Facts about The French ECOTAX. All you have to know at glance.


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Facts about the French Ecotaxe.

Michelin solutions has built this infographic to summarise all the long and complex texts, speeches, web sites, press articles, about the French Ecotaxe.
French Ecotaxe is at the origin of a lot of protest in France and has been suspended by the French government.
What is the Ecotaxe, who is affected? Where? Why it exists ? How does it work, hence how much does it cost a fleet company ?

The heavy goods vehicle (HGV) eco-tax is a taxation system falling within the Customs system affecting all goods transport vehicles with a tractor over 3.5 tonnes, using the 15,000 km of French national and local taxed networks, as defined by Decree 2011-910 of 27th July 2011.

It is based on the European DIRECTIVE 1999/62/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 17 June 1999 on the charging of heavy goods vehicles for the use of certain infrastructures

The tax collected on the national road network will be allocated to the Agency for the Financing Transport Infrastructure in France (AFITF) to be invested in infrastructure development and eco-friendly projects encouraging the sustainable development of the transport system. The sums received for the use of the local road network will be paid back to the territorial authorities managing taxable roads, minus management costs.

Today 6 european countries have an « ecotaxe » system, Switzerland 2001, Austria 2004, Germany 2005, Slovakia 2010, Czech Republic 2012 and Portugal 2013.

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Facts about The French ECOTAX. All you have to know at glance.

  1. 1. FRENCH ECOTAX WHO is affected All goods transportation trucks over 3.5t registered in France AND outside Km WHAT Are taxed for using the French public roads -50% t discoun 10 000 km national roads 5 000 km secondary roads -35% -35% t discoun disc oun t As long as they go under one of the 4 100 taxation points HOW Nb of ax les PTAC PTRa Euros l vl Truck must have an electronic box called Ecomouv pass and be registered with following info Two ways to register : SUBSCRIBING TO A SHT company collecting taxes toll Pre-paid services using ecomouv website or to Get a -10% discount in a distribution booth to Register the vehicle Sign a rental agreement Paid a security deposit and an advance on tax to get the ecomouv pass Receive the ecomouv pass Tax rate varies function of … the emission of pollutants -40 % Electric vehicle … the size of vehicle 2 axles €/km < 12 tons 0,08 -15 % Euro VI -5 % Euro V 2 axles > 12 tons €/KM 0,111 0% Euro IV +10% €/KM 3 axles 0,111 Euro III +15 % Euro II +20 % From 4 axles €/KM 0,154 Euro I example : strasbourg bourgoin jallieu 450km 150 km on taxable roads euro 1 euro 2 euro 3 euro 4 euro 5 euro 6 = 5 axles 40 tons 22€ 21€ 20€ 19€ 18€ 16€ made for FINANCING OF INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS IN ALL MODES OF TRANSPORT Money goes to AFITF (Agence de Financement des infrastructures de Transport de France) minus management fee AFITF other countries with active ecotax Switzerland since 2001 Slovakia since 2010 Austria since 2004 Germany since 2005 Czech Republic since 2012 Portugal since 2013 Sources: service-public.fr developpement-durable.gouv.fr ecomouv.com www.michelin-solutions.com