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Understanding markets and customers - Turkey Supplier Day (sharing)


Published on Turkey Supplier Day
19 June2012 (Tuesday)
Darulaceze Street, No: 9 Okmeydani / Sisli / Istanbul / Turkey

Published in: Business
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Understanding markets and customers - Turkey Supplier Day (sharing)

  1. 1. Understanding YourMarkets & CustomersMichael MangBuyer Service & Development,Alibaba.com19 June, 2012
  2. 2. Top 10 Buyer Markets for Turkish Suppliers Q1 2012Market % of total inquiriesEgypt 8%United States 5%Iran (Islamic Republic of) 4%United Kingdom 4%China 4%India 4%Pakistan 3%Turkey 2%Tunisia 2%Greece 2% 2
  3. 3. Top 10 Supplier Markets for Turkish Buyers Q1 2012Market % of total inquiriesChina 66%India 4%Turkey 2%Hong Kong 2%South Korea 2%Malaysia 2%Taiwan 2%United States 2%Ukraine 1%Pakistan 1% 3
  4. 4. International Trades Buyer Markets Manufacturing and Trading Regions Important Trading Hubs 4
  5. 5. Top 10 Industries for Turkish Suppliers Q1 2012Industry category % of total inquiriesMachinery 11%Agriculture 9%Food & Beverage 8%Construction & Real Estate 7%Apparel 7%Minerals & Metallurgy 6%Textiles & Leather Products 6%Beauty & Personal Care 6%Chemicals 4%Automobiles & Motorcycles 3% 5
  6. 6. The Importance of Sourcing Channels to Buyers Importance of various• International channels to buyers Overall Local International Sourcing buyers prefer Sourcing Internet-Search engine 47 53 56 Online sourcing through channels Internet-B2B e- commerce 39 52 57 multi-channels, platforms/portals Local trading 50 48 50 but the online Offline markets/wholesale centers 46 42 Recommendation from 48 channel is the channels others 30 40 44 most important Trade shows/exhibitions 39 35 41 one for them. Traditional Association 27 24 28 channels Yellow pages 26 24 Magazines and 27 newspapersSource: The Nielsen Company
  7. 7. Manage Your Digital Content -Catch Buyers’ Attention in a Few Seconds
  8. 8. BRICS GDP Forecast2006 2010 2015 2020 2030 2040 2050 US US US US China China China Japan China China China US US USGermany Japan Japan Japan India India India China Germany Germany Germany Japan Brazil Brazil UK UK UK UK Russia Russia MexicoFrance France France India Germany Japan Russia Italy Italy Italy France Brazil Mexico IndonesiaCanada Canada Russia Russia UK Germany Japan Brazil Russia India Italy France UK UK Russia Brazil Brazil Brazil Mexico France Germany Source: Global Insight World Service and Goldman Sachs
  9. 9. Classification of Your Customers “Busy and Business” Large Group 2 Group 1 Big order, better Big order, thinner margin margin Pros: Cash flow &General Pros: Branding & QualityMerchandise Capacity Medium Professional Group 4 Group 3 Small order, Small order, medium margin thinner margin Pros: R&D Pros: Variety & Diversification Small
  10. 10. Top 3 Considerations When Buyers ChooseSuppliers
  11. 11. What concerns the buyers most indealing with new suppliers?
  12. 12. Buyer’s Needs• Small : Integrity > Cost > Quality > Service• Medium: Integrity > Cost = Quality > Service• Big: Integrity > Quality > Service > Cost
  13. 13. Understanding of Buyer’s needsBuyers’ Needs % ImplicationsTo get market intellegence 50 • buyers may not have immediate purchase orders and may notTo find cheaper quality sources for understand the supply market; But he /existing products 30 she should have certain productTo find new products and innovations 20 knowledge and sales channels;To consolidate existing supplier base 0 • Buyer has existing supplies but wouldTo find backup suppliers 0 like to change suppliers and should have certain product knowledge and orders; • Buyer has no existing supplies but To get market information would like to develop new suppliers and 50% should have limited product knowledge 40% and orders; 30% To look for • Buyer has exisitng supplies but wouldTo look for backup 20% cheaper quality suppliers sources for like to consolidate the orders for less 10% existing products suppliers. He / she should have certain 0% product knowledge and orders; • Buyer has existing supplies but would like to split the orders to backup To consolidate To look for new exisiting supplier products and suppliers to lower the risks. He / she base innovation should have certain product knowledge and orders; 15
  14. 14. Research Result by NielsenWhat is the key elements on the first contact:• Understanding of Buyer’s needs 63%• Supplier’s Response Time 55%
  15. 15. Response Time Expectation from SME buyers (Source: Internal Survey)Satisfaction Rate Number of Days Range <1 1-2 3-5 6-7 >7
  16. 16. 18
  17. 17. Sourcing Hub Service Meet pre-screened suppliers in one day in one of the 17 Asian industrial Zones (Sourcing Hubs) Meeting with Suppliers Market Intelligence Pre-trip Arrangement Package A: Meeting with suppliers in local office Acquire sourcing tips from Leave all transportation our expert team on: arrangements to us: Package B: Meeting with - Market information; - hotel pick up; -Sourcing tips; - local office; suppliers & factory visit More Information: please apply here
  18. 18. 17 Sourcing Hubs please apply here
  19. 19. Sourcing Hub - Mumbai
  20. 20. Sourcing Hub - Vietnam
  21. 21. Professional Sourcing Club(PSC)Supporting by, PSC (Professional Sourcing Club)is an online and offline networking group aiming to gathertrading, sourcing and supply chain experts from variousindustries and regions to share market intelligence andcreative ideas, search for talents and encourage moreinteractions between members such as organizingprofessional seminar, networking, leisure activities, sourcingtours, visiting trade shows etc. to contribute the industry asa whole and benefit mutually.。To join, please click herePlease contact Mr. Michael Mang at for moreinformation
  22. 22. Professional Sourcing Club Alibaba.comMarket Intelligence Series – Vietnam November, 2011 Prepared by Allan Yau & Thuy
  23. 23. Conclusions makes doing business easier anywhere Thank you!Michael Mang michaelmang1119YM: line: 852-22155233Mobile Phone: 852-93423430Copyright NoticePlease note:Michael Mang & retain the right of copyright of all material in this presentation. No partof it is to be copied or published or circulated to any third parties without permission from VincentWong or