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Fuelimpacton europeanfleetresult


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a comparison between east and west European fleets. average early kilometer for a truck, average price per kilometer, average fuel expense.
And the impact of a minus 2 liters per 100 kilometer on fleets margin and price per kilometer

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Fuelimpacton europeanfleetresult

  1. 1. WEST (FRANCE) EAST (POLAND)ND)ND)ND)ND)ND)ND)ND)ND)ND)ND)ND)ND)ND)ND)ND)ND)ND)D)D)D)D)D)D)D)D)) www.michelin-solutions.comA company of Michelin group Sources: CNR 2011, Michelin Solutions, Statistiques/Longue-distance-40T /Referentiel-prix-de-revient IMPACT OF FUEL CONSUMPTION ON TRUCKING FLEET RESULTS IN EUROPE Hypothesis of a sustainable minus 2L/100KM on fuel consumption WEST (FRANCE) Average km per year AVERAGE Annual expenses for one truck (2011) Average fuel price Average fuel consumption for truck Cost per km Fuel expense on total expenses EAST (POLAND) 116,100km 155,760km 146,218€ 1.10 euro/L 34.2 L/100km 31.2 L/100km 32.2 L/100km 29.7 L/100km Fuel savings in liters Average fuel consumption - 2L - 2,322L - 3,115L Fuel savings in Euros (1.10€/L)(1.10€/L) (1.01€/L) Emission CO2 Annual fuel expenses Before After Cost per km IMPACT ON MARGIN IF ANNUAL RESULTS ARE CLOSE TO € 41,123€/y 45,846€/y 1.01 euro/L 117,444€ 43,677 euros/year 48,986 euros/year 30% 1.75% 0% 3.67% 3.79% 2% 4.71% 42% per km 1.26€ per km 0.75€ - 2,554 € - 3,140 € -7.72t -10.36t per km 1.26€ per km 1.24€ per km 0.75€ per km 0.73€ The above savings calculations are intended for informational purposes only; savings are projected based upon industry standard testing procedures. Actual results may vary, and may be impacted by many factors, to include road conditions, weather and environment, driver performance, etc.