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Michelle Simself has to start over again, in New Youngdale

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. New Youngdale Build a Royal Queendom Prologue Starting Over
  2. 2. Attention Citizens of Youngdale: Those of you who survived the Taint will notice that we aren't in Youngdale, anymore. I have found a new land, which I am naming New Youngdale, and will found my new Royal Queendom there. Unfortunately, due to the Taint, I have lost almost everything! I am going to have to start again, as a mortal.
  3. 3. Consider the old rules of Youngdale null and void. I, your Queen- Goddess, still have a few of my powers, and I assure you, I'll recover much more, in time. In the meantime, though, I am a lone founder, building up New Youngdale, from scratch, the old fashioned way. And it seems this stretch of land comes with some rules of its own, tied to the land, itself, which even at my most powerful, I cannot break. Great PlumBob, God of all SimGods, give me strength.
  4. 4. I lost my queenly garb, as well as my witchy powers, and the magic of this land interferes with a lot of my Boolprop powers, as well. It's as if I'm just starting out of CAS! Ugh. But I am not a Queen Goddess for nothing! I'm going to build up the Royal Queendom better than ever before! But without any of Meslar's people. Sorry. I gave it a try, but... It was not meant to be.
  5. 5. Well, I have my lot for the Royal Palace, and now I need to purchase land for the Royal Court. How else can I move in my King-Consort, if I don't have that business? This land is really strict about those rules! Unfortunately, while running from the Taint, it was the only land I could get. All the other SimGods were building Gardens, and keeping a tight grip on the other lands out there. Well, needs must, and I'm sure I'll manage just fine. I am a Queen-Goddess, after all.
  6. 6. “What do you mean, I need seventy more simoleons to buy the land?”
  7. 7. Stupid land with its stupid rules. At least I know that there are plenty of things buried here. That's the nice thing about buying used. It may have been gutted, but dig deep enough, and you'll find the remains of a previous civilization. Which makes me wonder what happened to that god/goddess? Ummmmm... Best not to dwell on it.
  8. 8. Alright! I can afford it now! I just bought The Royal Court, and that means, I have one CAS point! And that means...
  9. 9. “Hello, my hunka hunka burnin' love! We'll be married soon, and you'll be my King-Consort, once again.” Clovis: Great! So, because we're operating under new rules, here, does this mean I can have my five top-level businesses? “I think you'll have to. We need to get the CAS points for the other bachelors. However, the Royal Court is mine.”
  10. 10. Clovis: Umm, Your Majesty, before we get married, can we do something about my turn-ons? I want someone charismatic and mechanically inclined, and that's not you. “Eh, I'll have to build up my Charisma, for sure, for when I'm making royal speeches. I suppose I can take over repair duties, as well. Care to be the official cook, until we get a proper butler? Or Servo, as butlers won't be available for quite some time. I'll miss Brittany, actually. And Mittens. Sigh.”
  11. 11. Clovis: Before we have a royal court, this place needs a grocery store. Oh, and maybe it's just me, but do you think you could speak like normal sims, please? “Does my authorial voice bother you?” Clovis: It's just a bit annoying, especially without your powers. “Wow. I miss our old chemistry. But, OK. Show of good faith, and all that. I'll talk like a normal sim, for now.”
  12. 12. Queen Michelle: Well, here we are at the central shopping area for New Youngdale. What will we build first, Clovis? Clovis: Badass Groceries. Not everyone is cut out to be a farmer, after all. Queen Michelle: And it should be a decent way to earn enough money to build a proper court and palace. Clovis: We also need a clothing shop, just for starters.
  13. 13. Queen Michelle: Well, it's not very pretty, but I guess it will do for starters. Clovis: What do you mean, it's not very pretty? It's red, isn't it? Queen Michelle: Yes, Clovis. It is, indeed, red. And I see it has everything we need to survive while we run it: eat, sleep, poop and polish, plus build a few skills. And, of course, lots of room for grocery shopping. It's good! I like it.
  14. 14. Queen Michelle: OK, let's glad-hand the customers for a while, and then we can spend the night dating. I know I don't turn you on, until we can do something about the turn-ons, but with enough aspiration points for me, I'll be able to buy a Senso Orb thing, and fix that, for both of us. Then, we can do energizers, and build this place up quickly.
  15. 15. Clovis: Thank you, Jay, for giving my my third star, and bringing me to level 1. That wholesale discount will really help. Queen Michelle: I think he might be the reporter. He doesn't look like a normal townie. Maybe you'll get a good review, for even better business.
  16. 16. Clovis: Jay is the best reporter, ever! He earned three customer loyalty stars, on one visit! We have to take advantage of the boost, and really focus hard over the next three days. Dating for mood-boosting, and then back to work.
  17. 17. Queen Michelle: Alright! Time to close the business and get to dating!
  18. 18. Queen Michelle: Waiting until we're at the point of starvation is probably not the best time to start a date. But thank PlumBob for instant meals, right? We'll have an energizer, soon enough.
  19. 19. Queen Michelle: Emma Wood, am I glad to see you! I have lost most of my powers, and I need your help to get them back. Emma: Well, I can't stay to help you with that right now, but I'll give you my number. Call me later, and I'll see what I can do. Queen Michelle: Good enough.
  20. 20. Clovis: I think we are doing well enough to hire a cashier. We're still only level 4, but the line can get a bit long. Besides, someday I might want a manager here, and that means training someone up in the badges.
  21. 21. Emma: Alright, I guess you're ready for this. I'll teach you the Ways of Light and welcome you to my magical castle. Queen Michelle: Great! We can close the business and take our dating there, and Clovis can study creativity, or something, while I regain my magical powers.
  22. 22. Queen Michelle: I know we should use a state wedding to open the Royal Court, but I just don't want to wait. We both have the want locked to get married, and it will take too long to be able to afford to build the place. Let's do it now, and free up some space in our wants panel. Clovis: Works for me. At least it isn't snowing. Queen Michelle: True! Let's get hitched!
  23. 23. Queen Michelle: Clovis, you are now the official painter of New Youngdale. We'll need flags and copies of the official seal. I'm proud of you.
  24. 24. Queen Michelle: Now it's your turn. You can use the throne to mood up, and we'll only date when we need the aspiration. As soon as I can, I'll be making thrones for both of us, and then we can go back to the store. And don't worry, darling. You can change back into your own outfit again. You don't have to advertise that you're a warlock. At least, not a good one. Care to go neutral?
  25. 25. Queen Michelle: That's the way we do it! I have some thrones in my pocket, and we can date up our aspiration. I still want to wear my queenly garb, so I suppose I'll have to learn to sew it, unless we move in some other sim who opens a clothing shop that I can actually shop at. Clovis: Yeah, you won't be able to shop at mine, will you? Nevermind. I think you look beautiful, dressed just the way you are. You don't have to be formal all the time.
  26. 26. Queen Michelle: We really ought to get back to work and earn some money for a proper house. But I'm too impatient to wait. Let's consummate the marriage now. Clovis: I know! We both have the wants for it. Let's get it on. And then, we'll be doubly able to do well at the store, because we'll have that want for the “very first time” cleared out of our panels.
  27. 27. Clovis: We have to give the cashier time off, every day, but we can keep going creating things to earn money. It will take a long time to earn enough money for the clothing store, but we'll make it. Queen Michelle: This would be a lot easier if we were both fortune sims, with the LTW to earn $100,000. Wait! We have the Senso Orbs and plenty of aspiration. Let's do it! We can go back to our old characters afterward.
  28. 28. Clovis: OK, Renee, you're in charge of restocking the groceries. Her Majesty and I are going to the back to create stuff. With the prices set at average, everything will pretty much sell itself, so it's just up to you and whazzisname to keep the shelves stocked and the customers checked out in a timely manner. We'll close the store at night, so you can rest, but count on working from 9 to 5, every day. A/N: I know those are door handles, but don't they look like weird antlers or antennae or something? Hah!
  29. 29. Queen Michelle: HEY! Stop that! I don't care if the garden club members don't always see eye to eye, but you are going to take that back to your clubhouse! NOW!
  30. 30. Clovis: Badass Groceries is level 7, now, and set up to run itself. Every now and then, I have to step in and clean something, fix a toilet, or send away some bad customers, but other than that, things are going smoothly. I may add a bit of decoration and music, but otherwise, I'm satisfied. It's a slow profiting business, but it is profiting enough, and as any apocalypser will tell you, “Enough is enough!”
  31. 31. Queen Michelle: I am ready to give political speeches and lead my people into greatness! Clovis: Great. And Badass Groceries is just a few stars away from Level 10. Next is the clothing store, where we can sell fashionable clothes to everyone but our own household. Queen Michelle: So, I guess I'll set up with a sewing machine in the back room there. Yay.
  32. 32. Clovis: I'm already getting prepared for the business after Clovis' Closet: Badass Art Gallery! I suppose I should open a restaurant, so sims can go there for dates and stuff. I haven't decided on my fifth business, yet. Queen Michelle: If all goes well, and we earn $100,000, you won't need a fifth business for your LTW. Clovis: Oh, right. I forgot. Can I have one, anyway?
  33. 33. Clovis: And Badass Groceries is Level 10! That's not only good for me, but good for New Youngdale, as well. It opens a position in Business, and makes it possible for a Business Tycoon to open their own shopping district.
  34. 34. Queen Michelle: Gee, this design looks so familiar. Clovis: Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. You can't argue with Level 10, Baby! Queen Michelle: I guess not.
  35. 35. Queen Michelle: Now that I have a gold sewing badge, I can make whatever clothes the family wants. For now, I'm happy just getting my queenly garb back. I was very fond of that pretty green dress.
  36. 36. Queen Michelle: How does this even happen? How can a rain puddle catch on fire from a lightning strike? Clovis: I don't know, but I think I'm going to like it here. It's gotta be a badass country when even the water is flammable. Queen Michelle: Yeeeeeaaaah. Now I am really wondering why this land was available, while ever other patch of land was not. It's not the Taint, at least, but... Well, time will tell.
  37. 37. Queen Michelle: Hooray! We did it. We raised Clovis' Closet to Level 10, opening another position in Business, and we both got perma-plat, by earning $100,000. That's fantastic! Clovis: Now, I still want to have those 5 top level businesses. It's good for the community, you know. Queen Michelle: And I want to have six grandchildren. I suppose that's good for the community, as well.
  38. 38. Queen Michelle: Well, Clovis, this is nicely different, I must say. You still kept the red, of course. I like it! Clovis: This should be a real money-maker. I loaded it with expensive artwork for sale. Plus, one wall is devoted to our paintings. Queen Michelle: You forgot to hang out the flag and royal seal. This is a royal business, after all. I'll fix that for you.
  39. 39. Clovis: Pink pseudo-military suits are definitely badass. Queen Michelle: Well, it certainly takes a badass man to carry it off without looking like an idiot, so yeah. Clovis: And you and I can just keep adding to the stock. We'll sell a million masterpieces! Queen Michelle: Maybe not a million, but certainly enough to get the sims of New Youngdale to have lovely homes.
  40. 40. Clovis: Wow. At level 10, we managed to recoup the money we spent on this place. And painting is free, so those thousand simoleon paintings are pure profit. Queen Michelle: Nevermind, love. You know you can come back and run it some more, any time you want more cash. Clovis: True! But I think it's time to really give back to the community. This place needs a soup kitchen.
  41. 41. Clovis: Perhaps we should study cooking a bit, before we start actually cooking? Queen Michelle: Are you kidding? This counts towards a Law Enforcement position. We should definitely do all our learning hands-on. Besides, we have sprinklers. Clovis: Good point. Cook away! You're in charge of group meals, and I'll do single servings.
  42. 42. Clovis: Way to go, Michelle! There are puddles everywhere! Queen Michelle: Yes, and one more fire towards the Law Enforcement position. As Queen-Goddess, this makes me happy. Clovis: Yeah, but it's such a mess! I'm sending the employees home for the day. We can build up our stock while they rest. You brought the thrones, right?
  43. 43. Queen Michelle: And three! That's one position in Law Enforcement. I'm glad to be opening positions, because when we move the rest of the bachelors in, they'll need some job options, even if it isn't their lifetime want. Of course, if it's a lifetime want they want, they can do like we did, and date for aspirations until they can use the Senso Orb and change themselves, until they have a fulfillable want. So, I won't fret too much about opening all the positions for everyone.
  44. 44. Queen Michelle: Four! I wonder if it might not be a good idea to separate these kitchen areas, so a fire in one doesn't stop everyone throughout the whole building. Or, we can just wait it out until everyone levels up their cooking. By then, we should have several new positions in Law Enforcement.
  45. 45. Clovis: Well, I think we have enough stock, now, to open the business. With the standard cashier, restocker and salesperson, and three employees cooking, this business should be pretty much self-running. You and I can go around putting out fires and cleaning up. We're both pretty much past burning the soup, ourselves, now, and it doesn't count when the employees do it. Still, you got two Law Enforcement positions out of this enterprise, so I bet that makes you happy.
  46. 46. Queen Michelle: Why did the lightning have to strike just as the storm ended? And when I tried to extinguish it, I caught on fire, myself! This is awful! Quick! Put me out! Clovis: I got you, babe! I'll have it out in no time. Queen Michelle: Look, let's just get this joint up to level 10 and get out of here, OK? And maybe we should both spend some time studying fire safety.
  47. 47. Clovis: What good timing! Just fifteen minutes before closing time, Jill gave me my final star to bring this place up to level 10! That's another business position. Queen Michelle: I'm definitely going to have to place a jobs board at the royal court. What's next? Clovis: A romantic restaurant for dates, of course. Queen Michelle: Let's go!
  48. 48. Queen Michelle: Wow, Clovis! I have to hand it to you. This is so very new, and yet still so very you. I love it! Clovis: I never really had the chance to enjoy romance in my first iteration. I want to really go for it this time around. Well, except for the whole formal state wedding thing. I ain't got time to wait for that. Didn't. Whatever. Queen Michelle: You and me both. But this is lovely!
  49. 49. Clovis: This fine restaurant may not be a money-maker, but I have other businesses for that. This is just a fun place to dine, dance, enjoy a drink or some bubbles, and have a fun date. Queen Michelle: You got that right! Speaking of which, let's hire some staff to run this joint, and date the time away. I want at least five Elixirs of Life for both of us. They're not limited, now. I may have had to give up my immortality in old Youngdale, but in New Youngdale, you and me are free to be you and me. And yes, I do know that's not grammatically correct. Sue me. Unlimited Elixir, if they want it, for the win!
  50. 50. Queen Michelle: Let's just skill up, while the employees do their thing. As soon as Clovis' Cafe reaches level 10, and you get your new LTW, I want to go build up the Royal Court, and I'm sure we'll both be pretty busy there.
  51. 51. Clovis: Thank you, Toby Bruenig! You have just given me 25,000 aspiration points, and given New Youngdale yet another position in the Business career. Queen Michelle: There's also a position in Culinary, but that happened a while back, at level 5. Anyway, we do know that this restaurant is certainly fully functional and a nice place for any hungry sims to go on a date. It's not cheap, but it's not expensive, either, and it's got a good atmosphere.
  52. 52. Queen Michelle: Finally! We're back home, and I can change into the queenly garb I sewed for myself back at Clovis' Closet. I don't know why I couldn't put it on there. Oh, well. After you fill in that hole, I'll be ready to build my Royal Court and welcome back the bachelors, and explain the rules of rank and such in this Build a Royal Queendom. Wait. We can only move in five of the bachelors, and there were seven, including you. I have to do one more business, first.
  53. 53. Queen Michelle: Welcome to Queen's Park. It unlocks absolutely nothing for the community, although individuals can get the gold fishing badge they need to take a job in Oceanography. Mostly, it's just a nice place to meet new people and for the kids to play. I'm not even putting thrones here, but I will put up the flag and royal seal, as this is an official royal park. Clovis: I like it, except there's not enough red, and too much green and yellow.
  54. 54. Queen Michelle: And now we can finally open The Royal Court, where I will meet with my nobles, and sometimes the rest of my subjects, and conduct the business of running New Youngdale. I haven't completely filled it, as I am reserving space for future needs, but the basement, first floor, and second floor are furnished. The basement holds a dungeon and witchy stuff, the first floor is the throne room/ballroom/feast hall, and the second floor is the games hall, craft room, and council room.
  55. 55. Queen Michelle: And I'm ready to make my first public announcement. Switching to authorial voice, now.
  56. 56. “Friends and Townies, welcome to New Youngdale. I'm so glad to see all my bachelors here. It's too bad I couldn't save more of my subjects, but that Taint almost did me in. “Unfortunately, we have to start fresh here in New Youngdale, with a different set of rules. Some of you will find them easier, some may find them more difficult. All of you must obey them. In addition to the basic Build-a-City rules, the following special rules are in effect for New Youngdale:”
  57. 57. Ranks and marriage in New Youngdale: Royals – May marry Nobles, Princes and Princesses of the House of Llama or House of Cow, and (in several generations) other Royals. Must have permission from the Queen to marry. Nobles – Heirs may not marry below their status. This includes Diva and Mr. Big. Spares may marry anyone of any class. Merchants – Heirs may not marry below their status. This includes most Townies, including Professors, but no service sims. Spares may marry Merchants, Peasants, or Townies. Peasants – May marry Peasants, Slobs or Service NPCs. Clergy – May marry any class, including Royal, with the Queen's permission. Marrying outside your allowed classes requires permission from the Queen.
  58. 58. Taxes by rank: The Queen does not pay taxes, but will give a personal donation to the Exchequer of 10% of her household's net worth. Royals - Pay 5% of their household's net worth. − Also pay 3% tribute to the Queen. Nobles – Pay taxes of 5% of their household's net worth. − Also pay 3% tribute to the Queen. Merchants – Pay taxes of 5% of their household's net worth. − Also pay 2% tribute to their Noble Liege. Peasants – Pay 5% of their household's net worth. − Also pay 1% tribute to their Noble Liege. Clergy – Do not pay taxes or tribute. Taxes and tribute are due by midnight on Monday each week following the first. Use familyfunds for taxes and checkbook for tribute.
  59. 59. Employment by rank: The Queen-Goddess and King Consort may not have a career. They are busy running the kingdom. Royals – Heirs may not have a career, but must spend at least one day a week at the Royal Court, assisting the Queen. Spares and spouses may have any career. Nobles – Heirs may not have a career, but must spend at least one day a week at the Royal Court, doing politics. Spares and spouses may have any career. Merchants – Heirs MUST have a career. Spouses, spares and spare spouses may have any career. Peasants – May have any career. Clergy – May not have any career. They must devote themselves to education and worship. Donations to the clergy are encouraged among the populace.
  60. 60. Aspiration rewards by rank: The Queen-Goddess and King Consort may use any aspiration reward they want, unlimited. Royals – May redeem any aspiration reward except the counterfeit machine. Nobles – May redeem one Elixir of Life each, and any aspiration reward except the counterfeit machine. Merchants – May redeem any aspiration reward except the counterfeit machine and Elixir of Life. Peasants – May redeem any aspiration reward except the counterfeit machine and Elixir of Life. Clergy – May redeem any aspiration reward except the counterfeit machine.
  61. 61. Feudal Order of New Youngdale (Subject to change with population growth) Lord Shawn Trace Lord Walter Copperfield Queen Michelle Simself Groop the Meanderer Beat Stone Joshua Hunter Neptunium Rauta Clergy
  62. 62. “And that's it. Nice and simple. There's only one rule left: “Don't tick off the Queen! I'm still in charge, and I will punish those who deserve it. If you kick over my trash can, you can expect a challenge, at the very least. I reserve the right to be a despot! So there!”
  63. 63. “Since I had to start with only $20,000, so does everyone else. However, each of you will get one flag to display in your home, and two elixirs of life, one for you and one for your spouse. You're just starting from scratch, so I though the extra time for the founding generation would be nice. “You are all free to move around and upgrade your home lots as much as you want, and can have any community lots you care to purchase and build.”
  64. 64. Shawn: What's this about Clergy? Who is the cleric? Queen Michelle: Oh, yeah! I forgot to mention that. As a goddess, I've always relied on worshippers for my god-powers. I had worshippers elsewhere, so you never knew that. But the Taint hit me hard. I lost my magical powers and most of my goddess powers! Now, in order to get them back, I'm installing clergy to run regular worship services for me. Aaand, I need to build another community lot. Or two.
  65. 65. Queen Michelle: Seriously? You're refusing my gifts? OK, man. Your loss. I'm not going to force them on you, or any of my subjects.
  66. 66. Queen Michelle: Well, that went less well than I expected. Still, it's no skin off my nose if they don't want a free flag and free life extension. They can creat their own flags, if they want them, and they can earn their own elixir or die. Their choice. Clovis: Darn right. So, how about we go build another community lot, and get that cleric? Queen Michelle: I already have it planned out.
  67. 67. Queen Michelle: Well, here we are at the Perpetual Rest Cemetery. We don't have anyone to bury here, yet, but when someone dies, this is where they may be laid to rest. The more tombstones we have here, the more openings in the Paranormal career. Although, I suppose if people want to keep their dead at home, they'll still count towards the Paranormal count. Clovis: Nice little chapel you got there. I'm sure graveside services will be lovely.
  68. 68. Queen Michelle: And here is Our Lady of Solipsism Chapel, where my followers can worship me and help me regain my simgod powers. Clovis: What's solipsism? Queen Michelle: That's where you're completely selfless and only think of other people. Clovis: Oh, yeah! That's totally you, Michelle.
  69. 69. Queen Michelle: With two new community lots, I can create a married couple to serve as my High Priestess and Priest. I'll be sure to turn them into a witch and warlock, like us. And since some of the bachelors refused the elixir and flags, I'll give a flag and some elixir to my clerics, instead.
  70. 70. Queen Michelle: Welcome to New Youngdale, Alicia and Chuck Beholden. I've made you witches and best friends with us, which you must maintain. Your duties will be to run the Perpetual Rest Cemetery and the Our Lady of Solipsism Chapel, and focus on educating my subjects, as well as running regular worship services at the chapel. Alicia: WOW! I can't believe I get to worship such a cool goddess! And be BFFs with the best founder ever! EPIC!
  71. 71. Queen Michelle: My powers aren't working quite right, so I'm going to have to sell you the businesses for one simoleon each. Hurry up, before someone else comes along and snaps them up, spoiling my plans. I need to close my home business, fast. Alicia: WOW! This is so EPIC! I get those wonderful businesses for just one simoleon each?! You're so generous! Queen Michelle: Well, you are helping me get my powers back.
  72. 72. Alicia: I love my Goddess! She's so EPIC! She's the most EPICest simgoddess in all the sim universe! I'm so grateful that she created me just to worship her! Clovis: Ummm, Michelle, don't you think you might have overdone things just a tad with this one? Queen Michelle: It's becoming just a bit cloying, isn't it? But I need that level of enthusiasm! We'll just have to deal with it.
  73. 73. Queen Michelle: That's it! I'm finally finished setting up this new land. I have all my bachelor-founders moved in, plus my royal court, graveyard and chapel, and a high priestess and priest to run them for me and help me regain the rest of my simself powers. I hope that doesn't take too long. It's mid-afternoon on my first day, and I am, at last, ready to start playing my week. Oof! Maybe I'll let the peasants go first this time around.
  74. 74. And with that, it's time to end this interlude, and get started with building up New Youngdale. Next week: Joshua Hunter. See you then, and Happy Simming, y'all!