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LFA ✩ SWISS Wealth Management for US Clients | Zurich | Lugano | Switzerland


Published on | Meet LFA, we are not more than a phone call of click away!
LFA, an independent wealth manager, registered with the SEC in the United States, welcomes US clients domiciled in the US and abroad.

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LFA ✩ SWISS Wealth Management for US Clients | Zurich | Lugano | Switzerland

  1. 1. “US clients appreciate access to current market outlooks from an international perspective, global investment opportunities and unbiased advice that provides recognizable added value.” Francesco Bernasconi, CEO SWISS Wealth Management for US Clients PANTONE 280 C WEALTH MANAGEMENT “MADE IN SWITZERLAND” LFA is an independent, Swiss wealth manager registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States.
  2. 2. WELCOME TO LFA SWISS Wealth Management for US Clients PANTONE 185C PANTONE 280 C FRESH PERSPECTIVE - INDEPENDENT APPROACH LFA specializes in Swiss wealth management for US citizens and other US persons in the United States, Switzerland and abroad. As an independent wealth manager we are focused solely on our clients’ preferences and requirements, providing a wide range of global investment strategies. Complementing a US-based portfolio, LFA will add a fresh Swiss perspective to your overall wealth strategy. LFA is an independent, Swiss wealth manager registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States. LFA is a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers
  3. 3. THE REASON FOR INTERNATIONAL DIVERSIFICATION SWITZERLAND: AN EXCELLENT HOME FOR YOUR ASSETS Comprehensive range of products and services with a global reach. Additional Investment Opportunities Different perspectives and insights than your local wealth manager. Wealth Manager Diversification Comprehensive range of multi-currency products and services with a global reach. Currency Diversification Highly-educated and professional workforce. 28,000 people in Switzerland work in asset management for clients abroad. Swiss tradition of reliability and excellence. Excellence SWISS Wealth Management for US Clients PANTONE 185C PANTONE 280 C AAA-rated with a stable outlook by Standard & Poor’s, Fitch and Moody’s. Long-term political and economic stability. Stability Switzerland has a market share of over 25% of the global cross border asset management business. Global Leader Switzerland is the oldest neutral country in the world; its neutrality was established in 1815. Neutrality Comprehensive range of products and services with a global reach. US tax-compliant, customized wealth management solutions. Universality Holding some assets outside of your local financial system is a prudent strategy. Geographical Diversification Don’t depend on your local banking institutions only. Institutional Diversification
  4. 4. SWISS WEALTH MANAGEMENT FOR US CLIENTS LFA ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE INDEPENDENT Not affiliated with a bank, ample choice of service providers BOUTIQUE STYLE ORGANIZATION Partner-owned, flat hierarchy, quick decision-making process CLIENT CENTRIC Focused entirely on the client relationship FIDUCIARY DUTY Think and act in the client’s best interest HIGHLY CUSTOMIZED Individual investment solutions matching clients’ objectives ADVISORY CENTRIC Open platform, best-in-class approach, no own products ADVISOR CONSISTENCY Consistent long-term relationship with your personal advisor SELECTION OF PRIME SWISS AND US CUSTODIANS Advantageous fee arrangements ADDITIONAL CUSTODIANS Possible, according to a client’s preference FOCUSED ON US CLIENTS Professional services, regular visits to the US
  5. 5. LFA CENTER OF COMPETENCE MASSIMO BORGHESI, CFA, FRM CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER Massimo has 20 years of experience in asset management, having start- ed as a fund manager for one of Italian’s largest banks, specializing in US equities. In Switzerland, he has worked with UBS and Julius Baer, Lugano, as head of equity analysis and as head of advisory and portfolio manage- ment. More recently, he has been CIO at a leading financial company in Lugano. He graduated in financial and banking economics and completed his qualifications as a CFA and a financial risk manager. FRANCESCO BERNASCONI CEO SENIOR RELATIONSHIP MANAGER Francesco started with UBS in 1994 as a financial consultant and advisor. He continued his career as an investment portfolio advisor and in 2004 became a specialist for US investors. With a master’s degree in interna- tional taxation and finance, he is able to serve the diverse needs of in- ternational clients. In 2010, he co-founded LFA. He is also engaged as a Board Member and Managing Partner of LFG Holding SA. SIRO SPELLINI SENIOR RELATIONSHIP MANAGER Siro has over 25 years of experience in the financial sector, starting his ca- reer with UBS. He has represented the interests of high-net-worth clients in North America, South America and Europe. He has managed units of private banking in London, New York and Lugano, Switzerland. He holds a Bachelor in Business Administration. In 2010, he co-founded LFA and is President of the Board of LFG Holding SA. He provides his management skills to both LFA and LFG Investment Consulting SA. MICHEL GUIGNARD SENIOR RELATIONSHIP MANAGER Michel’s wealth management career began in 1980 at Swiss Bank Cor- poration. After working in the USA and Germany, he held various senior management positions at several global wealth management firms. His focus is on serving families with comprehensive and complex financial requirements from the US and Latin America. He holds a bachelor in busi- ness administration, is a Certified International Investment Analyst CIIA, and a financial planner. He is also Chairman of LFG Holding SA. PAOLO PANZA, CFA RELATIONSHIP MANAGER Paolo joined LFA in 2014 after completing the M.Sc. Finance from the Uni- versity of Lausanne, specializing in financial analysis. He worked as an in- vestment advisor in the Zurich and the Lugano offices. He is now serving as a relationship manager in the Zurich office, working with clients throughout the US. After completing his graduate studies, he earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. A multi-asset class advisor, his areas of expertise include fundamental analysis and market anomalies.
  6. 6. LUGANO Via F. Pelli 3, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland T. +41 91 921 37 52 ZURICH Talstrasse 65, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland T. +41 43 497 35 81 SWISS Wealth Management for US Clients PANTONE 185C PANTONE 280 C LFA DISCLAIMER This investment report and/or presentation prepared by LFA - Lugano Financial Advisors SA (“LFA”), contains selected information and investment opportunities identified by LFA. This document is based on sources believed to be reliable, accurate and complete. In particular, LFA shall not be liable for the accuracy and completeness of the statements estimates and conclusions derived from the information contained in this document. Any information in this document is purely indicative. This document is not a contractual document and/or any form of recommendation. It does not constitute an offer, a solicitation, advice or recommendation to purchase, subscribe for or sell any financial instruments. Under no circumstances, shall LFA be liable for any kind of damages, direct, indirect or non-contractual. Prices and rates indicated are subject to change without prior notice. The investments are valued at the market price as of the investment reporting date (e.g. stock exchange closing price, Net asset value or market maker price). Should no market price be available as of the investment reporting date, LFA shall use the last available price for the valuation. LFA shall assume no obligation to purchase or sell the investments at the reported market prices. The data provided in this investment report, which do not specifically refer to the account and custody account positions of the client, are intended solely for the client’s own use and may not be passed on or used independently of the client-related data stated in this investment reporting. Reliance on the data contained in this investment report and any resulting act or omission on the part of the client or third parties shall be at the client’s or third party’s own risk. Past performance should not be seen as an indication of future performance. This investment report is not intended to be used for tax purposes. Please check this investment report/presentation and inform LFA of any discrepancies within 4 weeks. Follow