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Agile sites2


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What is new in AgileSites 2

Published in: Software
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Agile sites2

  1. 1. AgileSites 2 what is new in Agile development with WebCenter Sites Michele Sciabarra – Just Add Content 1
  2. 2. What is new, then? • AgileBuilder • cloud automation & develoment vm • Jar & Static Publishing • smooth deploy • Java Content Model • Consistent and easier content modelling • Multiproject & Binary Releases • Better Versioning and Continuos Integration • Tools improvements 2
  3. 3. AgileBuilder • Kit for Automated installation of Sites • Deploy in the cloud • Vagrant machines for development • Same scripts for production and development! • Multiple enviroments • With and without Vagrant • Tomcat / Weblogic • HSQLDB / Oracle • OSX / Linux • and • Upcoming Windows support 3
  4. 4. Jar Publishing • AgileSites logic is in Java • The build kit produces a Jar • Jar is deployed as an Asset • Jar is publishable • JSP stubs picks the code in the Jar • Result: • An AgileSites website is fully publishable as any other Sites site • It is even better because it also publish Statics! 4
  5. 5. Static publishing • Static assets are traditionally managed “manually” • AgileSites define a Static asset • Statics can be imported as assets • Statics are publishable • Statics are directly served by BlobServer • Pretty efficient • Bonus: finger printing • Automatic generation of hash values: • 89d82a9bea08c977064.css 5
  6. 6. Java Content Model • Sample of defining the content model in Java 6
  7. 7. Java Content Model goodies • It can initialize the site and enable the types • And create the flex family too • It Preserves the ID • Ids are generated hashing the names • Supports Start Menu and Attribute Editors • Defining the combination of StartMenu/Type/Subtype as a whole • It can import custom attribute editors 7
  8. 8. Binary releases • AgileSites 2 is now split in multiple jars: • Core • Where the magic happens • Api • All the goodies of a simpler development • Plugin • The toolchain of the framework • App • Your actual code base • Core, Api and Plugin are independent jar • Published as jars on a Nexus repository • You can import the jars with Maven and other tools 8
  9. 9. Multi Project • Simplified Workflow • A project download dependencies from repository • lib, core and plugin • The shell can install Sites locally (or use a JSK) • You deploy everthing in your local Sites • Including you code as Jar and the Statics • From there you can just publish to other enviroments • You can have multiple independent projects with one site each • Each project can generate an independent jar • Multiple jars must share same core and lib Sites instance 9
  10. 10. Continuous Integration • The continuos integration is now simpler • A simple command deploys it all • Content Model • Statics • Logic • Just execute asDeploy with Jenkins • and you can run a test suite on your code • Selenium for example • Or the native Test Runner of AgileSites 10
  11. 11. Better versioning • The Java content model is able to recreate the whole state of a Site! • It will preserve the ids • It will update the timestamps • You can revert to a previous state: • Dropping a site and reploying will recreate the content model with the same ids! • Republishing all the assets (with same ids and update timestamp) will update all the content model to a newer (or older) state 11
  12. 12. Tools Improvements • Shell can download Sites with a command • Improved catalog mover support • Importing catalog content in setup and deploy • Even adding support tool as a jar dependency! • Embedded tomcat with proxy support • Simulate your live enviroment including an apache proxy • Weblogic deployer embedded 12
  13. 13. Do you want to know more? • Contact us at • Code is fully open source as usual • Training is available to partners • Public documentation will be released later this year 13