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Electronic health record powerpoint assignment for informatics


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Electronic health record powerpoint assignment for informatics

  2. 2. WHAT IS AN EHR? Instantly communicates all centralized records on a patient to any health care provider in a secure and confidential manner.(Congressman Tim Murphy,2006) It is inclusive of medical history ,diagnostic tests(e.g.X- rays,CT scans, video copies of surgery, ultra-sounds and laboratory treatments)are immediately shared with physicians, consultants and health care specialist. (Congressman Tim Murphy,2006 It performs immediate checks to ensure proper diagnostic questions are asked and ensures providers and patients follow up on treatments(e.g.prescriptions and follow up appointments) .(Congressman Tim Murphy,2006)
  3. 3. WHY AN EHR? Patients records are normally within many locations such as hospitals and doctors offices ensuing the probability of lost or unretrieved important medical records. (Congressman Tim Murphy,2006) Obtaining paper medical records is time consuming particularly in cases of emergency cases. (Congressman Tim Murphy,2006) Important data is frequently omitted or distorted due to patients providing incomplete medical histories. (congressman Tim Murphy,2006) Data Unavailable to physicians may complicate diagnostic tests. (Congressman Tim Murphy,2006) Many lives and a tremendous amount of money is lost every year through medical errors . (Congressman Tim Murphy,2006)
  4. 4. HOW EHR WORKS? As soon as your doctor makes a referral ,all aspect of patient care are tracked.(congressman Tim Murphy,2006) In order for providers to make appropriate diagnosis and treatments Patient information is centralized .(Congressman Tim Murphy,2006) Prompts are given to the doctor to check for specific medical tests based on complaints and medical findings American Health Quality Association,(n.d.) patient treatments are tracked (including if prescriptions were filled and that patients remembered to attend any follow up appointments).AHQA(n.d.)
  5. 5. WHAT ARE THEADVANTAGES? prevention of unnecessary stress and money loss caused by multiple examinations. e health solution:patients(2008) Reduced waiting and treatment time . e health solution:patients(2008) Care provided is fast and sometimes at patients doorstep. e health solution:patients(2008) Treatment and follow-up appointments close to patients home . e health solution:patients(2008) Risk reduction for patients by avoiding transportation. e health solution:patients(2008) Possibility of treatment even at inaccessible places e health solution:patients(2008) The risk for of medical errors is reduced.
  6. 6. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGESCONTINUED? Patient “self-service and messaging” Access to parts of your own medical record American Health Quality Association(n.d.). Refill prescriptions and mail order to home .AHQA (n.d.). Request appointments American Health Quality .AHQA(n.d.). Contact and receive advice from a nurse or pharmacist for non urgent issues .AHQA(n.d.). Send messages to your physician about non urgent issues .AHQA(n.d.).
  7. 7. PRIVACY ISSUES? Access by others to your personal health information in the EHR will depend on their role in your care, they may have access to all or some .e.g. pharmacist will only have access to medication information .Your Privacy and Your Electronic Health Record(n.d.). A disclosure directive an instruction as to who can see you information can be attached to your EHR and can only be removed in the case of an emergency. Your Privacy and Your Electronic Health Record(n.d.). Your information is password protected as instructed by law in order to prevent confidentiality issues Your Privacy and Your Electronic Health Record(n.d.). The law states your health care provider will have access only to the information necessary to provide you with care. Your Privacy and Your Electronic Health Record(n.d.).
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