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Christy inada week 2


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Christy Inada and Brittany Wendland raise their Gagespawn

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Christy inada week 2

  1. 1. Father Of a Nation Christy Inada Week 2
  2. 2. “All Hail the Grand Llama and the Illamanati. Christy Inada's report follows:” Christy: I may be heavily pregnant with a Gagespawn, but at least I can get out of the house. Hooray.
  3. 3. Brittany: Great, Christy. Just leave me here to take care of quadruplets all by myself. While I have morning sickness, yet. “At least you got them all smart-milked up. That will make things easier for you.” Brittany: Eh, for a while, until it runs out and I have to do it all over again. And they'll all need to potty and bathe and nap and eat and cuddle at the same time, of course.
  4. 4. Brittany: Christy may have invited me to join her, because she thought I'd act as an unpaid nanny, but I am not stupid. They can put themselves to bed, and eat from the pet dishes. That will free me up to teach toddler skills, and maybe even take care of some of my own needs. “What about the lovely nursery?” Brittany: Cribs are for babies.
  5. 5. Brittany: Haha! I can't teach them their toddler skills. I'm not family, and we don't get along well enough for me to teach them anything, except maybe potty training, and none of them need to go, yet. What a waste of smart milk. “Well, at least they can earn some skill points.” Brittany: Great, but poor Clara has only rolled wants for her toddler skills. She's not going to be very happy today.
  6. 6. Brittany: Well, it wasn't as bad as all that. The smart milk wore off, but at least we have a high enough relationship that I can teach her. I'll do the same with the others, and things will work out, eventually. We have a few days, at least.
  7. 7. Brittany: I'm so glad you're home, Christy! Even with pet beds and food, it's a lot to handle by myself. Christy: It will be easier, once we get them all potty trained, like Belle. She can go by herself. “You know, I wish you had chosen a different name for Belle. It's too close to Sandy's daughter Bella. It's confusing.” Christy: Too bad. There are sure to be similar names again.
  8. 8. Brittany: I am starving and exhausted. You use your witch throne and take the night shift. I'm just gonna eat and go to bed. Christy: Don't you want to check for your dream job, first? Brittany: Fat chance of finding it, but yeah, I suppose I'd better check before bed. If I have to make do with coffee, I'll make do, but right now, I'm rather hoping it's not even listed.
  9. 9. Brittany: Hip hooray, it's not listed. Neither is military. I'm going to bed, and Christy can mood up quickly with the throne and keep things going all night. Once we get their toddler skills done, they can pretty much take care of themselves, except for the odd hygiene need. They can even hug each other for social. Quads. Yech.
  10. 10. Christy: Gage told me that HD forbade him from using snapdragons, but none of the llamas told me that I can't use them. Besides that, this town needs a flower shop. While all four kids are asleep, I have nothing to do but learn flowermaking, and build up some stock to sell. I think I'll call it Christy's Chrysanthemums. Although I'm sure my biggest draw will be snapdragons. For everyone except Gage. Haha!
  11. 11. Christy: Hooray! Only one more to go! Yahooo! Brittany: :calls from living room: No jobs for either of us today. Christy: Yippee! My helper will stay at home while I work! Brittany: You know, you COULD take maternity leave. Christy: Yahoo! I get to talk to grown-ups about grown-up stuff! Hooray!
  12. 12. Brittany: Yeah, you better stay home to help! What's the point of saving up maternity leave if you're just going to lose it when you take your dream job, anyway? Christy: This is true. Very well, I'll stay and help with the toddler training. I wouldn't want you to suffocate me in my sleep. Oh, wait. I don't sleep.
  13. 13. Christy: Hello? Hello! HD! Where are you?! It's been weeks! I'm getting worried, here. “You and me both, Christy. The Grand Llama has been highly distracted, lately. Seems someone reminded her of this thing called 'Stardew Valley,' and then she discovered 'Broadchurch' on 'Netflix,' and frankly, she's been ignoring ALL of her Illamanati duties! She hasn't even mentioned anything llama-related for days! It's shameful!”
  14. 14. Christy: The kids are all asleep in their pet beds, with food in the pet dishes, and they know how to go potty by themselves. They have toys, and they can hug each other, so we're good for a bit of adult skilling time. “You two are such excellent parents.” Christy: Yep. Almost as good parents as the Grand Llama is a sims player.
  15. 15. Christy: Hi, Sandy. What are you doing here? Sandy: Just thought I'd come over and say Hi. I've had my final Gage baby, and my girls are growing up nicely. What about yours? Christy: I'm about ready to pop with my last Gage baby, and the toddlers are going to have their birthday tomorrow night. I won't bother with cake or a party, though. I'm evil.
  16. 16. Christy: Ugh. I can't wait to get my body back. This little parasite in me is sucking all my energy. Thank PlumBob for a throne. Sandy: You said it. I moved in a high witch, just for the thrones. I mean, HD told her she had to move in with someone, anyway, and why not get the thrones for free, right? Christy: Hah! Are you sure you're not evil, too?
  17. 17. Christy: So, HD tells me I get to do a prettacy in my household. Sandy: Aw, uglacies are way more fun. We ugly sims have so much character. I mean, have you ever read an uglacy that did not have character? Christy: Oh, I know. But with four kids already, and one on the way, bland suits me just fine.Who needs personality? Just keep the brats alive long enough for them to pass on the pretty.
  18. 18. Christy: This house is a genetics factory, and the children are merely cogs in the machine. Sandy: Wow. You have a personality that would fit an Uglacy. Christy: Gage didn't mate with me just for my high-level career and quick Business lift. Sandy: Yes he did. He just chose someone who was pure Uglacy material, inside.
  19. 19. Brittany: Yay! One day closer to having my own Gage baby and being safe from mandated termination. Christy: What do you mean, you want attention, kid? Look, I toilet trained you. Shouldn't that be enough? I gotta call that nanny over again. Sandy: Wow. Feel the love.
  20. 20. “And in the grand tradition of sims everywhere, Christy Inada goes to the bathroom to give birth.” Christy: They say that giving birth in a tub is the best way. “So naturally, you're standing in front of the toilets.” Sproglet: GOOO! Goooooooooo!* *Translation: AAAGH! THE VIEW!! This is way too traumatic for my toddler-brain to handle, and I will be scarred for life! I may never even speak Simlish after this!)
  21. 21. Brittany: Christy! What are you doing, popping out a baby right in front of your son! Can't you see he's freaking out? Christy: Hey, I just put on a thinking cap, to try to teach him to speak, and went into labor. Of course I put him down here, because it's tradition. What else was I supposed to do? Brittany: Put him down in the living room, and give birth in private? Call for help? I don't know.
  22. 22. Sproglet: GOOOOOO! (I am so horrified by this that I will toss pet-kibble all around my head, even though the pet dishes are in another room, and I just had a bottle!) “Great. Another glitched boy. I think Gage is cursed to have healthy daughters and glitched-up sons.” Sproglet: Goo. (Go jump in a lake, HD. I am NOT glitched. I am traumatized. Don't victim-blame me. You're so ableist.)
  23. 23. Christy: A boy! You're not glitched, are you, Leroy? “Leroy? Really?” Christy: Don't start with me, HD. I can name my kid whatever I want. Anyway, I'm an evil witch, and I can name him after Leroy Brown, Baddest Man in the Whole (bleep!) Town, if I want to. “But, he got beaten up by some random dude in a bar.”
  24. 24. Brittany: Yay! Only one baby! I was afraid you'd have another big batch again. Grand Llama: I hit the random button. Brittany: I was afraid you'd have another big batch again. We can call in the nanny, right? Christy: Oh, you bet. Let's call twice!
  25. 25. Red Nanny: I can't believe I just passed one of the parents of this household, just making bouquets, while their five children are crying for attention. Teal Nanny: We must save these children from Social Services. Red Nanny: We need back-up. Let's call in Yellow Nanny. Teal Nanny: She retired to Happy Acres, after the Noodle Incident.
  26. 26. Christy: There was something I meant to do, but I forget. Must be those pregnancy hormones, or post-partum something, affecting my memory. Oh, well. “Toddler training, perhaps?” Christy: Oh, yeah! I wanted to learn Anger Management. “You lost that want with the birth. Why are you even here?”
  27. 27. Brittany: Hey, Christy! There's an opening in the Military career today! Christy: Great! I'll take it after I collect today's maternity leave pay. Thanks for checking for me. Brittany: Actually, I'm still checking for a Criminal posting. Nothing for me today. Again.
  28. 28. Brittany: Last one to make a snapdragon is a rotten egg! Christy: I'm so gonna win this race. But when we both have it, we can open a flower shop, and beautify the town. Brittany: I call dibs on the deed. Christy: Fine. But you have to use your cash rewards to pay for the extra nanny services.
  29. 29. “The real reason nannies do not handle toddler toilet training.” Anna: Nanny no got Smawtmiwk. Belle: Eww! Nanny! Dat NOT de type of showah I wanna!
  30. 30. Christy: Remind me why we hired these people. Brittany: To save the kids from the social services, so that we wouldn't have to. Christy: Right. Well, they'll be self-sufficient kids in about twelve hours, and then they can pick up all those bottles, and bathe themselves. Brittany: Yep.
  31. 31. Christy: I hate giving up five more days of maternity leave at $2100 a pop, but I can't pass up this chance to get my dream job. It may take another week before it comes up again. But at least I got paid for today. And I see that the pre-built flower boutique costs about $5000 more than we have in the bank, so maybe I should just dig for treasure after this helmet runs out. Too bad we can't set the kids to digging, too. They can't really make us money for another week!
  32. 32. “Way to go, nannies. The plumbob matches the décor.”
  33. 33. Christy: Congrats, kid. Which one are you? Anna: I'm Anna. Christy: Great. Look, Anna. Momma's got some skilling to do before the thinking cap wears off. I need to make snapdragons, so we can open a flower shop. You're the oldest, so you're in charge. Get this place cleaned up, then everyone shower and bed. There are leftovers in the fridge. Have a nice night.
  34. 34. Anna: Come on, Momma. I may have grown up well, but the others are absolutely miserable. No way can we clean up before they pass out. We need some serious mood-boosting. Red Nanny: I've already alerted social services. There's really only one thing to be done, here. Christy: Fine. Family trip to mood you all up before you're taken away. What a waste of a thinking cap. I hope you're grateful.
  35. 35. Christy: OK, everybody, welcome to Takemizu Village. I've been wanting to visit this place since forever, although, of course, the want is actually gone from my panel now. Anyway, I decided we should stay at the Cheapskaters Hotel Chain. There's at least one in every developed country, you know, and it has everything we need for a low price. Which we also need, because airplane tickets are expensive, and we still need to save up for that flower shop.
  36. 36. Brittany: Alright, kids, your Momma and I expect you to make this trip productive. Make friends with each other, with your Daddy, and maybe some of the locals, too. And earn some skills, while you're here. It never hurts to have a head start in life.
  37. 37. Gage: I can't believe that Brittany slapped me for cheating on her with Michelle Simself! At my own shop, no less. How humiliating. Grrrrr! Clara: Don't worry, Daddy. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Maybe you'll meet someone neat here in Takemizu Village. Gage: I hope so, although I won't be able to move her in until it's my week, again. I'm uncontrollable right now, you know.
  38. 38. Gage: Woooooh! It sure is a good thing I haven't been abducted by aliens, yet! “Says you. I still want that alien baby from you, Gage.” Gage: But, I thought we had an agreement. “Eh. I have a short memory for agreements. And a long memory for wanting an alien baby, specifically, a boy. Say, did you notice those two telescopes out front, by any chance?”
  39. 39. Christy: Keep digging, Brittany. We need at least four treasure chests before we go home, if you want that flower shop. Brittany: Plus, we have to get some money to buy furniture for the kids. We haven't gotten them any beds, or anything. Christy: Oh, yeah, I was so used to them sleeping in the pet beds or cribs. OK, make that six treasure chests.
  40. 40. Anna: Ugh, I am so glad to finally be on solid ground. Belle: There was a lot of turbulence on the flight. Poor Sproglet. I had to give him my barf bag, after he completely filled his own. Anna: At least we had unlimited ginger ale. A/N: If you're thirsty on a flight, ask for ginger ale. No matter how stingy they are on other drinks, they won't skimp on ginger ale, because it's so good for nausea. Hold your stomach and groan a little, and you'll never be thirsty on a flight, again. Mind you, I found this out the hard way, barf bags and all, not gaming the system on purpose. But it's good to know, nonetheless.
  41. 41. Clara: I love this violin! Can we get one for home? Christy: Only if we find seven treasure chests. Clara: Well, that's one per day, right? We're here for the whole week? Christy: Yeah. It costs the same to fly out here whether we stay for three days or a week, so I figured we'd get our money's worth with a longer stay.
  42. 42. Sproglet: Goo. “Um, not to be a downer, Sproglet, but your stand-up routine leaves much to be desired.” Sproglet: Goo, goo! “Oh, much better. That joke was hilarious. You sure can tell 'em.”
  43. 43. Sproglet: Goo? Gage: It's a pawn. It moves straight forward. Don't stress out so much, kid. Sproglet: Goo. Gage: You said it, kid. It's not my favorite game, either, but it will make your Momma happy, so we might as well.
  44. 44. Anna: I maxed my logic. How about you? Belle: Almost. Just let me finish, and we can do something else. Anna: Whatcha wanna do next?
  45. 45. Belle: This is a nice library in the lobby. Let's study Lifetime Happiness, so we can keep these platinum moods for a long time. A/N: Fall skill boost, Takemizu skill boost, plus the SmartMilk glitch (it's not a glitch! It's a feature! They stayed smart even after the glow wore off), and these kids are flying through the skills.
  46. 46. Brittany: Nobody's tired but me, and I'm exhausted. All that digging is just too much for a pregnant woman. I'm so glad there's coffee, at least. But I feel guilty for leaving most of the digging up to Christy.
  47. 47. Christy: The rooms aren't fancy, but all we really need them for is to sleep at night. The six of us in one, and Gage in a single works just fine, at only $750 per night. Everything else is communal, and free.
  48. 48. “Ew, Brittany, that is just creepy. Close your eyes when you sleep, would you, please?”
  49. 49. “Uncontrollable Gage spends the whole night on the dance bar. Why did they pay for that single room? He'll probably conk out just as everyone else is getting up for the day.”
  50. 50. Christy: Even I need a break from digging. My aspiration is low, and I need to boost my Arts and Crafts enthusiasm. Plus, learning Creativity skill will be helpful in learning how to arrange flowers. I should get Brittany here, as well. We can alternate, painting and digging. We might not get as many treasure chests as we need, but we can always dig at home, too. As long as we manage to buy the flower shop before the end of the week, I'll be satisfied.
  51. 51. Anna: Marco! Belle: Polo! Anna: Marco! Clara: Polo! Anna: Marco! Sproglet: Goo!
  52. 52. Belle: This is a great way to make friends with all of us, at once! Now we just need something to do with Daddy and Momma and Brittany, so we can make friends all together. Sproglet: Goo! Clara: Ooooh! That's a great idea! Exploring sounds like a blast, and I'm sure there will be plenty of time to chat, too. Anna: Momma did say she found a secret map.
  53. 53. Brittany: I will max my creativity before we go home. I want to learn how to make snapdragons, and without a single creativity point, it takes so long. Besides, I'll need to know how to lie for my career, when it finally comes up.
  54. 54. Christy: Hmmm, could this little thing be a treasure chest? Nope. Just another rock. Or maybe it's a bone. Or a bone-shaped rock? Two days of digging, and I still have not found a treasure chest. At this rate, this vacation will never pay for itself. This was meant to be a profitable venture. Well, at least the kids are skilling up and learning how to be self-sufficient. I should get them a kid's oven when we get home, so they can feed themselves, too.
  55. 55. Debbie: Wow! I can't believe I'm playing poker with GageNation's most famous lover. I'm surprised you're hanging out with us teens, rather than flirting it up with every woman in a kimono. Gage: Well, I'd hate to ruin the family trip with jealousy, so I thought I'd take the safer route. I got a few phone numbers, though, so that's good.
  56. 56. Christy: I've had no luck at all, and my aspiration is tanked. Thanks, Gage, for the date. I really need the boost. Gage: No problem. I'm just glad that Brittany is not jealous, anymore. Christy: Yeah, she's happy, getting all those skill points and aspiration hits. Clara: Awww, it's so sweet to see Momma and Daddy together.
  57. 57. Christy: I give up. I've been digging for three days, and still haven't even found a vase, let alone a treasure chest. I'm just going to take advantage of the crafting benches here, and get that gold flower arranging badge. After that, I'll take the family to find that secret Pagoda, and maybe do some fishing. And I'll buy a few souvenirs and some cell phones for everyone, and then I'll really need to find a treasure chest. Or eight. :sighs: Well, this vacation is worthwhile, even if it is expensive.
  58. 58. Christy: Well, isn't this nice? We're all friends, now. Gage: Say, where's Brittany? Clara: She's in the pagoda, chatting up some old dude. Belle: She's really missing out. I mean, fishing is fun. What can that old guy have to say of any interest? Christy: Friends are always important, dear. They help with your career.
  59. 59. Christy: See, children? Friends are helpful! Belle: Cool story, bro.
  60. 60. Brittany: This skilling boost is too good an opportunity to miss. I'll be well prepared for my Criminal career, whenever it comes up. Clara: I like learning, too, Brittany. Anna: I'm just doing it to please Momma. I'd rather be fishing. Why doesn't this place have a fish pond? Belle: Maybe Momma will take us out again, before we leave.
  61. 61. Christy: FINALLY! I found three, count them, THREE treasure chests! In one day! I guess getting away for a while really makes a difference.
  62. 62. Anna: :sighs: Another whole day of vacation spent skilling up, while Momma digs for treasure. Belle: Well, once we've maxed everything we can, maybe we can play. And the more time she digs, the more stuff we'll have when we get back. We'll be rich! Anna: I just want a mother who actually spends time with me. That one day of fishing just wasn't enough for me.
  63. 63. Belle: Momma, we're almost completely skilled up, except for charisma, which we can't do, here, anyway. Haven't you gotten your money's worth, yet? Christy: Just two more treasure chests, dear.
  64. 64. Belle: But, I'm putting on my most adorable pouty face! Christy: Maybe if you smiled more, people would like you and want to spend time with you. Belle: WAAAHHHHH! MY MOMMA DOESN'T LIKE MEEEE! Christy: Flergle. Shut up, kid! People are staring! Now they think I'm an unfit parent! Great. I guess we HAVE to go do some family fun thing, now, don't we. Fantastic.
  65. 65. Belle: Really? You will?! Hooray for public shame! It totally works! Christy: Really, kid? You're going there? Huh. Maybe you're a girl after my own heart, after all. Little scheming brat. OK, fine, we'll go fishing again, how's that? Belle: Great! Three of us want our fishing badges, including me, and Anna just wants to play with you, so it works out well.
  66. 66. Brittany: Can you teach me the way to keep a man like Gage Uglacy faithful to me, forever? Ninja: No. And if you're dumb enough to ask me a question like that, I can't teach you to teleport, either. Brittany: Nuts.
  67. 67. Anna: WHEEEE! Faster, Momma! Faster! Christy: Huh? Who knew I'd enjoy this, too? Anna: Hooray! Let's play all night long! And then let's go fishing, because now I want to catch fish! Christy: Fishing does sound good. It's free food and free money, and we need both. Good girl. You're so responsible. Anna: I love you, Momma!
  68. 68. Gage: Alright, ladies, let's keep this nice and friendly. No jealousy on this vacation, please, but I'll take your numbers, and chat you up when it's my week. Lydia: I really don't want to have your baby, Gage. Please lose that number.
  69. 69. Anna: I'm so happy! I caught just the fish I wanted. Clara: I'm almost at golden fishing badge. Maybe I can take my fish to school for show and tell. Sproglet: Goo. Gage: No, I don't think they'll let you do that. It's a liability thing, even if you do have ten cooking points. Besides, you're too short to reach the stove top.
  70. 70. Brittany: That was fun. And I hope that the kids are happy, now that they are free to just do whatever they want. I hope I have enough time to get that gold flower arranging badge before I collapse, or before the taxi comes in the morning. My last night, and I don't want to waste a minute of it. Thank Boolprop for coffee!
  71. 71. Christy: Sleep? Are you kidding? I'm in The Zone! After digging up five treasure chests and two Song dynasty vases, I am finally taking some time just for myself, to relax and enjoy this place. Besides, I can sleep on the plane.
  72. 72. Brittany: Aww, man! So close! I knew I should have just peed in the shower to save time. “Ew.” Brittany: What? Everybody does it. Well, it won't take long once we're back home, I suppose. And Christy got her badge, so she can help stock up, as well.
  73. 73. Christy: I am well satisfied with this venture. It was profitable, the kids are skilled up, which will make their lives easier, and I don't have to worry about pushing them to skill up later. They're very self-sufficient now, and we've made friends with each other. Brittany: I wish I had just a bit more time. I could chat up this guy. You know, now that Gage and I had our little “event,” we're not lovers, anymore, and I want someone to date. Ah, well. Maybe I'll go to the Casanova Club back home.
  74. 74. Christy: After selling all the stuff Brittany and I dug up, I find we really do have enough! We can furnish the children's bedrooms, the skilling room, the balcony, get a basketball hoop, for those interested in sports, and even set up a little pool room, for future use when they are teens. They can practice dance, as well, or the scholarship. I hope we get a university in time. The balcony is set up for painting, stargazing, and even enjoying some tinkering.
  75. 75. Christy: And in the upstairs hallway, in addition to a little ant farm, for the scientists among us, there is a special spot, dedicated to taking portraits. Since this is a prettacy, I think it's important to capture everyone's looks, throughout the generations. I'll have to see if I can get Gage to pose, as well. And there is just enough money left over to buy the flower store for Brittany.
  76. 76. Brittany: Even better! Everyone empty out your pockets of all the boots and jumbo fish we caught, and we'll mount them, and then sell them for a big profit. After all, it takes money to make the stock for the store. Those snapdragons may make a profit, but they don't come out of thin air, like paint and canvas.
  77. 77. Brittany: Oh, man! I just put on the thinking cap, to get that golden badge, when I started labor. It hurts! Thank PlumBob I only have to do this once. Sproglet: GOOOO! :runs from room in a panic: Clara: Oh, come on, Sprog. It's not that bad. It's natural. Nature is my one true hobby, so I'm totally into anything that's natural. I'm gonna watch and take notes.
  78. 78. Brittany: A boy! Christy: That's perfect. Three of each! I wanted to keep the bedrooms split by gender, so this works out wonderfully to keep the rooms balanced. What are you going to name him? Brittany: I think I'll name him Buckley, or just Buck. Clara: Awww, he's so cute!
  79. 79. Sproglet: (awed voice) Gooooooo. “Congratulations, Sproglet. You discovered an unknown star, and made $500, too! I think you're very lucky that your Momma decided to spend her hard-earned money fitting out the house so that everyone can enjoy their favorite hobbies. Did you know she bought cell phones and new clothes for each of you, too? Sproglet: Goo!
  80. 80. Anna: Thank you for the pretty dress, Momma. Christy: You're welcome. I got similar dresses for all you girls, and nice outfits for the boys, too. I want my children to look sharp, especially on your first day of school.
  81. 81. Brittany: I am now the proud owner of Brittany's Bouquets, and I have a job in my dream career. With my skills all ready to go, and plenty of family friends, I'll be a Criminal Mastermind in no time.
  82. 82. Brittany: Just one more was all I needed to get that golden badge. Now, though, I can take off the thinking cap, and save it for toddler training. In the meantime, I'll make a bunch of snapdragon bouquets. I want a good stock for the store, of course, but first things first: Make sure the family is well provided for. I want two snapdragons in the nursery, three in each kids bedroom, two in my bedroom, and a few in the skilling room.
  83. 83. Michelle: Yeah, you better walk away and don't spray me, skunk. I may not have a full repertoire of spells, yet, but I can deliver a good vengeance. Anyway, I'm just here to make some friends for our household friend count, and career boosting.
  84. 84. Bella: Anna, you have excellent taste in hairstyles. Anna: Yep! And I just grew up into this, too. The others all had to change their hairstyles. Bella: You should be a princess, and wear a crown and makeup, like me. Anna: Momma doesn't want us to wear makeup until we're teens.
  85. 85. Christy: Homework help is like potty training. Get it done early, and the kids will take care of themselves after that.
  86. 86. Christy: Oh, that was the most productive trip, ever! Should we do it again when Leroy and Buck grow up? Sproglet: Goo! Christy: Yeah, I don't want to spend the whole time digging for treasure, while the little ones skill up. Maybe we can go elsewhere, and just make it a fun family vacation, instead. Good idea, Sproglet. Twikkii Island sounds great!
  87. 87. Brittany: I got a promotion to Cat Burglar, with a nice boost in pay, which will pay for more bouquets to stock at the store. I don't work again tonight, so I have time to really stock up.
  88. 88. Christy: But first, it's birthday time for Leroy. Time to start paying him some attention, I guess. I'll get him started on his toddler training, before putting him to bed.
  89. 89. Christy: Without that fall boost, it does take a bit more time, but with only one kid to train, I don't mind taking the time and using my thinking cap. That's walking down, and potty is halfway done. Time for beddy-bye, Leroy.
  90. 90. Christy: And I will just spend the night topping up my cleaning skill, just because I want it. Yay, aspiration points!
  91. 91. Brittany: Wow, we don't even really need a nanny, now that Christy's working days, and I'm working nights. That's you sorted for your toddler skills. Go and hit the educational toys, young man. There are snapdragons in the nursery, so just put yourself to bed in the pet bed, whenever you're ready. I'm going to make more bouquets.
  92. 92. Brittany: That's right. Plonk the baby on the floor. He won't mind. Or put him in the crib. Or use him as a dead weight to do your calesthenics, as you switch him from floor to crib and back again. Everyone's fine, and I don't care.
  93. 93. Christy: I have just been promoted to Commander! Only two promotions to go. Ah! I can picture my permanent happiness, already! What a pity I can't work the weekend, to get it all the sooner.
  94. 94. Christy: Allright, kids! Homework first, and then you have the whole weekend to do whatever you want.
  95. 95. Brittany: Not so fast! We need to gather everyone for a birthday party now, before I go to work. Happy birthday, Buckley!
  96. 96. Brittany: Buckley is a Scorpio, 6/2/10/5/3. With ten energy and a mean streak, he'll probably spend his whole life running and hiding from people he's pranked. That is, if he can stay still long enough to prank. He'll be my little drive-by prankster. Anna: Maybe don't teach him to walk?
  97. 97. Christy: OK, Buck. Your Mommy is at work, trying to become a Criminal Mastermind, so I'll take care of your toddler skills. Then you and your brother can play with each other and be self- sufficient, like your older siblings.
  98. 98. Clara: The race is on! And it's boat by three lengths, followed by car, and the horses are neck and neck for last place. They like each other too much to compete, so they both keep saying, “After you! Oh, no, after YOU!” so they haven't even made it out of the starting gate. In fact, they keep backing up so the other one can go first, and they're about two lengths behind the starting gate. Will they make it all the way around the track backwards, or will there be a head-on collision with the boat?
  99. 99. Brittany: I had a great mood, all the skills, and twenty-two family friends, but no promotion. It doesn't make sense. Ah, well, at least I got paid. Dog: Woof! Woof! (It's a conspiracy, I tell you. There's a glass ceiling behind this locked gate.)
  100. 100. Brittany: I should be running the store today, but I just had to max my logic, first. There's still plenty of time, and thanks to aspiration, plenty of energizers.
  101. 101. Brittany: It's a challenge to run Brittany's Bouquets all by myself, but until I start turning a profit more than $120 per day, I have to do it myself. I want this to be a real money-maker, because I have plans. I was a jock before I moved in, and GageNation needs an athletic venue, but that costs lots of money.
  102. 102. Brittany: Komei! We have three bolts! Since I am now unattached, would you like to be my boyfriend and aspiration fodder? I'll close the shop and invite you over to date through the night, then open up again in the morning and start the cycle again. We can't try for baby, but woohoo is definitely on the table. I have a tent and a car! Komei: That sounds good to me.
  103. 103. Brittany: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! I was struck by lightning while making flowers! I knew I shouldn't have put the flower desk outside. A/N: This really happened, but I didn't get the picture in time. I was in a hurry to build up the business, and I had forgotten that these things count towards Science. I swear it's true, though. She had to use her energizer to save herself. This is what the screen looked like during the lightning strike, though, so consider it a real picture. Kiera got hit, at some point, too, but I don't count her for these things, anymore. Grrrr!
  104. 104. Brittany: Well, it was a long, slow slog, but finally, Brandon Lillard gave me my final star to bring Brittany's Bouquets up to level 10! Just getting it to Level 5 opened up a slot in the Natural Science career, which hardly matters, since we have no University, but hey! I opened up a career slot, OK?! What more do you want?
  105. 105. Brittany: Fine. I'll use my earnings to buy a 5x5 lot, and slowly build it up to be worth $250,000. With an athletic theme, and space for competitive games, Brittany's Ballpark will eventually allow any sim in GageNation to join the Athletic career. But building it up that much is going to take quite a bit of time. For now, it's a nice open park, with lots of room for expansion. Expensive expansion. Expensive expansion that preferably has to do with balls.
  106. 106. Brittany: I thought I'd kick things off with some complimentary ballpark franks, but instead, I got a ballpark fire! Well, that's one more count towards Law Enforcement, I guess. That's it. I'm heading home. I'll make Brittany's Ballpark the official Athletic opener next week. It's time for me to mood up and go to work.
  107. 107. Brittany: Sproglet, my pseudo-son, I love you! Sproglet: Goo! Brittany: You're welcome. They do smell great, don't they? Now, where should I put the next one?
  108. 108. Brittany: This time I did it! I'm a Counterfeiter, level 8 on my career track. Only two more promotions to go, which I'll surely get next week. I feel so good, maybe I'll go back and get a few levels at the Ballpark.
  109. 109. Brittany: Ugh. Well, I got six levels, at least, but some witch summoned a lightning storm, while I was in the hot springs, and BLAM! Thank Plumbob for the energizer and showers. I've had enough and am going back home. It's just one more day till the end of our week, anyway.
  110. 110. Anna: Hey, Belle, remember that time the Nanny peed on your head? Belle: EW! Not the sort of thing I would forget! Christy: Alright, girls. Settle down. It's time for Leroy's birthday.
  111. 111. Michelle: Thanks for inviting me, Christy! I'm so glad to be your new best friend. CAKE! Sarah: I was created with Michelle's personality, so although I cannot metabolize it, I will eat cake anyway. CAKE! La Shawn: I was just walking by at the right time. CAKE! Kids: CAAAAAAKE!
  112. 112. Leroy: Tadaaa! And for my next trick, I will use the big-boy potty, before I pee my pants. 'Scuse me. Brittany: Don't worry, Leroy. We'll save you some cake.
  113. 113. Christy: So, this is how you bow in the Far East. You were just a baby when we went. Leroy: Gee, I'm sad now, that I missed it. Christy: Well I have a want locked, to go on a tropical vacation, and you'll certainly be part of that one. Besides, when you grow up, you can go anywhere you want, so long as you can pay for it, or sucker someone else into inviting you along for free.
  114. 114. Christy: OK, kids! Bedtime! You have school in the morning. Sproglet: Goo! Brittany: Goodnight, kiddo.
  115. 115. “Speaking of bedtime, this is where we leave off for this week. The Inada household ended the week with a neighborhood screen net worth of $161,974. They pay 5% taxes of $8099. “All Hail the Grand Llama and the Illamanati! End of report.”