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[Dove] Customer Journey


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Brand: DOVE
Analysis of Customer Journey

Published in: Marketing
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[Dove] Customer Journey

  1. 1. Team 1 Ding Zhao - Francis Martinez - Gregory Vanhaute Roushan Kumar - Roman Malyshev - Michela Caltran The Customer Journey 10/22/2014
  2. 2.  Dove targets women of all ages above 18 with a focus on middle and upper-middle class.  Dove focuses on females who want to feel beautiful and confident with their bodies.  Dove also aims for women who already appreciate beauty products.
  3. 3. Jane Doe BACKGROUND: • Postgraduate Student • MIB at Hult. Previous experience as a Teacher. • Single. Shooting, skiing, archery. DEMOGRAPHICS: • Female • Age 20-25 • Urban IDENTIFIERS: • Concerned about her appearance • Prefers offline shopping • Product packaging is important
  4. 4. Jane Doe ONLINE ACTIVITIES: • Intermediate web user • • Wechat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter.
  5. 5. Jane Doe User Story: • As a customer of Dove’s Shampoo, I need to find the best quality shampoo, which suits my hair type and style. The product should be presented in an attractive packaging.
  6. 6. Customer Journey Mapping Awareness Research Purchase OOBE BarriersQuestionsMotivationsActivities Offline ads: Magazines, TV Online ads: Banner/display Wom: friends Sponsorship: logo display - Are these good products? - How much does it cost? Compelling ads: Products for natural beauty Feeling beautiful, elegant, classy Touching/ Impressive stories Limited digital acces Blocked media Website & Social media Visit retail stores & Supermarkets Ask for free samples Ask friends Visit the online community Deeper understanding of the products: affordability, wide selection Follow trends: # Get the best product - Greenwashing Or Fair & square? - Quality  Allergies Expensive price Missing product for specific needs: i.e. Oily hair Bad reviews online Not satisfied: Bad buying experience: Bad packaging Not enough information Don’t like the product. Don’t feel comfortable. Loyalty plan Additional information E-commerce sites Malls Retail stores Online portal Games * Quiz Gift cards Participating in online contests Free samples for loyal customers (dove insiders) - Does it really work for me? - Is it really worth it? - Do I need it? Contest prizes Part of the community # campaigns - Is it an exciting experience? - What is the value of this? Waste of time: Not interesting Reward is not enough.
  7. 7. Touchpoints by Digital ChannelNon-official channels Social,email, chat MobileWebsite Awareness Research Purchase OOBE • Dove Science: - Dermatologists Advice - Articles • Ratings &reviews • Videos • Ability to compare • Redirect to retailers • Promotions : - Latest offers - Dove Insider Program • Games & Quizzes • Tips • Contests: - Caring coache award - Stake your claim in the shower • Link to the Mobile version on the website • Partnerships with other apps [Beauty Care] • QR-codes • Info • Reviews • Articles • Videos • Redirect to retailers • Dove Insider Program • Social community: - Real Beauty - Dove messenger • Twitter & FB: #feelbeautifulfor #OneShowerChallenge • Youtube: - Dove legacy - Self esteem videos • Pinterest & Instagram • Ask questions on facebook. • Sharing thoughts and opinions • Comments on videos and promotions • Influences people to buy certain products based on comments and reviews they see online • Link to a retail website • Real beauty • Self-esteem projects • Sharing experiences • Campaigns: - No More Bad Hair Days - #RealDadMoments • Online blogs • Word of mouth(gossips) • Forum c ommunity: - Additional Insights - Reviews - Compare • Professional opinions • Can potentially influence the purchasing process and the buyer’s decisions • People are able to independently share their experiences (good or bad) with each other • In-store promotions • Coupons • Magazines (ads) • Amazon, Ebay
  8. 8. Customer Journey Questions What is the most important stage of your customer’s journey and why? • The most important stage for a Dove customer is the Post-purchase phase: consumers form an opinion about the quality of the product and start spreading awareness to others. What is the least important and why? • Dove is already a well-established brand, so the awareness phase doesn’t require the same effort and investment that it is paramount for a new company. Where do you think your customers are most likely to get stuck in the journey? • The passage between research and purchase is the most critical: in this Pre- purchase stage, the customer is most likely to get lost because of the variety of options and prices. How would you consider addressing this? • It is essential to analyze the consumers and their needs: why do people choose the competitors? How do we establish the loyalty loop? • One possible solution could be, for example, focusing on promotional campaigns: discounts and free samples; Dove could also develop new products to include different hair types or other types of skin.
  9. 9. Documentation Website & Social Media
  10. 10. Documentation Customer Journey Mapping Touchpoints Bibliography • Court, D., Elzinga, D., Mulder, S., Vetvik, O.J. (2009) The consumer decision journey, McKinsey Quarterly 2009 No. 3 • Rayport, J.F. (2013) Advertising's New Medium: Human Experience, HBR. • Richardson, A. (2010) Understanding Customer Experience.