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Talent@Work™ is our unique 2 1/2 day highly interactive workshop that enables you to experience your Natural Talent, Workplace Motivators, Communication Style and Emotional Intelligence.

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  1. 1. Coach, Hire, Build & Retain a Highly Talented and Productive Team! What if .... • you could better understand yourself and the differences in people? • you knew how to figure out why people do what they do? • you could better understand Emotional Intelligence and the brain and how they link to create betterTalent@Work™ relationships at work? • there was a scientific way to identify, select, develop and retain talent and put it to work in yourWorkshop Overview organization? • you could reduce the time and cost it takes to hireJoin this highly participative new talent AND improve the quality of those hires to fit into your culture?learning experience for talentmanagers, leaders, internal Reality ...consultants and professionals Good news! There are proven, scientific ways to learnwho are committed to improving and apply action to those ideas and we have the toolsindividual, team and and techniques to help you master them!organizational performance.Today’s world is complex and How ... If you are committed to world-class individual, team andpeople in it are too! organizational performance, then come join us at our highly participative 21/2 day learning experience! 2011 Sessions: If you desire, you will also be prepared to take the next June 6, 7, 8 step towards your own certification for the Sept 20, 21, 22 Communication Styles Behavior and Values models. This enables you to use these tools in coaching, teamAt The William Penn Inn, Gwynedd PA development, and selection. Talent@Work™ Workshop Overview • Page 1 © Shawn Kent Hayashi, CPBA, CPVA, CPTA • The Professional Development Group 888- 959-1188 • •
  2. 2. At the end of this Day Onelearning experience youwill be able to: The Total Person Wheel & the Big Picture• describe your preferred communication/behavior style and the differences in people• identify your motivators/ values, why you do what you do and how this affects your team• list your top natural talents and how they affect your decision making• explain why Emotional Intelligence at work is Communication Styles the foundation for high (also known as: Behaviors, DISC, TTI Success Insights) performance • The history and use of style models in selection, retention and• coach, hire, build and leader development retain highly talented • Identify and understand your own communication needs and and productive teams your impact on others• and much more! • Recognize, understand and appreciate behavioral needs/ communication styles of others • Learn how to read and respond to othersʼ style to build healthier relationshipsDay 1 • Spot current and future stress problems and how to avoid and/Materials: or solve them • Solve team issues through behavior recognition and responses• Your own personalized • View the styles seminar, Dynamic Communication, to integrate Comprehensive Success in your own organization as part of your existing leadership Insights Behavior development initiative for growth and change Assessment Report• Supplemental handouts and learning resources Talent@Work™ Workshop Overview • Page 2 © Shawn Kent Hayashi, CPBA, CPVA, CPTA • The Professional Development Group 888- 959-1188 • •
  3. 3. Day TwoGroup Dinner Values and Workplace MotivatorsIt is our tradition to invitepast graduates to & Emotional Intelligenceparticipate in dinner on the • The history and use of the values model in selection, retention2nd evening. More details and leader developmentabout this will follow your • Values as the Hidden Motivator – WHY people do what we doregistration! Please • The six hidden motivators and the drive behind each onereserve the evening of the • The passion, over extension and stressors for each values2nd day to attend the clusterdinner from 6 - 8 pm. • Why behavior alone gives you less than half the insight you need to be successful • Integrating behavior and values • How to assess the cost of values conflicts in your organizationDay 2 and how to eliminate themMaterials: • View the model Workplace Motivators seminar, Your Attitude is Showing, to integrate in your own organization as part of your• Workplace Motivators existing leadership development initiative for growth and change Assessment Report • Understanding Emotional Intelligence and how it impacts our• Emotional Quotient ability to demonstrate our Talent@Work Assessment Report • Debriefing the Emotional Intelligence EQ assessment report Day ThreeDay 3 Personal Talent Skills Inventory andMaterials:• Personal Talent Skills Putting it all together Inventory Assessment • Debriefing your Personal Talent Skills Inventory Report Report • Creating a job benchmark for selection to build Talent@Work™• Supplemental handouts • How to measure your bottom-line benefits of training, coaching and learning resources and consulting initiatives • What it means and looks like to create a thriving culture where people want to engage! Talent@Work™ Workshop Overview • Page 3 © Shawn Kent Hayashi, CPBA, CPVA, CPTA • The Professional Development Group 888- 959-1188 • •
  4. 4. Option 1For participants who want to develop their own communication and leadership effectiveness and buildbetter relationships with their team.Workshop investment: $1600 includes all assessments and resource materialsOption 2 CertificationFor Talent Managers and Coaches who want to become certified to use the Behavior and Valuesassessments in their organization. A customized Assessment Center will be set up for yourorganization and tools provided to prepare you to take the Certification exams. Two certificationexams are included for Communication Style and Workplace Motivators.Workshop investment: $3200 includes all materials plus those listed belowAdditional Certification materials include• Autographed copy of Conversations For Change: How to Say It Right of When It Matters Most, by Shawn Kent Hayashi• The Universal Language DISC Study Guide Text• Communication Styles Certification Study Guide• Professional Development Series Behaviors Version Participantʼs Manual• Professional Development Series Motivators Version Participantʼs Manual• Workplace Motivators Book• Workplace Motivators Certification Study Guide• Link for three people to experience assessments and to practice debriefing themAfter completing the Certification Exam you will receive:• Assessment Center set up in your Organization• Scheduled 2 hour session to show you how to use your assessment center• Professional Development Series EQ Participantʼs ManualTalent@Work™ provides leaders, managers, and coaches with tools that will enable them to do theirjob better.Cancellation PolicyIf for any reason a participant has to cancel their attendance after they have registered a full refundwill be given if the cancellation is 10 days prior to the event. If cancellation is received after this dateno refund will be given but the participant may attend a future session of their choice. Talent@Work™ Workshop Overview • Page 4 © Shawn Kent Hayashi, CPBA, CPVA, CPTA • The Professional Development Group 888- 959-1188 • •
  5. 5. Your program leader: Shawn Kent Hayashi is CEO of The Professional Development Group. The firm works with organizations and individuals who want to grow. Clients include Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies, universities, and entrepreneurial organizations. The assessment based approach Shawn uses sets apart the coaching and development work that she does. Shawn frequently delivers keynotes and workshops on topics such as: improving communication skills, emotional intelligence, building stronger relationships and teams, and presenting more effectively. Shawn is the author of 5 business communication books including Conversations For Change: 12 Ways to Say It Right When It Shawn Kent Hayashi, Matters Most (published by McGraw Hill October 2010.) Shawn CPBA, CPVA, CPTA is also a member of the prestigious TTI Chairmanʼs Club and TheExecutive Coach, Keynote University of Pennsylvania Organization Dynamics Advisory Speaker, Author Board. mobile: 215-588-1188office: 888-959-1188 x88 For more information about upcoming workshops: Shawn Hayashi: (888) 959-1188 • Email: Or: Email: This workshop is limited to a maximum of 10 participants. Talent@Work™ Workshop Overview • Page 5 © Shawn Kent Hayashi, CPBA, CPVA, CPTA • The Professional Development Group 888- 959-1188 • •
  6. 6. Talent@Work™ RegistrationName ___________________________________________________________________________Position __________________________________________________________________________Organization ______________________________________________________________________Address _________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________City/State/ZIP _____________________________________________________________________Phone _____________________________________________ ext __________________________Email ___________________________________________________________________________Method of Payment: ___ $1600 per participant $___ $3200 per participant for pre-certification package____Please invoice me ____ Check enclosed ____Charge Visa/MasterCardCard number _____________________________________________________________________Security code on back of card ________________Expiration ________________________________________________________________________Signature ________________________________________________________________________Breakfast, Lunch and energy break snacks included each dayPlease FAX TO: 888-959-1188, email back to us or call with these details. Talent@Work™ Workshop Overview • Page 6 © Shawn Kent Hayashi, CPBA, CPVA, CPTA • The Professional Development Group 888- 959-1188 • •