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[Dove] Digital Marketing - Project: Dove Hair Lab


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Marketing Project

Brand: DOVE
Development of a Mobile App

Published in: Marketing
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[Dove] Digital Marketing - Project: Dove Hair Lab

  1. 1. November14,2014
  2. 2. Our Team Michela Caltran Roushan KumarRoman Malyshev Francis Martinez Gregory Vanhaute Ding Zhao
  3. 3. Agenda KPIs Dove Hair Lab Paid Owned & Earned Media Documentation SoLoMo Scenarios Marketing Goal Relationship with the customer Customer Journey
  4. 4. Scenario 1 - Pajama Party - A young girl (15) invites her 4 girlfriends to a pyjama party. While playing games, they find out about Dove Hair Lab App. They start playing with it laughing and sharing their photos on social media. Look at these different styles! It’s so cool! OMG! I need to try this shampoo!
  5. 5. Scenario 2 - On the Train - A young woman (25) is listening to music on YouTube and Dove Hair Lab ad pops up on her phone. She clicks on it and starts playing with the App. After choosing her perfect hairstyle, she shares her photo on Instagram and she’s now eager to try out Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo. Ooh! Nice hair style! I need to tell Sophie, she’ll love it.
  6. 6. Customer Journey Research  Research: An informal way to get engaged with Dove through a playful interaction that also offers information about its products.  Awareness: Attraction of the younger audience through social interaction and meaningful content, i.e. latest trends. Awareness
  7. 7. Notes: Notes: Notes: Share it Pinterest Get the look Rate app Style Users will be able to login with Facebook or email address to start playing with the app. Then they will upload a photo. Women can choose what hair style they want to have: Silky hair, volume hair, nourish hair and more. They are able to clear it all, compare it, or go back. Users will automatically receive a shampoo recommendation depending on their hair type. They can watch “how to videos” on youtube’s Dove channel. Finally, they can share it! Instagram Facebook Twitter
  8. 8. Customers and Dove insiders could not engage with other Dove Apps. App will engage and entertain customers, fans, and potential customers . Entertain women of all ages. They can play with different hair styles and share them on social media. Women are unsure of their hair style. App will help women identify the perfect hair style. Upload photos for hair makeover. Daily hair tips according to the local weather. Women struggle when choosing the right shampoo. App will recommend the right shampoo for their hair type. Dove shampoo and conditioner recommendation. Dove apps are not available on all operating systems. Dove Lab Hair App will be available on IPhone and Android. App available on Apple Store and Google Play. Dove Apps were not targeting a large audience of women. This app will target women of all ages: 15 and above. Everyone can easily upload a photo with good lighting, hair pulled back and face not tilted.
  9. 9. Marketing Goal The main goal is Customer Acquisition. Since the company does not sell its products directly online, the app is developed in order to offer an engaging experience for mainly potential consumers. as well as previous customers. Through the app, Dove can also promote their Hair Care items, such as shampoos, conditioners and oils, and offer tips about the best product to use. Awareness Customer Acquisition
  10. 10. SoLoMo SOCIAL LOCAL MOBILE Users can share their location and get hair tips that refer to the local weather condition. Users can access the app anywhere and anytime. Users can choose their favorite hair style and share their «Makeover» on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  11. 11. SoLoMo o Social aspect: uploading and sharing photos o Valuable information: latest trendy hair styles and daily tips o Customization: recommended products for their specific hair type o Promotion of new product o Acquisition of new information about its customers and their preferences o Increased value of their products through the customized service
  12. 12. Relationship with the customer The goal is to build a long-lasting relationship based on an highly customized and enjoyable experience. Potential customers will recognize Dove as an interesting company that cares about their needs. Dove will be part of their circle on social media: when consumers share their picture online, Dove gets a share of their mind.
  13. 13. Paid Media 15% 5% 35% 45% Paid search Programmatic Advertising Social Media Advertising Content Marketing  Blog  Articles  Infographics  Guides  Videos  Facebook Sponsored Ads  YouTube  Twitter
  14. 14. Owned Media  Social Media are major tools used to advertise the new app.  Dove’s social media fan base is extremely involved providing company with a constant feedback.  Videos promoting the app can also be posted. Such approach would be effective because people who watch videos online tend to be more attentive and interested in what they are watching.
  15. 15. Earned Media  Social Media users will provide positive feedback, comments, and reviews themselves if Dove executes their campaign correctly and the target audience finds the app appealing as well as useful.  If everything goes according to the plan and audience loves the app, they will start sharing the app media campaign on their personal pages spreading awareness about products, which can lead to acquiring new customers.
  16. 16. KPI’s  No. of monthly active App users  No. of photos shared on social media  No. of users who rated our App  No. of users who clicked on the YouTube tab to watch “How-to videos” on Dove channel  No. of clicks on the recommended product Boss, the app was downloaded a million times, but the real success was.. Dove Hair Lab presents a direct link to the website where users can acquire more information about the specific product for their hair. Consequently, the success of the App will increase the number of visits on These achievements will be measured using: - CTR [Acquisition] - Bounce Rate [Behavior] - Micro Conversion Rate [Outcome]
  17. 17. THANK YOU
  19. 19. Problems The first problem we have identified is related to the Dove apps’ performance • Many Dove apps show bugs and technology issues • They do not work on different operating systems • None of them fully cover the SoLoMo features The second problem is related to the fact that Dove does not sell products directly on its website • Customers cannot compare products/prices on a cart • It is not convenient for customer to be redirected to other websites and start a different purchasing process
  20. 20. Jane Soap BACKGROUND:  Married with two children  Financial manager in a global company  Middle Class with annual salary of $60,000 DEMOGRAPHICS:  Female  Age 34 [Target Range: 25-40]  Urban IDENTIFIERS:  Values career but also family- oriented  Prefers online shopping for daily items due to business schedule
  21. 21. Jane Soap ONLINE ACTIVITIES:  Intermediate web user   Wall Street Journal USER STORY «As a busy working mom, I need to have the opportunity to buy beauty products online for me and my family, in order to take advantage of my limited spare time»
  22. 22. BACKGROUND:  College Student  MIB at Hult. Previous experience as a Teacher.  Single. Shooting, skiing, archery. DEMOGRAPHICS:  Female  Age 15-35  Urban IDENTIFIERS:  Concerned about her appearance  Wants to feel beautiful and confident with her body Sophie White
  23. 23. Sophie White ONLINE ACTIVITIES:  Advanced web user  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp  USER STORY «As a young woman, I need an easy and funny way to find the right style and products for my hair, in order to feel confident and attractive»
  24. 24. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.