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My Android Dreams of Electric Cats: Emotive Analytics presentation at STC Summit May 2017


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Chances are you're already using some form of analytics for your content, but that only measures the what not the why. Learn about emotive analytics, why its important, how it ties into artificial intelligence and machine learning, and how it works (facial detection, voice detection).

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My Android Dreams of Electric Cats: Emotive Analytics presentation at STC Summit May 2017

  1. 1. My Android Dreams of Electric Cats emotive analytics, affective processing, and the future of content 1@allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17
  2. 2. Analytics •Bounce •Clickthrough •Time on page •Pages per visit •Referring links •Downloads @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 2 •……Emotions?•……Emotions?
  3. 3. Meet Phineas Gage @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 3
  4. 4. No decision without emotion @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 4 ,,,
  5. 5. Logic justifies emotion @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 5 ,,,
  6. 6. Emotion > Logic @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 6 ,,, •Brain activity more engaged by emotions •Storytelling engages emotions •Personal feelings, experiences > brand attributes, features, facts •Reported intent to buy: 3:1 for TV and 2:1 for print •User experience focuses on delight (an emotion) •Gamification (intrinsic, extrinsic motivation, an emotion) •“Truthiness” and the proliferation of alternate facts
  7. 7. Emotive Analytics The ability to measure a user’s emotions through video, voice, wearables, or text. @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 7 Affective Processing Software that can identify a user’s emotions and provide an emotionally correct response.
  8. 8. Level: Easy (can implement now) @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 8 ,,,
  9. 9. TurboTax and Microcopy @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 9
  10. 10. What happened? @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 10 •Emotional Design: Compassionate content created a customer for life through one simple sentence.
  11. 11. Level: Harder • Affectiva • BehaviorMatrix • Beyond Verbal • CallMiner • CrowdEmotion • Emolytics • Emotive Analytics • Emotuit • Hanson Robotics at,, and iMotions • IntraFace (Carnegie Mellon University) • Kairos • Lightwave • nViso • Real Eyes • RoboKind Advanced Social Robotics, Robots4Autism and • Sticky (eye tracking and emotion tracking) @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 11
  12. 12. Voice to Text •“Cottage cheese with chives is delicious.” •Analog to digital •Break into bits of sound •Figure out what they mean •Beads on a string @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 12
  13. 13. Beyond Verbal •Israeli company Yuval Mor, CEO •Analyze emotions from •Download an app called Moodies. It will analyze speech •Main focus is healthcare. They want to use the voice as a biomarker in detecting disease symptoms @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 13
  14. 14. How does face detection work? •Haar Cascade @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 14
  15. 15. The anti-face: CV Dazzle @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 15
  16. 16. Affectiva and Affdex •Created from MIT Media Lab project •Rana el Kaliouby, CEO •Quantify emotion •Download SDKs and APIs •AffdexMe is opensource version @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 16
  17. 17. How does face analytics work? @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 17
  18. 18. A cat feels… @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 18
  19. 19. Milo the Robot • Built by RoboKind • Fred and Richard Margolin • Programmed by Autism Treatment Center of Dallas and Callier Center for Communication Disorders at University of Texas – Dallas • Teaches social behaviors such as the understanding and meaning of emotions and expressions, and how to demonstrate appropriate social behavior and responses. • Improved therapy outcomes for children on the autistic spectrum. • Milo’s face can smile, frown, blink and look angry, happy, sad, and surprised. @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 19
  20. 20. Hanson Robotics • Dr. David Hanson • We bring robotics to life • Teach, entertain, serve • Sophia has been featured at SXSW and many news channels • Einstein science instructor • Bina48, a living memorial • Interview with Philip K Dick • Interview with Joey Chaos (jump to 3:45. See the laptop below his shoulders, and watch as he tracks the researcher from left to right) @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 20
  21. 21. How does this affect me? •Content creation •Usability and UX •Help documentation •Brand building and loyalty •Customer journey and CX •Customer service and interaction @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 21
  22. 22. So what lies ahead? @allieproff @techniceclectic #stc17 22
  23. 23. lease fill out the survey! @allieproff 23 Allie Proff on LinkedIn @allieproff personal interests @techniceclectic #AI, #emotiveanalytics, #video #writing #UX #contentmarketing #blogging and others