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Contemplative network introduction


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Contemplative network introduction

  1. 1. Encountering Christ, Enriching CulturesEmancipating the Oppressed
  2. 2. “Welcome to the Contemplative Network. I have followed Jesus for near on forty years. It has been anadventurous journey during which Ihave faced many challenges. Some I have navigated well in myestimation; whilst others have holedme below the water line and I have begun sinking below the stormy waves that surrounded me.However, much like Peter, God stillspoke to me, did not give up on me and reached out to rescue me. Again like Peter, it still has takenmany years to arrive in that space inwhich I now know that I am walking in close fellowship and enjoy thepresence and pleasure of the God I serve.” Micha Jazz
  3. 3. The Contemplative Network provides a meeting point supporting people who choose to journey deeper into Gods heart whilst also engaging in acts of practical service for others.We describe ourselves as Contemplative Activists as we pursue this way of life.
  4. 4. Encouragement Life is tough. We can findourselves battered, bruised and bewildered; facing life’s insurmountable challenges alone is no fun! As members of the Contemplative Network we journey together, swap stories and foster a practical solidarityin the pursuit of God and God’s Kingdom. We all need encouragement!!
  5. 5. The Contemplative Network is passionate about Jesus and livingthe God-filled life. It encourages two things:1) The practice of contemplative prayer. It is essential that all ofour service is birthed and baptized in prayer, and contemplationallows us to journey inward and discover afresh who we are in Godand the purpose seeded within us from our creation.2) Living the God-Filled Life. A call actively to live out God’s life onearth through practical acts of service demonstrating God’s grace,most often in response to the cry of the poor and marginalized,who appear to have no-one but God on their side.
  6. 6. Three CoreObjectives Allegiance to Jesus: Encounter Building Relationally: Engagement Acts of Service: Emancipation
  7. 7. The Network offers Connectedness through its shared The hub at the heart of the daily commitment and rhythm of Contemplative Network is the contemplation Website and Facebook Listening and learning from each other’s stories Facebook page The Contemplative Local and national organised Network activities such as retreats and pilgrimages The Contemplative Network is an expression of Axiom Monastic Shared action in the service of Community. others
  8. 8. Formation The heartbeat of the Contemplative Network is FORMATION, growing up into maturity in Christ. Formation enables each one of us us to become effective servants of Jesus as we, ‘...leave the elementary teachings about Christ’ (Hebrews 6:1) and take responsibility for our personal prayer and service, ...until Christ is formed in you. (Galatians 4:19).Formation requires self knowledge andself acceptance and within theContemplative Network we togetherseek to further our journey of formationthrough,✓ growing in self-awareness✓ discovering and directing ourmotivations.
  9. 9. Seven Simple Practices These seven simple practices aim to deepen ourintimacy with Christ and strengthen our daily practiceof Christian living. Establish a rhythm of life, what the ancients called aRule of Life, enabling each of us to find and realiseGod’s will in our life. Embracing this rhythm when we reach a place wherewe experience a deep hunger for some divine reality.
  10. 10. 7 Simple Steps 1) Daily Moments of Reflection Finding moments to draw aside to gaze upon Jesus. 2) Annual Pilgrimage & Retreat‘In sacred places, something gets done that youve been unable to do for yourself.Ian Morgan Cron. 3) Weekly Eucharist We become what we eat and grow in that divine love inspiring acts of service in the the relief of suffering. 4) Weekly Acts of Service Freely we have received so we freely give.
  11. 11. 5) Personal Prayerful ReflectionA prayerful exercise in discernment, helping me to respond to God’s loving invitation. 6) Lifelong Learning Continuously building up our knowledge and skills, growing as individuals. 7) Well-BeingRealising our fullest potential, whilst fulfilling our role and responsibilities
  12. 12. For further information please contact either Micha or Greg Sow a thought and you reap an action Sow an action and you reap a habit Sow a habit and you reap a characterSow a character and you reap a destiny Charles Reed