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Sandy Bruty Week 2


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Sandy Bruty Goes for the gold, well platinum, in her quest for 20 woohoos.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Sandy Bruty Week 2

  1. 1. Father Of a Nation Sandy Bruty Week 2
  2. 2. Sandy: All Hail the Grand Llama and the Illamanati. Can I start my report now? “Begin.” Sandy: So, we pick up where we left off, with Gage staring at my breasts, except now I look like I woke up from a bad slumber party.
  3. 3. Sandy: Seriously, look at me! That darned Kiera! I will... do absolutely nothing to her, because she is impervious to harm. Oh well, at least I'm playable, and can fix myself. Still, I've been photobombing all over town this last week, and I look horrible. I'm not happy about it.
  4. 4. Sandy: I definitely did a lot of shopping, too. I have 12 make-up cases, three vanity tables, two of those fancy eggs, and an orange. Apparently, though, I didn't buy any of the custom outfits from Gretchen Chin. That's OK. I prefer a different style. However, now that I can go somewhere else for clothes, I do think I want a real make-over, with some better clothes.
  5. 5. Sandy: Just a reminder, I dated, but did not woohoo with, Niel. He would be my seventh, and I want twenty. I think it's time to hire a nanny, and explore the new places around town. Gage tells me there's a great place for meeting new lovers. The Casanova Club sounds like it was literally designed for sims just like me.
  6. 6. Sandy: Well, how about that? The one date I didn't woohoo, and he gives me a date reward. Thanks, Neil! That won't pay taxes, but it will pay the bills, at least.
  7. 7. Sandy: Now this is a look I haven't had before. I don't know where this top came from, but I like it much better. And my hair and make-up are very nice, too. I think I look sexy, although I do intend to buy something better, when I have the chance. Gage: Hellooo! I thought we were going to woohoo in the bed. Sandy: We did, doofus. I was so good, I gave you amnesia. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going out on a manhunt.
  8. 8. Sandy: Just because I'm here to buy a new wardrobe for my family doesn't mean I can't scope out the men, too. Unfortunately, I don't much like what I see.
  9. 9. Sandy: Although, I do like a man in uniform.
  10. 10. Sandy: Why is it that you don't look anything like your portrait in my relationship panel, Goopy Kimbrell? Goopy: Because wearing this uniform gives me Face 1. Don't worry. I still have the same genetics underneath. The same sexy fish lips and chipmunk cheeks. Sandy: Doesn't matter. I can only breed with Gage, anyway. But I can woohoo with you, regardless of your faceplate.
  11. 11. Unfortunately, dating a salesman on his shift is untenable. I'll probably have to do this relationship over the phone, until I can invite him for a visit. I don't have time for that today. Time to check out and go to the Casanova Club.
  12. 12. Sandy: Oh, great. Two of my lovers are here, already. Gage is running the club today, and Armando is a guest. You know what, though? I don't have to keep all twenty lovers in love with me at the same time. As long as I don't rub their faces in it, I hope it will be OK, but even if not, it won't destroy my happiness too much to be caught out. I just need to find fourteen more men to woohoo me, for permanent platinum happiness. And hopefully lots of date rewards, because I spent a fortune on clothes.
  13. 13. Armando: How dare you ask someone else on a date! Sandy: Geez! He just showed up. I haven't even greeted him, yet. Armando: I don't care! It's a DATE! And not with me! How dare you! Prepare to be slapped. Sandy: Well, that's one way to have good birth control, I suppose. Gage will probably drop me, now, too.
  14. 14. Sandy: OK, Neil, we only need 10 more lifetime relationship points before we can woohoo, so let's just quick do it out here, and use one of the fast outside options, and then I'll probably just go home. This may work great for the owner of the establishment, but not so much for me.
  15. 15. Sandy: Woohoo number 7.
  16. 16. Sandy: Just because I can't lock the doors and get the privacy I need for intense wooing doesn't mean I can't meet men. This is a good place to make their acquaintance, at just $10 per hour. Too bad I can't meet the hottie on the wall, but these men will do for now.
  17. 17. Sandy: I didn't get more than the one date to seal the deal with Neil, but I met a few men, and came home in time to hit the energizer before passing out.
  18. 18. Sandy: I also spent fully half of my money on a complete new wardrobe for me, including some clothes for when I age up, as well as a few dresses for the girls, and a couple of outfits in case this little one is a boy.
  19. 19. Sandy: Now, I need to focus on finding my next dream date. Maybe I'll have some luck online. It helps to befriend the men before wooing them. The kids are well-taken care of, with a nanny, and their father in the house, so why not?
  20. 20. Gage: You wanna make it big in GageNation, Nooboo? Go for the music career. You can be a rock god, just like your old man, and there are no restrictions on it, either. None of that racing to get the one open position, or anything like that. The sky's the limit! Nooboo: I give finnerguns to all the awdience. Gage: That's right. With enough charisma, you're golden.
  21. 21. Gage: HEY! You can't cheat on me! I'm the one who cheats. Sandy: Well, I was being discreet, inviting him over to my house for the date, but then YOU walked in, completely uninvited. Gage: I have a right to visit my children. Sandy: NOT uninvited! And if you barge in, you deserve an eyeful. You're still my babies' daddy, but you're not my boyfriend, anymore. I'm moving on.
  22. 22. Sandy: Mathew Smith, woohoo number 8.
  23. 23. Sandy: Hey, sweetie, are you ready to grow up into a big girl? Nooboo: Big gurr! Sandy: That's right. Now, you just stand up and wiggle, and let the sparkles fly. And when you're done, you can go to the closet and try on the new dress I bought for you, and then we'll do your hair and make-up. You'll look so pretty.
  24. 24. Sandy: And now it's time for Bella's birthday, too. We have to hurry, before the schoolbus gets here.
  25. 25. Nooboo: Hurry! Hurry! I want to eat ALL the cake! “With that mouth, it almost looks like you could eat it in one bite.” Nooboo: Why thank you, HD. You're so sweet. “Err, yeah. Well, happy birthday, and enjoy school.” Nooboo: YAY! Schoool! I'm gonna make ALL the friends! And learn ALL the things! Fingerguns! Books! Hooray!
  26. 26. Sandy: Aww, Bella, you are definitely Daddy's little girl. And I even like your dress. I just hope your father spends as much time with you as he does with your sister. Well, as long as he doesn't slap me on my dates, that is. He slapped me three times on that last one. Bella: Swap!
  27. 27. Sandy: Just because I want lots of woohoo doesn't mean I don't care about my children's success.
  28. 28. Sandy: You don't have to be an honor roll student, but I do insist that you at least learn the skills you'll need to pass. Who knows? You might be able to go to college when you grow up. If your Daddy keeps making mint like he has been, it's possible for him to pay for one, himself. “Actually, no. The Illamanati have plans. No private university. It must be earned through taxes, even if that takes generations.” Nooboo: NOOOOOOOO! Mommy, HD is MEAN!
  29. 29. Sandy: Benjamin! Thanks for coming over. Look, things are a bit complicated for me, with two kids who are actually aware of stuff, and another on the say. We need to be discreet, OK? Benjamin: Discreet? Aren't we just two pals, hanging out on a beautiful afternoon? Sandy: Errr, yeah, but let's not advertise it, OK? My kids want me all to themselves, so I have to keep my friends secret.
  30. 30. Sandy: Here we are, in a private bedroom, with a closet, for when we fall in love and are ready to woohoo.
  31. 31. Nooboo: Hi, Mommy! Why are you dancing in here, when the music is out there? Anyway, I want a story! Will you read me a story? I want to read ALL the books! Sandy: Well, OK, just one. Then Mommy wants to get back to her private dance party in the spare room, OK? Nooboo: OK, Mommy!
  32. 32. Sandy: Oh, man! Now that I have you to myself again, I'm going into labor! Benjamin: This is a great date! We're best friends, and I get to be your birthing coach. I feel so honored. Now, do you remember your breathing exercises? In. Out. In. Out. Sandy: SHUT UP!
  33. 33. Sandy: Welcome, Petra. Gage sure does throw lots of girls, doesn't he? That's alright with me. We can be a household of women, and the only men welcome are dates. Benjamin: Does that mean you won't marry me? I've been rolling the want. Sandy: Why did you have to fall in love 30 points before me? I'm still not even ready to woohoo with you. Grrr.
  34. 34. Sandy: OK, Benjamin, third date's the charm. Nooboo is at school, and I hired a nanny to watch Bella and Petra. If we can get the woohoo done before Nooboo comes home, we probably won't have any hissy fits. I don't want my children to hate me, after all, and Nooboo loves her Daddy. Benjamin: I'm ready whenever you are, my sweet love. Sandy: Right. 30 point head start. Great!
  35. 35. Sandy: Alright! Woohoo number 9.
  36. 36. Nooboo: MOMMY! Mommy! Mommy! Moooommmmyyyyy! I got ALL the grades! Sandy: You mean you got an A+? Nooboo: YEAH! After you wouldn't read the whole bookcase to me last night, I did my homework, and teacher was proud of me. She let me stay inside for recess to read and even let me do extra math at lunchtime! She's so cool!
  37. 37. Sandy: Nooboo, that's wonderful! I'm so proud of you. I don't understand you, at all, but I'm super proud of you. Nooboo: What do you mean, you don't understand me? We're speaking the same language! We're using all the same words. Sandy: I mean, I'm a Romancer, and you are clearly Knowledge. I don't get your personality and why you like learning so much; that's what I don't understand. But it's OK.
  38. 38. Sandy: Now, why don't you go inside and play with your father? Nooboo: Daddy's here? YIPPEEE! Sandy: Yes, it's Bella's turn to grow up tonight, so I thought I'd invite him over for cake. And of course, he needs to meet Petra, too. Nooboo: OK! I'll go tell him all about my new sister, and the books at school, and fractions. I love fractions! Yaaay!
  39. 39. Sandy: Go, Nooboo! Attagirl! You're almost as good at this as you are at fractions. Nooboo: It's all about physics. You have to get the right velocity before you make the jump, or the centripetal motion will pull you off alignment. Math is Life, Mommy! Gage: Gaaah, crashed again. How do you work this controller, anyway?
  40. 40. Sandy: Thanks for coming, Gage. I know I upset you the other night, with my date, but I am glad we can still be friends. Gage: No worries. I lost my top there for a minute, but you're right. We're both romancers, and we both know we're not monogamous. We SHOULD be friends. We should be best friends, forever! Sandy: Probably best to leave it at friendship now, though.
  41. 41. Sandy: Alright, Bella, time for our little princess to grow up.
  42. 42. Bella: I'm a princess! I have a pretty princess dress, and a tiara, and everything. Sandy: You sure do. And you have some birthday cake. Or you did. You ate that fast. I hope you don't get sick. Bella: Nope! But I want to make friends with Daddy, and I want to learn to do homework. Nooboo told me for her present to me, she'd let me do her homework tonight. Isn't that great?
  43. 43. Bella: Daddy, will you help me be an honors student, like Nooboo? Gage: Why would you want to do that, princess? You're gorgeous. You can be like your mother, and live on date rewards. Bella: Actually, I was pretty ticked off at Mommy for a while because of the dates, so I'd rather not.
  44. 44. Sandy: It's Friday afternoon, and both girls brought friends home with them from school. I sent them up to play blocks, because that's something they could all do together. It's good to share your friendships, and have a “gang” you can play with. “Unfortunately, the little Gavigan boy is never going to be played, so he won't grow up with them. He'll just be a friend they can chat with from time to time. But Marsha can grow with them, if they like.”
  45. 45. Sandy: Oh, Talin, I'm so glad you walked by today. I've been looking for a man to kiss, and wouldn't you know it, all the men in my phone book, except my babydaddy, were all busy. Now Gage is here, just to have cake for the baby's birthday, and we're just friends. But if you want to be something more with me, I'll be thrilled. Talin: Well, you are a sweet-talker. I'd be happy to date you tonight.
  46. 46. Sandy: Awww, my last baby is growing up. I'm almost sad, except I'll be glad to be done with diapers. I mean, when they're not screaming to be changed, they are pretty cute.
  47. 47. Sandy: Gage, hon, there is no doubt that Petra is your little girl.
  48. 48. “That's the truth. She looks almost exactly like her father.” Sandy: If I'm going to do an unofficial “uglacy,” then she'll probably wind up being the heiress. But time will tell. I'll make them wash their faces when they are all teens, and we'll have a comparison, without any make-up.
  49. 49. Sandy: Alright, Talin. All the kids are in bed. Let's date quickly. How fast can you fall in love? Talin: Pretty fast, but we might need more than one date. Sandy: I'm OK with that, so long as you stick around through the night. But you know what? The girls will get upset if they see us like this, and it's the weekend. I think it's time to take this date out on the town. Fortunately, a car offers some privacy.
  50. 50. Sandy: Here we are at The Black Cauldron, one of the few places that don't charge an entry fee. “I know that Kiera still owns this place, and although SHE is glitched, I'm hoping the restaurant is not. I did back up before playing this week, so it won't be a complete disaster to reload, but here's hoping for the best.” Sandy: Thanks for your support, HD.
  51. 51. “Strange. Kiera, who has full cooking points, wanders around aimlessly, and the barmaid does the cooking. It looks like it will be an OK place to hang out, and even get a snack, but don't count on actually getting GOOD food.”
  52. 52. Sandy: This may not be the place to go for fine cuisine, but the hot tub works. And did I mention no cover charge?
  53. 53. Sandy: Thanks for giving me woohoo number 10, Talin. I'm halfway to happiness! “Great. Now let's see if you can actually leave this place.”
  54. 54. Sandy: I was able to leave without incident, and stopped off at The Shop (Gage's grocery store), just to see if I could meet some new men. This one seems quite nice.
  55. 55. Sandy: It all happened so fast that I missed it. I was busy checking out Ryan Wheeler, to see if he could be a potential lover, and this happened. Some chick slapped the snot out of Gage, while Michelle Simself looked on with a big grin on her face. “And a good thing it wasn't the other way around. She has to have at least 24 babies with Gage, and jealousy would complicate things. A lot.”
  56. 56. Sandy: The weather was fine, and the fish pond was thawed, so I spent quite a bit of time fishing, while chatting up new prospects. I think it might be time for me to take a vacation, actually. I can meet a lot of men at Three Lakes, just for the price of an airplane ticket. “Don't you think your kids would like to go, too?” Sandy: Sure, after I'm permaplat.
  57. 57. Sandy: I got caught cheating, by Matthew, but I was already done with him, so I didn't mind. I also identified my next prospect. Sterling of the green bandana was HAWT! We'd only just met, and I was busy wooing Paul, but I made a note to chat him up later, as soon as I could. Thank Plumbob for cell phones, right? And I was so glad I had my car, so that Paul could be my number 11.
  58. 58. Sandy: Thanks a bunch, Paul. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm probably not going to talk to you, ever again. Paul: Eh, I'm used to it. I'm a hobby leader. We almost never get follow-up relationships.
  59. 59. Sandy: Shortly after I finished my date with Paul, one of my new acquaintances set me up on a blind date with Neil. We hit it off right away, but I tried to keep things friendly, until Paul left. I'd already had a couple of Boings tonight, already.
  60. 60. Sandy: But once Paul was out of the picture, Niel was right in it, at number 12.
  61. 61. Sandy: I goofed up on my date with Nery. I thought Neil was safely out of the way! Well, it was a moot point, now. Nery: Weird. When I introduced you two, I thought you'd really hit it off, but now he's slapping you around. I guess I didn't know him as well as I thought I did. People are so scary! Sandy: Errr, yeah. This is totally on Neil being a jerk. Not my fault, at all.
  62. 62. Benjamin: How DARE you, you two-timing hussy! Nery: Oh, my goodness, the violence! Brutality! Barbarians are everywhere! What will we do? Sandy: I suggest we consummate our relationship as quickly as possible, and then go home. Nery: If you think that's best. I just want to hide away from all this blood and gore. It's not good for my poor nerves.
  63. 63. Sandy: Alright, Nery. We're through here. You'd better go home and hide under a rock, where you'll be safe. Nery: Oh, I will, but what about you? Sandy: I'll go home and hide, too. Don't worry. I have plenty of precautions at home. Everything will be fine. Nery: Oh, thank Boolprop! I'm so glad I met you. I was a nervous wreck, but now I feel more secure, just knowing there are good people like you in the world. Plumbob bless you.
  64. 64. Sandy: But I didn't go home. I went to my Oceanography Institute, and chatted on the phone with one Ira Hanby, with whom I had three bolts. When our relationship was high enough, I invited him to join me there. Thirteen woohoos was good, but fourteen would be even better.
  65. 65. Sandy: I love being able to make out right in front of Gage without worrying about jealousy. Although I do still keep rolling a want to fall in love with him again. That man has his hooks into me so deep, it's scary. But I'm determined to just stay friends with him from now on. At least until I've made my lifetime want.
  66. 66. Sandy: And Ira made number 14. I quickly said goodbye, so I could be absolutely sure he was off the lot. That's on advantage to owning the lot you're on: you can send people away. “Grrrrrr.” Sandy: What's wrong, HD? “I can see Kiera's trailer park right behind you. Hmmm, I have an idea. I'll show you when you get home.”
  67. 67. Sandy: Another advantage to dating at a lot you own: Customer stars!
  68. 68. Sandy: Thanks, Joe! Was that number 15? I think that was 15. Joe: Does it matter? All that matters is that I have found the love of my life, and we shall be together forever, living in eternal bliss. Sandy: Errr, bye, Joe.
  69. 69. Lilly: So, you're Gage's friend, right? He told me that the High Drama Llama wants me to become playable, so I have to move in with someone, before I can get my own place and have Gage's baby. Want to be my friend and let me move in with you, just long enough to find a house of my own? Sandy: Well, I guess I can take a break from dating for a while, an do outings with you, instead. I do have room in the house, at least, so sure, why not?
  70. 70. Sandy: Or, we could date, instead of just a plain outing. Lilly: :gasp: Wow! I never thought a famous lover like you would go for someone like me. Sandy: I've only dated men before, but there's just something about you. Maybe it's your magical aura. But there's definitely something about you that draws they eye. Why not take a chance on me?
  71. 71. Sandy: Lilly, what are you doing? Lilly: Turning you into a witch. I rolled it in my want panel. It's worth a big score for the date! You should be happy. Sandy: But, I just got my look just the way I wanted it. Lilly: You can change it back. But it's worth 1000 aspiration points, you know? Please? Pretty Please?
  72. 72. Sandy: OK, I'll allow it, but only because you are so special. And I will change my look back to normal, once I go back home. But there's a price. You have to be my number 16.
  73. 73. Gage: Lilly! How could you cheat on me like this?! Sandy: Oh, not this again. Lilly: Great. Now I have to woo him all over again, just to keep from being terminated at the end of a week, if I'm not pregnant with his child. Sandy: Honestly? He's not that hard to get.
  74. 74. Gage: Why are you looking at me like that, HD? So what if I flirted with Kiera Knight and made Lilly Cho fall out of love with me? What do you expect? I am what I am. “Great. You're Popeye.” Gage: Who? “Why don't you go home and make some spinach-flavored chili?”
  75. 75. Lilly: Wow. That was great and all, and I totally love you. Sandy: I love you too. But... Both: You just don't roll my wants. Sandy: Haha! Jinx! OK, let's make a deal. We'll be roommates, at least until you find a good place for yourself, and we'll stay friends, forever. And no jealousy over Gage, right?
  76. 76. Lilly: Sounds good to me. I'm going home to pack my things, and I'll see you at your place. Sandy: See you there. I think I'll stick around here long enough to go perma-plat. I'm so close now. Only four more.
  77. 77. Sandy: What a relief to have someone roll my wants again. My aspiration was just tanking. Bruce: Yeah, baby. Let's keep on rolling! Sandy: Are you up for a roll in the hay? Bruce: Do you have any hay? Sandy: Errr, no, but I have a tent, a hammock, and a car.
  78. 78. Sandy: Thank you, Bruce! Seventeen!
  79. 79. Nery: Oh, no! I knew I shouldn't have left the house today. My nerves were well justified. Sandy: Ooops. Hehe. I thought you wouldn't notice this sort of thing. I mean, you never did before. Nery: I never should have trusted you. You're just like everybody else in the world! Out to get me! I'm going back to hide again! Everybody hates me!
  80. 80. Sandy: Sorry, Joe, I don't even care.
  81. 81. Sandy: OK, number 18, let's just ignore the elephant in the room. Makoto: What elephant? Sandy: Komei Tellerman, staring at us, like a Creepy McCreeperson from Creepsville. Makoto: Maybe he wants a threesome?
  82. 82. Komei: So, would you be up for a threesome? Sandy: I'm a Romance sim. Of course I'd be up for it. But the game mechanics don't allow for it, and you don't roll my wants. I only have two woohoos left to do, and I already have my prospective men chosen. They roll my wants, and make dates easy. Komei: Pity. You don't know what you're missing.
  83. 83. Sandy: Oh, Brandon, you look like a fool, thanks to Kiera and her plot to destroy the fashion of GageNation, but you roll my wants!
  84. 84. Sandy: Goodbye, Brandon. You'll always be my penultimate woohoo. Brandon: Penultimate! That means I'm the best! Sandy: Actually, no. It means you're next-to-last. People keep using that word wrong. As your parting gift, I'll give you a dictionary.
  85. 85. Sandy: Sterling Bachman, we have triple bolts. I saw you ages ago, and you rolled my wants, but I saved the best for last.
  86. 86. Sandy: This is so weird. You're my last one, and yet I'm still rolling that want to fall in love with Gage. Every single date I have had has been interrupted at least once with the want to fall in love with Gage (at least after I fell out of love with him). But I never once rolled a want to fall in love with any of my other dates. I guess you just never forget your first love. Even when you're with your last.
  87. 87. “We interrupt this report to laugh our heads off at Melissa Fancey.”
  88. 88. Sandy: At last, I am permanently platinum, and nothing can bring me down for long. It's time to move on with my life. I'll probably still keep dating in the future. It's a living, after all, and I don't really want to get a regular job. But the urgency is gone.
  89. 89. Sandy: Petra was in the perfect frame of mood for all her toddler skills in one go, so I did that right away, before changing to my ideal look.
  90. 90. Sandy: Welcome to the world of playability, Lilly Cho. Now, before you find your own place, would you please do me a favor and make some magic thrones for me? I want a couple for here, and a couple for my Oceanography Institute. Lilly: I can do that. And I really appreciate this. But let's just ignore each other from now on, until our love fades away to mere friendship. It's just too complicated to be jealous of each other, you know?
  91. 91. Nooboo: I'm so happy! I'm getting ALL the skill points! Sandy: Knock yourself out, sweetie. It's the weekend, so you just do whatever you want to do. Nooboo: I want to do my homework, and learn about math, and learn about logic, and learn about physiology, and learn about... Sandy: I get the idea, kid. You do you.
  92. 92. Bella: I don't care a bit about logic, but Physiology sounds great. Perhaps someday, I'll be an athlete, or maybe a general. Sandy: You girls make me so proud! And can I say that this non- family sim loves your self-sufficiency? You even bake your own muffins to eat. Bella: You never cook anything. We kind of have to.
  93. 93. Sandy: Bella is right. I'm going to make sure my kids have the best nutrition available. I'm expanding the garden, so I have room to plant every type of produce there is. And I don't have to pay through the nose for it, at Gage's shop. I can't join the garden club, but maybe someday my heiress will.
  94. 94. Lilly: One night's works should do it, and then I'll use tomorrow's newspaper to find my own place. I'll get Sandy all set up with thrones, and keep one for myself. It's really all I need to get by.
  95. 95. Sandy: The men may hate me, now, but they still bring the date rewards. $5,800? Thank you very much! Seriously, I will never work a day in my life.
  96. 96. “Well done this week, Sandy. And now that it's Sunday, I think it's time to try a little something I like to call 'Operatioin Get Krampus Playable.' I have filled out the paperwork to requisition a special object just for you. You might want to make sure the girls are occupied in another room, and wait until Lilly finds her own place, but then... Call over Kiera. This is my final attempt to make things work with her.”
  97. 97. Sandy: HD, you want me to use a disintegrator gun on Kiera? “It was either that or an assault rifle, and I just figured that would be in poor taste. By the way, I am backing up the neighborhood right now. Wait until I give you the word, please.”
  98. 98. Sandy: Ummm, why is there a floating baby in my spare bedroom? “Because you're going to adopt him.” Sandy: But, I was finished with babies! Done with diapers! “But you've done so well with your girls. And anyway, Nooboo is almost old enough to help out. You're adopting him, and that's all there is to it.”
  99. 99. Sandy: Wow. You look just like my girls. I suppose I can learn to love you as well as them. But first, I have to take care of business. Close your eyes, little boy, and try not to take this too hard. Author's Note: Thank you, all, for your many suggestions on how to fix this. At last, SimBlender did the trick!
  100. 100. Sandy: Sorry about this, Kiera. It's nothing personal, really. It's orders. “Um, Kiera, why are you smiling like that? Don't smile like that. You're about to be disintegrated.” Kiera: Hehehe.
  101. 101. “BWAAAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAA! Finally! She's dead! She's finally DEAD!”
  102. 102. Kiera: Oh, you think so, do you? HAAHAA! “You know what? I don't even care, anymore. Krampus is adopted, and playable, and you are just a neighborhood annoyance. Although I was rather hoping you would pass on the Black Cauldron ownership to him, or to Gage, or to someone. But now, it just doesn't matter. I HAVE KRAMPUS! I WIN! Kiera: You'll never be rid of me, HD. Never.
  103. 103. Sandy: Welcome to the family, kiddo. You'll meet your sisters soon enough. For now, let's you and I bond a bit.
  104. 104. Nooboo: And in just a few more days, you'll be able to join us for school! Bella: Maybe the teacher will let you write on the chalkboard. I love writing on the chalkboard. Petra: Wanna wead books and give owal weports. Nooboo: That's fun, too!
  105. 105. Sandy: Congratulations, Gage! Your son is playable, again! Krampus is living with us, now, and even recognizes me as his mother, through adoption. The High Drama Llama is satisfied, even though Kiera is still immortal. Gage: Does this mean I won't have to use the telescope every night? “Well, I still want an alien baby, sometime, but maybe next generation will be soon enough.”
  106. 106. Gage: It's nice to meet all my children. You sure are a cutie, Petra. I'm sure you'll be a real heartbreaker, just like your old man. Petra: Oh maybe a movie staw! Gage: That would be good, too. With lots of loving fans. Nooboo: I don't know. Breaking hearts sound bad. Love is not a game, you know.
  107. 107. Sandy: Oh, Gage, I just can't help myself. You're my first, last, and probably only true love. Gage: Well, who can compte with the Gagemeister? Sandy: No one, Gage. Absolutely no one.
  108. 108. Gage: Krampus, I'm so glad you're here. Not only do I have a son to carry on my fabulousness, but you have saved me from The Probe, and from figuring out how to give birth to my own baby. I just wasn't built for that, you know? I'm a ladies' man!
  109. 109. “And with that, we finish the week at the Bruty household. They have a net worth of $78,026, and a tax payment of $3,901. “All Hail the Grand Llama and the Illamanati. End of report.”