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Joshua hunter week 1


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Joshua Hunter enjoys his freedom, electricity and music

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Joshua hunter week 1

  1. 1. New Youngdale Build a Royal Queendom Week 1, Hunter Sweet Freedom
  2. 2. Joshua: I'm FREEEEE! I'll miss Jasmine and Jemima, and even Glen, but it feels SO good to be free of those old restrictions. I have music again! I can take almost any job I want, have any business I want. I'd have to seriously screw up to get punished again. Queen Michelle may be ticked about the Taint, but it was the key to my prison, and if I never see another medieval thing again, it will be too soon. I don't even think I'll plant a garden. Why should I? I can buy groceries.
  3. 3. Joshua: Hey, Groop. Believe it or not, the first want I rolled was to chat with you. Go figure. Do you think maybe we can let by- gones be by-gones? Forgive each other, and maybe even be friends? Or at least, not enemies?
  4. 4. Joshua: Wow, it feels good to be friends with you, Groop. I really enjoyed our chat. But now I have to get going. My liege lord is not even in my relationship panel, so I'm going to have to go out and track the man down, just so I can pay him next Monday. I'll go to court and check the jobs board there. It may not be anything like the old one, or the RAO, but it has a jobs board, and some fun stuff, and it's worth visiting. Of course, my LTW is unfulfillable, because The Law requires a college degree.
  5. 5. Joshua: Oh, Alicia! I heard you were the cleric in town. Maybe you can help me. I have to marry a slob or a service sim, and I can't hire any service sims, until the town grows, so right now, my only hope is to be burgled by a sexy girl. And I don't want to be burgled. Do you know any sexy service sims? Or slobs? Alicia: Why don't you come to the chapel, and see who's hanging out there. It's EPIC! Maybe you'll meet a nice maid or barista, there. Of course, we don't have a coffee bar.
  6. 6. Alicia: So, you're going to become The Law? That is so EPIC! Not as EPIC as our Queen-Goddess, but pretty epic, anyway. Joshua: Yeah, that's what I really want. But, it's locked. Not just for me, though, which makes me feel better. It's locked for everyone without a University degree. Alicia: You can follow the EPIC example of our Queen-Goddess, and change your wants! It's a great plan!
  7. 7. Joshua: Well, this is interesting. There are magic-users here, pontificating. I guess that's kind of like worship for Michelle, or something? Anyway, I'll listen for a while. I think this Emma lady is onto something about Lifetime Happiness. Too bad she's too old for me to marry. I have to have children.
  8. 8. Alicia: I love this chapel! It looks EPIC! And my goddess is the most EPIC designer in existence. Joshua: You might want to move those podiums down from that stage, so people can actually sit and listen to the sermons. Alicia: You're absolutely right, even though Michelle's design is EPIC! I'll totally have to do that when it's my week to play. I'm sure I can make it look almost as good. Maybe.
  9. 9. Alicia: WOW! Joshua, see how our goddess blesses us in the most EPIC way! Joshua: A service sim! And a sexy one, at that. I hope we hit it off, because I really want to go on a date.
  10. 10. Joshua: Why do all the men who come into this church keep changing into the same outfit? It's like we shared a suitcase. Alicia: It's EPIC! Everyone matches! Well, all the men match. Women don't want to match, so that makes it even more EPIC! Kaylynn: Don't you know you should always dress up nice for church? I don't know why all the men chose the same jacket and tie, but yeah.
  11. 11. Joshua: I know we don't have great chemistry, but listen, Kaylynn, service sims like you are hard to find. I really want to go on a date, and if we can make it work, I think it's worth a try. After all, with enough aspiration, we can change ourselves in ways to make us more appreciative of each other, so why not? If you marry me, you'll be able to get in on this town, and help build it from the ground up! If not, well, no one's going to hire you for a long time, because of our low population count.
  12. 12. Joshua: Well, we got the date up to a reasonably good level, but I'm going to have to call it quits, before I pass out. But I'll call you again, I promise. And we don't have to get married right away. We can just be good friends, to start with. Kaylynn: Well, I guess I could move in with you as a friend, and see how it goes. If we can't make it work, I could move out on my own, right? There are other service sims you could try, after all.
  13. 13. Joshua: I've heard of homeless people sleeping in churches, so this is completely legit, right? If I can get my energy back up before Kaylynn leaves, maybe we can try that date again.
  14. 14. Joshua: I'm so glad you agreed to meet me for another date. And the Royal Court is surely a better place to date than a chapel. Kaylynn: I'm glad you asked me out, Joshua. As it happens, I've been considering your offer, and I have some ideas on that score. I don't know what you want to do with your life, but I want to open a business for myself. I've never had the opportunity before, but I think I'd like it very much.
  15. 15. Joshua: This buffet is good. Kaylynn: It's not as much variety as a restaurant, but the quality is excellent. Joshua: Do you want me to take you to a restaurant for our next date? I can do that.
  16. 16. Joshua: Although, I think we're doing just fine, right here. Let's not waste any time, Kaylynn. It's a long walk to Clovis' Cafe, and the timer is running.
  17. 17. Joshua: I don't know about you, but I'm in love. Kaylynn: Look in my want panel, Joshua. I want to get engaged to you. Of course, I'm much too shy to propose myself. Joshua: Well, say no more, my love. Let's start a new date, and I'll propose right here, and we can get married right here, and it'll be EPIC, to quote an overly-enthusiastic woman. Kaylynn: Sounds good to me.
  18. 18. Kaylynn: Nothing's more romantic than getting married in front of a tray of grilled cheese. Joshua: I bet Walter would say just that, actually. But nevermind, love. I'll make it up to you. You can have any sort of business you want, and I'll totally support you in it. Any job you want. Whatever you need to get permanently happy, I'll do the best I can to help you with that.
  19. 19. Queen Michelle: I love to see my subjects happy. Congratulations to you both! Joshua: Come on, wife. Let's blow this joint. We can go home and spend my aspiration points on ReNuYu Orbs, so we can both get fulfillable lifetime wants. Kaylynn: And buy my business! Don't forget!
  20. 20. Joshua: Alright! I changed from Pleasure to Fortune, and back to Pleasure, and now I want to be a Gamer. That's doable. All I have to do is own the right games.
  21. 21. Kaylynn: I changed from Family to Fortune, and then to Pleasure, and I want to become a Celebrity Chef. Since there's a high- level restaurant in town, there's a position open for me! Joshua: That's great! I'll have to invest in my games before we go back to the Royal Court to use the jobs board. Should we do your business, first? Kaylynn: Yes, please.
  22. 22. Kaylynn: So, there's a lot I'd like to purchase, but we can't quite afford it, yet. Let's go back to the Royal Court, and get me the job in Culinary, before someone else snatches it up, and we'll save every simoleon, living on dates and energizers, until I can afford it. I just have my heart set on The Trading Post. After all, the royal family can't buy groceries from themselves, and I want to be the one who sells to them.
  23. 23. Joshua: Actually, we can make a bit of money right here, between dates. I've been wanting to learn how to sew, and you're creative enough, already, that your paintings will sell for a lot of money.
  24. 24. Joshua: I spent so much on materials for the potholders, that we just didn't make enough. We're not allowed to dig for treasure at the Royal Court. I think. … No way I'll risk it. We can dig for treasure at home. Kaylynn: One treasure chest will do it. We'll have enough for The Trading Post very soon.
  25. 25. Kaylynn: Here at the Trading Post, we got groceries, clothes and greeting cards, so you can write to the folks back home. Enjoyin' your trip out to the new frontier? Jan: Ummm, what? We're in the base neighborhood. Kaylynn: I'm doing a Western, New Frontier theme. Work with me here. Jan: Oh, right. Uhh, howdy pardner!
  26. 26. Kaylynn: Your Majesty! We have new stock. Please check out these new dresses. Queen Michelle: I don't know. I made my own queenly garb, and I'm quite happy with it. Kaylynn: I know you're going to like THIS! Queen Michelle: Well, it is very pretty.
  27. 27. Kaylynn: And a free makeover to go with it. Queen Michelle: I like free! And I can always change myself back, if I want to. Kaylynn: Exactly!
  28. 28. Kaylynn: Now just some jewelry to complete your new look, and perhaps a bit of perfume?
  29. 29. Joshua: Sorry, Your Majesty. The makeover is free, but you have to pay for the clothes. Queen Michelle: Absolutely. I like your uniform, but I miss your lovely hair. Joshua: It's Kaylynn's choice. Part of her Western theme. I promised I'd support her in her dream, so there you go. At least I only have the wrong color hair when I'm on duty at the store.
  30. 30. Queen Michelle: This dress is gorgeous! Why didn't I have the pattern or materials for it, when I was sewing? I LOVE this dress! Kaylynn: Happy to help, Your Majesty. Come again! I have some formals that might interest you. And you might like to see some new lingerie, as well. Queen Michelle: Oh, yeah. I'll be back.
  31. 31. “Or maybe the game will just crash. Again. Argh.”
  32. 32. As we come back to New Youngdale, The Trading Post has worked its way up to level 4, and the Best of the Best. Kaylynn puts the award close to her biggest money-maker, the clothing rack. She also adds a personal electronics machine, at Joshua's suggestion. It might not fit the Western, New Frontier theme, but it does fit with the “keeping up communications” theme she started with the newspapers and greeting cards. Besides, so far only the royal family sell them, like clothes and groceries.
  33. 33. Speaking of not fitting the theme, when it comes to the energizer, even Kaylynn doesn't care. She dazzles the customers a lot, and needs all the help she can get to keep up her energy. But during the black-out, she and Joshua had a planning session, and they know what they're going to do. Kaylynn spends her business perks on money, and then Joshua can do what needs to be done to get his LTW of becoming a top Gamer.
  34. 34. And thanks to Our Lady of Solipsism Chapel (and the modded pontificating devices that Queen Michelle placed there), Goopy Gilscarbo shows some fashion consciousness, at last. He was created as a warlock, in order to teach... something. Probably fire safety.
  35. 35. Joshua: Hi! We just reached level 5, for the last money perk, and I want to buy my own business, now. And can we make it snappy, please? I have some customers waiting. Thanks! Yeah, we'll close up here and head over there in a jiffy.
  36. 36. Joshua: I'm the proud new owner of The Arcade, which, you can see in a single glance, provides me with all I require to take a job in the Gamer career. It's fun, Fun, FUN! And Kaylynn and I will cook hot dogs and burgers to keep the customers happy for a long time.
  37. 37. Kaylynn: I'm not a maid, anymore, but until I buy some new clothes from the Queen, I still look like one. At least I can change my hairstyle. And we can have some fun with our business uniforms, too.
  38. 38. Kaylynn: Joshua, when I said we could have fun with our business uniforms, this is NOT what I meant! Joshua: Hey, I wore plaid and a cowboy hat for you. And this is a lot more fun than that! But I tell you what. When we get home, I'll build myself a sewing room, and I'll sew you an entire new wardrobe. Heck, I'll sew you a new wardrobe every year, if you'd like.
  39. 39. Kaylynn: Alright. Let's just get this place up to level 5, and all the money perks, so we can build the house and get out of here. Joshua: You got that right, sweetie! We won't get perma-plat just working here. We have careers ahead of us. Let's gladhand the customers and get those stars and get home.
  40. 40. Joshua: All those games and a fresh batch of hot dogs, and all three customers just decided to stand around in one room, doing nothing fun. Kaylynn: It looks like Walter and Queen Michelle are having fun. Queen Michelle: For the last time, Walter, I only let King Clovis kiss me there! Don't make me smite you. Kaylynn: I stand corrected. Let me go intervene, fast.
  41. 41. Joshua: I'm doing my best to earn another position in Law Enforcement, but so far, I've only charred all the hot dogs, never actually lit them on fire. Kaylynn: Nevermind that. There are already two open slots. Let someone else earn another one. Let's just put in a buffet, and let the business run itself. And just because I was a maid before doesn't mean I'll let you assign me cleaning duty here. Just so you know.
  42. 42. Kaylynn: And this is why we put in a buffet and let the business run itself, with the odd cleaning break from us. We both will need logic for our careers, and this is our chance to build it, while we earn the money to build our house.
  43. 43. Joshua: Look! I put in a karaoke machine, so we can have fun, and earn creativity, too! Kaylynn: And we finally are starting to attract enough customers to actually turn a real profit, even without the money perks.
  44. 44. Joshua: We did it. We got all the cash perks. Time to close the business and celebrate with a private date. Hey, what do you say we put in a photo booth? It fits the theme, and will pay off in aspiration points, too. Kaylynn: You got it, lover! And why not put in our own jobs board? Bulletin boards were common enough in old-fashioned arcades of the 80's weren't they? Then we can both get our careers jump-started from here.
  45. 45. Joshua: Alright. I got a job as a noob, and you got a job as a prep cook. Wait, how come you start at level 6? Kaylynn: Because I moved in with half my skills at 10. You probably need mechanical, or something. Joshua: OK. Still, I'm better prepared than I would normally be at the end of Day 1. Time to build a good house, with a sewing room for me, and a music room for the whole family to enjoy.
  46. 46. Joshua: Well, isn't this special. We have the house built and partly furnished, with $93 left. Kaylynn: Good thing I'm starting at level 6, I guess. Joshua: Good thing our businesses are actually profitable, even without the cash perks. And we have our bedroom, the kitchen, dining room, all four baths, a living room, garage and sewing room all set up. There's even a junk car for you to fix up.
  47. 47. Kaylynn: Tinkering is my one true hobby. OK, Joshua. I'll make sure the family has a fully functioning car, and you'll make sure I have fashionable clothes to wear. We'll both work to pay the bills and get perma-plat, and eventually, we can start a family, once we can afford to furnish the rest of the house. Joshua: I left the two children's bedrooms blank, and think we should leave them that way, until we have kids to fill them, anyway.
  48. 48. Joshua: I'll see if I can't make a friend before midnight, before I start sewing. We both need friends in order to advance in our careers. Clothes aren't quite so urgent. Kaylynn: Dangit, Joshua! People make assumptions about a woman dressed in a French maid's outfit. I'm sick of it! Joshua: I'll start sewing as soon as I befriend Alicia. I'm almost there, already, and it's only 9:30.
  49. 49. Joshua: I had to sell a few things to pay for supplies, but I do already know how to make curtains, so a wardrobe won't be far behind. Any particular style? Kaylynn: Sexy, but not so-called slutty. I've been slut-shamed all my life because of that dang uniform. Manmaids get practical clothes for their uniform. So unfair. Have you ever tried cleaning a toilet in a short skirt and wrist ruffles?! With some old rich dude drawing it out with, “You missed a spot.”
  50. 50. Kaylynn: I like a well-decorated home as well as the next sim, and this woodworking bench will allow me to create some lovely furnishings and sculptures, while it helps me build mechanical skill. Or maybe I'll just sell the stuff for extra cash. It's something to do today, while Joshua is at work, and we do need the money. A/N: I think I got this from, but don't quote me on it. I got sucked into downloading for several days. It is modded to create stuff from the Sims 3, and I've never used it before. So far, I like it, even if it has no hobby effect.
  51. 51. Joshua: I got a promotion and a new friend. Still, I wonder. If I focus tonight on mechanical skill, then head back to The Arcade, maybe I can use the job board to get an instant promotion, if I have the requirements. It kinda hurts to be so far behind my wife in my career, especially since we both want to top our careers to go perma-plat. But I suppose I really should make her at least one good outfit, first. I did promise, after all.
  52. 52. Kaylynn: I'll just study my life skills, while Joshua makes my new dress. Then, we can date and get all platinum and happy before tomorrow's work shifts.
  53. 53. Joshua: The karaoke machine is definitely one purchase I do not regret. I love music so much! Kaylynn: Fun for the whole family. Speaking of which, I vote we wait until I lift my career before we start ours. Also, what do you think of adoption? I'm not keen on pregnancy. Joshua: Suits me. I don't care about passing on my genetics, and I understand there are several orphans in New Youngdale.
  54. 54. Joshua: I'll take a page from Kaylynn's book, and do woodworking while she's at work, and I have the day off. I can learn mechanical skill for my job, and make money, too. Perhaps someday, I'll keep something I make, but mostly, I'm just selling it all.
  55. 55. Kaylynn: Hi, honey! I'm home! I got promoted. Bye, honey! I'm leaving for my next shift!
  56. 56. Joshua: Hi, Neptunium. Guess what? I made my wife a pretty pink dress. Now, I'm calling potential friends, to build up our friend count. Want to count as my friend? Great!
  57. 57. Kaylynn: I got another promotion! Let's celebrate. Remember when you promised to take me on a date at the restaurant? I'm driving. Oh, and thank you for my pretty new dress. Joshua: I made a formal dress for you, too. Before the week is out, you'll have a whole new wardrobe. Kaylynn: I love you, Joshua.
  58. 58. Kaylynn: Thank you, Joshua. This place is really nice. Joshua: It's the best place in town, until we open our own restaurant, and make something classier. Kaylynn: Why would we want to do that? I work in a restaurant all day long. I don't want to do it on my spare time, too. Let someone else open a second restaurant. I'm satisfied with our two family businesses. We're not merchants, after all.
  59. 59. Joshua: Darling, you don't have to clean up our dishes. They have waiters for that. Kaylynn: Oops! Old habits die hard. Let's go home, Joshua. I'm so embarassed.
  60. 60. Kaylynn: I love my pretty pink dress. I also love this train set Joshua bought for me. It would be ungrateful of me not to finish setting it up so that we can play with it, together.
  61. 61. Joshua: I got a promotion and a chance to turn around for another shift. Maybe I won't try again with the jobs board. It won't take me long to top the career, after all, and the highest I could get with the jobs board would be level 6, anyway. I don't know. We'll see how I feel when I get home tonight. At any rate, promotion money is very nice, indeed.
  62. 62. Joshua: I got another promotion! Kaylynn: True, but you're still four levels behind me. Why don't we go back to The Arcade, put in a bookcase, so you can learn the mechanical skill you need and I can top Tinkering enthusiasm, and we'll get you caught up a bit? Joshua: And we'll get more money to finish furnishing the house. Excellent idea.
  63. 63. Joshua: That worked well. We made $15,000, and now I'm a Platform Jumper. You know, The Trading Post is good for learning retail badges, but this really is our family money-maker. Kaylynn: True. But I do not regret opening The Trading Post. It's a good place for sims to shop, if they don't want to shop at the royal stores, and so far, no one else can sell clothes, food, jewelry, perfume, or personal electronics to the royals, either. We were the first to sell to them. That's a good thing.
  64. 64. Kaylynn: Are you making me new gym clothes? These are OK, but since I want to max my body skill, I'd like something better. Joshua: I'm working on it right now, love.
  65. 65. Kaylynn: Comin' home as a restauranteur, and going back to work for that final promotion. If I'm promoted today, I'll call the adoption agency tonight!
  66. 66. Joshua: I'm a Power Leveler! That's level 7. I may not be perma- plat by the end of the week, but certainly early next week. And I only have one more outfit to sew to keep my promise to my wife. I'd best get to work, so I can surprise her when she comes home.
  67. 67. Kaylynn: What a day! I'm a Celebrity Chef, which means that anyone in New Youngdale can take a job in Culinary, even if no one else even opens another restaurant, let alone builds it up to level 5. And since I decided to sell my food in airports, I also got a sweet bonus of $55,000! Plus two shifts' pay and two promotion bonuses, I made over $60,000, easy. We can definitely afford to furnish the rest of the house and adopt children now.
  68. 68. A/N: These two are such a cute couple. And to think they started out without any chemistry, at all. Joshua was just desperate for any service sim that he didn't even look for another, once he found her, and I'm glad.
  69. 69. Joshua: So, with the top-level chef in the house, I'm in charge of cooking toaster pastries because why? Kaylynn: Maybe you'll help open another slot in Law Enforcement. Anyway, I'm not sure when our child will be delivered, so I want to be able to answer the door at a moment's notice. No distractions. Joshua: I hope I meet the kid before I go to work, at least.
  70. 70. Joshua: Nope. It's the hot dogs, all over again. Kaylynn: Nevermind, love. I'll be in charge of feeding the family from now on. I only work a few short evening a week, after all, and I can stock the fridge for those nights. Why don't you just toss those bricks?
  71. 71. Kaylynn: It's two o'clock, and I'm still waiting. When are they going to bring my child? As soon as I finish this song, I'm calling them again. This is unacceptable! What if I had stayed home from work for this?
  72. 72. Kaylynn: Hmmm, there's no answer. I hope there's nothing wrong. What if they had an accident on the way over? Oh, now I'm starting to worry.
  73. 73. Joshua: I'm a Real Time Strategizer and a Dad! Kaylynn: You're a Real Time Strategizer. Joshua: What? I'm not a Dad? I mean, I know I had to go to work before they brought the kid, but surely, he's been delivered by now?! Kaylynn: Nope. And I'm getting really worried, now! Joshua, what if they had an accident and our child was killed?
  74. 74. Joshua: It'll be OK, darling. This is the sort of thing that Queen Michelle will go to great lengths to fix. And you befriended her at The Trading Post, too, right? Kaylynn: Yes, but she doesn't have all of her goddess powers? Just the witchcraft ones. Joshua: Trust in the Queen-Goddess, darling. If she can't fix it now, she'll fix it next week, I'm sure.
  75. 75. Joshua: But perhaps we should make it a point to worship her, to help her regain her powers faster. Kaylynn: I had planned to go to the chapel every Sunday, anyway, but if our child doesn't arrive soon, I say we go there tonight, as well as tomorrow! Joshua: I agree. Let's give it until 10 pm. No child should be out later than that on a Saturday, anyway, right?
  76. 76. Kaylynn: In the meantime, I'm calling Her Majesty. Just to put her on alert. Maybe she knows something we don't.
  77. 77. Queen Michelle: What's that? I am so ticked off about this. That is IT! I'm coming over right away. I may not have all my powers, but I'm pretty sure I have enough to deal with this. Clovis! Pack the SimBlender and the Tombstone of Life and Death! We're on the case!
  78. 78. Kaylynn: Oh, Your Majesty! Thank you so much for coming. Joshua and I are so upset! We had our hearts set on adopting a boy and a girl. And now, it seems we can't even get either one! Queen Michelle: Never fear. I have it under control. Believe it or not, this is actually low-level goddess stuff. I can definitely fix this. Even if I do have to wait a few weeks before I can deal with the social worker, directly. You'll have your family tonight, Kaylynn. Just let me get set up.
  79. 79. King Clovis: OK, I'm picturing green hair for the girl, and black hair for the boy. You can do that, right? Queen Michelle: I said that getting the children was low-level goddess stuff. I can't get that specific, yet. Anyway, genetics has never been my forte. Joshua: We don't care what they look like. We just want our family.
  80. 80. Queen Michelle: Hocuscadabra and alacazan! House of ginger and marzipan! Get this family children to fit, Now, before I lose my... marbles.
  81. 81. Queen Michelle: Brenda Livingston and Don Baity, welcome to the Hunter family. Let me just blend your names and relationships, and make you officially Brenda and Don Hunter. Kaylynn: Oh, they're so beautiful! They need new clothes and a make-over, of course. We'll hit up Clovis' Closet right away. And tomorrow, we'll all go to the Our Lady of Solipsism Chapel and give thanks to our goddess!
  82. 82. Joshua: That was amazing! Queen Michelle: That was exhausting. I need to sit down for a while. Joshua: Oh, I hope you're alright. But we just can't express our gratitude enough! We're definitely going to go to church every week to help rebuild your powers. Who knows when someone else might need your help? Thank you so much, again!
  83. 83. Kaylynn: Come on, kids. It's getting late, but we still have time for makeovers, and then it will be time for bed, so we can all get up bright and early for church. Don: Yes, Mother! Brenda: I'm ready, Mother. Kaylynn: I'll take you, then, while Joshua sees to Her Majesty. She's tuckered out. King Clovis, will you join us there?
  84. 84. Don: I like this outfit, Mother! Can I have this outfit? Kaylynn: Of course you can, my darling. I may not let you wear it out in public, but you can enjoy playing in it at home. Let's find you something a bit more appropriate for school, shall we? Don: Awww. But I can still have this and wear it at home? Kaylynn: All day long, at home, yes. Just not out to school, or on the town.
  85. 85. Kaylynn: Alright, children. You've had your make-overs, and I bought clothes for both of you, and personal electronics for the whole family. Are you ready to go home? Brenda: We're both platinum, from making friends! Kaylynn: I'll take that as a yes, then.
  86. 86. Kaylynn: I'm so proud of the way you both behaved so well while we were out. And now I have a surprise for you. Your rooms are ready. I hope yo like them. We didn't duplicate the toys in each room, so you'll have to share with each other. The dollhouse is in Brenda's room and the activity table is in Don's. But you both get your own desks for schoolwork, and your own toyboxes. And when you grow to teens, you'll each get a special birthday present, in keeping with your character.
  87. 87. Joshua: Oh, this is just a dream come true. I'm so happy to have both of you here. And may I say, I think your costumes are adorable. Kaylynn: I bought them proper clothes for going to school, or around town, but said they can wear these as much as they want at home. It's good to have options to play in. Joshua: I agree! But now what will I sew for them?
  88. 88. Don: OK, I'm ready for church. I wish I could wear my dragon costume, but it's probably for the best if I don't. The other sims will just get jealous. I wonder if it's fun at church. I mean, what do we do there? Well, I guess I'll find out soon enough. It's almost time to go.
  89. 89. Joshua: Now, I want you both to be reverent, and listen to what the preachers have to say. You can learn a lot, especially about lifetime happiness, which will really help you. We'll stay for the whole morning, then enjoy a nice lunch in the dining hall, and then go home for some family bonding.
  90. 90. Brenda: This is kind of awkward, and I'd rather be outside playing, but I am glad to be learning how to be happier, and I'm grateful to Queen Michelle, so if we have to worship once a week, I'm willing. But next week, I want to wear a different dress. I don't like looking like other girls. Don: Cool! There are instruments! Maybe after the sermon they'll let us play them.
  91. 91. Don: I got an A plus grade, just from worshipping! Does this mean I don't have to go to school again? Joshua: No, you still have to go to school. That's where you will meet and make new friends.
  92. 92. Don: Well, that was kinda cool, even if we didn't get to play the instruments. School will be easy, now that I have that headstart, and I can focus on friendship. Now for a nice nap before family bonding time. I wonder what we'll do together?
  93. 93. Kaylynn: When did this arrive? Well, I don't know when it got here, or who it was for, but I do know what I'm going to do with it. Platinum aspiration for everybody! Who says peasants have to have a hard life? My kids are going to be he happiest children in New Youngdale!
  94. 94. Kaylynn: Wait. NOW you're here? Where the heck have you been? Queen Michelle used her powers to get us two children, already. Social Worker: Does that mean you don't want to adopt little Candice, after all? Kaylynn: Don't be ridiculous! Of course we'll take her!
  95. 95. Kaylynn: We'll set up the nursery in Joshua's sewing room, and when she grows into a child, she can share with Brenda. The room is certainly big enough. As for that genie lamp, Joshua will get his perma-plat status from his lifetime want within the week, so the three wishes will go to the three children. It works out almost perfectly. Joshua: I don't mind waiting. I'm happy about Candice!
  96. 96. Joshua: We won't add Candice's furniture to the girls' bedroom, yet, but we will add a bathroom. With two full bathrooms on the ground floor, and three full bathrooms, plus one double-bath (two toilets, a bathtub and a shower) on the upper floor, no one should ever need to wait in line to get ready in the morning. And if we have to, we'll add a third floor to our house. But for now, this should be plenty. MUCH better than the medieval peasant house. I'll show them the pictures, someday.
  97. 97. Kaylynn: So now we need a change in schedule. I'll teach Candice to talk, while the kids nap. When they wake up, I'll put her down for a nap, while we all play Don't Wake the Llama, for some family bonding time. We can't bond all of us at once, right now, but we have time to get to know each other one-on-one. Joshua: I am so happy with my family! And I love you so much, Kaylynn! What a good wife you are! I'm sure you'll be an excellent mother, too.
  98. 98. Brenda: We both already know Lifelong Happiness, but Mother says we can't play Don't Wake the Llama until we wish for Peace of Mind, whatever that is. Genie: Oh, you're going to love it! You know how you both felt when you first made friends with each other? You're gonna feel that way for the rest of your lives! No matter what! Don: Awwwwwesome!
  99. 99. Joshua: This has been a most wonderful day! I hope our family can always be this happy together. Now children, it's very important that you behave, and don't break the laws. Queen Michelle has been very good to us, and will be in the future, so long as we don't break the laws. You see, she has this thing about challenges, and you don't want to be chosen to do one. Don: Rawwr! I'm a strong dinosaur, and can handle any challenge Her Majesty throws at me! Rawwwr!
  100. 100. A/N: I'll give you that one for free, kid, because you're so cute. And who knows? Maybe you're right. We'll only find out if you break a law, after all. That's it for this week, folks. See you next week with Alicia and Chuck Beholden, because I want that chapel fixed, and I'm thinking of making them teach a school. Happy Simming!