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MKT501 - Marketing in Context - Michael Redmond


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Managing Marketing assessment 2

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MKT501 - Marketing in Context - Michael Redmond

  1. 1. Marketing in Context MKT501 Michael Redmond
  2. 2.  Australia’s number one printing and copying company  Provide ‘back-door’ office support that allows its customers to focus on their core business  Market strategy influenced by social and environmental factors  Recipient of numerous sustainability awards, including an induction into the UN Global Roll of Honour in 2000  Provide customers direct access to internal business documents, reviews and surveys online
  3. 3. Marketing Strategy Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning Marketing Mix  Homogenizes customers in groups based on needs and location  Targets demographics with products relevant to their needs and have a large range of products  Positions itself as a market leader, but with Corporate Social Responsibility and a environmental sensitivity  Products available to any demographic based on needs  Variety of options in differing price ranges  Reliable and trustworthy products that are well advertised on various platforms
  4. 4.  Originated as a game to keep Australian cricketer’s fit in the winter  Has evolved into a nationally recognised enterprise and Australia’s number one sporting code  Is passionate about its history, uniqueness and iconic traditions or merchandise, as are its loyal customers  Celebrates diversity, multiculturalism and health and fitness  Above all else, directs its image and operations as a family- oriented, safe and fun environment for players, officials and fans alike
  5. 5. Marketing Strategy  Provide products to different demographics based on age, such as the use of different technology  Segments with a focus on families, but operate an all-inclusive environment  Offer live events around Australia and televise nationally and to most of the world  Position promoting the excitement of the game and its family-safe environment as its fundamental marketing objectives  Provide a range of products and merchandise at differing prices, aimed at segmented age groups and sexes  Operate an online store and deliver around the world  Incentivise customers with merchandise and free game tickets with a purchased memberships  Involved in numerous corporate sponsorships that mutually promote the AFL products and those of its partners  Advertise extensively on numerous platforms and media, nationally and abroad Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning Marketing Mix
  6. 6. The Australian Defence Force  Long history of protecting Australia and its interests  A large, traditional organisation that is notorious for being slow to adapt to social, environmental and technological change  Is frequently under scrutiny in the public forum, often for financial or environmental matters  Is also constrained with national security legislation about releasing information and is often seen as having little Corporate Social Responsibility  Strives to evolve its marketing strategy and be seen as an equal opportunity employer
  7. 7. Marketing Strategy  Identifies the needs of customers at different age groups, genders and locations and aligns specific strategies to them  Offer different lifestyle options to meet the needs of broad customer markets  Positions itself as an all-inclusive equal opportunity employer that values its customers  Could improve significantly with transparency and accountability  Would benefit from proactive marketing strategies to manage public perception and anticipate needs, rather than being reactive to changes  Are located all around Australia and give the opportunity to travel to many destinations internationally  Employ any age, gender or ethnicity that are residents or citizens of Australia  Promote themselves extensively on conventional and social media  Rely on traditions and legacy to inspire ongoing support through patriotism and the commemoration of past evets Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning Marketing Mix
  8. 8.  The number one insecticide in Australia for more than 100 years  Originated in the 1870’s and owes much of its success to innovation in products and marketing  Was the first commercial aerosol sold in Australia in the 1950’s  It was also one of the first ads ever televised in Australia in 1956  Louie the Fly, the mascot of Mortein, aired on television for over 50 years
  9. 9. Marketing Strategy  Market towards adults over 18 years in all genders, locations and ethnicities, but towards homeowners  Has continued to use slogans customers recognise  Relies on customers disliking insects and bugs and markets itself as a one- stop-shop to overcome any household pest issue  Makes bold marketing shifts to adapt to changes in consumer needs or the evolution of new technologies  Provide products for homeowners over the age of 18  Utilise conventional and social media to advertise its products  Operate a user friendly and informative website  Is available in locations all over Australia  Promote is long standing reputation and consumer trust in its products Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning Marketing Mix
  10. 10. ACT Policing  Responsible for criminal investigations, public safety and emergency management in the Australian Capital Territory  Have been operating in different forms for over 100 years  Operate in an industry that is strongly influenced by community engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility, and has a reputation for delivering in those areas
  11. 11. Marketing Strategy  Segment customers by age groups for targeted campaigns  Provide the basic human right of safety in the community, with the expectation of compliance of the law  Engages with community for support and to understand its needs  Positions itself as transparent and dependable at all  Services all demographics in the ACT region and assist with cross-jurisdictional and national police matters  Promote themselves through a range of media and public events, though the social media accounts may need refinement  Are well engaged physically and electronically with the community Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning Marketing Mix
  12. 12. “The contemporary goal of marketing is to develop relationships.” Pride et al, 2015
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