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Bimbimbikes corporate presentation


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state of the company - june 2015

Published in: Business
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Bimbimbikes corporate presentation

  1. 1. Rent a bike – anywhere, anytime BimBimBikes will be the global booking platform that offers quality, transparency and ease of use for consumers when renting bikes, a “ for bicycle rental”.
  2. 2. How many? AROUND TOWN RIDER OCCASIONAL RIDERS BIKE ENTHUSIASTS People that are outgoing and active and look for a good time, often with their families. They rent MTB, and citybikes at mountains, lake and sea locations. High transaction value. People that are used to cycle in their own city. When they travel other cities they are likely to rent a bike there. City bikes in mostly in city locations. Low transaction value, high volumes. People that have cycling as a profession or high involvement hobby. Even if they are on holiday they cannot give it up. They are experts. They rent MTB, Road, Sport and Racing Bikes in mountain locations or interesting tracks. High transaction value, low volume. Our targetgroups: 1 2 3 992.724.820 € holiday and leisure + visits to relatives and friends trips in EU* 5.2 days average length of the stay* 10€ average bike rental price per day (estimate) 10% percentage of trips estimated suitable for bike rentals (weather, age, other factors, …) ---------------------------------------- 4.963.624.100 € estimated target market value *in 2012 by EU residents; source: Eurostats
  3. 3. Business Model: 15% Needs currently addressed: Hassle-free pre booking and/or time efficient booking on the spot. Who wants to waste time and effort before and during holiday? Latent need: Have you ever thought about renting a bike during your holiday? Needs currently addressed: Small but great rental companies on a tight budget can reach the rest of the world now. More customers, more profit, no cure - no pay. Other potential revenue streams: - Groupbuying in rental network - Stock availability software for rental companies - Tourism boards media campaigns - … CUSTOMERS BIKE RENTAL COMPANIES
  4. 4. WHERE ARE WE NOW? countries30 locations455 Born as spin off initiative of One Stop Webshop in the last months of 2014, BimBimBikes has been steadily and quickly growing since then. The website is now active and includes the feature of direct booking and the network of bike rental companies network has reached a size that allow us to finally start with a marketing activity in order to exploit its full potential and go big. Resources:  One Stop Webshop (mother company) initial support  Crowdfunding campaign 3 Whitelabel partners:
  5. 5. Experienced Internet entrepreneur and operational manager Bussines Administration student at Erasmus University MSc in Economics and Business with Marketing Specialization at Erasmus University Started programming as a child, he devoted his career to it since 8 years Media Technology at Hogeschool Rotterdam Co-founder Michel Willems Pelayo Iñiguez Country Manager Spain Felix van den Aken Online Marketing Manager Ramadan D. Qoslaaye Country Manager UK & Ireland Giulia Girardi Country Manager Italy Yakup Ilbasmis Design Guru Development Guru Ben Weiland Polyvios Dimiou Country Manager Greece Joël Meijering Web developer Co-Founder Harm Wolterink MSc Marketing Manager at Boccony University and international experience Experienced Internet entrepreneur and e-commerce manager Finance and Accounting student at University of Sevilla / Inholland University International Business at Hogeschool Rotterdam 10+ years experience as a designer for several communication agencies Please note that some employees are shared with One Stop Webshop