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Onsite SEO Webinar

  1. 1. Online Marketing CompanyFind out more about Ajax Union: www.ajaxunion.comFollow Us On Twitter:twitter.com/ajaxunionLike On Facebook:www.facebook.com/ajaxunionConnect On Linkedin:www.linkedin.com/companies/ajax-unionCall Ajax Union:800-594-0444
  2. 2. Matt Sieracki – Onsite SEO ExpertState-of-the-art SEO techniques to boost your websitesrankings on Google and other search engines.Search Engine OptimizationFind out more about Ajax Union‘s services at:www.ajaxunion.com
  3. 3. Today We Will Discuss…• What is SEO?• Why use SEO?• How do I do it?• Keyword research• Implementing your SEO• Track your progress• Q&A with Matt!
  4. 4. REVIEW: What is SEO?SEO is the process of affecting thevisibility of a website or a webpage in a search engine’s organic,"natural" or un-paid search results.
  5. 5. REVIEW: What is SEO?SEO makes it easier for searchengines to associate keywords withyour site. In time, your site is mademore visible for users searching forthose keywords.
  6. 6. Why Use SEO?• Makes Your Website Show up in Search Engines• More Visibility for Your Business• Gives You Credibility On The Internet• Brings More Traffic to Your Business• More Traffic Means More Sales!• Anyone can do it!SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization.
  7. 7. I know what you’re thinking…How doI do it?
  8. 8. Organic results on a search results page6Organic Results
  9. 9. Webmaster Tools
  10. 10. Webmaster Tools• Get the data, tools, and diagnostics for ahealthy, Google-friendly site. Here are some ofthe things you can do:– Check your sites health for potential issues thatGoogle has detected.– Make optimizations to help Google betterunderstand and represent your site.
  11. 11. Webmaster Tools• To Install Webmaster Tools–Go to Google.com/Webmasters–Click the Add a Site ButtonNote—it can take as long as a week to get good data
  12. 12. Don’t let your own website get in the way!• Sitemapo Outlines your site’s architecture for searchengines• Crawl Errors/Soft 404’so Links you display on your site but result in abusted page when you click Fix with a permanent redirect (300) Delete the link off your server entirely• HTML Improvementso Eliminate duplicate or missing Meta Data• And so much more!Some of the main things you’re looking for
  13. 13. SEO Works by Explaining to a SearchEngine What Your Webpage Is All AboutSearch Engines Learn About Your Webpage By Using KEYWORDS!
  14. 14. Keyword Research
  15. 15. Keyword ResearchWHAT is a Keyword?A keyword is any word or short phrasethat describes a website topic or page. -The more a keyword is used by searchersand websites the “bigger” it is.
  16. 16. Keyword ResearchFor Example:• French Fries wastyped into Google246000 times lastmonth. That’s a BIGkeyword.
  17. 17. Keyword ResearchFor Example:• French Fries was typedinto Google 246000 timeslast month. That’s a BIGkeyword.• French Fries Foreverwasn’t searched at all inthe past month. That’s nota big keywordHow did I find this out? The Google Adwords Keyword Tool of course!
  18. 18. Keyword Researchhttps://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordToolEnter one keyword or phrase per line•Find out the monthly search volume•See related keywordsRemember—bigger isn’t necessarily better!Tailor your results to your business and its goals!
  19. 19. Keyword Research Toolhttps://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool
  20. 20. Brainstorm Your KeywordsExample: Shoe Retailer Client• They sell shoes for wide feet and people who needcustom orthotic footwear• Start adding modifiers to the root keyword that youthink accurately depict the business.• Be creative!• Wide Shoes can be expanded to Wide Shoes forMen, Wide Shoes for Women, Wide Footwear forMen, Wide Footwear for Ladies
  21. 21. Brainstorm Your KeywordsFind the sweet spot• Not so big it’s out of reach•(French Fries)• Not so small it’s pointless to try• (French Fries Forever!)
  22. 22. Brainstorm Your KeywordsFind the sweet spot• Not so big it’s out of reach (French Fries)• Not so small it’s pointless to try (French Fries Forever!)Consider the Goldilocks principle: you want your keywords to be just right!
  23. 23. Let’s Put Those Keywords to Work!
  24. 24. Implementing Your KeywordsAdding Keywords Is a Two Part Process• Part 1: Meta DataInformation in your site’s source codeMeta Title Include primary keyword 66 characters or less<title>Hollow Metal Doors | Steel Frames | Doormart USA</title> Meta Description Include primary keyword 156 characters or less<Meta Name="description" content="Hollow metal doors, frames and architecturaldoor hardware from Doormart USA - the door and hardware warehouse." >
  25. 25. Implementing Your KeywordsAdding Keywords Is a Two Part Process• Part 2: Body CopyText content throughout your page.Google looks for very specific markers when tryingto ascertain the topic of your page.You can adjust these to optimize your keywords! <h1> Tag Include primary keyword Use only once per page<h1>Hollow Metal Doors from Doormart USA</h1> <a href> tag Anchor your KW with internal links Not too many!
  26. 26. Implementing Your KeywordsNow What?Onsite SEO takes a while to be felt. Google has to:• Crawl your site over and over• Recognize the changes• Adjust its rankings for your newly optimized KW• 3 months before accurately gauging the impact• PPC can be used to bridge the gap
  27. 27. Track Your ResultsEstablish a baseline and keep checking!There are many tools you can use to track theimpact of your newly installed SEO content.• Ajax Union’s own Rank Zeno www.RankZen.como How your domain’s ranking for your keywordso Highlight your organic competitors•Rank Checker plugin for Firefox browserso tools.seobook.com/firefox/rank-checker
  28. 28. Let’s Recap• What is SEO?• Why do I need SEO?• Webmaster Tools• Keyword Research• Updating Your Meta Data and Body Copy• Tracking Your Results
  29. 29. SPECIAL BONUS!
  30. 30. B2B MARKETING SEMINARWe invite you to join Ajax Unions CEO, Joe Apfelbaum, and President, Zevi Friedman,as they teach you these results-driven business to business marketing methods.For more events, visit www.ajaxunion.com/eventsWHEN: May 7th at 6 p.m.HOW: Register for this workshop bysigning up at :ajaxb2bmarketing.eventbrite.com30% off code: 30WEBINAR507Or email : marketing @ajaxunion.com
  31. 31. Find out more about Ajax Union: www.ajaxunion.comQuestions?Comments?Concerns?
  32. 32. Thank you!Find out more about Ajax Union: www.ajaxunion.comWhat Strategies Are YOUGoing to Implement TODAY?