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Published in: Education
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Avid slides

  1. 1. Advancement Via Individual Determination
  2. 2. AVID will help prepare you for college
  3. 3. Offer support for college bound courses
  4. 4. We provide career-oriented field trips. This year, students rode in an airplane to SIU and were allowed to fly an airplane! This is just one of the many opportunities offered.
  5. 5. Check out colleges and have help planning your future!
  6. 6. Be a part of a caring community here to help you succeed!
  7. 7. What do AVID students have to say?
  8. 8. Of course… you can’t forget about our big binders
  9. 9. See Mr. Bogue in the Media Center or your counselor to sign up!
  10. 10. What are your dreams? Let us help you achieve them!