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Verbs Pp

  1. 1. A verb expresses ___________ or ________________ Action verbs _____________________________ Linking verbs connect the _______to the __________. All forms of ‘be’ are linking verbs. Example: Ms. Johnston sings to her pet monkey. action state of being tell what the subject does subject predicate Old McDonald had a monkey… Mr. P dyes his hair Example: Mrs. Cohick is old. Mrs. Cohick feels chilly. Old ladies need to keep warm! am, is, was, were, be, being, been
  2. 2.   In addition, some other verbs can be linking or action, depending on how they are used. Most of these verbs deal with the _______________. Some examples are appear, grow, __________________, __________________. HINT: To determine whether a verb is a linking or action, try replacing it with a ‘form of be’ verb. If it makes sense, it’s usually a _______________ verb. If it doesn’t, then it’s probably an ________________________ verb. senses look, smell, sound, feel, become and taste linking action
  3. 3. Your turn. Underline the verb. Tell if it’s action or linking.   1. The monkey smelled the banana. ACTION LINKING 2. Mrs. Miller smells like roses. ACTION LINKING 3. Ms. Cohick is a science teacher. ACTION LINKING 4. Mr. Pagano has gray hair. ACTION LINKING 5. We visited Mrs. Miller in her apartment. ACTION LINKING Hmm…this one could be tricky. I’m going to apply the rule and replace the verb with a form of ‘be’. Mr. P is gray hair doesn’t really make sense, (but then again, does Mr. P?!?),so it must NOT be a linking verb. HOMEWORK:
  4. 4. Helping Verbs and Verb Phrases   A helping verb helps the __________ verb of a sentence express meaning. Helping verbs along with the _____________ verb make up a verb phrase. There can be more than one ______________ in a verb phrase. Examples: Mrs. Cohick has used a cane for years. (has-helping; used-main) Mr. Pagano should have dyed his hair yesterday. (should, have-helping;dyed-main) main action helping verb Not that kind, silly!
  5. 5. Some helping verbs are:   ___________, is, ___________, were, _________, been, have, _________, had, _________, does, _________, shall, __________, should, __________, could.   The parts of a verb phrase often appear __________ to one another. However, sometimes the parts of the verb phrase are separated by words that are not a part of the verb phrase such as ___________, ________________, _________________, and ______________. Examples: Ms. Johnston has never been to the zoo. ( never is not part of the verb phrase) Mrs. Miller will always live in under the portables. ( always is not part of the verb phrase) am was be has do did will would may, might, must next not always never probably sometimes I like to chill out in my crib, yo!
  6. 6. To find the verb/verb phrase of a sentence, use these methods:   1. Look for words that tell the main __________, express a state of _______________, or _______________ the subject with a description.   2. Look for ________________ verbs.   3. Look for all of the verbs that make up a verb phrase. action being links helping
  7. 7. 1. Europeans had sometimes waited for years to emigrate to the United States. 2. Some families may have been saving most of their working lives to make such a trip. 3. In some cases, they traveled many miles just to reach the ship that would carry them across the ocean. 4. Many surely must have thought that they should have stayed home. 5. However, most must have overcome their fears, because they eventually did board their ships. __ ___ __ __ ___ ___ ___ ___ __ __ ___ ___ ___ ____ __ __ ____ __ ___
  8. 8. HOW WILL YOU REMEMBER ALL OF THE HELPING VERBS? Let me help you! have has had do does did be am is are was were been can could shall should will would may might must being are helping verbs!