Big Data and Social CRM


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Social CRM is a business strategy, supported by a technology platform, business rules, workflow, processes and social characteristics, designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted and transparent business environment. It's the company's response to the customer ownership of the conversation.

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  • Opt-out and Do-not-contact (DNC) has slashed the total number of customers that they are effectively allowed to contact via traditional outbound marketing. Though you may have 3 million customers on your books, there may be only a much smaller sub-set that you can actually market to today. And this trend is not going away! We can help you reach these “marketing unreachables.”
    The portrait solution is unique in that it provides your company a clear roadmap for the future. To look at the evolution of campaign management in this diagram, we can see that marketing opportunity is not only “outbound initiated” in nature, but also may be leveraged via “inbound initiated” interactions as well.
    Our goal with outbound-initiated marketing is of course to create some kind of engagement from the customer that drives response. These typically happen via channels such as mail, email, SMS and others. This is what we’ve much of our time discussing today.
    What’s interesting is that if we look not only to the typically outbound-centric marketing channels but also to those that typically serve the inbound-initiated interactions, we can see that the customer is ALREADY engaged (vs. outbound, we are trying to create an engagement). This is because inbound interactions most commonly occur via the more “synchronous” channels, where both parties (i.e. the customer and the business) are engaged at the very same moment in time. Examples of these channels are web self-service, call centers, branches, IVR and even ATMs. In the sense that both parties are already engaged, this now becomes not just a marketing opportunity, but a selling opportunity (by operationalizing your campaigns).
    The amazing part is that many organizations have only viewing these inbound channels very much as “cost centers” to their business – rather than the “profit centers” that they should be. Quite literally, companies are leaving money on the table every day. And the results are staggering when these inbound channels are tapped.
    In fact, in contrast to typically outbound marketing, where a 2.5 response rate is considered tremendous… we have seen actual results that demonstrate that inbound campaign management results using our system can be more in the range of 40%!
    So --- what does this mean to you? It means that when you’re ready, Portrait can provide you a clear roadmap toward best-in-class processes that can help you reach these marketing unreachables and recapture this lost revenue – from the interactions that your customers are having RIGHT NOW.
  • Many times “Big Data” is focused on unstructured or new data that isn’t being analyzed today. Here is an example of Big Data Analytics on existing structured or relational data. All of the data was pulled from existing database systems, Teradata and Oracle, and loaded directly into Aster. Some of the data was unstructured in its original form but preprocessing was done on the data and then modeled into a relational database. So Big Data Analytics or MapReduce analytics can also analyze existing data as well as new data in the enterprise. The business questions that customer wanted to solve that they can’t solve easily today in SQL is “What events led up to a product purchase?” or “What events led up to a customer defection”. So we combined all these data subject areas and interactions and used our pattern and path to answer these questions.
  • Data behind previous visual –
    Omiture shows time id and department – same visitor went to multiple pages
    But it doesn’t show the path
    nPath shows that mr. ID moved from bedding and bath to the other departments at a specific time.
  • Searchers > fruitless searches – can the numbers used in the beginning be used again?
  • & Abandoned shopping cart analysis
  • Big Data and Social CRM

    1. 1. Social CRM Extract from various presentations: Altimeter, Forrester, Teradata Aster, … December 2012
    2. 2. What is Social CRM? CRM was about managing the customer Social CRM is about engaging with the customer “Social CRM is a business strategy designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted & transparent business environment. It's the company's response to the customer's ownership of the conversation.”
    3. 3. SCRM in six questions
    4. 4. What are your targets? Anyone who takes an interest in your organization should be considered as a target – Follower • Facebook Page Member • Reads your blog • Signs up for Newsletter – Supporter • • • • Donor Volunteer Advocate Event Goer – Organizer • More involved • Plans meet-ups / events – Leader • Cream of the crop • May actually become a part of the organization
    5. 5. Targets Pyramid Leaders Lucky to get one or two Organizers Chosen Few Supporters Volunteers Donors Advocates Events Most important shift Followers Newsletters Web Site Outreach
    6. 6. Advocacy: the Social Customer Advocates are created through continuous – Engagement (conversation) – Transparency (visibility) – Authenticity (honesty, straightforward behavior) Approach to Advocacy - Strategy – Value Proposition: Creation of experiences and tools with products and services designed to appeal to a commonwealth of interest based on unique insights – Customer Strategy: Outreach to customers/potential advocates, Property development for customers – communities, tools, products, services available via company, Godin: Date your customers – Continuous Effort: Ongoing feedback, outreach, data tracking, program development, Constant desire for customer insight – not just data collection The metrics of advocacy - Net Promoter Score – Referrals as metrics – The one question that you need to ask your customer is “Would you recommend my company to someone you know?” – Measured against the detractors to come up with score, Word of Mouth most influential, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Customer Referral Value (CRV), Customer Brand Value (CBV)
    7. 7. Engage Across Multiple Functions
    8. 8. Consumer Social Web Tools Blogs Podcasts Social Network Services Wikis MicroBlogs Video Discussion Forums Online Reviews & Ratings Widgets
    9. 9. What Is Your Content Strategy? Twitter, Facebook, Blogs – all tactical ways to spread the word All too often people focus on the method of delivery and not the content! Who Who How How Whitepapers Whitepapers Annual Reports Annual Reports Breaking News Breaking News Event Invites Event Invites What What Twitter Twitter Facebook Facebook Email Email Blog Blog
    10. 10. SCRM: Touch-point Management Customer Analytics Population targeting & segmentation analysis Outbound-initiated Marketing Inbound-initiated Marketing Marketing Campaign Management Inbound Interaction Management Convert outbound campaigns into 1:1, eventdriven, connected customer conversations – over time Deploy event-driven, 1:1, “best-next-action” recommendations at the point of interaction – during the interaction Just-in-time Real-time (via asynchronous channels) Mail Email SMS Web 2.0 Goal is to create a customer engagement (via Synchronous channels) Web SlfSvc Call Ctr Branch IVR You ARE engaged ATM
    12. 12. Aster MapReduce Analytics Portfolio PATH ANALYSIS Discover Patterns in Rows of Sequential Data STATISTICAL ANALYSIS High-Performance Processing of Common Statistical Calculations MARKETING ANALYTICS Analyze Customer Interactions to Optimize Marketing Decisions TEXT ANALYSIS Derive Patterns and Extract Features in Textual Data SEGMENTATION Discover Natural Groupings of Data Points DATA TRANSFORMATION Transform Data for More Advanced Analysis
    13. 13. Big Data Social Analysis: See the Network Understand connections among users and organizations Challenges Examples • Large number of entities with rapidly growing amount of data for each • Connectivity changing constantly Aster Data Value •SQL-MapReduce® function for Graph Analysis eases and accelerates analysis •Ability to store and analyze massive volumes of data about users and connections • High loading throughput and incremental loading to bring new data into analysis • Link analysis: predicting connections (among people, products, etc.) that are likely to be of interest by looking at known connections • Influence analysis: identifying clusters and influencers in social networks
    14. 14. Aster Data Capabilities for Text Data Pre-built SQL-MapReduce functions for text processing • • • Data transformation utilities - Pack: compress multi-column data into a single column - Unpack: extract nested data for further analysis Web log analysis - Sessionization: identify unique browsing sessions in clickstream data Text analysis - Text parser: general tool for tokenizing, stemming, and counting text data - nGram: split text into component parts (words & phrases) - Levenstein distance: compute “distance” between words Custom and Packaged Analytics Aster Data nCluster App App App App App App Aster Data Analytic Foundation SQL-MapReduce SQL Data Data Data
    15. 15. Building Visitor Paths from Clickstream Data nPath Time Series Analysis identifies customer transitions between departments Clickstream Data hit_time_gmt visid prop1 2012-03-06 20:42:07 138 Bedding & Bath 2012-03-06 20:43:03 138 Bedding & Bath 2012-03-06 20:46:55 138 Sports & Toys 2012-03-06 20:47:32 138 Bedding & Bath 2012-03-06 20:47:53 138 Bedding & Bath 2012-03-06 20:48:42 138 Bedding & Bath 2012-03-06 20:52:04 138 Home & Garden 2012-03-06 20:57:32 138 Home & Garden nPath Function Teradata Aster nPath Analysis Discover Patterns in Rows of Sequential Data nPath Results prop1 visid hit_time_gmt [Bedding & Bath, Sports & Toys] 138 2012-03-06 20:42:07 [Sports & Toys, Bedding & Bath] 138 2012-03-06 20:46:55 [Bedding & Bath, Home & Garden] 138 2012-03-06 20:47:32
    16. 16. What were Shoppers Searching for? Find “serious shoppers” who browse 5+ products in a session. After browsing, they perform 2+ fruitless searches, within 10 pages of each other. Within 5 pages of the last fruitless search, they abandon the site, perhaps frustrated. Comparison of Fruitless Searches by Serious Shoppers •• Slope trend down Slope trend down indicating Serious indicating Serious Shoppers outside the Shoppers outside the norm norm •• Likely to search for Likely to search for higher priced items higher priced items
    17. 17. Marketing Strategy for Success Where should I increase my Marketing Spend to drive higher ROI? Multi-Touch Attribution  Go beyond “last click” and identify which ads and channels perform the best  Quantify which ads lead (attribute) to conversion  Calculate true ROI on a per ad basis  Run time-sensitive promotions by knowing which ads convert the fastest. Customer Journey Leading to Purchase on Online Store
    18. 18. SCRM: Traditional Data
    19. 19. SCRM: New Data
    20. 20. SCRM Analytics
    21. 21. SCRM Traditional Analytics Tools
    22. 22. SCRM Analytics, Insight, and Intelligence Social Media Analytics: Analyze conversation data, Identify advocates of, and threats to, corporate reputation and brand, Quantify interaction among traditional media/campaigns and social media activity, Establish a platform for social CRM strategy Enrich traditional approaches: • Customer Profiling • Value Segmentation • Behavioral Segmentation • Propensity Modeling • Clustering • Basket Analysis • Risk & Churn Modeling • Response Modeling • Recommendation Engines (Next Best Offer)