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  • For a complete directory of Brazilian companies, including manufacturers and service providers, visit B2Brazil.com (www.b2brazil.com). B2Brazil.com is Brazil-based, and focused on facilitating business transactions between Brazil and the rest of the world. The site also contains resources and tools to assist companies wanting to do business in Brazil.
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  • However, the new landscape is being formed in the global economy, BRICS are getting more and more important;
  • New trading landscape in Asia, there are 3 key trading hubs;Many SMEs they have dual identities, most of them are buyers of raw materials and sellers of semi-finished and finished products; We see more opportunities between 3 key trading hubs and other regions;We arefacilitating the trade makes doing business easier anywhere;
  • Supporting by Alibaba.com, PSC (Professional Sourcing Club) is an online and offline networking group aiming to gather trading, sourcing and supply chain experts from various industries and regions to share market intelligence and creative ideas, search for talents and encourage more interactions between members such as organizing professional seminar, networking, leisure activities, sourcing tours, visiting trade shows etc. to contribute the industry as a whole and benefit mutually.。
  • Offline Sourcing Hub service;
  • B2B in emerging markets (sharing)

    1. 1. B2B in Emerging Markets (BRIC and Turkey); Mr. Michael Mang
    2. 2. Alibaba.com Business Intelligence Series –B2B, C2C vs Emerging Markets?  14:30 – 17:30, Thursday, 19 JULY 2012,  26/F Tower One, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong;  28 ppl participated; 2
    3. 3. Self Introduction•Academic background in engineering andbusiness administration;•Experience working in SMEs and sourcing andsupplier development in multinational companies;•From traditional business environment to e-commerce digital world.
    4. 4. An E-commerce Ecosystem Alibaba Group Alibaba.com Taobao Marketplace Global leader in small China’s leading C2C business e-commerce online marketplace Alibaba Cloud Tmall.com Computing B2C online shopping platform for quality, Data-centric cloud brand name goods computing services eTao China Yahoo! Comprehensive shopping Chinese Internet portal search engine Alibaba.com Juhuasuan Comprehensive group shopping platformInternational sites China domestic sites Affiliate Alipay Third-party online payment platform
    5. 5. Key Messages1. Trade with emerging markets.2. From offline to online (O2O);3. B2B2C; 5
    6. 6. 111th Canton Fair – April 2012 6
    7. 7. 非洲通讯产品商机 非洲有6亿手机用户,比欧洲和英国多,大部分是智能 手机 去年本港出口非洲的总货值中, 电讯产品占42.4%, 行 业商机大; 非洲当地较少电子生产商, 有待外商开拓; 尼日利亚电脑渗透率低, 居民多依赖智能手机上网;] Samsung, Nokia等手机较iPhone受欢迎; 周边产品也受欢迎,本港产品在质量上具优势.资料来源:香港统计处, 综合受访者意见. 7
    8. 8. BRIC GDP Forecast2006 2010 2015 2020 2030 2040 2050 US US US US China China China Japan China China China US US USGermany Japan Japan Japan India India India China Germany Germany Germany Japan Brazil Brazil UK UK UK UK Russia Russia MexicoFrance France France India Germany Japan Russia Italy Italy Italy France Brazil Mexico IndonesiaCanada Canada Russia Russia UK Germany Japan Brazil Russia India Italy France UK UK Russia Brazil Brazil Brazil Mexico France Germany Source: Global Insight World Service and Goldman Sachs
    9. 9. India Channel 9
    10. 10. India – Geography & Industries• Key SME Clusters in India New Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Chennai
    11. 11. Challenges of doing business in India• Corruptive system• Weak sense of standards and execution (Jugaad)• Good at bargaining• Poor infrastructure• Tech Savvy but believe in face to face• talk talk talk…Overpromising under delivery
    12. 12. Turkey
    13. 13. Turkey Channel 16
    14. 14. Top 10 Supplier Markets for Turkish Buyers Q1 2012Market % of total inquiriesChina 66%India 4%Turkey 2%Hong Kong 2%South Korea 2%Malaysia 2%Taiwan 2%United States 2%Ukraine 1%Pakistan 1% 17
    15. 15. Top 10 Industries for Turkish Businesses Q1 2012Industry category % of total inquiriesMachinery 11%Agriculture 9%Food & Beverage 8%Construction & Real Estate 7%Apparel 7%Minerals & Metallurgy 6%Textiles & Leather Products 6%Beauty & Personal Care 6%Chemicals 4%Automobiles & Motorcycles 3% 18
    16. 16. Country Profile - China
    17. 17. Supply Distribution Source: Alibaba 20
    18. 18. International Trades Buyer Markets Manufacturing and Trading Regions Important Trading Hubs 22
    19. 19. The Importance of Sourcing Channels to Buyers Importance of various• International channels to buyers Overall Local International Sourcing buyers prefer Sourcing Internet-Search engine 47 53 56 Online sourcing through channels Internet-B2B e- commerce 39 52 57 multi-channels, platforms/portals Local trading 50 48 50 but the online Offline markets/wholesale centers 46 42 Recommendation from 48 channel is the channels others 30 40 44 most important Trade shows/exhibitions 39 35 41 one for them. Traditional Association 27 24 28 channels Yellow pages 26 24 Magazines and 27 newspapersSource: The Nielsen Company
    20. 20. BRIC e-Commerce PotentialUS$10.6m in online 60mil internet users e-commerceretail Sales transaction reaches $100 15mil online shopperslargest in Latin billion growing atAmerica largest online population in Europe Indian middle class 29% a yearonline market will of 288 millionexpand over 12% a people = the entire grow 12% a year U.S. consumeryear base
    21. 21. Manage Your Digital Content -Catch Audiences’ Attention in a Few Seconds
    22. 22. Top 3 Considerations When Buyers ChooseSuppliers
    23. 23. What concerns the buyers most indealing with new suppliers?
    24. 24. Response Time Expectation from SME buyers (Source: Alibaba.com Internal Survey)Satisfaction Rate Number of Days Range <1 1-2 3-5 6-7 >7
    25. 25. Other Online Marketing Platforms SNS 1. LinkedIn 2. Facebook 3. Youtube 4. Meetup 5. Pinterest Mention Frequency (Importance)
    26. 26. Professional Sourcing Club(PSC)Supporting by Alibaba.com, PSC (Professional Sourcing Club)is an online and offline networking group aiming to gathertrading, sourcing and supply chain experts from variousindustries and regions to share market intelligence andcreative ideas, search for talents and encourage moreinteractions between members such as organizingprofessional seminar, networking, leisure activities, sourcingtours, visiting trade shows etc. to contribute the industry asa whole and benefit mutually.。To join, please click herePlease contact Mr. Michael Mang at michaelmang@hk.alibaba-inc.com for moreinformation
    27. 27. Sourcing Hub Service Meet pre-screened suppliers in one day in one of the 17 Asian industrial Zones (Sourcing Hubs) Meeting with Suppliers Market Intelligence Pre-trip Arrangement Package A: Meeting with suppliers in local office Acquire sourcing tips from Leave all transportation our expert team on: arrangements to us: Package B: Meeting with - Market information; - hotel pick up; -Sourcing tips; - Alibaba.com local office; suppliers & factory visit More Information: http://www.alibaba.com/sourcinghub please apply here
    28. 28. Conclusions Alibaba.com makes doing business easier anywhere Thank you!Buyer Service & Development Departmentmichaelmang@hk.alibaba-inc.comCopyright NoticePlease note:Michael Mang & Alibaba.com retain the right of copyright of all material in thispresentation. No part of it is to be copied or published or circulated to any third partieswithout permission from Michael Mang or Alibaba.com