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"Knowing is not enough; we must apply.            Willing is not enough; we must do" (Johann von Goethe)                  ...
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Lerio performance 2nd pg flyer


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LERIO Consulting enriches traditional Performance Management Cycle by supplementing the process with coaching sessions throughout the performance appraisal season. LERIO Consulting encourages questioning and fine-tuning of personal targets to meet the team's expectations and align with the organisation's aims.

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Lerio performance 2nd pg flyer

  1. 1. "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do" (Johann von Goethe) I’ve worked with almost all sizes and types of industries, especially hotel organisations. In most cases executive managers ask LERIO Performance Management consultants to help them align people’s performance with organisation’s aims, make everyone understand how their work helps the organisation, develop performance capabilities and even run the extra mile. In order to achieve those targets you first need to monitor and controlMichalis Kourtidis BA Hons, MA, MCIPD performance by using tools and techniques that suit the culture and Managing Director structure of your setting. However, many times managers believe that when a first success point has been reached and appraisal system has been set their mission is accomplished. Surprisingly for them, a year later they realize it wasn’t because somewhere during the process they lost sight of the initial expression of their needs. Buried in bureaucracy and carried away by time pressure or quick results they paused their efforts at the time when the visible was able to be seen. LERIO CONSULTING begins with asking questions and receiving answers. We never approach a client showing off our knowledge or status. We never question our clients deep knowledge of their own operations. We listen, respect and try to understand first. We ask questions to make our clients question themselves and their practices. We employ the most appropriate PM approach that suits your case, and We act with an organised plan and determination. LERIO CONSULTING works with a range of techniques, but we are positively biased on one: Continuing interaction and communication of all organisational members What you are likely to enjoy with LERIO PERFORMANCE? Understand where you stand - decide where you’re heading to. Realise consequences of your thoughts and actions - explore alternatives. Clarify & simplify your goals. Identify what to do and how to achieve your goals. Build alliances and supporters to ensure success of the process. Watch your own, your team’s and organisation’s performance reach higher levels. Get in touch with us today for an exploratory free discussion and see for yourself how we can be of help to you and your organisation. CALL: 077.22333.114 EMAIL: