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BrightonSEO - Why UX is SEO's Best Friend - 12th April 2019



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SEO's change in direction has meant that the user is now first and foremost. Google cares deeply about providing quality experiences for searchers. Therefore UX is more important than ever - and so is collaborating with your UX/CRO department. Opinions are the individuals. This presentation is co-shared by Michelle Wilding-Baker providing an SEO view and Luke Hay covering a UX view.

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BrightonSEO - Why UX is SEO's Best Friend - 12th April 2019

  2. 2. A little about me... #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY
  3. 3. Search is becoming MORE user-focused #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY
  4. 4. We must meet user needs #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY ❖ Quality experience ❖ Clear signposting ❖ Minimal pop-ups (no cloaking) ❖ Useful ❖ Trustworthy ❖ Accessible
  5. 5. Sound like UX? #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY It’s time to befriend them, or at least COLLABORATE
  8. 8. Relevancy The page returned must meet the search query #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY
  9. 9. 9 Keyword research = Understand what our audience search for at each stage of the buying cycle, when and on what device. Digital librarians Helping users find what they’re looking for #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY
  10. 10. Google knows what type of content users are seeking #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY News articles and reviews in the SERP Intent = researching (awareness/comparison) #1 - - comparison article #2 - - comparison article #3 - - comparison article ‘best plays in london’ Source: Ahrefs 24.01.19
  11. 11. #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY Product/landing pages Intent = conversion ‘flights to malta’
  12. 12. #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY Reaching #1 or ‘position zero’ is not the challenge; maintaining it is = “Search experience optimisation”
  13. 13. Search intent modelling content that exists at each stage of the conversion cycle: #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY Trigger Awareness Comparison Conversion Researching & decision-making • Guides (what is, how to) • Comparison and Best buy tables • News articles and Opinion • Top tips • Reviews Action • Product pages, tools, and/or forms • Purchase product or service • Sign-up to newsletter • Exit link to Affiliate Trigger Event Top funnel content addressing users experiencing a real-life event, but have not yet realised their need for a product or service.
  14. 14. Telegraph Travel & Solutions #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY Trigger Awareness Comparison Conversion ‘Where’s hot in May?’ ‘Malta guide’ ‘Best Malta hotels’ ‘Corinthia Palace review’
  15. 15. Who LOST a lot of traffic in 2018? @OHMISHY #BRIGHTONSEO#BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY
  16. 16. Likely that the traffic wasn’t VALUABLE to users #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY 2018 Google recalibrated search engine algorithms: Core update - June Medic - November Was your page the best, expert, authoritative and most trustworthy result? #EEP!
  17. 17. Or search volumes CHANGE... #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY You win some You lose some
  18. 18. I personally DO NOT CARE about traffic in isolation #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY
  19. 19. Traffic in isolation is just a VANITY METRIC Traffic requires CONTEXT for showing true value #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY
  20. 20. #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY I care about engagement and CONVERSIONS And ONLY engagement and conversions
  21. 21. Conversion is not just sales #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY
  22. 22. Conversion is everything a user cares about & SEEKS #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY
  23. 23. “Second-clicks” should matter Conversion goals help you measure user journeys so that you know you’re fulfilling their needs: #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY LEAVING A COMMENT NEWSLETTER SIGN UP RSVP TO AN EVENT CLICK TO CALL COMPLETING A FORM ADD PRODUCT TO BASKET STARTING A QUOTE BUYING A PRODUCT SHARED THE PAGE
  24. 24. Softer engagement metrics #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY ON-PAGE RULES ● x% stayed on page for x minutes or more ● x% of UVs scrolled ¾ down page ● Viewed one page after initial page ● Repeat visitors FORWARD JOURNEY RETURNING TRAFFIC
  25. 25. 54% of UK/EU mobile searches have no clicks #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY Meanwhile, UK/EU organic clicks dropped almost 10% in two years Source: Rand Fishkin’s SERP analysis using JumpShot (2018 vs 2016)
  26. 26. We must maximise the experience of the user on our sites #BRIGHTONSEO @OHMISHY Focus on meeting INTENT Optimise for all DEVICES Maintain FAST load times
  27. 27. @hayluke • User Research Director, Fresh Egg • UX, CRO and Analytics consultant • Organiser of UX Camp Brighton • Works with UX Brighton • Author of Researching UX: Analytics About me
  28. 28. @hayluke UX = User Centred Design • UX is sometimes referred to as User Centred Design • It’s about designing things for the people who are going to use them • This simply means building things for what people want and need
  29. 29. @hayluke What does UX entail? • Quantitative research • Heuristic assessments • User testing • Information architecture • User journey mapping • Wireframing • Prototyping • Front-end design • Etc, etc
  30. 30. @hayluke #1 - Blockers and persuaders
  31. 31. @hayluke Blockers • Slow load time • Negative price perception • Choice paralysis • Poor usability • Distractions • Information overload • Lack of trust • Technical errors
  32. 32. @hayluke Persuaders • Social proof • Likability • Authority • Scarcity / urgency • Anchoring • Benefit-led copy • Consistency • Reassurance
  33. 33. @hayluke UX is about more than conversions • Comprehension of information • Reduced frustration • Quality, rather than quantity of conversions • Think longer term
  34. 34. @hayluke #2 - User research tips • Test with ‘real’ users and give them ‘real’ scenarios • Don’t lead your users and analyse results in an unbiased and objective manner • Test often!
  35. 35. @hayluke #3 - Embed a user-centred culture
  36. 36. @hayluke Keep your users in mind • Use tools like empathy and journey mapping • Create personas, and refer back to them • Talk to your users, test with them, get to know them
  37. 37. @hayluke Takeaways.. 1. Consider blockers and persuaders on your key landing pages 2. Get involved with user testing, make it part of your job 3. Take a user-centred attitude to your work
  38. 38. @hayluke Thanks Stay in touch… • • •