Multicultural campus communities


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  • Identity-An identity is established in relation to a series of differences that have become socially recognized…it converts difference into otherness in order to secure its own self-certaintyShow movie clip. What is privilege? The conversation of privilege often ignores situation of multidimensional identity and create and us vs. them attitude amongst the privileged and the oppressedThoughts on the video and Tim Wise
  • Most people agree that having student learn about other cultures aids in the cognitive thought processing of college adultsWhen a student is placed in a new and different environment around cultural identities they have never encountered it sparks true education which allows for the most complex thinking in the classroom
  • MDI:I am a African American woman who is in graduate school; many vary day to day: mention the Who Am I exerciseDMIS:Acceptance-see one’s own culture as one of many legitimate world viewsAdaptation-ability to interpret many cultural viewpointsIntegration- Ability to experience your own worldview while experiencing other cultures freely
  • Rural SouthGive example of radio conversation on Monday
  • Mention interesting point on page 254 last paragraph-Minority Advisement Program
  • Class discussion
  • Office of Diversity Services are located on the Sweetheart Circle, in the RosenWald building. Deals with the following:Institutional ComplianceAffirmative ActionInvestigate claims of violations against protects groupsPromote a diverse campus Goizueta FoundationSexual HarrassmentADA Compliance
  • Retention rates may not always be effective because I does not gauge the student’s involvement and happiness while at the university
  • Multicultural campus communities

    1. 1. Michelle Allen COUN 7133 February 6th, 2013
    2. 2. • Pluralistic-a society where cultural groups work toward maintaining their individuality but contribute to society as whole • Multicultural-all identity groups • Diversity-ethnic, gender, racial, and socioeconomic variety in a situation, institution, or group; the coexistence of different ethnic, gender, racial, and socioeconomic groups within one social unit • Racism-A belief that inherent differences among the various human races determines cultural or individual achievement; usually involves their races as superior • Sexism-Devaluation based on a person’s sex • Homophobia-irrational aversion to homosexuality • Ethnocentric-making one’s own culture experience central to one’s experience of lived life • Ethnorelative-the ability to see, interpret, and interact with multiple world views
    3. 3. • What is identity? • Privileged vs. Oppressed? • Dig deeper
    4. 4. • Multicultural education aids in cognitive development • Take the student out of their comfort zone • Coursework must include knowledge from all historical and cultural backgrounds – FYE – Speakers Series – Global Citizens
    5. 5. Multiple Dimensions of Identity: • Race • Culture • Class • Religion • Gender • Depends on the individual’s core identity and context • Consider the intersections Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity • Denial • Defense • Minimization Ethnocentric Ethnorelative • Acceptance • Adaptation • Integration
    6. 6. • Responsiveness depends on the culture of the school and the environment • Not just a intellectual process, but emotional and psychological too
    7. 7. “…to routinely interrogate our static mental frameworks and personal perspectives in order to ‘evoke curiosity and passion for new cultural experiences and knowledge that dissolves our own cultural imaginaries’”
    8. 8. Discussion #1: How well does Georgia Southern University execute it’s mission to achieve cultural diversity and encourage pluralism? • Who has a better understanding of the true picture of diversity in a given situation, the privileged or the oppressed?
    9. 9. Office of Diversity Services • Institutional Compliance • Affirmative Action • Investigate claims of violations against protects groups • Promote a diverse campus – Goizueta Foundation Multicultural Student Center • Diversity Education • Cultural Programming • Advocacy • Minority Advisement Program • Pathway to Success
    10. 10. Recruitment • University goals and mission changes the demographic of students recruited • Recruitment efforts directed towards Latinos and “High Achieving” students • Eagle Incentive Program Retention • Mentorship programs • Clubs and Organizations • Reflective faculty and staff • Cultural Programming • Student Activities
    11. 11. • Multicultural Organizational Development – Social Justice and Social Diversity – More than a snapshot – In depth evaluation of underlying beliefs, biases, and values – Reviews the mission statement, policy review, physical environment etc. • ScoreBoard-examines equity in relation to educational outcomes • Climate Studies-measures acts of oppression experienced by particular populations
    12. 12. Questions??