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Gage uglacy week 2


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Gage Uglacy's second week as Father of GageNation

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Gage uglacy week 2

  1. 1. Father Of a Nation Gage Uglacy Week 2
  2. 2. Michelle Simself: What am I doing here?! And why can't I use my simself/goddess voice? Where are my boolprop powers? WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?! “This is the High Drama Llama, just returned from counseling. You have been brought here, as punishment for your inability to deal with Windows updates.” Michelle: Whut.
  3. 3. “You had an online meltdown about the Windows 10 updates, and various computer glitches, and this annoys the Illamanati, as they rely on computers to take over the world and don't need the bad PR. Therefore, we brought you here. Also, Gage has done a fine job fathering children, and we promised him a simself to enjoy, so here you are. You are his next babymama.” Michelle: Look, I know I'm a family sim, but GAGE?!
  4. 4. “Furthermore, since you just LOVE challenges so much, you're going to do one. We have chosen you to be the mother for the Baby Boom Challenge.” Michelle: You mean I have to marry Gage? “No, but you will bear only his children. Gage is too skilled to be eiligible to participate. You will be allowed a Servo to partner you, as if he/she were your spouse.”
  5. 5. “The Grand Llama has approved an unskilled Servo for your use in this endeavor. He/she has been specially programmed to have no skills or talent badges.” Michelle: Great. “You may activate your Servo now.” Michelle: Really? Seriously? This can't be happening to me.
  6. 6. “Welcome, Sarah Simself. Your personality is identical to Michelle, a Libra, 2/6/2/8/7. What do you want to do with your life?” Sarah: I want to become Minister of Education. Michelle: Good luck with that. I want to graduate three children from college. Sarah: Great. We'll be miserable for years.
  7. 7. Sarah: Well, Gage is still at work, so I suppose we might as well skill until he comes home. Michelle: Guess so. I can't believe this is happening to me. I wonder if he'll give me child support. “Child support is not allowed for this challenge. You will get the standard starting money and earn your way from there.” Michelle: Flergle.
  8. 8. Michelle: I MISS being a good witch! I miss my powers! Sarah: Well, at least you aren't having your needs drained from sitting on the wrong type of throne. Michelle: I am SO going to get my powers back. You'll see. Author's Note: I need both Baby Boom parents to be supernatural, for points.
  9. 9. Gage: Is it just the fact that I came home with another promotion, or is there something odd here at home? I definitely sense the presence of at least one sexy lady. “Your wish for a simself lover has been granted. She's waiting for you, inside.” Gage: Hot diggity dog! That's fantastic!
  10. 10. Gage: Hellooo, Michelle! Michelle: Helloooo, Gage! I've always been a big fan, but now, inexplicably, my turn-ons have been set to brown hair and witchiness, with a turn-off of black hair. So, not really like my meatspace persona, at all. Gage: Well, goody for me, and thanks to HD!
  11. 11. Michelle: Wow. Our aspirations clash. We have negative chemistry, despite turn-ons. Gage: Not a problem. We'll just have to become friends, first. Have a seat, and we'll chat for a while.
  12. 12. Gage: You have to do a WHAT challenge? Michelle: Baby Boom. That means I have to have no less than 12 sons and 12 daughters. All with you. Gage: That's fine, but you're already LIVING IN MY HOUSE! I am not raising 24 babies! Michelle: Relax. I have to move into my own place, with Sarah. We'll raise the babies there. All you have to do is woohoo.
  13. 13. Gage: Oh, well, that's all right, then. I like holding my children, at their baby-mama's houses. I'll even feed them, but changing diapers and all that is NOT my thing. Michelle: I know. But I have a favor to ask of you, and now's a good time, since I'm not rolling a fear of it. Gage: What's that?
  14. 14. Michelle: Make me a witch, please. I'll become a good witch, as soon as I can, but for now, just having access to magic, at all, is an improvement to this powerless, normal existence.
  15. 15. Michelle: OK, I will freely admit that THIS is accurate. When I'm at my computer, playing with my pixel people. THIS. Totally and completely THIS. Nice points only apply to real life humans. And cats. And one particular puppy. Awww, heck, maybe I'll go for the evil version of power this incarnation. And if anyone messes with MY babies, I shall punish them with impunity! Heheheheheeeee.
  16. 16. Gage: See? Friends, and there goes the negative chemistry. Michelle: I know you're not allowed to give me anything when I move out, but I have GOT to have one of these thrones. Gage: Just visit the evil witch lair, and stay there long enough to learn how to make it for yourself. We can go there on a date, if you like, and keep up your aspiration. Michelle: Sounds great!
  17. 17. Gage: Oh, no! Even with our new double-bolt chemistry, we aren't ready to woohoo, and my carpool will come any minute. Michelle: Do you have all the skills you need for a promotion? And do you have any vacation days? If no and yes, then just stay home today. You won't get a promotion if you go without the skills, so you might as well stay here and do me. Gage: I wish we were actually dating, for aspiration points.
  18. 18. Michelle: I have to start at the new lot pregnant, but without a bunch of advantages from having dated you, already. So, we have to do this the hard way. Gage: Fortunately, romance is never hard for the Gagemeister.
  19. 19. Michelle: Oh, Gage! How right you are! Let's try for baby right now! Gage: Now you're talking! I have a closet and I am not afraid to use it. Sarah: Don't mind me. I'll just randomly do chores and try not to get in your way.
  20. 20. Gage: Well, that's my duty done for now. I guess you and Sarah can move out to your own lot, and I can get on with my week here at home. I have a promotion to get, and a raging romantic hotspot to build! Michelle: Wow. Yeah, OK. That's not quite the cuddling I was hoping for afterwards, but I guess I'll get you more than any other woman in town, so... I'll see you when it's my week.
  21. 21. Gage: Now for some skill points. Nothing puts me in the mood to skill up like some good lovin'.
  22. 22. Gage: Kiera! What are you doing here? Kiera: I came to make out with you. Gage: Look, babe, I love you and all, but you gotta get out of here. HD is super angry at you, and I don't want it to rub off on me. Do not give the High Drama Llama ideas, you know? Kiera: But, you're my soul-mate. We're evil together.
  23. 23. Gage: Sorry, babe, but I am not in the mood to get in trouble right now. HD might tie me to a telescope or something. So, don't touch me.
  24. 24. Sandy: Oh, Gaaaage! HD told me to give you this telescope as a date reward. “I really do wish you people would stop calling me that. However, Sandy, since you obeyed my command, I will let it go this time.” A/N: Seriously, I wrote the last slide BEFORE she dropped this off. I LOVE it when they read my mind!
  25. 25. Gage: Oh, great High Drama Llama in the sky, pleeeeeease do not make me use that thing! “Consider it a warning. I want you to build a love lot for the Boolprop Let's Build It competition. They're celebrating Valentine's day, so it's all about the romance, and I'm putting you in charge of that. But if you get stuck there... Gage: If I get stuck, I won't be able to use the telescope.
  26. 26. “HAHA! I backed up the neighborhood this time! I can reload, and punish you good.” Gage: I'm scared! I mean, I'll do my best not to get stuck, but it's not really in my control. “I don't care. You make it work, or you'll be raising your own alien babies. Capiche?”
  27. 27. Gage: Well, I have the Casanova Club built and mostly decorated, but I want to hang a few special paintings up here and there, to put people in the romantic mood. Once I've finished painting them all and hanging them, I'll open for business. I hope it's popular, because I spent a whole lot of money on this place! “Yeah, yeah. Go home and save, and I'll back up again, and THEN you can open for business.”
  28. 28. Gage: OK, is everything set up? Tour posted at Is the link working? Well, nevermind the link. The booze dispenser is properly attired, and we're ready to go! “The Illamanati thank you, Gage, for your participation in the Let's Build It event. We hope to use the points toward world domination in another of our secret plans.” Gage: Sure. I was just glad of the excuse to build a love club.
  29. 29. Brittany: I had a dream date with Gage! Andrea: What do you mean, YOU had a dream date with Gage? That dream date Gage had was with ME. Gretchen: I haven't dated Gage, yet, but now I'm really curious. “Wait, aren't you actually on a date with Jan right this minute?” Gage: Yep. This Casanova Club is the best place for love.
  30. 30. Gage: I got some clothes for my future son-in-law, and broke them in for him, already. Well, I had to try on something in the changing booth. And thanks for the woohoo, Marylena. You don't roll my wants, so I probably won't make you a babymama, but at least you boost my notch count. I'm on my way to 20 lovers!
  31. 31. Gage: You don't roll my wants, Jill, but you're another notch, and I'll take it. Jill: Gee, way to make me feel special. Gage: I'm just glad I have this private room with a door I can lock and a closet for woohoo. I'm determined to be perma-plat by the time Casanova Club reaches level 10.
  32. 32. Gage: Gretchen Chin, congratulations! You are my twentieth simultaneous lover, and you have made me perma-plat. You're also going to be my next babymama! Gretchen: Anything to get out of this ridiculous outfit. Kiera has the strangest taste in clothes. Gage: Hey, at least she didn't do your makeup, too.
  33. 33. Gage: Now, I'll just set the price to ridiculously cheap, and read until I get Level 10. I've already made over $200,000 on this place, because of selling high-priced tickets with my dazzling personality, so I might as well make it cheap, now. Residents of GageNation will be able to enjoy a club without paying through the nose, which is important to slackers, especially early in their careers. And this club opens up a position in the Slacker career, too.
  34. 34. “We interrupt this report to bring an update on Kiera Knight.” Kiera: I have been standing here for weeks! What's going on? “Well, Twilightoutside, at, suggested this option for getting you back. Let's see if it works. I have just changed your business lot to a residential lot, and it shows up as a hotel, but at least we can see you. Also, we can see some other sims who have NO BUSINESS BEING THERE!”
  35. 35. Kiera: Look at me! I can move! I have a plumbob! “Hooray!”
  36. 36. “Ummmm.”
  37. 37. “Now it shows Makeover Mania as an unowned community lot, with nobody there, and yet when I try to interact with Kiera's apartment, it STILL says she's at Makeover Mania, and... “FLERGLE!” Grand Llama: Calm down, HD. “But she's even worse off than before! I can't even get that peek at her, I had just five minutes ago! It's hopeless!”
  38. 38. “OK, Gage, you're all perma-plat and happy, so I want you to do me a favor. Invite Kiera over to your place.” Gage: Then what? “Stand back.”
  39. 39. Gage: Hello, Keira. And also, goodbye. Kiera: What, you invited me over just to say goodbye? Gage: Yeah. Sorry.
  40. 40. Kiera: Soooo, what? You're going to smite me now? Didn't we already go through this at Christa's house? Good luck! “Die! Die! DIIIIEEEEEEEE!” Kiera: Haaha. “I hate you so much.”
  41. 41. “Sorry, Gage, I didn't mean to drag you into this. But, I'm dragging you into this. Speaking of which, I want you to drag Kiera into the corner of your lot.” Gage: OK.
  42. 42. “Darn it! She got away! OK, keep up with those inflammo spells until she dies, got it?” Gage: Am I going to be homeless after this? “Just stick to the grass, and you should be fine. You might lose a few furnishings, but it's not like you can't afford to replace them, and the walls won't burn down. Just burn HER!”
  43. 43. “Gage, you idiot! Get out of the ring of fire!” Gage: But I have to get closer to get that corner spot. “GET OUT OF THE RING OF FIRE!”
  44. 44. Kiera: Well, I'm just going to go home now. Well, “home,” I suppose I should say, since I never actually go back to my apartment. Joe: Help! Help! I randomly walked onto the lot, and caught fire! Gage: Great. Now I have to extinguish him, and still haven't killed Kiera.
  45. 45. Gage: Wow! How she survived that sure is a mystery. “She won't move in. She won't die. She won't go home. She won't move out. She's completely inaccessible, but she keeps visiting other people, and I HATE HERRRRRR!” Gage: Yep. I'm just going to sit here quietly reading, thanks. “Hah! That's what you think! I WANT VENGEANCE!”
  46. 46. Gage: Can't we just pretend that I'm sweeping up Kiera's ashes, here? “Does it get Krampus back into play? No? Didn't think so. Gage: Why would you even want that? I thought you thought he was a demon child. “Well, I did have counseling since then. And now I'm not afraid of him, I really ticked I don't have Krampus playable here.”
  47. 47. “That's it, Gage. While away the time until the sun goes down, because my vengeance is swift!” Gage: You're going to make me use the telescope, aren't you? “VENGEANCE!!! And you'd better have a boy! I won't stop until you have a boy! Named Crampus! Or Krampos. Your choice.” Gage: Well, I'll show you! I'll name him Crampos.
  48. 48. Gage: I'm getting snapdragons! So many snapdragons! I never want to have to change a diaper. Sure, I'll feed the kid and hold him, but diapers? Ewwwww. “No snapdragons! Never! Not for you!” Gage: Fine, HD! I'll just move in my next babymama, and keep her here to change the diapers. What do you think about THAT? No way are you going to turn me into an attentive father.
  49. 49. Andrea: Have a big screen TV. And thanks for not choosing me to raise your alien babies. Gage: Baby. Just the one. Andrea: Not if you have a daughter first. Hehe. I'm so glad to be a townie, right now. I even like my make-over. I never get to dress this way in other worlds. I always have to wear the fancy clothes. I feel so FREE!
  50. 50. Gage: I spent the whole night tied to the telescope, and got logic skill and science enthusiasm, but no alien baby. “You know you're going to be there every night until you get abducted. And I WILL have a son from you, Gage! Krampus will be reborn!” Gage: So, if you want another demon baby, shouldn't you just have me hook up with another High Witch? Who can raise him, herself? In her own home? “Shut up. And as soon as the sun rises, call Gretchen Chin.”
  51. 51. “Time to change from a bachelor pad to a family home, Gage.” Gage: Great. Well, at least I can well afford it, now, thanks to the Casanova Club. I put in a playground for the kids, so I can shove them out the door and let them fend for themselves after school.
  52. 52. Gage: My bedroom and bath are the same, except I shifted the door, a little, to allow for the stairs. I turned the front room into a TV room, nice and open, and a good place for a bit of socializing.
  53. 53. Gage: The middle floor holds the nursery, what will become the kids' rooms when they are older, a second bathroom, and a family living area. It's more convenient to have the dining and living things together, and the fridge, smart milk and kids stuff are close to the nursery. I even put in one of those bouncy things for the toddlers. They'll never have to leave this floor until they can use the stairs by themselves. Whoops. I forgot to paint the nursery. I'll let Gretchen do it.
  54. 54. Gage: The top floor has the balcony, as well as some skilling items, my witchy-wares, and some aspiration rewards. You'll notice the Elixir of Life. If I'm to father 24 babies with Michelle Simself, for her Baby Boom challenge, I absolutely MUST stay alive and vibrant. “Yeah, good excuse. You'd do it anyway, I'm sure. Nice house, though.”
  55. 55. Gage: Gretchen! Welcome to the Uglacy home. Now you can move in, have my baby, and raise Crampos for me. Gretchen: That's fine. Just as long as I get to change out of my ridiculous everyday wear. Gage: Ummm, slight problem with that.
  56. 56. Gretchen: What's the problem? As a playable, I can go to Makeover Mania, and choose an outfit for myself, right? “Makeover Mania is completely off-limits! Oh, sure, the game says it's an unowned community lot, now, but it also says that Kiera is still there, so NO! It is OFF LIMITS!” Gretchen: Oh, brother. I'm going to be stuck in this diver's outfit until someone else opens a store where I can buy clothes.
  57. 57. Gage: You could open your own clothing store. That would help everyone else, too. Gretchen: But I can't buy from my own stock. The only way for me to get new clothes is to buy from somewhere else, or to hand-sew my own new outfit. Ooooh! I could do that, yeah! It'll take a while, but I can fix Kiera's mess. In fact, I can make clothes for the whole community. After all, I'm bringing in $14,000, so I can use that to fund a store.
  58. 58. Gretchen: But first, I need to make out with you, and get a ReNuYu SensoOrb, so I can change my LTW to something that is actually fulfillable. Gage: Technically, Mad Scientist is fulfillable for you. You just have to be electrocuted three times, to open up a position. Gretchen: Or, I can get a new LTW that doesn't risk my life.
  59. 59. Gage: Actually, there is another way to unlock Science. If a sim graduates from university, that unlocks the career for everyone. I could go back to Casanova Club, crank up the price, dazzle my brains out, and when I raise $1,000,000, I can build my own university! Then, I just have to woohoo a dormie... Wait. I'd have to get a CAS sim in there somehow, so she can graduate and then have my child. HD? Will you give me a young adult CAS sim?
  60. 60. “Nope. I already gave you one simself this week.” Gage: She doesn't have to be a simself. Just some sexy college student will do fine. “Nope. Build a college if you like, but one of your kids will have to graduate from it. No more freebies from Create-A-Sim. And Gretchen will just have to change her aspiration and hope for a better LTW.”
  61. 61. Gretchen: OK! I want to become Minister of Education, which gets a position open at 250 population. We're almost there, already. A few more kids, another community lot, or two, and I'll be able to get my dream job! Plus, as a Family sim, I'll be quite happy raising children. I just swapped my original Knowledge aspiration over to secondary, so I should be eager to teach the toddlers, too.
  62. 62. Gretchen: You use your throne. I'll use the energizer. We'll be well able to keep up with little ones.
  63. 63. Gretchen: I'm still a knowledge sim, at heart, and I just really want to learn my skills, especially the ones for my current career. I'm at level 4 in Culinary career, and because of Kiera's restaurant, I get to keep my job. But I want to rise up through the ranks, high enough to earn the chocolate machine, before the baby is born.
  64. 64. Gretchen: Well, it took all night skilling, and a couple of double shifts, but I now have the chocolate machine. I placed it upstairs, instead of the ReNuYu orb, since we don't need that, anymore. And it's in good time, too, because I'm going to have the baby in about a day, now.
  65. 65. Gretchen: There's only one slot for Culinary, so I'll go ahead and quit, now, so that some other sim can take it, if they want. I have the chocolate machine, and that's all I really wanted. Now it's time to focus on happiness and clothing. Now, if I can just roll a want to earn a sewing badge...
  66. 66. “Any luck getting that alien baby I want?” Gage: Nope. But if I do get an alien baby, the name will be Mr. Freeze. It's cold out here!
  67. 67. Gretchen: Finally! After maxing out my logic AND creativity, I rolled the want to get a bronze sewing badge. As long as I keep filling skilling wants, I'll be happy, and well able to keep going with energizers, so when the baby is born, I'll be ready to buy, build, and run my shop.
  68. 68. Gage: Oh, yeah, baby! I am a rock god! I already placed my electric guitar, when I expanded the house, but now I'll just continue to rake in the money, forever. Sweet! “So, no changing to another career?” Gage: What for? Oh, I suppose I could get some career reward, couldn't I? That might be useful, but why bother? It's simpler this way, and my schedule will never change.
  69. 69. Allyn: Our date was so much fun! Have a big stereo! Gage: Great! Thanks! Where am I going to put that thing? Should I add another floor? Gretchen: Give it to me. I'll put it in the clothing shop. Gage: Eh, works for me. Our boombox is good enough, and fits better.
  70. 70. Brittany: Even though you never took me on a date, Gage, I still can't resist that animal magnetism. Have a gift! Gage: Really? Like a date gift? Brittany: Sure, call it that. Gage: That's fantastic! Thanks! And no, Gretchen, you don't get to take this to your shop.
  71. 71. Gretchen: Hey, HD! I'm about to give birth over here!
  72. 72. Gage: I'm just gonna go to work. Uhh, introduce me to the kids when I come home, OK, Gretch? Gretchen: Hey! Wait! You should be here for this, you! Gage: Sorry, already in the carpool.
  73. 73. Gretchen: Twins. Just great. It's just as well the aliens haven't come for Gage, yet, since I'll have my hands full. Speaking of which, since their father is a literal rock god, I have decided to name these two after demi-gods. Well, muses, so it's sort of the same. Meet Calliope, the muse of singing and music, and Terpsichore, the muse of dance. I don't even know which one is which.
  74. 74. Gretchen: Finally, I can wear something pretty again. I still have some more to learn about sewing, and want to max out my hobby enthusiasm, too, so I'll keep at it. But at least I'm not desperately goofy-looking, anymore.
  75. 75. Gage: HD, I have maxed out my enthusiasm, and still no alien babies. Maybe we can just not worry about that? “Just because you don't achieve a goal this week doesn't mean you get to quit. I want an alien BOY, and you will keep at it, until you get it for me. The Illamanati have plans!” Gage: :sighs: Yes, HD.
  76. 76. Gage: I have to admit, they are cute. Back at my original home, Grampa Don was the only one to take care of the babies. I would have starved, if not for him. But I actually enjoy feeding them bottles, if not changing their diapers. My children won't starve, so long as I can help it. Author's Note: He really does feed his babies, no matter whose house he's at! Awesome! Don the Zombie would be proud.
  77. 77. Gretchen: OK, now that you're home, and I have my own warderobe sorted out, it's time to buy my clothing shop, and sort out the rest of town. I assume, Gage, that because I'm staying here and raising your children, that you will not skimp on my business-buying budget. Gage: Oh, sure. Knock yourself out. I'll just stay here with the babies. Social Services won't take them away for being stinky. “And I'll back up the game! SAVE! SAVE!”
  78. 78. Reviewer: Wow! You really know what you're doing. I know it's your first day, and you're still only rank 1, but have a Best of the Best Award. Gretchen: Really? I guess putting up all those expensive paintings really helped. That and hiring a full staff, right from the get-go. I have a salesman, a stocker, a cashier, a stylist, and someone to help me sew custom clothing for the shelves.
  79. 79. Gretchen: With three of us working on the sewing machines, I'll soon have a stock of customized clothing to sell, as well as the full range of regular clothes. There are some outfits that can only be made by top-notch sewers. So far, I'm the only one in town who can do it, but my employees will get there, too, and then I'll fill the shelves with bespoke dresses and suits, expensive but worth it. I should probably hire another salesperson.
  80. 80. Gretchen: I may be a family sim, but the ONLY wants I roll are knowledge. Of course, with the comm-skilling mod in place, it is easy to keep me happy. I just skill up while my employees run the store. We're hovering at around Level 6, right now, and I just rolled the want to max all seven skills, so I'll probably get that before I raise the business to level 10. But that's OK. I have plenty of energizers, and if all else fails, there's dating to keep me in the platinum.
  81. 81. Gretchen: Of course, unless I actually give you the makeover, myself, and choose your clothes for you, I have no control over what you'll look like after your shopping experience. Michelle: I just can't help it. I keep coming back to the salon chair, and this guy doesn't even have a bronze badge. Gretchen: Well, at least you're playable and can fix yourself up at home, once it's your week.
  82. 82. Gretchen: Or, you can give him a chance to fix it. I see he fixed the hair, but left the make-up alone. Michelle: No, it's cool. The make-up is rad. Gretchen: Rad? Michelle: Yeah, rad! Like the 80's! Gretchen: Alright, then. And thank you for your business.
  83. 83. Gretchen: Knowledge sims love to learn, and I have now learned every skill! “Congratulations!” Gretchen: Thanks, HD! But I haven't finished learning, yet.
  84. 84. Gretchen: My Knowledge half has been holding onto this want to become a witch, until my Family half let go of the fear of becoming a witch.
  85. 85. Gretchen: Of course, as a good witch, I can't use the throne of darkness that Gage gave me. But if I become a neutral witch, I will be able to use it. Who needs a tent and couch in the break room, when you can have witchy things? Besides, by the time my employees are ready to take a break, it's time to end the shift, anyway.
  86. 86. Gretchen: Every now and then, I have to figure out some wants to fulfill, but I don't need the energizer, anymore. Being a neutral witch is great! I have access to some more useful spells to help my family, other than all those evil spells, and I can still use Gage's thrones! Meanwhile, the employees run the business, and we are slowly grinding our way up to Level 10, and recouping the building costs. If you build it nicely, it takes a very long time to turn an actual profit, but it's worthwhile.
  87. 87. Gretchen: Thank you, Brandon Lillard! You have just pushed us to Level 10, and we have also made enough money to recoup all the building and furnishing expenses. From now on, it's pure profit.
  88. 88. Gage: I'm glad to see you decided to join the ranks of witchery, but your dress is the wrong color. You should be evil. Gretchen: I'm gonna stop you right there, Gage. I'm a Family and Knowledge sim, and I want the spells that are useful for my family. I don't want to raise zombies. “:sighs: Zombies. If only Kiera would just die. She's already done her duty to the bloodline. I'd love to have her zombified.”
  89. 89. Kiera: So, I did the math, and with one more community lot, we'll have over 250 population, and I can take my dream job in Education. I'm thinking a grocery store. Right now, nobody can buy groceries, you know. They have to replace their fridge. Gage: OK, but I'll do that one, if you don't mind. I've been alone with the babies for a long time, now. All that babbling makes my brain feel like a fried egg. I had to hire a nanny just to save my sanity. You take over now.
  90. 90. Gage: Welcome to “The Shop.” It's the only grocery in town, and we have all your frozen food and imported produce inside. We also have a fish pond and a greenhouse, so we can eventually sell fresh food, as well. Customers are allowed to fish in the pond, once winter is over, but the garden plots are for me.
  91. 91. Gage: My sexy employees run the store, while I work the garden and fish, to collect fresh food to sell. With my throne, I can easily mood up, so I can garden and fish all night long. We'll soon reach Level 10, and recoup building costs, and be able to provide an excellent source of food for the whole community. Now I'm wishing I could join the garden club, for the seed discount, but that will take double our current population, to unlock the service calls.
  92. 92. Gage: HD, are you sure about this? I'm atrociously evil, and she's infallibly good. “Yeah, after Gretchen became a neutral witch, I decided I wanted one of each type among the playables. Lilly is young and fertile, and will make an excellent addition to the neighborhood. So get cracking on befriending and wooing her.” Gage: Well, wooing is OK, but befriending? She's GOOD.
  93. 93. Gage: OK, Lilly, I hope you appreciate me keeping the store closed long enough to get you to fall in love with me. I don't want to tick off my roommate, since she takes care of the kids, so you'll have to befriend one of my other babymamas, and move in with her to become playable, then you and I can woohoo at your place. Lilly: Sounds like a plan. I'll see you soon.
  94. 94. Gretchen: Great. Now that I can look for my dream job, it isn't available. But I can check every day next week, I suppose, unless someone else snaps it up. “Sarah Simself wants it. It's a race to see who gets it to come up in the paper or computer first.” Gretchen: Well, one nice thing about living with the richest man in town – we can afford to build lots of businesses to boost the population count, until we can open another position in Education. I WANT my dream job!
  95. 95. Gretchen: Oh, I like this a lot! I might see it around town, as I also have it stocked at my clothing store, but not everyone will have it in their closet. And I can make all the custom wear I want, for the whole family. Now, if I can only find someone to sell me some pretty earrings...
  96. 96. It's almost midnight, and time to grow up the babies, before our round ends. Gage is at work, but I'm not waiting. First is Calliope.
  97. 97. Gretchen: Awww, Calliope chose a beautiful dress. What style! Clearly, she takes after her mama.
  98. 98. Gretchen: Terpsichore, on the other hand... No. Even if it is pink, I do not want my little girl in a tuxedo.
  99. 99. Gretchen: Much better. Now my two little angels will look the part. Hey, maybe HD will download some little halos and wings for you? “No. Don't ask.” Gretchen: Maybe HD will download some cute hairstyles for you. “Maybe by your next week, but not now. It's time to go.”
  100. 100. “And so we see our expanded town, with a population of 255 sims! Gage Uglacy's household net worth is $451,944, so he pays taxes of $22,597, more than doubling the total taxes collected! With several money-making businesses, the Uglacy family is easily the most prosperous in GageNation. “All Hail the Grand Llama and the Illamanati! End of report.”