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Michel Sabbagh's Game Design and Writing Resume


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A copy of my continuously updated resume that summarizes my professional experience, industry publications, projects, skills and honors. A link to my portfolio and a list of references can also be found on the document.

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Michel Sabbagh's Game Design and Writing Resume

  1. 1. Sabbagh Resume : 1 Home Address: Michel Sabbagh Permanent Address: 65 Saint Paul West #204 125 des Passereaux Montreal, Quebec (508) 887-1574 Montreal, Quebec Canada, H2Y 3S5 Canada, H3E 1X3 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE • Contract Quality Assurance Tester, Bethesda Softworks, Rockville, MD. July 2017 – May 2018 o Fulfilled test assignments, reported functionality issues and regressed bug fixes for The Evil Within 2 (credited in official game release), Prey: Mooncrash (credited in official game release), Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider and The Elder Scrolls: Legends. • Quality Assurance Intern, Bethesda Softworks, Rockville, MD. May – July 2016 o Ran assigned tests, reviewed technical fixes, filled feedback surveys and identified game issues for Skyrim: Special Edition (credited in official game release). INDUSTRY PUBLICATIONS (*Featured placement) • “Here Be Monsters: Producing Tangibly Minatory Creatures in Video Games.” Gamasutra, 21 May 2018. Web.* • “Mind Games: Dissecting Get Even's Narrative-Mechanics Synergy.” Gamasutra, 7 Jul. 2017. Web.* • “Nitty Gritty: Weaving a Fetching Environmental Narrative in Games.” Gamasutra, 19 June 2017. Web.* • “Thief: Tense Narrative through Level Design and Mechanics.” Gamasutra, 6 Mar. 2017. Web.* • “A Tale of Two Open-Worlds: Comparing ‘Exploration’ and ‘Activity’ Sandboxes.” Gamasutra, 10 Aug. 2016. Web. • “The Videogame That Helped Popularize Japanese Mecha in the West.” Kill Screen, 25 July 2016. Web.* • “Mutual Engagement: How to Craft Compelling Character Interactions.” Gamasutra, 13 July 2016. Web. • “The Devil’s in the Details: Analyzing Doom’s Design Elements and Nuances.” Gamasutra, 26 May 2016. Web.* • “The Importance of Presentation in Games and How to Strengthen It.” Gamasutra, 18 Apr. 2016. Web.* • “Making the Most Out of the First-Person Perspective.” Gamasutra, 11 Mar. 2016. Web.* • “Creating Effective and Memorable Video Game Stories.” Gamasutra, 3 Feb. 2016. Web.* • “How to Design Formidable and Unforgettable Video Game Enemies.” Gamasutra, 21 Oct. 2015. Web. • “The Key to Designing an Effectively Tense Survival Horror Experience.” Gamasutra, 24 Sept. 2015. Web.* • “What a Wonderful World: Crafting a Memorable Game Environment.” Gamasutra, 15 Sept. 2015. Web. • “Out of Character: How to Design Good Game Characters.” Gamasutra, 25 Aug. 2015. Web. PROJECTS • Environmental Narrative Design: “The Calvin Coolidge Institute” (Nexus Mods, January 2018) o Built and engineered a detailed interactive environmental mod for Fallout 4 using Bethesda Softworks’ Creation Kit platform. • Documentary Video: Embracing F.E.A.R. (GVMERS, June 2017) o Penned and edited the script of a documentary video analyzing the gameplay and horror aspects of the 2005 Monolith Productions game. • Visual Novel: Streams of Nurture (Major Qualifying Project, WPI, May 2017) o Designed, wrote and scripted a visual novel based on sustainable aquaculture in collaboration with visual artist Liam Miller and sound designer David Allen. The game was produced using Ren’Py, with source control managed by SourceTree/BitBucket. o Streams of Nurture was noted in a UK Telegraph article (Parlock, Joe. “How Independent Video Game Developers are Exploring the World’s Environmental Issues.” The Telegraph, 24 July 2017. Web). o The project also earned WPI’s 2017 Kranich Prize (Honorable Mention), an award honoring “students majoring in engineering or science who best exemplify excellence in the humanities and arts and the integration of these disciplines into their undergraduate experience.”
  2. 2. Sabbagh Resume : 2 • Research Paper: “Effort Upon Effort: Japanese Influences in Western First-Person Shooters” (Interactive Qualifying Project, WPI, December 2015) o Authored an in-depth academic study of Japanese-influenced Western first-person shooters. o Lectures based on this study were presented by invitation at the Replaying Japan Conference (Strong Museum of Play, Rochester, March 2017) and the Canadian Game Studies Association Conference (Toronto, May 2017). HONORS • Gold Winner in the 2017 Game Narrative Review Competition (Game Developers Conference, San Francisco) for an analysis of Thief: The Dark Project (Looking Glass/Eidos, 1998). • First-place winner at Lightning Pitch Contest, Worcester Game Pile, October 2015. EDUCATION • BS, Interactive Media & Game Development, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, May 2017 (GPA 3.83/4) SKILLS • Game engines: Bethesda Creation Kit, Ren’Py, Twine. • Production software: Python, Maya, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, ZBrush, Final Draft, Hansoft, Helix ALM, SourceTree. • General software: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel). • Languages: English (native proficiency), French (limited working proficiency). REFERENCES • Richard Dansky, Central Clancy Writer, Red Storm Entertainment 2000 CentreGreen Way #300, Cary, NC 27513 GDC Game Narrative Summit Advisor / Personal Acquaintance • Brian Moriarty, Professor of Practice, Worcester Polytechnic Institute 100 Institute Road, Worcester, MA 01609 Academic Advisor • Tim Willits, Studio Director, id Software 1500 N Greenville Ave #700, Richardson, TX 75081 Personal Acquaintance • Robert Duffy, Chief Technical Officer, id Software 1500 N Greenville Ave #700, Richardson, TX 75081 Personal Acquaintance • Jonathan Burke, Senior Programmer, SCEA – Santa Monica Studios 13031 W Jefferson Blvd Suite 600, Los Angeles, CA 90094 Personal Acquaintance