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Unplanned intra-procedural NIV


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How to perform an immediate and unplanned intra-procedural ventilation to treat acute respiratory failures during endoscopic procedures.

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Unplanned intra-procedural NIV

  1. 1. Michel SainvilleMarketing Division
  2. 2. Background informationsAdvancesin endoscopictechnologyLongerprocedures,deeper sedationHigher ARF risk
  3. 3. ARF StatisticsEvery day, in each european country, the 0,01% ofthe population undergoes an UE.The 5% of those patients develops an ARF.(P/10k)(0.07 ± ε)Time
  4. 4. Europe= (731mln/10k)(0.07 ± 0.02)13˙655 to 6˙579 ARF per day.Italy= (61mln/10k)(0.07 ± 0.02)1305 to 549 ARF per day
  5. 5. Physician’s dilemmaTreating ARFNon invasiveventilationPlannedPredictionerrorsUnexpectedProcedureinterruptionIntubationRisksCosts
  6. 6. Immediate and unplanned intra-procedural ventilation
  7. 7. Physician’s dilemmaTreating ARFNon invasiveventilationPlannedPredictionerrorsUnexpectedProcedureinterruptionimmediateventilationIntubationRisksCosts
  8. 8. Applications• Tracheal intubationEmergencydepartment• FOB: fiberoptic bronchoscopy• Gastroscopy• Enteroscopy• TEE: trans-esophageal echocardiography• EBUS: endobronchial ultrasound• ERCP: Endoscopic retrogradecholangiopancreatographyEndoscopicprocedures
  10. 10. Assumptions• Fewest ARF scenario• Even treatment proportions• Intra-procedural ventilation only (- NIV, CPAP)
  11. 11. EU market size219˙300 units per yearItalian estimated market size18˙300 units per year
  12. 12. Thank You