Emerald Villas


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Emerald Villas

  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. Houses
  5. 5. are builtto live inand not tolook onFrancis Bacon
  6. 6. HoME Your home is the place you choose to house your world. It is one of the most important things you will ever do for yourself and should mean nothing but excellence. This is exactly what we build for you! Located at Panorama, a prime residential area and one of Thessaloniki’s most valued suburbs, Emerald Villas stand out for their exquisite architecture and unique quality features, incorporating modern materials, state-of-the-art technology and high aesthetics. Sited on a hill, they overlook Thermaikos Bay and maintain a number of terraces, balconies and patios for you to enjoy the superb view. Your new home is a total of 850m², with over than 2.000m² of land, including private gardens, parking lots and a magnificent pool area. It lies secluded, yet within easy reach to the city and the major highways. It is a dream home exceeding your list of essentials.4
  8. 8. SMARTQuality time is the challenge of our speeding livesand technology holds the key to easy living. Enjoyyour home rather than racing to run it. Save your timefor your pleasure.We live in a multimedia age. Technology Your new home supports advancedhas leaped to change our lives for the multimedia systems and automations,better, saving us money and time and including audiovisual media, computerfleshing out the meaning of quality. High and web functions, as well as a rangetechnology stands for support, convenience, of household facilities, all controlled andimprovement and this is how you should monitored by a single control panel sitedbe living your home; at ease. Emerald villas in its own individual space. Profit from livingoffer you more than you could numerate in a supreme multimedia environment.imagining ‘comforts’. Enjoy your home and spend quality time with your beloved ones. CONTROL PANEL Load your material, program your control panel and enjoy a unique audiovisual experience in all spaces by using a single remote control and without having to set separate money and energy consuming installations. Adding a ‘Link’ will allow you to control the whole house, from drawing the curtains and turning off the TV to adjusting the heat and disarming the security system, just by pushing a button. 9
  9. 9. ECO Preserving the environment is preserving your wellbeing. Making your home a sustainable house saves natural resources and saves you money. Modern civilization has set environmental concern to a priority, forming a whole new approach in constructions. Where technology meets ecology, bioclimatic design and alternative energy sources are not mere statements, but also drastic choices to make. A green house improves your quality of life and is a value-for-money investment. Your new house is ecologically designed to produce its own energy, resulting at very low comparative standing expenses as well as very efficient operation.12
  10. 10. ECO PHOTOVOLTAICS SOLAR COLLECTORS Photovoltaics is one of the most effective Our complete system of solar energy support energy saving methods, becoming increasingly includes dynamic solar collectors that provide popular and what it actually does is you with sufficient heating all day long. Our generating electrical power by converting solar supplier is an awarded European company that radiation into direct current electricity. On top maintains some of the most technologically of your house we mounted the most updated advanced devices on the market, designed photovoltaic arrays, capable of producing the so as to offer maximum power all year long. energy needed, thus servicing as a principal Depending on the number of collectors you source of electrical power, which can be choose to install, you can use solar energy collected or even distributed to the network. as either a principal or an ancillary source of heating. Hot waves for use, pool heating and floor heating for the entire house can be provided this way.14
  11. 11. ENERGY FIREPLACE HEAT PUMPS FLOOR HEATINGPlain fireplaces are known to have a low Heat pumps are the ultimate in innovation. From past to future. Under floor heatingenergy output because a large amount of They move heat energy from one has a long history extending back intoheat expels by the chimney, also polluting environment to another, and in either the Neoglacial and Neolithic periods.the environment with harmful gases and direction. This allows both bringing heat into Archeological digs in Asia and the Aleutianburdening your budget with frequent wood an occupied space and taking it out. In the islands of Alaska reveal how the inhabitantspurchases. Energy fireplaces can hold up to cooling mode a heat pump works the same dra ed smoke from fires through stone75 percent of the heat they produce, being as an ordinary air conditioner (A/C). covered trenches that were excavated in thesafe, sufficient and economic. Ultimate A heat pump uses an intermediate fluid floors of their subterranean dwellings. The hottechnology in sophisticated designs. called a refrigerant, which absorbs heat as smoke heated the floor stones, which then it vaporizes and releases the heat when it radiated into the living spaces. These early condenses. It uses an evaporator to absorb forms have evolved into modern systems heat from inside an occupied space and using fluid filled pipes or electrical cables rejects this heat to the outside through the and mats. Thermal comfort quality is a must condenser. The key component that makes in your new house. Rest assured we really a heat pump different from an A/C is the worked on it. Your floor heating system will reversing valve that allows the flow direction provide supreme indoor air quality, moisture of the refrigerant to be changed. This allows control and conditions that are less favorable the heat to be pumped in either direction. in supporting mold, bacteria, viruses and dust The pumps are co working with the mites. Floor heating is the most sustainable photovoltaic and solar collector installation. energy wise HVAC (Heating, Ventilating An auxiliary heat source is also put in place, and Air Conditioning) load, the safest one, so that if the heat pump fails or can’ t providing longevity and ease of maintenance. provide enough heat, the auxiliary heat will And we choose for you the best of it. kick on to make up the difference. 15
  13. 13. SAFEFeeling free. Feeling safe.A personal retreat needs to be both.Home is more than just a property.It is a personal shelter to cherishand enjoy.We have designed a house to enjoy privacywithout having to bare the disadvantagesof isolation. We studied and designeda safe house that is easy to control, despiteits size. Equipped with the ultimate securitytechnology and owning an intelligentalarm system ready to connect with yourpreferred service provider, your houseis literally your shelter, enjoying undisruptedexclusivity both indoors and outdoors. SECURITY SYSTEMS Materials of high endurance and pioneer technology promise you the most effective control of your estate. Your security system operates with digital, microwave and infrared detectors that work under all weather conditions, cover long distances and are highly sensitive, volumetrically recognizing all intruding objects. High definition digital cameras observe the whole space and can be networked to your computer or your cell phone to send you updates every hour. 19
  16. 16. WATERSource of life. No living space is complete without it.It is revitalizing, calming and beautiful. Livingin aquatic ambience is supreme living.We give you a premium pool space that birthday parties and barbeques.is highly functional and of unique Your open air pool is designed to enjoyaesthetics. Spend leisure time in a superb the sky’s view and the exquisiteaquatic environment that is surrounded by illuminations at night and it is supporteda vast wooden deck that can service as by state-of-the-art technology that makesa multipurpose resting area and adjoins cleaning and preserving it an easy job,with your primary indoor spaces, capable while it connects with the central controlof accommodating from a simple panel of your house, allowing you to enjoyunwinding under the stars to crowded your audiovisuals outdoors. QUALITIES Your pool has been installed by our expertise team and is the best in its category. Your in-ground pool is made of reinforced concrete and is 100 percent antiseismic, also assuring ultimate tightness. Pioneer technology supports a number of automation systems, including sanitation and water temperature control, while a number of LED lights inside and outside the pool can be monitored remotely to dim or change colours. We could also provide you continuous expertise maintenance, which due to the design followed can be fully provided from outdoors solely, not interrupting your living. 23
  17. 17. For your precious leisure time we have created a multipurpose indoor Spa area, which isSPA equipped with a sensational Jacuzzi and optionally a sauna or an invigorating Turkish bath. Your Spa comes with the most updated technological features that guarantee functionality together with low cost operation and maintenance. A roof full of spotlights that can dim or change colours just by pushing a button, illuminates the Spa’s exceptional aesthetics and ergonomic design. The Spa’s control panel connects with your central multimedia system, allowing you to enjoy your audiovisuals while relaxing. Especially the house’s Jacuzzi is unique. Designed as a small indoor pool using recyclable water and pool operating equipment, this exceptional installation can be serviced from outside. Pamper yourself into this paradise, enjoying unobstructed views of the whole city. Scaling from necessity to luxury, relaxation is an integral part of quality living. Indulging yourself in unwinding and enjoying your treasured habits is happiness. SAUNA - HAMMAM We co-operate with world-class manufacturers and give you the most sophisticated and technologically advanced products on the market. Choose from a wide range of products with quality features that include automated sanitation systems, conditioning and water temperature control. 25
  18. 18. LIGHT Light brings spaces to life. Illuminating your home is enhancing its beauty and making its every corner attractive to live in. Highlight your perception of space. Architectural lighting design is not only an art, it is also a science; the understanding of the properties of light and of the functioning of a light fixture. We had your house designed in a way that its architecture perfects, by enhancing certain volumes and melding others, optimizing both its aesthetical and ergonomic value, while taking into account the energy sufficiency issue. Everything is just in the right place. 27
  19. 19. A man travels
  20. 20. the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it
  21. 21. YOUR CHOICE Our living space reflects our personality, each corner portraying our taste, needs and choices. Turning a house into a home is a personal matter. At the end of the day a house has the character of the man who lives in it.34
  22. 22. SPECIAL CONSTRUCTIONS QUALITY MATERIALS FRAMESYou imagine the ideal, we create it. Share A vast selection of quality materials are at You can choose your frames from a wideyour wishes with our architects and they will your disposal to choose from and customize range of materials to suit your idea of qualitycome up with a number of solutions your living spaces according to your likings, and match your aesthetics. We will undertaketo customize your house and create for you provided by some of the best manufacturers the design and installation of your preferreda unique and functional space that carries in the construction business. Personalize frame, taking into account our qualityyour signature. your home. commitment. 35
  23. 23. YOUR CHOICE ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING WALL DECORATIONS & MORE We give you exceptional basics, but we can Go creative on your home’s internal decoration offer you more. We can model your home’s by choosing from a variety of decoration panels. lighting according to your wishes, highlighting From simple to ultra modern and from colorful your preferred areas and adjusting the house’s to plain this is the best way to transform your technical features to support the kind and space. We will present you all the up to date number of devices you wish to include. solutions for set wall decorations, sliding doors, and invisible cabinets to create an incomparable environment.36
  24. 24. BATHROOMSSPA ADD ON’S & KITCHEN FURNITURE FLOORSCreate your personal paradise choosing from Choose your favourite colour, material, size Walk on quality. Blanket your floor with thea vast optional list of Spa Add on’s. Relax in and shape. Add extra value to the most material of your choice. Whether it is wood,the comfort of a sauna or invigorate your fundamental spaces of your house: kitchen granite or marble, we maintain a selectionbody in a Turkish bath. Choose from a neck and bathroom. We provide you with a long of the finest genres on the market andor back massager to a hydrotherapy tub or catalogue of quality solutions and take over an experienced crew that knows moderna skin care station. To your discretion stay the installation. techniques and works thoroughly.beneath a rain forest shower or a mist bath. 37
  27. 27. WE CREATE Great experience, Building a house optimum know-how, is a short sentence inspired solutions. based on a long We are committed to experience, reinforced excellence. This is what by the joint venture of makes us stand out. KASETAS architecture construction technology and TZINIS Constructions.40
  28. 28. WE CREATE THE TEAM ARCHITECTURE Civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, We dream of a beautiful urban environment. architects, project managers and proficient We believe in diversity and we promote crews specializing in new construction innovation. This is why we have recruited technologies join forces and form a dynamic inspired and talented architects to design team. Being real constructors, we have the houses of tomorrow, combining complete control of the whole project, aesthetics with highly functional features. programming all the essentials from In constant search of new ideas, we build the timeline to the overall cost and unique houses for unique people. maintaining a network of all the relevant professionals that are required to carry out a flawless construction. VILLA IN PANORAMA, CLOSE TO THE EMERALD VILLAS42
  29. 29. CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY SUSTAINABILITYOur expertise scientists join their forces Pioneering in new technologies since Preserving the environment is a majorfor quality. Construction is a matter of good our foundation, we incorporate supreme priority for us. We specialize in bioclimaticcalculations and precise implementation. systems in all of our projects, presenting design and environmental technologies,We have the know-how to perform you with what one could call ‘smart houses’. building energy sufficient houses that useexcellence, managing every little detail We constantly search the market and 100 percent renewable energy sources.of every single aspect of a project, taking update our know-how, aiming excellence. Geothermal heating, photovoltaic and solarover the risks of the constructing process We co-operate with some of the most collectors are incorporated in all of ourand delivering your house on time and within renowned technology brands in the world, projects, along with the largest possiblethe agreed budget. providing you tomorrow’s essentials. green areas. Sustainable houses are a value for money investment. 43
  30. 30. Malva Mountain resort Malva Mountain Resort Located at the very best spot of the traditional Old Agios Athanasios village in Kaimaktsalan, one of the most popular is a construction you have winter destinations in Northern Greece, it sets new era in the mountain resort house to see in order to believe. market. Five modern residences were created at high standards, each one about 250m² to accommodate all your vacation needs. And you are invited to do We have incorporated all the new technology features of our usual constructions as well so anytime. as a vast number of facilities technological innovations, such as tempered ramps to secure approach under any weather condition. An impressive double height living room with spectacular indoor open space and a state of the art isolated triple glass front, especially designed for that project, will put you in the nature from the comfort of your sofa. For your relaxation we provide you an indoor Jacuzzi, Sauna & Turkish Bath Spa area. The houses indicatively come with snowmobile & car parking, ski equipment storage room and a greatly formed land area.44
  31. 31. CONTACTT +30 2310 433567F +30 2310 488580M +30 6977 248248E info@kasetas.gror VISIT US19 Andrea Papandreou str.ThessalonikiGreece