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Looking for solutions in climate change communications


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Invited speaker at Connect4Climate's "Be the movement" workshop in Warsaw, Poland on the sidelines of the 19th UN Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP19).

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Looking for solutions in climate change communications

  1. 1. Looking for solutions in climate change communications Michelle Kovacevic Editor, Twitter: @kovamic
  2. 2. Doomsday images = climate change
  3. 3. From Center for Research on Environmental Decisions People think climate change is “tomorrow’s problem”
  4. 4. Outline • The Messages • The Models • The Media
  5. 5. “Indonesia Still at High Risk of Catastrophic Fires” Why doesn’t the forestry sector use more positive images to inspire action?
  6. 6. Lots of information and ideas…but it is scattered all over
  7. 7. ed to invest r energies in thways wards utions
  8. 8. Illustration by Frits Ahlefeldt (Hiking Artist) Solutions = interesting (and sometimes weird) ideas
  9. 9. Consider the needs and preferences of your audience
  10. 10. Policy-orientated research: breaking down problems and suggesting tailored solutions
  11. 11. Don’t mention “climate change” but conservation, energy efficiency…
  12. 12. Synthesizing information on forests & climate issues Follow us! @forestsCC
  13. 13. People who feel isolated do not t action on climat change -BBC Media Action’s Asia study
  14. 14. Build communities through events and conferences
  15. 15. Root communication campaigns in peoples’ values
  16. 16. pacity ilding and ining goes a ng way
  17. 17. Need to focus on how to fix what is broken
  18. 18. News headline 6 months after fires : “Indonesia Risk of Catastrophic Fires” We shouldn’t ignore the problem, but should we continue framing the debate?