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Kiera knight week 1


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Kiera Knight, the Atrociously Evil Witch brings her eviltude to GageNation.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Kiera knight week 1

  1. 1. Father Of a Nation Kiera Knight Week 1
  2. 2. Landlord: All Hail the Grand Llama, and the Illamanati, and all that. If you sign here, you can rent a trailer for a week. It's just your standard lease, along with an affidavit that you have read and agreed to the laws of the Illamanati. Kiera: What if I refuse to follow the laws? I am an atrociously evil witch, after all. Landlord: Then you'll be terminated. Not my fault, sorry.
  3. 3. Kiera: So, where do I sign?
  4. 4. Kiera: Why would an atrociously evil witch move into a trailer park, you ask? Well, for one thing, it's cheap, and I need all my money to fund my LTW, which is to become a Celebrity Chef, which means starting my own restaurant and getting it up to Level 5, at least. And restaurants are notoriously unprofitable. Also, this place has a playground, and I am pregnant.
  5. 5. Kiera: The joint is small, but it has two bedrooms, and both of them have closets, which gives me easy woohoo options. As a romance sim, I want woohoo options.
  6. 6. Kiera: And as a witch, my own physical needs are few. I need a bookcase, so I can study cooking, and eventually, I'll need a chess game for logic, and an easel for creativity, both of which objects will be good for the sproglet, eventually. This leaves a spare room.
  7. 7. Kiera: Just a bed and a side table for now, but that's all a roommate needs, right? A/N: I don't recall ever playing with a roommate, despite having this game for years and years. Now, according to the Prima guide, roommates live with you, and need their own bed, but they are not controllable. Basically, they're like pets or vacation guests, I suppose. I think it will be fun to try.
  8. 8. Kiera: No one can move into the neighborhood without giving Gage a sproglet, but I believe a roommate can slip through the cracks. They're only sub-letting, after all. Anyway, if the Illamanati kill him, it's no skin off MY nose. And in the meantime, he can serve as a live-in cleaner and babysitter, right? I may have to spend influence points and stuff, but whatever.
  9. 9. Kiera: And since date rewards will be problematic, at best, in this trailer park, I have to avoid dates. But I'm a romance sim, so having a live-in lover is a must. So, a male roommate it shall be.
  10. 10. Kiera: And who knows? If I have a girl, maybe he'll marry his way in, after all. But as I said, no skin off my nose, either way. I can always get a new roommate next week, if the Illamanati terminate him. What? I'm evil. Deal with it.
  11. 11. Kiera: Well, here he is, Adam Fancey, a Fortune sim, who is in serious need of a ReNuYu SensoOrb. He wants to have six pets reach the tops of their careers. So not going to happen. He's turned on by swimwear and make-up, and frankly, I'm not sure we'll become lovers, at all. Well, I have rolled at least one skilling want, so there's that. He has some sort of low-level job, I suppose in Music, since it's open for all, and one whole skill point.
  12. 12. Kiera: He cooks for himself, and maybe someday he'll cook for the sproglet. I don't really care that much, honestly. Good cooks turn me off. I know, it's ironic, but whatevs. I just hope he doesn't burn the joint down sometime while I'm out, because there is no smoke alarm. Hmmm, maybe I can do something about that. IF I decide to share my magic with him, he could use the throne, and avoid the kitchen, at least.
  13. 13. Kiera: Negative chemistry. Bleh. Well, if he does marry my daughter, at least there won't be awkward jealousy. Meanwhile, he can live in as my slave. Just not my love-slave. I know Gage will be happy to service my needs, when I roll woohoo wants. Other than that, I'll just have to hope for fulfillable wants on my own, and an early LTW. When I can afford it, I'll move into a house, so I can have dates again.
  14. 14. Kiera: Hooray for skilling wants. I need to learn Cooking, anyway.
  15. 15. Kiera: Shut up, Adam. Adam: Dear Penthouse: When I found out I was going to live with a witch, I had all kinds of kinky fantasies. Suffice to say, real life did NOT match them, at all. Err, you probably won't print this letter, since it's not a fun read. Oh, well. I have to tell someone. Kiera is EVIL! Kiera: What part of “shut up” do you not understand?
  16. 16. Kiera: That guy is lucky I'm platinum, because I really don't like him. I think I'll get rid of him and try again, maybe with an actual friend, instead. Talin, perhaps? I like him. Although, ideally, I'll find a neat Virgo who can cook safely. I could always change that turn-off with a SensoOrb of my own. HEY! I need to hire a good cook for the restaurant, eventually, right? I could befriend the employee, and move them in, instead!
  17. 17. Kiera: But, if the Illamanati decide to kill off a roommate, I won't risk a valued employee. OK, Kiera stays for the week, and we'll see what the Illamanati do. After all, experimentation is what people you dislike are FOR. The worst that can happen is that I'll have to boot the guy out myself, right? Ooh, I hope they choose an entertaining way to terminate unwelcome sims. Wait. No, I want an employee/roommate who will stay. Oh, well.
  18. 18. Kiera: Actually, this guy might just starve himself to death. He makes a meal, and then stares at it for at least an hour, before he finally realizes he can eat it. And when I interrupted his food- prep to flirt with him, he forgot there was a counter, waved about routing failure, and then dumped the half-made food, and made a TV dinner, instead.
  19. 19. Kiera: Almost maxed on the Cooking skill. Soon, it will be time to start the restaurant.
  20. 20. Kiera: Another reason to re-think the whole roommate thing. Even if he were the right man for my Sproglet, by the time the kid is old enough to marry, Adam will be as old as the other guy, because roommates age, unlike Townies in Townieland. Go figure. I guess I won't move in a neat Virgo who can safely cook for my child, after all. Pity about the free babysitting and on-hand woohoo want fulfilling. Really, having an actual wage- earner in the house is better than a rent-sharer, after all.
  21. 21. Kiera: Well, now that I have maxed my cooking skill, and am nicely platinum, it's time to run a few errands. Warren: Would one of those errands be visiting me at Sue's (Secret) Kitchen? Kiera: As a matter of fact, yes!
  22. 22. Kiera: But first, I have some things to make, while my aspiration is high. This is going to take some time, but when I'm done here, I will have re-stocked my store of magic reagents, as well as created a good supply of lamps and chairs, and even a few decorative items.
  23. 23. Kiera: I made it, at last, Warren. Say, you are handsome, with two lightning bolts. And how's your cooking level? Warren: Oh, I'm an expert chef. Kiera: How fortunate. I'm looking for an expert chef for my restaurant.
  24. 24. Kiera: I'm also looking for a bit more cash to start my restaurant, and the chocolate machine is slow, but steady, and readily available here at the Cuisine lot.
  25. 25. Kiera: So is Gage! Huzzah, because my aspiration is SO low. I flirted with Warren, until I was blue in the face, but although our daily relationship score got all the way to 100 and crush, the lifetime score stayed at 1. Go figure. Well, Gage can roll my wants, right? A little slow dance will perk me right up.
  26. 26. Kiera: Whoops. I forgot about that crush. Oh, well. I can chat him up, now that he has a cell phone of his own. Yay, gifts! And eventually, I'll be able to hire him, and that's all I really need, I suppose.
  27. 27. Kiera: Unfortunately, I lost the want to win a cooking contest. That would have been 1000 aspiration points. Oh, well. Maybe next time.
  28. 28. Kiera: Thank Plumbob I locked in that skilling want before I left the house. I now have maxed out all the skills from the bookshelf, though. I think it's time.
  29. 29. Kiera: Hello, real estate office? I'd like to purchase The Black Cauldron, please.
  30. 30. Kiera: Hmmph. I'm too pregnant to go to my business and get the ball rolling, and apparently, I'm too dizzy to see straight, either. A/N: Oooh, let me go check my graphic settings right now. Kiera: Well, l suppose I can work on my logic skill while I wait for the sproglet.
  31. 31. Kiera: Bad enough I have to go through labor, but I have to do it with a stranger pushing his way into my house? Well, if I hand you a baby because I'm having twins, you'd better not bogart it, because I can turn you into a toad. Niel: No, thanks. I'll just stand here and be supportive and shocked.
  32. 32. Kiera: Welcome, Krampus!* * Krampus wikipedia entry, because if it's on the internet, it must be true.
  33. 33. Kiera: Hehe. No, seriously, here's the sproglet. I was actually planning on Sproglet for the name, but when I saw the kid, I decided to name him Krampus, instead. I like the initials better. Krampus Knight. Well, maybe Sproglet can be my grandkid. It's gender-neutral, after all. Mind you, Krampy looks cute, right now, but something about those eyes makes me think he's got just a touch of demon in him. I hope I'm right.
  34. 34. Kiera: Thanks for rolling my wants, Krampy. I was stuck with a bunch of landscaping wants. Now I want a bronze sales badge, which suits me just fine, as I need to get that restaurant going. So, as soon as the nanny gets here, I'll be off and running. Wish me luck.
  35. 35. Kiera: This is so basic. Literally, all I can afford, and that's with me making my own lighting. I won't be able to hire any help for at least three business ranks, and you know I'll be taking the cash perks. But someday, this is going to be THE place for evil witches to take their victims for a “romantic dinner date.” That back room is where I'll place “the cauldron.” Although I'm not sure I can get one in black.
  36. 36. Kiera: At least I CAN say that we serve only the finest food in town. We currently serve the only food in town that you don't cook yourself, and I have actually only selected the higher-level items for the menu. No mac and cheese or Santa Cookies here, although you might be able to find Grandma's Comfort Soup. It's a potion, right?
  37. 37. Kiera: With three customers, I can just about manage it, myself, if they're reasonably patient. I even set the prices for cheap, so I don't have to waste my time selling the menu. With only $11 left in the bank, though, I really do hope to see some profit quickly.
  38. 38. Kiera: Oh, goody. One of my covenmates came and set up a game of Hunt the Cockroaches. She's a wily one, too, placing them on the dark pathway. But I'm not novice at this game. I've been an atrociously evil witch for a long time, you know. But leaving without buying anything? That's just plain rude!
  39. 39. Kiera: Bleh, this is a pain. I have low needs, and have to keep running around like crazy, just to keep up with the customers, and I'm still one star away from level 2. But, with that first $1000 boost, I should be able to at least hire a chef. I just need to get him here. It's time for a little private time.
  40. 40. Kiera: Unlike Gage, I have the sense to pick out people who live locally.
  41. 41. Kiera: Alright, Warren, I'm evil and don't even have the option to apologize for spoiling our crush, but let's at least be friends again, so you'll agree to work for me, OK? Your cooking is almost as good as mine, and I'm sure you'll be an asset to the business. With you manning the stove, I can deal with splitting my time between hostess and serving duties, until I can afford to hire people to fill those positions, too, and make this place fully functional for visitors.
  42. 42. Kiera: I'm exhausted after that shift, so we might as well sit down and chat, while I mood up. Warren: What shall we chat about? Kiera: Ever play that “If I had a million simoleons” game? Or, “If you had three wishes?” That's a fun game, too. Let's do that one.
  43. 43. Warren: OK, so my three wishes are fairly straight-forward. Like almost all NPCs, I wish I could get moved in and be playable, because we hobby leaders almost never are, anyway. And my second wish would be for some better clothes, and my third wish... Kiera: Clothes, huh? Hmmm, that gives me a FUN idea! Just as soon as I make level 5 here, and get the money, I know what I'll do for a second business!
  44. 44. Warren: But what about my third wish? Kiera: Duh. I'm not a genie. I totally don't care. I just needed to get a person person plus, so you'd agree to work for me. After that, I don't need a relationship with you. But I'll tell you what. I'll let you be my first customer at my next business. Warren: :pouts:
  45. 45. Warren: You know what? I don't think I'll even throw you the option to hire me. So there! Kiera: Dude, you don't want to do this. Warren: Hey, I'm a hobby leader. I know things. For instance, I know you can't actually turn me into a toad. Kiera: Drat! False intimidation is my most powerful tool. Now what?
  46. 46. Kiera: OK, then give me that star, or I'll tell Sandy Bruty you and your crooked nose want into her uglacy. Warren: Well, I do want to become a playable. Kiera: Yeah, but do you want to marry a kid with Gage Uglacy's cheekbones? Or Sandy's lips? Have you SEEN that second baby? Warren: OK, have a star! I'll take a prettacy kid, thanks.
  47. 47. Warren: OK, Darren, remember our deal. Here's a payment up front. You keep an eye out for Gage's least ugly granddaughter, and then you give me a call when she's legal, and you'll get the rest after the wedding. I don't want to have to wait too long, but I figure two generations with pretty townies should be enough to get something half-way decent. Darren: If not, I know a guy who makes masks, but that will cost you extra.
  48. 48. Kiera: One way to fulfill wants – close the shop and play hostess until you get a gold sales badge. Because I hired someone to be hostess. She has no skills, and no talent badges, but she will free me up to focus on cooking, until I can finally find a real cook who will actually agree to work for me. Then, I can finally make something of this place. Until then, I'm stuck in the kitchen, with the odd break to meet the customers. Nope, gotta get the badge now.
  49. 49. Kiera: I still can't find a cook, but with a waiter, a hostess and a barmaid, the place is fully staffed. How do you like the magical uniforms, HD? “HD? Are you addressing me?” Kiera: Yeah, HD! High Drama Llama. “Shouldn't that be HDL? Or DL? Or... Nevermind. I like them!”
  50. 50. Lydia: Thanks for letting us have the coven meeting here, Kiera. Magical plumbing upgrades are Sims 3. We have to do it the old-fashioned way. Kiera: That Gage can upgrade MY plumbing, any day! Lydia: You said it! There's just something so animally magnetic about him. Kiera: Maybe the fact that he looks like an animal?
  51. 51. Customer: So, I was going to give you a tip for good service, but it looks like you already got one. Kiera: I sure did! Thanks for saving my aspiration, Gage!
  52. 52. Kiera: Back to work, now. Server: Ummm, don't you think you should at least wear an apron, or something? What if you spill the soup? Kiera: I'll spill it on you, if you don't hussle and take this lobster to the customer! Server: Sorry, boss!
  53. 53. Gage: Good lovin' is thirsty work. I'll have a double sassparilla float, with extra sass, please.
  54. 54. Kiera: Thanks to Gage for pushing us on to Level 4, and the cash bonus. I now have the lot decked out like I wanted it. Well, almost. I WANTED it to be two stories tall, shaped like an actual cauldron, and with a lava-flowing floor. But this will have to do. I still haven't found a cook, so I expect I'll be chained to this stove forever. Nine more stars, and I move on to my just-for-fun business.
  55. 55. Kiera: That's it! The last star I needed to prove that GageNation can, in fact, support a sim in the Culinary career. Level 5, another cash perk, and I can get the job of my dreams, if it ever shows up in the newspaper. But it might not, and besides, I have a FUN idea, so I'm going to use the cash perks to start a new business, strictly for my own amusement.
  56. 56. Kiera: It was this guy who inspired me. Most people make salons and clothing stores because they want to make their townies look good. Me? I'm evil. I own it. And I'm going to create a population that rock the dorkness just as much as Goopy Gilscarbo ever did. Gold cosmetology badge? Who needs it? Bad makeovers are the GOAL! HEEEHEHEHEEEEEEeeeeee. :gasp: HeeheeeEEEE! I need to stop skipping my diaphragm exercises. Whew!
  57. 57. Kiera: Welcome to Makeover Mania, where sims go to get the latest fashions, as determined by me. Me and Goopy Gilscarbo.
  58. 58. Kiera: I have $41 left after building this place. Someday, I hope to add a few more clothing racks, and possibly a few small items, such as make-up cases, but basically, this is it, because there's not much room for expansion, and still have room to walk around easily. The hot tub is open for all (gotta have a woohoo option!), and the karaoke machine is there just to lure the customers in.
  59. 59. Kiera: I hope you like your new uniform, Angie. Remember, you are the face of Makeover Mania. It's your job to let people know they will be In Style when they purchase their clothes. Angie: But, I don't have a sales badge! Kiera: Leave the sales to me. You just ring up the customers and if you can confuse them, so that they don't notice you giving the wrong change (in our favor, of course), you'll get a raise.
  60. 60. Kiera: Goopy! My inspiration! Imagine, sims all over GageNation following in your fashion footsteps! I just have to show them what to wear, and dazzle them with my golden badge, and Taadaa! Goopy clones galore! Goopy: Oooh! I like it! I like it! Kiera: Just wait until HD lets us get some real custom content in here, too. I see plaid! Paisley! Prints! Bwaahahaha!
  61. 61. Goopy: Oh, High Drama Llama, let me see Elvis costumes everywhere! Kiera: I'll be sure to reserve the gold one for you, Goopy. In the meantime, may I interest you in some formalwear? Maxis- made, but I'm sure we can make you look stylin', anyway. Goopy: Yes! Formalwear! Swimwear! Outerwear! Pajamas! Just don't mess with the shorts, and I'll be happy.
  62. 62. Kiera: Goopy, I'll suggest a new outfit for you in every area but everyday. You just can't mess with the classic. Goopy: Hooray! Have a star!
  63. 63. Kiera: Michelle Tse, you've been called a tramp in every legacy since Apartment Life came out. Why not try something new?
  64. 64. Kiera: Oh, Michelle, that's definitely YOU. A/N: Please note, I'm still playing absolutely vanilla here, so there are no plaid shorts for women. Sigh. But I do my best with what I have. At least she got the Goopy-style top.
  65. 65. Nathan: Wow! Melissa Fancey, one of the most recognizable Townies of all. Kiera: Let's just see what we can do about that. Nathan: I'm just so honored to have such a celebrity for my first ever makeover job!
  66. 66. Kiera: Peeeerfect. Now, Melissa, if you'll just step over to the clothing racks, we'll find a new outfit to really express your inner diva. A/N: Sims don't like bad makeovers, but they LOVE buying new outfits, so always tick them off with the bad makeover BEFORE you dazzle them at the clothing rack. It cheers them right up!
  67. 67. A/N: Unless, of course, they walk out in a huff. Well, I'm sure she'll come back, someday. And when she does, I have the perfect outfit already chosen for her. Ballerina princess, anyone?
  68. 68. Kiera: So, my new plan is simple: Two-stop shopping. One visit, I sell them ridiculous outifits, and another visit, I sell them bad make-overs. Given enough time, I'll make-over the entire community to suit my evil fashion. Readers all over the world will laugh at the helpless townies of GageNation, and it's all down to MEEEEE! :cackle, cackle: Ah, that's much easier on the throat. I do need to speak with my vocal coach about perfecting my evil laugh technique.
  69. 69. Kiera: Readers won't be able to recognize anyone in town, again, once I've finished with them.
  70. 70. Kiera: It's a win-win. If Nathan gives a bad make-over, they look ridiculous, and if he gives a good one, I get to choose the most outlandish look I can find. And Joe Carr thought he was all that and a bag of potatoes, too. No more enticing sims with his good looks. He has to get them on the basis of his “charming” personality. Yes, I am spreading the joys of inner beauty. Really, it's a boon to the community, don't you think, HD? :wink:
  71. 71. Kiera: Hey, wait! I thought if your employee gave a successful makeover, you got to choose the look. Bleh. Well, at least I got a star out of it, so with customer loyalty, and a cheap makeover chair, he's bound to try again, so maybe I'll have better luck next time.
  72. 72. Kiera: Ah, Komei Tellerman, the Man of a Million Clones. No one is ever sure if it's really you, anyway, probably because your standard clothes are so bland. You need an outfit that will really stand out, marking you at The Original Komei. Komei: You're right! Make me over, Kiera! Make me obvious as the Number One Komei.
  73. 73. Kiera: With all those clones around, isn't it obvious? He's a pollination technician. He needs an outfit to reflect this.
  74. 74. Sandy: Hello, Komei. I see you have found work as a pollination technician. It just so happens I have two daughters, and another bun in the oven, and frankly, your face just HAS to join with my genetics, eventually. It's not an officialy uglacy, following legacy rules, but the goal is the same. Komei: I would be honored to mate with one of your daughters, Sandy. Just call me when they're old enough. By the way, why not let Kiera choose a new outfit for you?
  75. 75. Sandy: Looks like she's busy, trying to get a good review. Kiera: Best of the Best award? Thank you! And you just pushed me to rank 3, too. Three ranks in one shift is not bad, at all.
  76. 76. Kiera: The Garden Club will never be the same.
  77. 77. Kiera: So, I closed the business and sent the employees home to mood up a bit, but you are still here, for some reason. I guess I might as well hang out with you, and maybe earn a star or two from friendship. How about we celebrate with a free makeover?
  78. 78. Kiera: Success! And on my very first try, too. Oh, and thanks for the networking gift. I'll be sure to use it at home. I love big- screen televisions. Nikki: This is great! I knew you were something special, as soon as I saw you in that swimsuit. Anyone who would match red print with green skin must have excellent taste.
  79. 79. “Insert Time-lapse music. “Doodleyboop, doodlyboop, doodlyboop! “Look at all those stars! It's not many sessions until Makeover Mania is at level 10, and Kiera Knight has a cool $30K in her bank account, to use to buy her own home, where she can have as many date rewards as she likes. Note: Apartments are not good for Romance or Pleasure sims. “By the way, this is the fifth business, pushing our Sim Multiplier to 7, and putting our population at 49.”
  80. 80. Kiera: Now, I can keep my employees and customers going with Rally Forth, and then mood myself up with a throne. Extra long earnings sessions, for the win.
  81. 81. Kiera: Curses! There's someone hiding on this lot, I just know it. I can't leave, until they do. I'll search and search and search and search, until I find them, so I can kick them out. With prejudice! A/N: I HATE THIS GLITCH!!! I have yet to find a solution to it. However, I'm hoping if I open the business for another session, I can close it again, and LEAVE. … Nope. Didn't work.
  82. 82. Kiera: Heeeheheheeee! I'm just going to stay here FOREVER! What do you think about THAT, you crazy Illamanti? “Well, I guess you can stay there for another week, while I fill out the forms to boolprop you into submission. You currently have $32,000 in the bank, a level 10 business (one more position in the Business career), and a level 5 restaurant (one position in Culinary). If necessary, we'll kill you, and have Gage adopt Krampus. Thank you for playing.”
  83. 83. Kiera: Wait, what? “Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go dig out that form AZ726, and fill it out in quintuplicate. See you later.” Kiera: Wait! You can't just leave me hanging! I mean, am I going to live or die? WELL?! TELL ME! Pleeeeeease? “All Hail the Illamanati and the Grand Llama! End of report.”
  84. 84. A/N: Sigh. The entire purpose of uninstalling and reinstalling and playing entirely vanilla was to get rid of the glitches. I think I may simply be doomed.