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Connect, Engage, Collaborate: Building & Sustaining an Audience in a Social World


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Knowledge is being created and shared at unprecedented rates. People are now sharing original content, forming and joining virtual communities, organizing activities, tapping into the advice of others and sharing experiences at scale and without boundaries. This collective knowledge is enabling people to rapidly learn, act with greater confidence and influence others in entirely new ways. In fact, social is now the #1 use of the internet, with 94% using it to learn, 78% to share knowledge and 49% to engage experts. With 2 billion social connections and more than 3 billion expressions per day, it’s fueling the emergence of a knowledge economy and empowered individuals.

As social and mobile technologies become increasingly pervasive, the opportunity to engage people in new ways is profoundly changing the way we do business. With individuals expecting to engage when and how they want, organizations are tasked with encouraging and supporting collaboration for employees, customers, partners and citizens while keeping an unrelenting focus on user experience. How can they do this, while safeguarding the integrity of both the business and the brand?

In this session, we’ll discuss:
• Building a community across various channels
• How to sustain and grow your audience and advocates
• Case studies of brands doing it right

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Connect, Engage, Collaborate: Building & Sustaining an Audience in a Social World

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