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My Virtually There Business Concept

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My Business Plan

  1. 1. VIRTUALLY THEREAdministrative & Executive Services
  2. 2. WHAT IS A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT• Is an independent contractor• Provide professional administrative services• Various businesses and individuals• Communicate through Internet, fax, email, and occasional on site visits• Work from own home
  3. 3. TYPES OF SERVICES PROVIDED• Data entry • Real Estate support• PowerPoint presentations • RFP’s/Grant writing• Creative design • Website updating• Social media • Research• Media releases • Blogging• Procedural manuals • Marketing
  4. 4. Virtually There Administrative & Executive Services: is a home based, sole proprietorship that is dedicated to assisting small & independent business owners deliver high quality service to their clientele without the cost of employing a full time administrative assistant.
  5. 5. WHO HIRES A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT• Real Estate Agents • Software Engineer/Manager• Authors • Professors• Professional Speakers • Personal/Business Coach• Life Insurance Agents • Non-Profit Organizations• Financial Planners • Marketing Consultants• Lawyers • Company Executives• Business Consultants • IT Service Companies• Television & Film Producers • Music Festival Directors
  6. 6. WHO AM I WHY AM I SUITED TO BECOME A VA• Executive Assistant diploma• Years of administrative skills• Festival and concert coordination experience• Pre-Olympic planning• Grant writing & RFP proposal writing• Marketing experience• Detail oriented and organized• Understanding of small business operations
  7. 7. THE FIRST YEAR• Plan on operating as a sole proprietor• Educate local business industry about VA’s and the benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant• Generate business in both local and North American industries• Create niche market in Real Estate• Expand social media education
  8. 8. Marketing• Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn• Blog about the business• VA networks• Elance• After business meetings• Conferences• Booth a trade shows• Media releases, articles in paper• Volunteering through the business• Word of mouth
  9. 9. DIRECT & INDIRECT COMPETITIONLOCAL WORLDWIDE• Levert • Close to 35,000 existing VA’s• Cambrian Staffing today• Manpower • Elance and other virtual job• Existing admin assistants sites• Potential new VA’s (total world population estimated at 6,831,200,000 as of June 21, 2010)
  10. 10. MONEY,MONEY,MONEY Fee Per Service Pricing (FPS)• PowerPoint presentation: $300 -$600 (depending on slide amounts, and animation, edits depend on slide animation and length).• Poster Design: Full Colour $200, maximum 5 edits & B&W $150, maximum 4 edits.• Business Card Design: Colour 1 side - $50 2 sided - $75, maximum 3 edits & B&W 1 side -$35 2 sided - $50, maximum 2 edits.• Blogging: .10/word minimum 500 words. For blogs under 500 .25 word, maximum 2 edits.• Research: $35/hour (includes comprehensive written with links.• Social Networking set-up: $50 per site (includes FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Incentive package for multiple SM site set up.
  11. 11. MONEY,MONEY,MONEY Monthly Service Packages• Plan A – 20 hours per month = $600 ($30.00/h)• Plan B – 30 hours per month = $870 ($29.00/h)• Plan C – 40 hours per month = $1100 ($27.50/h) Incentive to purchase larger hourly package at a higher rate, saves money per hour. If projects exceed hourly package pricing, client will have FPS added on until project is complete.
  12. 12. EXTRA! EXTRA!• Operating between the hours of 6am – 8pm. Depending on work load, client base and required billable vs. non-billable hours.• Constant upgrading through various Virtual Assistant networks. These networks provide online conferences, education tools and mentorships to new and established VA’s.• Provide discounted rates to Chamber members, and non profit organizations.• Speaking engagements at Chamber luncheons, Rotary meetings and various business places to educate about the role of a VA.
  13. 13. EVOLUTIONARY CONCEPT VIRTUALLY THERE• Within two years hire sub contractors to increase clientele and virtual services.• By the end of the second year create a VA hub. Multiple FT VA’s with different strengths to work as a part of my team.• Within three years, move myself into film, music and fashion while keeping current clientele with hub.• Within five years move into public speaking for social media and the world of a virtual assistant.• Within six to seven years become a consultant to corporations on the profitability of hiring a virtual assistant.
  14. 14. CONCLUSIONMany small businesses with limited space and resources find partnering with aVirtual Assistant to be effective, with great advantages and very little cost.Certainly, the cost is minimal, in comparison for the need to leasespace, provide and maintain equipment, and hire a full time or part timeemployee, which may include benefits, when there is not a need for that levelof staffing.Many corporate businesses find an advantage to hiring Virtual Assistants for amyriad of administrative services. Corporate businesses often find it muchmore efficient and effective to hire a dedicated Virtual Assistant for majorprojects. This allows the business to meet its goal with the project, whilemaintaining high morale with its employees who are relieved they are notrequired to find time to complete one more project when they are alreadyworking at full capacity.
  15. 15. To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first. William Shakespeare