exit, a ‘Please recommend us’ reminder was placed visible on the door, stimulating customers to write about their experience at home. Web: Mail:
  10. 10. Result Gilda by Belgious’s rating climbed from the last position to 100 in three months, and after two more months to position 50. The restaurant has since then been in the top 25 of restaurants in Barcelona on TripAdvisor. The various mentions on Spanish, Catalan, Dutch and English blogs, magazines and websites, resulted in more than 98000 relevant results on Google. The restaurant manages to attract both locals (thanks to the presence on online reservation directories) as well as tourists visiting Barcelona (thanks to the presence on blogs and websites like TripAdvisor). Web: Mail:
  11. 11. More information? Want detailed information or need help creating a marketing plan for your company? Feel free to contact me at: Web: Mail: