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LinkedIn 101 for High School Students


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Presentation given to high school students about what LinkedIn is, how it can be useful to them, and some tips for using LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn 101 for High School Students

  1. 1. Michelle Fish Lesley Piper May 2016
  2. 2.  Leading professional network on the web  Connect with classmates, faculty, and companies professionally  Find new opportunities for internships and full time positions  Manage what potential employers learn about you from the Internet  Find key contacts at companies that interest you  Find and pursue your career passion by browsing profiles and connecting with professionals in your field  Build and maintain professional relationships  Turn professional relationships into opportunities
  3. 3. 259M+ professionals 3M+ companies 150+ industries Executives from every Fortune 50060K+ college and university alumni groups 64%64% outside the U.S. company 30M+ students and recent grads
  4. 4.  University Pages  Company Pages  Get to know the company and the people  Find connections  Find job opportunities  Job Search  LinkedIn Student Mobile App
  5. 5. DODON’T
  6. 6. DODON’T
  7. 7. DO DON’T
  8. 8. DO DON’T
  9. 9.  Be stingy with recommendations and endorsements  Reorder the content in your profile  Be selective with what you put on your profile  Be (professionally) personal  Follow up in-person meetings with a LinkedIn request  Join groups  Remember: people are notified that YOU viewed their profile
  10. 10.   linkedin-secrets-linkedin-wont-tell-you/#76614a9798b0