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Verrex portfolio 2012


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Verrex portfolio 2012

  1. 1. Global Conferencing & Communication SolutionsAV Systems Design, Integration & SupportVerrex Capabilities
  2. 2. 1 Who We AreOUR COMMITMENT TO EXCEPTIONAL SERVICEIS INGRAINED IN THE CULTURE OF OUR COMPANYFounded in 1947, Verrex designs, integrates, services and supportsconferencing and collabora on systems globally that allow companiesto communicate and collaborate through video conferencing, digitalmedia and other networked audio visual technologies.Superior performance is our hallmark. Verrex’s approach is driven bya proprietary quality-management process alongside systems design& construc on documenta on to deliver consistency and best-in-classstandards across an en re enterprise.Leveraging its own global opera ons experience and full-service officesin key business hubs, Verrex has built an allied network of integratorsand service providers in 300 metros across 40 countries to share itsvision of excep onal integra on and support services worldwide. WHAT MATTERS MOST TO OUR CLIENTSMet deadlines, fewer change orders and reliable The integrity of their systems fully ve ed and Consistency throughout mul ple offices or acommunica on. Refined over six decades, the documented. Verrex Engineers determine single corporate campus. With a focus onVerrex quality-management process ensures precise placement details required to install AV enterprise solu ons and unified standards,consistent results, met milestones and managed equipment in millwork, walls and ceilings, in Verrex provides consistency between offices.budgets, regardless of project scope or harmony with ligh ng, electrical and HVAC Features such as custom designed templateschallenges. devices and associated codes. Examples of AV for common room types allow companies to drawing packages include detailed signal flows, grow their AV infrastructure globally withoutVerrex Project Managers are a disciplined group, shop assembly schema cs and field cable risers. each office having to do the groundwork alone.focused on ensuring projects are kept on course.They are a client’s single point of contact for Systems are fabricated and staged-in house by Addressing service, support and adop on.progress reports, deliverables and consistent Verrex Quality Assurance and undergo thorough From preven ve maintenance to onsite staff tocommunica ons globally. QA checks prior to leaving the Verrex facility. managed conferencing, the Verrex suite of global managed services ensures systems and usage are at their peak.
  3. 3. 2 Global ReachGLOBAL EXPERTISE MATCHED TO LOCALBUSINESS NEEDS Unique to any other alliance of AV integrators, this Global Allied Network leverages Verrex’s on-the- ground opera onal experience in regions such as the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo. Incorpora ng this prac cal experience, Verrex is Led by its own full-service offices in three able to direct, advise and collaborate in-region to of North America’s top metros for global deliver best-in-class solu ons, tailored specifically for business, Verrex has built an allied a client’s needs. network of over 200 systems integrators and service providers in 300 ci es across 40 countries to serve corporate hubs around the world.
  4. 4. 3 CapabilitiesEND-TO-END SUPERIOR SOLUTIONSDesign Development Procurement Quality AssuranceOur Designers focus solely on the design process Verrex maintains strong rela onships with over All systems are staged in-house and undergoincluding needs analysis, coordina on with 250 of the industry’s best-in-class manufacturers. thorough quality assurance checks prior toarchitect and interior design agendas, ini al Leveraging these rela onships, the group is leaving the Verrex facility for installa on.budge ng, preliminary equipment selec on and responsible for obtaining the highest quality, Cer fied QA Technicians stage and test systemdefining system requirements. Most beneficial to applica on-specific equipment at compe ve components to confirm proper func onality,clients, Verrex Design develops comprehensive costs. confirm the systems intended design and todrawing packages in-line with architectural make adjustments as required.phases, schedules and requirements. Rack Fabrica on In-house rack fabrica on allows Verrex to closely Field Installa onProject Management monitor quality factors such as proper assembly, The responsibility of providing a completeA Manager is assigned to each project and is the wiring and cable iden fica on. Fabrica on working system, using the highest industrysingle point of contact for clients. They a end Technicians are trained to read and translate AV standards and quality workmanship, falls to theonsite mee ngs, supply project melines, system diagrams and to follow strict industry Verrex Installa on team. InfoComm cer fied,submit status reports, coordinate subcontractors standards as part of Verrex’s mul ple quality Installers perform detail-cri cal work includingand, ul mately, lead the execu on process. assurance checks. structural support for display devices, cable riser management, custom AV termina ons and component networking. Once allProject Engineering Control Systems Programming components are in place the team makes finalProject Engineering is a methodical process of Verrex cer fied Control System Programmers adjustments to op mize system performance.ensuring system integrity. Verrex Engineers have considerable experience with leadingconduct extensive equipment research, control system products including Crestron anddetermine equipment viability and verify AMX. Programmers coordinate closely with Global Managed Services (GMS)components will work together to achieve the clients and Verrex Design to develop intui ve, Verrex GMS is a comprehensive suite of servicesdesired results. An in-house AutoCAD team user-friendly interfaces to control AV systems designed to increase usage and decreaseprovides dra ing support, depic ng AV and environmental devices such as ligh ng. performance issues of conferencing and AVschema cs and architectural details in systems. GMS highlights include Global Servicecomprehensive system diagrams. Desk remote support, emergency onsite response, preven ve maintenance visits, codec coverage, professional services, managed conferencing solu ons, service contracts and onsite staffing.
  5. 5. 4 Global Managed ServicesENABLING COMPANIES TO USE CONFERENCING &AV TECHNOLOGIES AS EVERY DAY BUSINESS TOOLSGlobal Service Desk Video Managed Services Onsite Staffing Professional ServicesSupport services designed to We offer a complete solu ons Unlike a tradi onal staffing Provides the technical and strategicop mize systems’ performance, por olio to help make video more solu on, it’s not about simply exper se necessary to ensure clientsdecrease down me & disrup ons widely available, improve up- me, placing personnel. Verrex recruits, have the infrastructure to supportand provide direct support to users. drive higher usage, off-load your IT trains, manages & mentors its own successful mee ngs, presenta ons team and connect video users all employees to fill cri cal roles at and communica ons.Dedicated support agents in North over the world. client loca ons around the globe.America, Europe & Asia Pacific. All the responsibili es are held by Network, end-point & infrastructure Full video managed services for Verrex so all the benefits can be analysis and recommenda ons24/7/365 response capability desktop, mee ng room endpoints realized by clients. & Telepresence Design services & implementa onCentralized dispatch & cke ng Customizable Workforce Solu onssystem Person to person video calls AV Help Desk TeamsRemote support Mul -seat secure virtual mee ng rooms Event Produc on SupportOnsite service Specialized PersonnelEmergency dispatch services 24x7 remote monitoringPreven ve maintenance visits B2B & B2C private dialingService contracts Real- me ac vity repor ng,Codec coverage monitoring & supportEquipment repairs Concierge services
  6. 6. 5 CredentialsA PLEDGE TO PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE Conferencing Cer fica ons Cisco Registered Partner - Premier Cer fiedFollowing are select highlights of organiza onal and staff cer fica ons.Complete lists of Verrex cer fica ons, manufacturer training, awards, Cisco Authorized Technology Provider (ATP)recogni on and memberships are available on Cisco TelePresence Video Advanced: Field Engineer, Systems Engineer, Account Manager Polycom Cer fied Professional Designer, Cer fied Professional Installer Cer fied Technology Specialists (CTS) Polycom Cer fied Videoconferencing Engineer (CVE) CTS (General) Polycom ATX Design & Implementa on Cer fied CTS-D (Design) CTS-I (Installa on) Polycom Installed Voice Cer fied Polycom Infrastructure Cer fiedVerrex is an InfoComm Diamond Cer fied Audiovisual Solu ons Provider, Polycom Video Cer fiedthe highest level of organiza onal recogni on achievable in the ProAVindustry. This designa on recognizes Verrex for voluntarily improving ClearOne Cer fied Professional Designer, Cer fied Professional Installer, Cer fied Technical Specialistquality and professionalism by manda ng employee cer fica on in AVtechnology. LifeSize Pro-Partner, Cer fied Sales Professionals Vidyo Conferencing Essen als Technician Cer fiedVideo & Digital Media Cer fica ons BiAmp Audia Cer fiedCrestron Digital Media Cer fied Designer, Cer fiedEngineer, Cer fied TechnicianChris e MicroTiles Installer Cer fied Control Systems Programming Cer fica onsAudio/Sound System Cer fica ons Crestron Cer fied Master Programmer, Cer fied Commercial Systems Designer,BiAmp Audia and AudiaFlex Cer fied Cer fied Professional InstallerBSS SoundWeb Cer fied AMX Cer fied Programmer (ACE), Cer fied Designer, Cer fied InstallerPeavey MediaMatrix Cer fied Lutron ProAV Cer fied, Commercial AV Cer fied, Commercial Design Cer fiedClearOne Cer fied Extron Cer fied Advanced AV Technician, Cer fied AV AssociateSynerge c Audio Concepts (Syn-Aud-Con) Extron Configurable Control Systems Cer fiedSound System DesignPolycom Installed Voice Cer fied
  7. 7. 6 Environmental ResponsibilityPROMOTING SMART CHOICES FOR OUR CLIENTSAND THE ENVIRONMENTBest Prac ces in Green AV Responsible Corporate CultureFor each project, Verrex iden fies areas where clients can contribute to Verrex is also commi ed to making responsibility and sustainability an d sustainaenvironmental responsibility and a sustainable future, including: integral part of its own corporate goals and policies:Iden fy efficiency-based equipment during the design phase. All Verrex employees are required to use videoconferencing whenever possible to minimize travel.Incorporate recycled products and use fewer virgin materials, includingreuse of owner furnished equipment where feasible. Verrex provides for telecommu ng opportuni es that preserve a high level of performance while reducing emissions caused by commu ng. VerrexPar cipate in manufacturer recycling programs, including lamp recycling enables employees to u lize desktop video to visually telecommute.programs for expended projector bulbs. Through Verrex’s quality management process the company strives to reduceWork with vendors who build products striving to improve energy energy consump on and its carbon footprint in rack fabrica on and tes ng.consump on. Verrex offices are encouraged to implement plans to reduce energyEnsure proper ven la on so least amount of energy is used for cooling. consump on by addressing the use of hea ng/cooling systems, ligh ng and electronics. This includes occupancy sensors to turn ceiling lights on onlySelect FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) furniture when possible, promo ng when sensing body heat.responsible management of forests. Verrex encourages all offices to purchase environmentally friendly products.Integrate control systems for AV, ligh ng and shades, as well as a central Digital marke ng materials are preferred, keeping print runs to a minimum.part of building management systems. Verrex offices, where available, par cipate in programs to recycle cans,Integrate digital signage to reduce use of non-recyclable materials. bo les, mixed paper and cardboard. Verrex reduces the amount of materials used in shipping, sourcing reusable packing containers where feasible and consolida ng shipments from core vendors.
  8. 8. 7 Case StudyBENEFITS OF GLOBAL AV STANDARDS Accountability Evolved In-Line with Objec ves Audiovisual systems and Sprawling projects such as the build-out of State Street headquarters in services integrated Boston and London required management of mul ple teams and consistently worldwide commissioning of dozens of systems concurrently. To meet State Street’s accelerates adop on of objec ves of me-cri cal deployment and comple on within budget, Verrex State Street’s global vision assigned dedicated project managers, ensuring accountability and clearly- for conferencing, defined leadership at all project stages. collabora on and presenta on technologies. Managed Services Improved ROI on AV Assets State Street’s economic and opera onal mandates to avoid unplanned service costs and ensure peak systems’ performance required long term, post installa on support throughout North America and Europe. Verrex implemented a comprehensive suite of managed services providing State Street with protec on for their AV investments at fixed annual costs. Under the mul -year program, State Street received unlimited service visits,AV Archetype Provided Cost Containment priority service response, preven ve maintenance, 24/7 on-call Service DeskState Street sought cost effec ve roll out of video and audio systems across support, remote device management and systems training.numerous, global offices. Specific to State Street criteria, Verrex customdesigned templates for common State Street room types that allowed the On-Site Staffing Decreased Opera onal Strainfirm to grow its unique AV infrastructure globally, without each office having Resource reali es, such as finding, training and managing its AV personnel,to do the groundwork on their own. Loca ons including Boston, Kansas City, prompted State Street to seek a staffing solu on. Verrex deployed fullyDublin and Milan selected an established room or system model to be integrated, Verrex-managed AV workforces at key State Street loca onsdeployed. Proven processes for design, engineering, project management, worldwide, responsible for supplemen ng in-house staff. Sites such asfabrica on and installa on further streamlined integra on. Boston, Toronto and London u lized this onsite staffing segment of Verrex managed services to provide live mee ng produc on support, room checksInterface Standards Op mized Produc vity & setup and Tier 1 troubleshoo ng.Rather than “cookie cu er” solu ons, Verrex created standards exclusive toState Street’s enterprise needs. Control system func onality and touchpanel Global Perspec ve Addressed Diversitylayouts were designed to ensure user interfaces were familiar, intui ve and Although a degree of commonality exists between all offices, acknowledgingState Street-branded, regardless of loca on. Such standards increased the diversity between State Street’s mul -country loca ons was crucial.produc vity and alleviated training needs, allowing a Vice President from Adap ng to how one office differed culturally from another meant, first andthe Princeton office to walk into the Frankfurt office and conduct a video foremost, respec ng that culture. Verrex u lized its Global Allied Network toconference without support or down me. ensure teams were aware of proper prac ces and procedures at all mes.
  9. 9. 8 Project ProfilePROJECT BRIEFSHighlights from several notable projects.Bain Capital - Headquarters (Boston, MA) KPMG (Atlanta, GA)Mul -floor, mul system build-out of (45) conference rooms, (20) medium Mul -floor, mul system build-out of Execu ve Boardroom, (5) way-findervideo conference rooms, (5) large video conference rooms, 80-seat Execu ve kiosks, (10) small conference rooms, mee ng room, (2) large conferenceBoardroom with video control room, trading area, dining room, fitness rooms, (4) break rooms, dining room, lab, divisible conference room, (2)center, employee lounges. Addi onal sites: Hong Kong, Evanston IL divisible training rooms, divisible mul purpose room, common areas. Addi onal sites: Anchorage, AK; Cambridge, MA; Houston, TX; New York, NY;CA - Execu ve Briefing Center (New York, NY) Sacramento, CAMul -floor, mul system build-out of 18-seat HD teleconferencingbriefing room, 14-seat HD teleconferencing briefing room, 10-seat HD MetLife - Corporate Headquarters (New York, NY)teleconferencing briefing room, 8-seat HD teleconferencing briefing room, Mul -floor, mul system build-out of (11) front-projec on system(2) 5-seat breakout rooms, recep on, lobby, dining area. Addi onal sites: conference rooms, Chairman’s Office, (9) Execu ve offices, (9) conferenceIslandia, NY; Aus n & Plano TX; Framingham, MA; Paris, France rooms, (5) small divisible conference rooms, (2) large divisible conference rooms, (9) collabora on rooms, dedicated video conference room, (12)China Light & Power - Headquarters (Hong Kong) loca on digital signage system, corporate auditorium, employee fitnessMul -floor, mul system build-out of mul purpose divisible spaces, center, employee café, (4) common areas. Addi onal sites: Bridgewater, NJ;dedicated video conference rooms, Crisis Management Center. Addi onal Dayton, OH; Kansas City, MO; Tampa, FLsites: Mumbai, India Na xis (Boston, MA)Deutsche Bank - Park Avenue Offices (New York, NY) Desktop video (Vidyo) infrastructure and installa on, digital signage systemMul -floor, mul system build-out of Conference Center, common areadisplays, Execu ve video conference room, (2) conference rooms. Addi onal NBC Universal (New York, NY)sites: Jersey City, NJ; Houston, TX; Jacksonville, FL; Hong Kong; Singapore Design and installa on of 30 Rockefeller Plaza Commissary video wallForrester - Headquarters (Cambridge, MA) Oceaneering (Houston, TX)Mul -floor, mul system build-out of workshop area, training room, Offshore video streaming system(11) team presenta on rooms, (11) team presenta on rooms withvideo conferencing, (13) team rooms with video conferencing, (14) client Tate & Lyle (London, UK)presenta on rooms, Execu ve Boardroom, (4) team telepresence rooms, Mul system build-out of Execu ve Boardroom, trading floor, mee ng(4) project rooms, lobby, employee café rooms, conference roomsHilton Americas (Houston, TX) WebMD (Indianapolis, IN)Mul system audio and sound system upgrades for Grand Ballroom, Junior Mul -floor, mul system build-out of fitness room, (7) 4-seat huddleBallroom and lobby displays rooms, (4) 5-8 seat conference rooms, (2) 20+-seat conference rooms, divisible training room. Addi onal sites: New York, NY; Portland, OR
  10. 10. 9 Project ProfileKPMG LLPExecutive Boardroom (New York, NY)Crea ng a space to encourage collabora on, provide for op mum communica on,maximize the impact of high-defini on presenta ons and aesthe cally represent thefirm’s pres gious reputa on, were the criteria in the design and integra on of AV forKPMG’s Execu ve Boardroom. KPMG, provider of assurance, tax, legal, consul ng andfinancial advisory services to clients around the globe, selected Verrex for this key, AVenhanced execu ve space.ChallengesIncorporate extensive audiovisual technology into the Execu ve Boardroom withoutoverwhelming mee ng par cipants or impac ng the room’s refined style. Display andaudio conference components would need to be integrated into the custom, marble-inlay table.Solu onsDuring the design phase, Verrex provided documenta on and direc on for build-outand infrastructure requirements to the architect and contractors. This ensured system At each of the 26 seated table posi ons, unique audio conferencefunc onality and performance needs would be met while keeping the integrity of the equipment is embedded into the millwork and virtually concealedinterior design intact. Plans for addressing environmental factors, such as ligh ng and when not in use. All table posi ons include a low profileshade control, were also a focus during the design phase. Verrex Design, Project microphone in a flip top, capaci ve microphone mute switch withManagement and Field Engineers worked closely with the millwork contractor to green LED to indicate ac ve state, headset port and an individualseamlessly embed AV components into the custom table. loudspeaker. Incoming audio from conference calls is routed to each loudspeaker providing op mum volume per par cipantThe Boardroom presenta on system allows for the display of high-defini on video sta on. In addi on, all embedded microphones have a dedicatedsources and computer graphics onto a large projec on screen via a ceiling-mounted echo canceling processor to eliminate noise and echo during anprojector, which is recessed in the soffit. The projected image is forma ed for high- audio conference.defini on, wide-screen technology. In addi on to the main projec on display system,the custom-built Boardroom table is equipped with twelve 17" flat panel LCD monitors. The Boardroom’s audiovisual systems can be controlled from aEach monitor resides in a motorized li -housing that rises up out of the table when dedicated operator’s sta on within the room or from theneeded, and recesses under the table when not in use. Posi oned between two equipment rack sta on located outside. Each control sta on isseated mee ng par cipants, the monitor shows the same image displayed on the equipped with iden cal 15" LCD touchscreen controllers withmain projec on screen. Program audio for the presenta on sources is routed through custom menus and graphics.a digital surround processor and distributed to four, high-quality wall-mounted loud-speakers at the front and rear of the room.
  11. 11. 10 Project ProfileALCATEL-LUCENTExecutive Video Conference Room (Murray Hill, NJ)Telecommunica ons leader, Alcatel-Lucent, required a video conference solu onthat would u lize the company’s own network and allow execu ves, from variouspoints on the globe, to interact as if they were all in the room together. Alcatel-Lucentselected Verrex to design and install this cri cal execu ve-mandated project.ChallengesDismantle the exis ng 11-year old system and integrate a high-defini on videoconference solu on in its place. Architectural modifica ons would be required toadapt the room and ensure an authen c collabora ve experience. The innova vesystem would have to be as intui ve as possible for high-level execu ves to useunaided at all hours. A demanding deadline of just six weeks would require flawlesscoordina on and execu on.Solu onsWith Verrex Sales advanced in design, unique details and equipment were specifiedprior to moving to the engineering stage. The Verrex Design team provided the project features speed and one-touch dialing. The tech mode allows AVarchitect with drawings for reconstruc on to ensure the room suited the new and IT support staff to manage all system components. Thetechnology. In order to meet the strict meline, Verrex Project Management was control system was also custom programmed to create unique,tasked with driving the en re schedule and coordinated all trades including architects, visual ligh ng cues: lights illuminate on the ac ve par cipantsligh ng contractors and construc on teams. and darken in the galley sea ng area.All components were designed with an infrastructure to support 1080p. This three- Two dis nct room details provide addi onal visual cues:display boardroom features a 60" x 107" 16:9 rear-projec on screen flanked by two microphone status collars translate mic state into colors (green46" LCD displays, all capable of displaying a variety of sources. An HD LCD projector for a live mic, red when muted and yellow during system warm-and custom mirror assembly are housed in the renovated projec on room. Verrex up) and a mul zone digital clock is mounted in the soffit.specified an HD conferencing codec to deliver high-defini on voice, video and contentsharing. Ceiling-mounted loudspeakers provide high quality audio.A 12" tabletop mul media touchpanel and 8" wireless lectern touchpanel control allaudiovisual and specially designed ligh ng in the room. The tabletop touchpanelfeatures both “user” and “tech” modes. User mode, with a simple and intui veinterface, allows execu ves to conduct presenta ons and video conferencing and
  12. 12. 11 Project Profile Digital Signage ExpoTHE NIELSEN COMPANY 2011 APEX Award Winner - GoldExecutive Center (Wilton, CT) Corporate ProjectThe Nielsen Company, a global leader in media & market research, data measurementand analysis enlisted the exper se of Verrex to integrate mul ple audiovisual systemsthroughout its new Execu ve Center in Wilton. The space, an extension of the firm’sNew York City headquarters, would serve as a base for a number of Nielsen CompanyExecu ves. It was crucial that the client’s meline be met, the systems be intui veand the company’s well-known brand be properly represented.Verrex integrated Nielsen’s boardroom, several dedicated video conference rooms, adivisible mul purpose room, a duo of collabora on spaces, employee café and CEOoffice and conference room. In addi on to these spaces, Verrex was tasked withbringing The Nielsen Company brand to life in a crea ve and bold way inside theirhigh-traffic lobby space. Bypassing typical corporate posters and sta c messaging,Verrex provided a three zone digital signage solu on that would engage employeesand visitors, complement the striking lobby design and serve as an informa on hub forthe corpora on’s ac vi es and news. Further along the lobby, outside an entrance to the main office space, visitors are engaged by a corridor of six thin-bezel plasmas.Three Zones, One Compelling Message This “Plasma Row” features addi onal orchestrated content.The Nielsen Company corporate lobby was broken into three zones for digital signage Comple ng the lobby signage is a single display across from theintegra on: an interac ve video wall in the main por on of the lobby; a row of six recep on desk with its own series of Nielsen content.plasma displays in the lobby hallway; and a single LCD display opposite the recep ondesk. The result of these three digital signage zones is an immersive, cohesive journey through The Nielsen Company brand story,First Impressions star ng the moment visitors enter the Execu ve Center.A 5x5 Chris e MicroTile video wall greets visitors in the main por on of the lobby. Thevideo wall was strategically posi oned directly in front of the elevator bays to engageand cap vate visitors immediately. Verrex integrated 25 interlocking MicroTiles, flush-mounted to a wall specifically constructed for the large video display. Visitors areintroduced to The Nielsen Company and its exper se via unique digital content,authored by Verrex content partner Arsenal Media. Visitors can interact directly withthe video wall: select content, answer ques ons and manipulate graphics. The digitalsignage system includes an infrared mo on detec on system, laser camera andinterac ve server.
  13. 13. 12 Project ProfileARNOLD WORLDWIDEPresentation & Screening Room (Boston, MA)Arnold, the leading ad agency responsible for energizing brands such as Volvo, CarnivalCruise Lines and Jack Daniels, sought to convey an unmistakable message to clientsand staff about their world-class crea vity, energy and insight. Arnold selected Verrexto help deliver this message via the agency’s AV-enhanced Presenta on & ScreeningRoom, featuring an eye-catching 190" x 60" rear projec on display. The results arepowerful reac ons from clients and staff the moment they enter the room.ChallengesThe room’s intended use, to present campaigns to clients and staff, demanded anexci ng, flexible solu on. Visual impact was foremost with a display that would fill theen re front wall, capable of mul -configura ons. A powerful audio solu on would beneeded to fuel presenta ons. Environmentally-conscious Arnold requested the projectbe “green-friendly”, including reuse of exis ng equipment when possible.Solu ons powerful, 7.1 surround sound system. Six full-range programTo provide Arnold with a complete solu on, Verrex coordinated with the project speakers in the ceiling and a front-firing subwoofer incorporatedarchitect, MEP engineer, furniture supplier and general contractor. This included a into the front wall deliver robust sound throughout the room.needs analysis to ini ate design direc on and AV architectural drawing development.Verrex worked in parallel with the architect’s development of interiors to ensure all A custom programmed 6" touchpanel at the main table, whichclient specifica ons would be met. The room required specific interior build-out as can alternate between wireless and wired, permits non-technicalwell as acous cal, ligh ng and window treatments. users to easily conduct mee ngs through the use of intui ve menus. To further enhance the audience experience, Verrex alsoThe Presenta on Room features a single, glass rear projec on screen with 16:9 HD incorporated control of environmental devices such as ligh ngaspect ra o. Three projectors allow for mul ple display configura ons: a single 190" x and shades. Arnold staff can easily direct presenta ons, adjust60" con nuous image that fills the en re wall; a centered 107" x 60" single image with audio, recall ligh ng scenes and set the right mood, all from the16:9 aspect ra o; or two images, one on either side. Presenta on sources include integrated touchpanel.high-defini on and standard DVD, laptop, two game consoles, satellite radio and DVR.The system features a sophis cated, mul -window image processor with edge- Several best prac ces in “green AV” were featured in the projectblending capabili es. including an e-control system for remote monitoring of system status. Programmed to shut down when not in use or at the endVerrex recognized audio would play a cri cal role in energizing presenta ons. To of the business day, remote monitoring helps preserve the life ofachieve an immersive effect, audio from the various sources is broadcast through a projec on lamps and cuts down on energy consump on.
  14. 14. 13 Project PhotosPfizer - Aviation GroupOpera ons Room (Trenton, NJ)
  15. 15. 14 Project PhotosOgilvy CommonHealthPresenta on & Screening Room (Parsippany, NJ)
  16. 16. 15 Project PhotosJWT“The Cathedral” Conference Room (New York, NY)
  17. 17. 16 Project PhotosEisaiTelepresence Room (Woodcliff Lake, NJ)
  18. 18. 17 Project PhotosChina Light & PowerExecu ve Boardroom (Hong Kong)
  19. 19. 18 Project PhotosState StreetCorporate Lobby Video Wall (Boston, MA)
  20. 20. 19 Project PhotosDiageoDivisible Mee ng Room (Norwalk, CT)
  21. 21. 20 Corporate InformationFor addi onal creden als, informa on and EXPERTISE Verrex Corpora onindustry recogni on, please visit Design/Build Architectural Coordina on Serving The Americas, EMEA & Asia Pacific Systems Engineering Learn more at Project Management Subcontractor Coordina on Corporate & Global Headquarters Control Systems Programming 1130 Route 22 West Rack Fabrica on Mountainside, NJ 07092 USA Quality Assurance & Tes ng Tel: +1 908 232 7000 Commercial Integrator Field Installa on Power 100 - Top 5 Training New England & Canada Corporate Integrator Service Desk Support 220 Ballardvale Street, Unit-D 2012 Service & Preven ve Maintenance Managed Conferencing Services Wilmington, MA 01887 USA Onsite Staffing Tel: +1 978 657 8030 TECHNOLOGIES Southwest USA & La n America Video Conferencing 11777 South Sam Houston Systems Contractor Telepresence Parkway West, Suite B News Top 50 Systems Audio Visual Houston, TX 77031 USA Integrator 2012, 2011, Presenta on Tel: +1 713 402 1960 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, Digital Media 2006, 2005, 2004 Audio Conferencing Sound Masking © 2012 Verrex Corpora on. All rights reserved. Sound Reinforcement Verrex, the Verrex Logo, Global Allied Network Video Walls and GMS are trademarks of Verrex Corpora on and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and other APPLICATIONS countries. Boardroom Collabora on Spaces Conference Centers Conference Rooms Corporate Auditoriums Divisible Spaces Execu ve Offices Lobby & Recep on Office Ameni es Presenta on & Screening Rooms Trading Floors Training Rooms