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Gamification for Dinosaurs - GWC15


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Gamification for Dinosaurs, talk on gamification, how different generations deal with information & media, watch people and reverse thinking. Gamification World Congres 2015

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Gamification for Dinosaurs - GWC15

  1. 1. Michiel van Eunen Gamification Expert Experience Designer
  2. 2. Gamification For Dinosaurs
  3. 3. Which face do you see most often in a museum? A B C
  4. 4. 1935
  5. 5. 2015
  6. 6. 1935
  7. 7. 2015
  8. 8. 1935
  9. 9. 2015
  10. 10. What changed?
  11. 11. 1982
  12. 12. Lean Backward Passive Receiving Little Influence ‘Old’ Media Paradigm I look / listen, so I experience You send-> I receive Builders, Babyboomers, Generation X
  13. 13. ‘New’ Media Paradigm: Lean Forward Active Engaging A Lot of influence I do, so I experience Generation Y, Z …
  14. 14. Until today, we have been playing for 6 million years
  15. 15. People have been playing 10.000 hours of games before they turn 21 That is more than the number of hours they spend in High School alltogehther
  16. 16. Weekly we spend 3 billion hours playing online games ‘Because we are not challenged enough in our daily lives’ - Jane McGonigal
  17. 17. A B C D Average Gamer?
  18. 18. Average Gamer35 years old playing for 17 years 50 % ♀ 50 % ♂ social: 62% plays with others
  19. 19. Gamification
  20. 20. Gamification
  21. 21. Gamification
  22. 22. ok, we get it. let’s make a game yes, with our training program in it ... in an app, with qr-codes, right …and our brand values, and procedures but not too funny, it’s still work
  23. 23. Gamification Function Focused Design Human Focused Design Most systems are designed: …on the assumption that workers WILL DO their jobs (because they are paid to do so) … with a focus on humans who experience feelings,insecurities, reasons, motivations, engagement Education: We want you to learn this and this Business: We want you to buy / fly / use our product …with the purpose to be efficient & do the job quickly (f.i. SOP’s) …with a focus on function Games are designed: with no other purpose than to please the individual playing them …on the knowlegde that players WILL ABANDON the game, if it fails to engage
  24. 24. Gamification Is NOT about slamming some game (elements) into your organization
  25. 25. Gamification Is NOT a quick & dirty solution to your problems
  26. 26. Gamification Is NOT a one trick pony to make things ‘more fun’
  27. 27. Gamification IS
  28. 28. Reverse Thinking
  29. 29. Leaders (human) Staff (human) Customer (human) Human Focused Design Team (human) Reverse Thinking
  30. 30. HOW? Reverse Thinking
  31. 31. Michiel van Eunen Gamification Expert Experience Designer