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Youngdale Week 2 Stone


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Beat Stone's second week in Youngdale

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Youngdale Week 2 Stone

  1. 1. Youngdale Royal Queendom Week 2 Stone
  2. 2. Family Founder Household Notes Simself Michelle Simself Royal 1 Queen's Household Hunter Joshua Hunter Peasant 1 First Peasant Household The Meanderer Groop the Meanderer Peasant 2 Second Peasant Household Lermas Agata Lermas Peasant 3 Third Peasant Household Rock Peaches Rock Merchant 3 Third Merchant Household Rauta Neptunium Rauta Merchant 1 First Merchant Household Stone Beat Stone Merchant 2 Second Merchant Household Copperfield Walter Copperfield Noble 1 First Noble Household Trace Shawn Trace Noble 2 Second Noble Household
  3. 3. Lyndsay: Wow. It's been so long since we've been played. What with computer issues and life and other distractions... Am I pregnant? I can't even remember.
  4. 4. Lyndsay: Yep. I guess I am. Well, hopefully, my husband will actually roll wants for a baby this time.
  5. 5. Beat: How did I get food poisoning? Last thing I remember, we were having a party, with good fresh food, and snapdragons all over. I blame Columbine for this!
  6. 6. Andrew: I'm loving it here! My bed may be broken, but it can be fixed or replaced. And this room of mine is SO much better than my old shack. And kids to play with! Life is great!
  7. 7. Author's Note: Flashing blue objects. How did this happen? I send my computer out for an upgrade, and it comes back with a new, giant hard drive, so I have memory galore, but with the same old motherboard, graphics card, RAM, etc., so it's even slower than before, and weird stuff like this is happening. Oh, well. I guess I'll just have to replace beds and such throughout the land. Or download the stuff again. Feh.
  8. 8. Candi: Hey! What are we doing here? We're simselves, not playables, and this is a BACC, isn't it? What happened to the Stone family? “I need more Townies. You're now the Boolprop Household, unplayed, but just there to be 'playable townies' for my sims to employ and/or marry.” Gage: Hehehe. I'm surrounded by gorgeous simselves.
  9. 9. Mia: Do NOT make me a peasant, woman! “Oh, I've decided your rank will be neutral. You can marry into any household, regardless of rank. Maybe even marry into the royal household. Gage: If I marry the princess, can I still have lots of simself lovers? “That will be for her to decide. But she'll have all my powers, so I recommend not ticking her off.”
  10. 10. Keika: You realize, you are distracting me from my own universe, right? I have some serious plotting to do there. “Oh, like you can't multi-task. Come on, it'll be fun!” Rosie: I don't like my hair. You'll fix it, right? There IS a salon in town, right? And don't put me in The Hamlet! Ani-Mei: Nix on The Hamlet for me, too.
  11. 11. “Hey, hey, you'll go where you wind up going. You're marriage fodder, all of you. If some Hamlet sim proposes, you're free to turn them down, you know. Free will, folks! For you. You're Townies, now. And your last name is Boolprop.” A/N: Apologies to anyone I got wrong. It's been a long time since I downloaded most of you, and the pictures on the Boolprop list are mostly missing, now! Aaack! So please correct me, if necessary. Shown here are Mia, Anne, Candi, Keika, Gage, Thai, Rosie and Ani-Mei.
  12. 12. “OK, Boolproppers. I've moved you in, Simblended you to have the appropriate gender preferences, per your descriptions, assigned your secondary personalities, and made all but Rosie and Keika into Downtownies. Rosie and Keika have their family relationship set, as sisters, and I don't want to screw that up by Townifying them. But they'll be 'Townies' in all but fact.” Keika: Thanks for keeping Rosie and me together, at least.
  13. 13. And with that interruption finished, we'll go back to the Stone family.
  14. 14. Beat: Stupid food poisoning. Fortunately, as a family sim, I can make Grandma's Comfort Soup, and cure it. HEY! That gives me an idea for a new business! Gonna make me some money, yes, indeedy.
  15. 15. Beat: Come on, Andrew! I'm going to open Granny's Soup Station, so all the sims in town will be able to enjoy Granny's soup, and heal themselves. Andrew: All the sims? Is it in The Hamlet? Beat: Ah, no, I bought it here. Well, I'm sure we'll have some customers from The Hamlet come autonomously, and we can sell to them. Want to run the register, while I cook?
  16. 16. Beat: It's going to take some time to build up a stock to sell, of course. Andrew: I'll just dig for treasure outside, while you cook. And I hired Kendal to help out. She has no cooking skill points, yet, but a few lunchmeat sandwiches will add to the stock, and sandwiches go nicely with soup, and eventually, she should be able to help with the soup, as well. I hope.
  17. 17. Kendal: This is pretty easy! I'll start making the soup, now, too. Andrew: And I think I'll stop digging, and open the business. With two of you cooking, we should be able to keep up. I'll just clean up this mess, and get started selling. I'm glad I did dig, though. I found a vase and a treasure chest! We'll definitely be able to afford to pay you, while you help build up the stock.
  18. 18. “Andrew! Am I glad to see you! You're a merchant, and a merchant is exactly what I need. You see, I have a couple of requests. The Hamlet needs a hobby lot of its own, and I also have a particular request to create a roller rink there, named, 'Teeny Tiny Wagons,' because although roller skates weren't invented yet, in the middle ages, wagons were, and you can make teeny tiny wagons to strap to the medieval sims feet.” Andrew: Um, OK. I could use a business or two for myself.
  19. 19. A/N: I took this picture with a particular caption in mind, and then I got distracted before I could type it in, and now it's a day later, and I have no idea what I wanted to say here. On another note, I have two cute new kittens, one of whom is a total cuddle-muffin.
  20. 20. A/N: BWAHAHAHAHAAA! For some reason, this strikes me as hysterical. She's almost as rich as Vesuvius, but it's all safely tucked away in the bank. Can't afford to buy soup. Perhaps I'd better stock some single servings.
  21. 21. A/N: Something tells me this is the end of Kendal's shift.
  22. 22. Beat: This is good for the community, and I'm in The Zone, and having a blast, but it is NOT a money-maker. At this rate, I'll never be able to afford to build Teeny Tiny Wagons, let alone the Hamlet hobby lot. I need to come up with a new plan.
  23. 23. Beat: Welcome, Boolpropers, to The Office, my latest business. You just keep writing those articles for me, until it's time to go home, and we'll see just how many shifts it takes for you to make me rich. Gage: Pinstripes?! You put me in PINSTRIPES?! Beat: This is an office, and as such, professional attire is required.
  24. 24. Thai: I don't mind the business attire, but where are my glasses? I can't see anything, and I'm getting a headache from working at the computer with all the fuzzy letters. Beat: Sorry, Thai. I have no idea where your glasses went. Perhaps I can reset things for you, but if not, you'll just have to wear contact lenses. We have excellent health insurance benefits. Our policy will cover one contact lens per year.
  25. 25. Keika: Am I the only one who got the memo? I thought we had a departmental meeting today. … ROSIE! Rosie: Teehee!
  26. 26. A/N: I figured I needed a copier or printer for the office, because every office needs a copier or printer. At least 300 downloads and two days later, I finally forced myself to back away from ModTheSims, but look! A printer! OK, now I can actually PLAY again.
  27. 27. A/N: Dang it! Windows pushed another update, and now everyone has the blue screen of death! And my IT guy is currently visiting his friend in another country. Great. Beat: I don't care. As long as they can still earn money for me, I'm keeping the business open. Who cares if they can't see what they're writing? Touch typing, for the win!
  28. 28. Andrew: And since the simselves demanded a salon, I am now offering training classes in cosmetology, so that whoever next opens a salon, they need not start out giving bad makeovers. I have no interest in starting a salon, myself, but I have no objection to sharing my knowledge with others. A/N: Bigfeet make The Best vocational trainers. Also, I love this vocational training download, to teach other sims any talent badge for which the trainer has a gold badge. Beat is not charging admission to The Office, so we'll see how the customers like it as a place to visit, and maybe train.
  29. 29. Beat: OK, I'll admit it. The Office is really just a fun project for Michelle's building pleasure and to enjoy a few fun downloads, and I have no idea how I got into this suit of armor, instead of my business suit. I should probably just finish out the shift, and then head over to Teeny Tiny Wagons, and let Andrew get to his actual job.
  30. 30. Lyndsay: Hi, Your Majesty! Lyndsay Stone, here. Say, I have an idea of my own for a lot or two down in the Hamlet, and I thought I'd ask permission from you, first. Don't want to get in trouble for using modern things where I shouldn't, and whatnot. I think I can really help the Hamlet folk, though, giving them the opportunity to enjoy some of the things they can't access directly here in the modern world. Want to meet up and discuss things? Great! I'll meet you there.
  31. 31. Lyndsay: So, I talked it over with the Queen, and she wants me to go ahead and build a soup kitchen in The Hamlet. Also, she gave me permission to build a flower garden and shop, provided I used “rustic recolors” for the flower arranging desk, and a toy shop, and a magically frozen pond for skating, and she also wants me to set up a library and the “Halls of Learning” building, to act as a sort of high school, once the hamlet kids have left Peaches elementary school.
  32. 32. Beat: But, I planned to use our money for Andrew to build Teeny Tiny Wagons, and the hobby lot. Lyndsay: Tough. You and Andrew have work today, and I'm on maternity leave, so I hired a butler, and will take the day to build up the businesses the queen wants. After Andrew gets his lifetime want, he can open those other businesses. Beat: Well, I guess that's OK, then.
  33. 33. Lyndsay: First things first. Michelle told me that if I hide this thing behind some trees and such, I can “magically,” create a sort of permanent winter on this lot, so we can have a “magically frozen pond,” for ice skating, year round. She got an invisible recolor for the ice skating rink she wants to try, and tasked me with setting it up. And since it's here in The Hamlet, anyone can visit it, autonomously or not.
  34. 34. Lyndsay: Wonderful! Inside the lodge, I put a fireplace next to the water barrels, so that we can heat fire for hot baths. On the mantlepiece, I placed a couple of special candles the Queen gave me, “to prevent fires,” she said, and they actually summoned a good warlock! He will put out any fires that may come on the lot, and sims who get too cold while skating can safely warm themselves inside.
  35. 35. There are four hot tubs, and two private baths, plus a bar, and a couple of dueling swords, just because. Under the large awning is a grill, tables and chairs, and an axe-throwing range, for more fun.
  36. 36. Michelle: EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! The Taint is here! I KNEW it would be trouble if I offered shelter to those werewolves. THEY BROUGHT IT WITH THEM! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!