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Sandy bruty week 1


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Sandy Bruty begins her own "uglacy" in GageNation, bearing Gage's first child. Sorry if some pictures are randomly missing. Stupid Windows 10 FORCED updates keep breaking things!

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Sandy bruty week 1

  1. 1. Father Of a Nation Sandy Bruty Week 1
  2. 2. “Sandy Bruty, you will narrate your life, for the microphones to record, and I will piece together the information for my report to the Grand Llama. Just like Gage Uglacy must do.” Sandy: Yeah, yeah. I read the rule book. Let's get on with it. “All Hail the Grand Llama, and the Illamanati!” Sandy: Whatever. So, I got my house. It's pretty enough, has all the basics, and two bedrooms. That'll do me for now.
  3. 3. Sandy: I can live off of fish from my business, of course, but with no grocery store, if I want anything else, I'll have to grow it myself. Just a basic garden should be enough. If my kid wants more, she can plant it, herself.
  4. 4. Sandy: What luck! The only jobs available for a sim to take here is in Music or Dance, and there just happens to be one opening for Dance. Now, I could take it for myself, or I could just use the business to pay my way, and let someone else have that one slot. Eh. I think I'll leave the job, for now. Actually, a koi pond would look nice in the backyard, so I'll go get my gold fishing badge, for now. Plus the business cash rewards. Who needs a day job?
  5. 5. Sandy: But, before I go there, helloo, potential lover! Let me just make sure I have a woohoo option available, and you and I can get to know each other. I guess the rest of the welcome wagon can come in, too.
  6. 6. Sandy: Holy plumbob, you're a triple bolter! We just met, and already we're slow dancing. I don't even mind that you jumped the gun getting into the hot tub, because now I get to appreciate your swimwear-clad body for that much longer. We'll just kick the others out of the hot tub when we're ready to get it on, OK? Welcome Wagon Man (WWM): Sure thing, baby! You are so hot, I'm glad I'm barely dressed, or I'd melt from the heat.
  7. 7. Sandy: OK, girls, y'all can leave now. Now that you've wasted all the candles. WWM: We don't need candles, baby. Sandy: Right you are, lover! Let's have another dream date!
  8. 8. Welcome Wagon Woman: I'm just going to stay here, staring creepily. Sandy: Hey, no skin off my nose. WWM: Me, neither. Let's get it on!
  9. 9. Sandy: I'm excited I tried this Games activity! That was a lot of fun! Crossword is great. Hmmm, maybe one of my lovers will bring me a game as a date reward. In fact, I wonder if I can actually make a living from date rewards? With 20 different sims to woohoo, that will surely mean a lot of dates. I think I'll try it and see. Then there's no need for a babysitter.
  10. 10. Sandy: Yep, there it is. No more hot tub for me, until I push out this baby.
  11. 11. Sandy: SHAE! My pal. OK, we're not actually friends, yet, but at least I know you. Nobody brought by a gift last night, so how would you like to come over and spend the day dream dating me? I figure you're good for at least two bouquets, at least.
  12. 12. Sandy: Actually this may take three. We're starting out pretty low, here.
  13. 13. Sandy: Yep. Three bouquets. Feel free to leave whenever you wake up. I'm going to crash when we're done. Pregnancy drains you, you know. Shae: That's fine. I'll deliver the bouquets tomorrow. Sandy: Try not to interrupt another date. I caught Gage with a date, and now I hate them both.
  14. 14. Sandy: One good thing about all the dating is that it pays for the energizers.
  15. 15. Sandy: Another night without date presents. Shoot. I have to spend the whole day chatting up the various men I know, hoping that someone will come over to date me.
  16. 16. Sandy: Allright, Gage, here's the deal. I don't really forgive you, but at least you called, so that's a plus. I'm holed up at home, waiting for some man to be willing to come over to my house. Are you up for it? Maybe tomorrow? Well, OK. I suppose you ought to see your child, at any rate.
  17. 17. Sandy: Oooh, a call from a stranger! Juan Reamon? You heard from Shae that I was a blast, and you want to take me on a date downtown? Sounds great! I know just the place.
  18. 18. Sandy: Waitaminute. I thought this was a date! And SHE'S here, too? Flergle. Well, at least there are three new men to meet. I can befriend them tonight, and date them tomorrow. Some jokes and Bust a Moves will do the trick in no time.
  19. 19. Juan: Eww, don't Bust a Move with me. I hate that. You know that temporary friendship you get with the blind outing introduction? Well, it's all gone down to zero with me, because your jokes aren't funny, either.
  20. 20. Sandy: Boing? Why did I hear a boing?
  21. 21. Shae: How DARE you bust a move with that fellow I introduced you to! This outing is over, and it's a total bomb! Expect flaming poo to be delivered forthwith. Sandy: But, I didn't even flirt with him! Shae: I don't care.
  22. 22. Sandy: Well, I might as well stay and catch some food for the winter. Now it's just us girls, because the entire outing group left. Pity. I could have made some good money off their tickets, at least. And I'm not platinum, anymore, either. I need a man.
  23. 23. Sandy: Hello, Garden Club Matthew. This trip might not have been a complete waste after all. Let me sell you a ticket, and then I'll chat you up. We can save the dating for my place, because I don't like to get slapped.
  24. 24. Sandy: So, I'm going to have Gage Uglacy's baby. Matthew: Oh, poor you. Wow, look at the time. I gotta go.
  25. 25. Sandy: My aspiration is tanking. I need a date, stat. Armando: Sorry, not interested.
  26. 26. Sandy: Aw, thanks for calling, Gage. You really perked me up. I was starting to feel really down on myself, like no one would want me again, now that I've turned into a walking walrus with hormones on the rampage. Yes, I'll be your best friend again!
  27. 27. Sandy: So, Waylon, I'm not exactly founding an uglacy, but let's just say your nose is interesting. If I have a girl, you should definitely come around to my place. Then again, you should come around, anyway, because I'm not picky. Waylon: Well, shucks. I don't get invited to join a playable family very often, so... Sandy: Only if my daughter wants you, Nosey.
  28. 28. Goopy: Something about Sandy Bruty just seems so right to me! As if we were somehow related, but only by marriage, once a long time ago. Dating your in-laws is hawt! Sandy: Finally, a date! Aspiration points, were we go! Well, that is where we would go, if I'd ever roll anything besides wants to hire everybody here.
  29. 29. Sandy: I really wish you would roll my wants! Ah, forget it. I'm going home. At least there I'll stop wanting to sell things and hire people.
  30. 30. Sandy: At least I'm rolling one fulfillable want. Skilling may be boring, but I might as well learn how to cook. At least I'll get some definite benefit from it.
  31. 31. Sandy: Finally! A date gift! Thanks, Shae! Sorry I busted a move and broke your heart. Except, you know, not really. Anyway, a big-screen TV that I don't need, is a sweet $3500 for me!
  32. 32. Sandy: Hey, Drama Llama! I'm about to have a baby here. Want to take a picture. “Of course.”
  33. 33. Sandy: Hello, there, baby girl. I shall name you Nooboo, in honor of you being the first baby born in GageNation. Oh, and thank you SO much for triggering a want-roll that kept all the unfulfillable ones, and took away the skilling one. Great. Well, actually, there is one want left in my panel that I can fulfill.
  34. 34. Sandy: Hey, Gage, you always did roll my wants, and I'm rolling a big one for you now, so come over here and meet your baby girl.
  35. 35. Gage: So, you're my daughter, huh? I never cared about my kids before, but I think this time I'll autonomously pick you up, and keep your mother from doing anything useful, like feeding you or putting you in your crib.
  36. 36. Gage: Or maybe, I'll just throw all expectations out the window, and actually feed you.
  37. 37. Sandy: Oh, Gage, I never knew what a caring father you could be. Also, I heard that it counts as two different sims, if you do it in two different places. Gage: You mean?
  38. 38. Sandy: Woohoo me!
  39. 39. Sandy: Great. Now I'm platinum and I'm pregnant. Gage: Well, now that you know what a caring father I am, I suppose you'll invite me over a lot. Whenever you need a good woohoo, at least. After all, a cranky mother makes for an unhappy child. Sandy: Well, we can't have that.
  40. 40. Sandy: Oh, Drama Llama, it doesn't make sense. Goopy here rolls my wants, but they keep rolling back to Gage. Even when we're on a date in my living room, so you'd think I'd be all about the man at hand, I'm still wanting to kiss and woohoo with Gage! Goopy: That's OK, Sandy. Just point out my future bride, and we'll be all good. Sandy: I'm still gonna woohoo you, even without the want.
  41. 41. Sandy: Let's make this quick, because Nooboo is crying. I think she needs a diaper change. Goopy: She's the one I'm going to marry, right? Sandy: Please don't talk about marrying my daughter WHILE you're woohooing with me. That's just tacky, Goopy. I'm going back to Oceanography Institute as soon as we're done, here, because you totally killed the mood.
  42. 42. Sandy: Well, I got about $80K from this place, just from the business rewards. I thought I could make a good living from date rewards, but I seem to only date cheapskates. Peter: If I had gone on a date with you, I'd be insulted. Sandy: I'm waiting until we're already friends.
  43. 43. Sandy: Do you think I should take up magic? It seems to have been very useful for Gage. Peter: I think you should become a plantsim, but that's just a personal preference. Sandy: Well, why don't you come check out my garden. Maybe if it suits you, you can join me in the hot tub, before I pop.
  44. 44. Sandy: Whoops! Took too long. It will have to be a tour of the closet, instead. Good thing that Nanny refuses to leave, right? Because if I go into the closet, the baby thinks I've left her unsupervised. Peter: Well, maybe she thinks you went to Narnia. Sandy: I wish. Mr. Tumnis is hawt!
  45. 45. Sandy: Well, that's number 5. One quarter of the way there, and my first week's not even up. That's pretty good. Thanks, Peter. You can go now. Maybe I can get someone else over here tonight, and bump up the number to six.
  46. 46. Sandy: Hey, Nanny, thanks for watching Nooboo while I took Peter to Narnia. But now that you nearly set the house on fire, I think it's time for you to go. Nanny: You know, if you were bisexual, you could take me to Narnia, too. Sandy: I suppose I could, but I'm not, and besides, I'd have to get another nanny in to watch Nooboo while we went.
  47. 47. Sandy: Hey, Armando, wanna celebrate my daughter's birthday with me? It'll be intimate. Like, REAL intimate.
  48. 48. Sandy: First, we celebrate. Then we do the birthday.
  49. 49. “Awww, Nooboo is cute! The other Llamas and I were taking bets about exploding cheekbones and fish lips. However, no payments will be made until adulthood. Puberty has a tendency to hit sims hard.” Sandy: I think she's perfect, just like me.
  50. 50. Sandy: Alright, alright. You can stop the constant clicking. I got her all her toddler skills. Now can we go on free will, and see if she actually develops a personality? “She keeps going for the toilet.” Sandy: So? I get cleaning points. I do roll skilling wants from time to time. “Suit yourself. Free will it is, although that means no dates.”
  51. 51. Sandy: It's the last day of fall, it's snowing, and I'm in my underpants. That's the best time to harvest sickly tomatoes.
  52. 52. Sandy: I must say, I'm glad of those business perks, because my lovers are awful. I should have had more than just a few bouquets and a single television set by now. “Better luck next week.” Sandy: Yeah. I still have one full day, but this was the last of the wee hours, in which such gifts are delivered. Phooey. But even after the rebuild, I have enough to pay taxes and bills.
  53. 53. “Mommy's still asleep, kid. Try climbing out. You can walk, after all.”
  54. 54. Nooboo: Kachow! I make finnergun for camewa. A/N: 10/9/10/1/3. This should be interesting. But even with full neat points, she still goes for the toilet, when she's free. Maybe she wants to clean it?
  55. 55. Sandy: Aww, you can't give me sweet woohoo, but I love you, anyway, little Nooboo. Nooboo: Mommy my best fwiend! Sandy: That's because you're such a good girl for your bath. A/N: Yes, autonomous baby-feeding and bathing. I am surprised. Even Gage takes care of the kid when he comes over. And he calls Sandy every day, too.
  56. 56. Neil: I heard there's a woman here who likes to woohoo. Sandy: OK, freewill over. I want another date. Let the kid wander and “clean” the toilet. I'm taking control of my want panel.
  57. 57. “I thought you were on a date. Want panel control?” Sandy: I only just met him, and he won't accept a date yet. And Nooboo needs attention. “She is cute.” Sandy: Yeah. Neil can wait until naptime, I'm sure. Once he's been greeted, he'll stick around, amusing himself until I can focus on him.
  58. 58. Sandy: Told ya!
  59. 59. Sandy: Ooooooh! Look, Neil, I like you and all, but I'm afraid we'll have to interrupt our date. Neil: I understand. Perhaps we can play pillowfight later. Sandy: Ask me next week. I think the rest of today will be taken up with bottles and diapers.
  60. 60. Sandy: Welcome, Bella! Wait, are those cheekbones? Please be cheekbones. I want my little girls to be as pretty as they can be. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
  61. 61. Gage: My genetic senses are tingling. I just had to stop by. Sandy: Oh, dear. Goodbye, Neil. See you later. At least we are best friends, now, and primed for a fast woohoo the next time.
  62. 62. Sandy: Gage! How good of you to come see your new daughter. Nevermind the old man slipping out the back. He's literally just a friend. Gage: That's OK, baby. Speaking of which, have you rolled any more unspeakable wants for me? Sandy: Darn it! Did you cast a spell, or something?
  63. 63. Sandy: Say, Gage, why don't you just stay the night? Get to know the kids? Gage: Sounds good to me. Sandy: Good, because even though you did some childcare for Nooboo before, you're not in her relationship panel, at all, even though she's rolling wants to interact with you. It's weird. Let's fix that.
  64. 64. Nooboo: Awe you my Daddy? Gage: I am, kid. Say, how would you like another little sibling? A brother, perhaps? Sandy: NO. I'm not trying for baby with you again, Gage. I love you, and all, and I love your cheekbones, but this house is small. I have seating round the table for three family members and a single guest. I'd like to keep it that way.
  65. 65. Gage: Oh, come on, baby. You know you want the woohoo. And the cheekbones. Sandy: I do want, it, dang it. And it would push us right into dream date. Gage: You could add a fifth chair, for guests, here at the end of the table. It would fit. Sandy: You sweet-talking devil, you. But this is the last one!
  66. 66. “We Illamanati are pleased. It's not a strict Uglacy, as it hardly started according to legacy rules, but we do enjoy the experiment, after all. And if the children share rooms, there is certainly space in the bedrooms for them.” Sandy: All RIGHT, but this is definitely the LAST ONE! And Gage, you had better give me a good date gift this time.
  67. 67. Gage: Say, do you nurse the babies, or what? “And on that charming note, we will end this chapter. The lullabye chimed just after midnight, and it is time to move on to the next household. Sandy Bruty's net worth in the neighborhood screen is $83,651, and she pays $4,183 in taxes, via Familyfunds cheat. “All Hail the Grand Llama and the Illamanati! End of report.”