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MJ Times

  1. 1. The NEVERLAND Times VALLEY NEWS LOS OLIVOS 2005 - Vol.2 0,77 Neverland cent Full report on the Michael Jackson Trial What happened in the Michael Jackson trial so far? He was indicted on 10 felony counts for incidents that allegedly occurred in February and March 2003. He is accused of molest- ing a young boy, giving him alcohol and conspiring to hold the boy's fami- ly captive. You think Michael Jackson is guilty? Examine the nature of that claim. Are your sources credible? Conspiracy theory? Both the accuser and the defendant claim that they are the victims of a conspiracy. Who is right? This news- paper will give you an insight of the story other then the regular sensation- seeking media. page 6 JUSTICE? Santa Maria 2005 - What emerged from the trial so far is a portrait of a family from the wrong side of the tracks who managed to infiltrate the air of 1 MILLION X MJ Times!!! Hollywood's celebrity's. They approached celebrities such as Lopez, actor Jim Carrey, "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno and boxer Mike Tyson. Leno went to A Record breaking 1 million copies police, telling them "something was wrong" and that he suspected the family of the MJ Times vol.1 have been dis- was "looking for a mark". Some of the celebrities responded generously. tributed word-wide in different lan- Comic Louise Palanker reportedly gave the family $20,000. After the boy met guages!!! Read more on page 8 with Michael Jackson his cancer has gone into remission. When the family found out that they were not going to live at Neverland forever, realizing they were not going to get rich, that's when their story changed and the accusations began. Previous this case was brought to a secret Grand Jury who made their decision to go ahead with the case without even hearing the defence side. Hundreds of search warrants later and after the so called evidence of a $ 75.000,- watch and a Jacket that Michael Jackson gave away is the beginning of what looks like an ongoing harassment of Mr. Jackson. It will be interesting to see if the American system will bring Justice in this case? Witness after witness, the media report “Lies run sprints, but the truth runs headlines that are carefully chosen slogans or statements, yet, leaves out the con- marathons. The truth will win this text and trivializes the impact of the cross examinations. marathon in Court." ~ Michael Jackson Continue to read at page 2
  2. 2. issue in the trial: The credibili- ty of the accuser and his fami- The Trial ly. In March the Judge ruled that the prosecutors will be begins allowed to introduce evidence of past molestation allegations against Michael Jackson not- ing that the evidence is rele- In January 2005 about 300 vant to proof "an alleged pat- potential jurors enter the back tern". A victory in the prosecu- entrance of the courthouse, tion's eyes, thinking this will marking the most widely-cov- help their case. Michael attor- ered case in history. In a mêlée ney Messereau said prosecu- of television crews, fans and tors were trying to rescue a sheriff's deputies, Michael troubled case with weak wit- Jackson makes his way to nesses by bringing up past alle- An investigator for the Santa defense also mentioned that court. The second day in court gations. But for Michael it Barbara County Sheriff's the boys broke into Michael's ended early, when Santa the could turn out to be even more Department said that no DNA bedroom and that the boys Judge abruptly halted jury victorious as now he has the from Michael Jackson's accus- knew the entrée codes (later selection, saying he had inter- chance to be totally vindicated er, his younger brother or any acknowledged by the accuser's viewed enough potential pan- from all accusations! other member of his family younger brother). ellists. The defence attorneys was found during forensic test- and prosecutors had their From "the Jackson 5", alleged- ing on samples taken from A third boy's testimony for chance to interview the people ly 5 young boys were molested Michael Jackson's Neverland Michael Jackson's defense is who might sit in the jury box by Michael, only one alleged Ranch. Even linens seized by "relevant" to the pop star's and decide whether Michael victim will testify. Testimony police from Michael Jackson's accuser's credibility. The Jackson is guilty or not. Two in four other cases will come bed failed to yield hair, fibers defense will present a boy say- delays came into the process of from nine third-party witness- or DNA linked to the teenager ing that the accuser and his the Jury selection when the sis- es. Michael Jackson was never accusing him of child molesta- younger brother masturbated ter of Messereau, Michael's charged in connection with the tion or the accuser's brother while looking at the pop star's leading attorney, died and past accusations. The other pornography in his presence -- when Michael Jackson was boys allegedly molested by around the same time the taken into a hospital. The Jury Michael Jackson, including accuser alleges Michael is mixed, including four men and eight women, ranging in movie star Macaulay Culkin, have all repeatedly denied Forensic Jackson introduced him to the practice against his will. age from 20 to 79. Seven are white, four are Hispanic being abused by the performer. Proof: and one is Asian. None of the selected jurors are Chandler, the first accuser is Witness African-American. believed to A forensic analyst testified that at least one of the prints recov- Profiles: have fled the In January the pros- county to ered from sexually explicit magazines seized from ecutors pre- p r e - Who are the key witnesses pared to intro- vent Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch belongs to his accuser's for the prosecution? How duce their case to be credible are their stories or against younger brother. She also testi- fied that she believes another are alternative motives Michael print recovered from the maga- involved? Here’s a selec- and his lawyers zines belongs to Michael tion of the most important t o Jackson. However, the results witnesses... counter are officially considered incon- with their clusive because another exam- Martin Bashir defence. iner who looked at the print Bashir, maker documentary More than 1,000 disagreed with her conclusion. "Living with Michael members of the Jackson", made big bucks media from around The defense brought up the from his controversial docu- the world have cre- called to fact that the boy also may have mentary. Later came up with dentials to cover the wit- touched the magazine during another documentary with the trial. The back- ness stand his testimony before the grand actor Corey Feldman, one of and-forth came dur- by the jury. The prosecution acknowl- Michael's alleged victims, ing opening state- procecu- edged that the magazines were again making $$$$$$. This so- ments in the trial tion. not fingerprinted until after the called victim suddenly claimed lead to one pivotal Grand Jury proceedings. The to remember things… yet he
  3. 3. was never called to the stand to year-old sis- testify??? During cross exami- ter of the boy nation the judge said he would broke down hold Bashir in contempt for on the stand refusing to cooperate… and admitted to defence The accuser attorney that The credibility of the boy is she'd lied in crucial to the case and the her testimo- defense noted specific incon- ny. "So you'd sistencies in his version of lie about cer- events. The boy admits having tain things told a school teacher two years and tell the ago that Michael Jackson did truth about nothing inappropriate to him. c e r t a i n He denied suggestions that he t h i n g s , invented the molestation depending on what you are several times about what claimed to have been sexually because he felt rejected by asked, right?" Mesereau asked Michael Jackson allegedly did assaulted by security guards, Michael Jackson as a father the woman. "Yeah," she to his brother and that there J.C. Penney settled for figure. The boy claimed to be replied. were many discrepancies in his $152,000. unaware he had until age 18 to testimony. - Mesereau also pressed the file a civil lawsuit against Brother accuser woman about a child welfare Michael Jackson and that win- Mr. Jackson's lawyers have Kiki Fournier (Former investigation back in the ning a criminal conviction stated that the boys memorized Housekeeper) said that the 1990s, triggered after her son - would help such a lawsuit. security codes and entered Mr. accuser's younger brother - the accuser -- alleged she had Jackson's wine cellar and other became "ornery" and demand- abused him. Barron (former guard at areas without permission. The ing while staying at the ranch. - The mother also admitted that Neverland) brother did, in fact, testify She said he once pulled a knife she once told police that her testified that the accuser under oath that he did have the on her when they were both in ex-husband had inappropriate- crashed a golf cart into a foun- codes to Michael Jackson's the kitchen and the boy was ly touched their daughter. tain and was warned that if he bedroom. The brother testified trying to cook - Mesereau also tried to bolster didn't slow down, the golf cart that the first overnight sleep- the defense's contention that would be taken away. Cynthia over occurred during his fami- Mother of the accuser the mother used her son's bout Ann Bell (flight attendant) ly's second visit to Neverland Accuser's mother, whose ram- with cancer to solicit money described the boy as loud, in contradiction to the testimo- bling asides aggravated even for her personal benefit, asking obnoxious and "unusually ny of the accuser's sister and the judge, spend five days on her if she had paid for plastic rude," complaining about how the prosecution's opening the stand. At one point the surgery out of funds raised for his dinner was prepared and statement in which the first judge threatened to end court the boy. talking very loudly about a overnight sleepover was said for the day. Crucial testimony - The mother denied she had valuable watch Michael to have occurred on the fami- by the mother of the teen ever asked her son to call NBC Jackson had just given him. ly's first visit to Neverland? accuser was thrown into doubt "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno, Under cross-examination the because the woman invoked or any other celebrity, to solic- Sister Accuser brother admitted that he (like her constitutional right against it financial help. The defence lawyers revealed the sister) lied in a deposition self-incrimination. Santa - The woman admitted to know many gaps and holes in the given in a civil suit. The Barbara County Superior what the deadlines were for fil- credibility of the accuser's sis- defence also pointed out that Court Judge Rodney Melville ing a civil claim against ter story. Eventually the 18- the brother changed his story ruled she could avoid answer- Michael Jackson over the ing questions about alleged molestation allegations. welfare fraud, without being - She also conceded that she forced to invoke her Fifth never called police during the Amendment right against self- time she claimed to have been incrimination in front of the held against her will, intimi- jury. The fraud allegations, dated and harassed by Michael which are being investigated Jackson's aides, despite being by the Los Angeles County close friends with a Los District Attorney's Office, stem Angeles police officer. from welfare payments the mother received between Stepfather of teenager October 2001 and March 2003. According to the stepfather of - The woman acknowledged teenager the family was lying under oath during a offered a new house and free 1990s civil lawsuit her family college education in exchange filed against J.C. Penney. She for appearing in Jackson's
  4. 4. Jackson often used, testified instruct her to do so. She said $1.4 million in the wrongful that as part of her flight prepa- she did not see Michael termination suit, they filed rations, she emptied Diet Coke Jackson share the can with bankruptcy. So giving a "dis- cans and filled them with white anybody else and did not see turbing" testimony against Mr. wine for him to drink because any children drinking. Bell Jackson in this case is a perfect he got nervous on flights. said she did not see the accus- way to get back at him... However, she said did not see er intoxicated. him give alcohol to minors Bob Jones (ex-employee during the more than 15 flights LeMarque (former cook) media relations) she took with Michael Testified he saw the singer Currently writing a tell-al book Jackson. She also said that fondling child star Macaulay about his time with Michael while she saw Michael Culkin. But he acknowledged Jackson with co-author Stacy Jackson drinking both wine that his employment with Brown. Jones had been expect- and mixed drinks, she did not Michael Jackson ended with ed to testify that he saw see him drunk. him suing the star for overtime Michael Jackson licking the owed him and that the case head of the boy in the 1993 Comedian Louise Palanker was settled out of court. case on a plane flight. But, in a Testified that the estranged During a break in testimony, blow to the prosecution, Jones father of the teenager at the Judge Rodney Melville barred said he could "not recall any- center of the trial -- not the the defense from raising the thing about licking." Brown video rebutting Bashirs docu- mother -- pressed her for issue of LeMarque's later work said he had several conversa- mentary. money. Palanker said she con- as the operator of a porno- tions with Jones in which he The defence pointed out to siders the family as friends. graphic Web site. The witness talked about seeing Michael jurors that he spurned the offer However, under cross-exami- said he did not report the inci- Jackson lick the boy's head because he wanted an even nation, Palanker admitted that dent at the time, doubting that during a Monaco trip, but he larger share of what he thought when she was interviewed by anyone would have believed said Jones' recollections later would be a financial windfall police in January, she spoke of his account because "Michael became "fuzzy." And under from the rebuttal video. The the family in less glowing was at the top of everything." cross-examination Brown said stepfather admitted that he terms. She conceded she told Jones' recollections about the thought the offer was insuffi- police that the mother was Adrian McManus "onetime" incident seemed to change cient because he believed "totally bipolar" and "very Neverland maid and security with his finances -- that he had Michael Jackson stood to earn excitable," and also said that guards Ralph Chacon & a better memory of seeing the $4 million to $5 million from "this family can be as wacky as Kassim Abdool licking when he needed money selling his rebuttal -- and the they want to be." All three of these ex-employ- and a fuzzier memory when he family ought to share in the ees were involved in the failed didn't. Asked if the book was money. He also admitted ask- Robel and Det. Paul Zelis lawsuit against Michael an accurate depiction of his ing reporters from a British (sheriff's deputies) Jackson after leaving their experiences working for tabloid for money for an inter- Testified that adult magazines Neverland jobs. The suit Michael Jackson, Jones said, view with the family because found at Neverland were all resulted in a six-month trial in "It's factual to a degree," going "I thought it was the standard legal to possess and that the which a in the industry." But he insisted singer's young accuser had not judge found he later declined their offer of remembered seeing any partic- that they had $15,000. ular magazine or DVD. The acted with officers also conceded some of "fraud, Kiki Fournier (Former the magazines and DVDs were oppression Housekeeper) not published or released until and malice" Kiki Fournier testified that she after the young boy and his and stole never saw Jackson serve alco- family left Michael Jackson's from the pop hol to minors. She also said Neverland Valley Ranch. i c o n . she doesn't remember seeing Chacon, Jackson's teenage accuser or Cynthia Ann Bell (flight McManus his siblings intoxicated at the attendant) and Abdool, ranch. Additionally, she said On a private jet that carried who admit- she believed the accuser and Michael Jackson, the accuser ted selling his brother were staying in and his family from Miami, their story to guest rooms -- not Michael's Florida, to California after the tabloid room -- during the time the boy Bashir documentary aired. newspapers, says he was molested Bell, who said she flew with conceded Michael Jackson between that they Lauren Wallace (flight atten- three and six times, said she w e r e dant) served him wine disguised in a ordered to Wallace, working for an air Diet Coke can throughout the pay Michael charter company that Michael flight, although he did not Jackson
  5. 5. never brought criminal charges against the singer. Barron (former guard at Neverland) Jack Green (president of Said he never saw criminal Affordable Telephone behavior at Neverland and that Systems) as a sworn police officer would Green inspected Neverland's have taken action if he had. He telephone system, and testified also said the rest of the staff at that Michael Jackson's private the ranch was aware that he telephone line was able to join was a police officer. He testi- in with or listen to conversa- fied that the Santa Barbara tions on any other line County Sheriff's Department throughout the ranch. Under had asked him to work under- cross-examination, Green con- cover as a confidential inform- ceded there was nothing ant at Neverland after investi- unusual about the system, and gators raided the ranch in on to explain that Brown had a 12 to 13-year-old boy to said that anyone could dial out November 2003. He refused included things of which he make false accusations against or call 911 on it. and quit his job after a discus- did not approve. a male." On cross examination, sion with the chief of his he was confronted with some Klapakis (former maid and department. William Dickerman (civil of his published work, includ- son) attorney) ing an article entitled "Stop the The woman said that in the Carter (former bodyguard) William Dickerman was hired Witch Hunt for Child years she worked for Jackson, A key prosecution witness in by the boy's family after the Molesters" and his published she never saw him touch a the Michael Jackson case broadcast of the "Living with assertions that some 40 percent child sexually, although his charged in a string of armed Michael Jackson" documen- of sexual abuse claims are "in behavior did make her uncom- robberies in Nevada likely will tary. Dickerman said he wrote substantive." fortable and "concerned" for refuse to testify at the pop letters to Michael Jackson's "You are aware that alleged her own preteen son, who star's trial, his lawyer said. then-attorney, Mark Geragos, victims of molestation often often came to work with her. Carter's attorney, Lloyd Baker, seeking to end "intimidation, sue for millions of dollars in Both the mother and son in said he has advised his client harassment and surveillance" civil court, correct?" he was 1996 reached an out-of-court "to remain silent" and invoke of the family by the performer asked. "That is correct," Katz financial settlement with his Fifth Amendment protec- after they left Neverland. He said. Mr. Katz was also Michael Jackson. Michael tion against self-incrimination said he also asked for the involved in the 1993 case Jackson's lawyers questioned if he is taken to California to return of passports, birth cer- against Mr. Jackson. the maid's son on about con- testify in Michael Jackson's tificates and clothes. The attor- flicting statements he had trial. ney acknowledged that in his Larry Feldman (civil lawyer) made to police and why he had letters he never mentioned Feldman, who was also initially denied being molested Cynthia Montgomery (for- accusations against the pop involved with the 1993 case, by the singer. Shortly before mer travel coordinator) star of false imprisonment, denied there were plans for a the deposition, the mother said Cynthia Montgomery testified kidnapping, molestation or civil lawsuit. But he conceded she was paid $20,000 by the that a Michael Jackson associ- alcohol. the accuser, now 15, had the syndicated TV show "Hard ate asked for one-way plane legal right to sue Michael Copy" to talk about her time at tickets to Brazil for the pop Dr. Stan Katz (psychologist) Jackson for about five more Neverland and provide photo- star's teenage accuser and his Dr. Stan Katz, a key prosecu- years. Feldman also told the graphs. Michael Jackson family days after they filmed a tion witness who first reported jury that after Michael Jackson denied any wrongdoing in the video designed to rebut a con- the then-13-year-old boy's paid the family in 1993 the boy settlement document, also not- troversial television documen- allegations to authorities, said stopped cooperating with ing that he had a financial tary (ed. Brazil doesn't allow "it would be highly unusual for authorities, and as a result interest in protecting his name U.S. citizens to travel there on and image. one-way tickets. So a one-way
  6. 6. out and it was full of lies and would I help. And as always, I said yes". She said she asked to Conspiracy visit their two children, whom she had not seen in about two theory years, and Michael Jackson agreed explaining that she Michael Jackson has been hoped "to be reintroduced to accused of conspiring to com- them and to be reacquainted mit child abduction, extortion with their dad." Asked why by and false imprisonment. Deputy District Attorney Ron Zonen, Debbie Rowe dabbed However it is policy at at a tear and said: "He's my Neverland not to allow chil- friend." Debbie Debbie said dren to leave the ranch if they that that contrary to prosecu- are visiting without their par- tion assertions that she was not ents, and notations often were coached and said she even made in the guest log to that turned down an offer to see the effect. questions in advance, saying she did not want to be later The mother had previously tes- accused of giving rehearsed tified she was uncomfortable answers. According to Debbie being at the ranch because she Michael was surrounded by felt intimidated by Michael "opportunistic vultures" out to Jackson's associates and she take advantage of a man she had persuaded the ranch man- ticket was never booked in fact Hamid Moslehi (former knew privately to be kind, self- ager to take the family back to a return trip was booked, using photo director) less and "generous to a fault." Los Angeles. an "arbitrary" date.). Cynthia Michael Jackson's personal Debbie Rowe also had an Montgomery said she advised photo director testified about angry retort for prosecutors Defense attorney Robert flight crews handling private the circumstances surrounding when defense attorney Thomas Sanger took Barron (former jet flights for Michael Jackson a videotaped interview with Mesereau asked her if she was guard of Neverland) through to provide him with wine dis- the family of the accuser -- a aware that investigators had logs kept at the gatehouse in guised in a soda can, after she so-called rebuttal tape -- that recorded her telephone conver- which the arrivals and depar- was told by a flight attendant has become central to the case. sations. Debbie Rowe also said tures of Michael Jackson's that Michael Jackson had made On the tape, which has been that Schaffel "bragged about guests were noted. The nota- that request. played for jurors, the mother of how he took advantage of an tions in the logs showed that However Montgomery is the the accuser and other members opportunity" to make millions on February 12, 2003, the target of both a lawsuit by of the praise the entertainer as of dollars from the rebuttal accuser and his mother, broth- Michael Jackson and a federal a benevolent father-like figure. documentary, which was sold er and sister left the ranch at investigation over a November The accuser's mother, who to the Fox network. She said 1:30 a.m. in a Rolls Royce 2003 incident in which took $2,000 from Moslehi as a Schaffel also falsely told driven by Michael Jackson's Michael Jackson was secretly loan she never repaid, later Konitzer and Weizner that she ranch manager. Interpreting videotaped consulting with his said those remarks were script- had demanded money for her the logs for the jury, Barron lawyer on a later flight he took ed by Michael Jackson's camp. interview, but then kept the said that there was no indica- to surrender to police in Santa "We were trying to show that money for himself. tion anyone was notified or Barbara and was testifying basically there was nothing called after the family's depar- under a grant of immunity between Mr. Jackson and (the *** ture in the middle of the night meaning that the statements boy) that they were showing in she made in court could not be the media," Moslehi said. used by the FBI as evidence Moslehi has filed a lawsuit against her. Montgomery against Michael Jackson would not have testified in the claiming unpaid invoices, Michael Jackson trial unless which he said at one point the prosecution gave her totaled $250,000. immunity to protect her from possibly incriminating state- Debbie Rowe (ex-wife) ments. Mesereau got her to Debbie Rowe, the mother of admit that she ignored a two of Michael Jackson's three request to use a different char- children, smiled at Michael as ter company for the flight, she took the witness stand and after discussing the issue with identified herself as "Deborah one of Michael's associates. Rowe-Jackson." "Michael told me there was a video coming
  7. 7. and that the logs showed that Billy Connolly Steve Harvey they were not "spirited away" Quotes in "I think it's nightmarish, and I "I'm a friend of Michael Jackson's. but had simply been checked don't know how you're supposed I do not believe for one moment out by security staff and Support of to be innocent until proven guilty. that Michael Jackson has the capa- My heart bleeds for the guy. bility of harming a child." allowed to go on their way. Michael Jackson They've all got him guilty and I don't buy it personally." Alicia Keys Second witness in the case Ann "I really think he deserves much Nelson Mandela Kite told jurors that she was P.Diddy more respect than he's getting "Michael Jackson is a constant hired by his Las Vegas-based source of inspiration to me." "Michael Jackson has been a posi- right now…I hope this settles lawyer, David LeGrand, after tive influence in my life. The way over…I believe that the truth is the documentary was first Muhammad Ali the media is stalking him, I think gonna come to light." broadcast. She told that she "When people ask me where I get it's wrong." believed people around the pop my strength from, I tell them that I Stephen King look at the man Michael Jackson Frank Dileo "What I'm asking is whether this is superstar were putting their looks at when he looks at the man "He's a very, very charitable per- a country where a peculiar person own interests ahead of his as son that wouldn't harm anybody!" such as Michael Jackson can get a they dealt with the situation. in the mirror." fair shake and be considered inno- Kite's testimony supported the Missy Elliot cent until proven guilty." Harry Belafonte defence contention that "Michael Jackson is innocent until "He's my biggest influence so Michael's associates, rather proven guilty by the court of that's why I'm very defensive. Kate Lawler than the entertainer himself, law...I cannot charge my colleague "Think what you want but I'll still exercised considerable control on the basis of media reports and Berry Gordy wear the t-shirt because I'm a fan." of the events that unfolded television programs, no single "I love Michael and I think individual has had influence in the Michael is one of the greatest LL Cool J after the documentary. world like Jackson." entertainers of all time...I'm just "The media is super waiting and hoping that this will powerful…until I see evidence, In a surprising twist, Ms. Kite just all go away." I'm not going to be Mariah Carey mentioned that she had friends convinced…I'm not going to be Mariah dedicated 'Through the in high places at Sony that con- Rain' to Michael in the concert she Phil Collins brainwashed." firmed that someone in the gave in Manila in 2003. "I really feel for the guy" continued on next page Jackson camp was deliberately trying to set Michael Jackson up to steal his highly-coveted Mail for Michael Sony Music Catalogue. Ms. Kite explained that she learned Michael’s cousin Marsha has that Ronald Konitzer, an advis- been appointed by Michael to col- er also named as an unindicted co-conspirator, might be work- lect the fan mail for him at the ing behind the scenes to allow court house. Sony to take over his owner- ship of a music catalog that Off course we understand that includes the works such as The not all fans can affort to go there Beatles, Elvis Presley, Toni Braxton and Mr. Jackson's own to show their support, so we music. decided to open our mailbox for The $ony/ATV catalog is a those who like to send their mail treasure valued around a bil- to Michael. lion dollars!!! In addition a former manager We will make sure that Marscha of Mr. Jackson told the MJ will get your mail and she will Times that he has proof of a bring it directly to Michael at conspiracy against the singer. Neverland. "His whole life is a conspira- cy". He is waiting for Michael's people to contact Send you mail to: him when the time is right. A Mail for Michael Sony employee told the MJ Times that Sony is currently P.O. Box 1106 working on yet another MJ 2301 EB Leiden greatest hits CD to be released Holland in the near future. This surely is not Michael Jackson's idea, but Sony just wants him to look stupid in the public's eye. * We will make your royal mail delivery
  8. 8. Brian May "My God - What has happened to the world? Where did our civilisa- 1 MILLION tion go? Innocent until proven guilty and this vindictive woman x MJ Times wants to take a man's children With great proud we away from Michael Jackson announce that after just a before the trial has even started? I frew months a record break- feel desperately sad for Michael ing number of 1 million Jackson. It's certainly hard for me copies of the MJ times vol.1 to believe this boy has a single bad have been distributed all bone in his body." over the wold by MJ’s fans Liza Minnelli and supporters. "I just don't believe it. There are certain people out there trying to The MJ Times vol. 1 is hurt him. Michael did nothing translated in 9 different lan- wrong. I am sure of that." guages, incl.: Hungarian, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, Donny Osmond German, Spanish, Russian, "Michael is a sweet and gentle Italian, English, Iranian & man." Things to wonder about: Dutch. More transalations Arnold Schwarzenegger are currently worked to 1) If there would have been a white person charged with molesta- "I know that Michael is innocent reach new potential readers. tion and he would have a predominantly black jury, people would and therefore I pronounce my full ______________________ not think of it to be a fair trial. Yet with Michael Jackson no one trust in him." seems to bother that he is not getting a Jury of his pears. Article by Mark Wittenberg Dame Elizabeth Taylor 2) Tom Sneddon's involvement in the case is questionable as no & Willy Gijsman "I thought the law was innocent other district attorneys in the state personally take cases to trial. until proven guilty. I know he is Add to that a prosecutor's personal interest in the case is grounds Lay Out: TLC Productions innocent and I hope they all eat to disqualify him or her from the proceedings. The public ridicule crow." of Mr. Jackson by calling him 'Jacko Wacko' in a press conference Sources: CNN, Reuters, is just one of the samples where his personal involvement has Offcial Court documents Louis Theroux crossed the line. Picture Courtesy: Getty "The allegations have not changed Images, AFP, TLC 3) Why would the accusing family turn to a civil lawyer if they my mind that Michael is inno- Court Illustrations: Bill cent." have no plans to file a civil lawsuit? Robles, ebaumsworld. 4) Will child molesters have adult magazines in their home show- ______________________ Donald Trump ing only females? "I think they're trying to make 5) Many testimonies of the witnesses collaborated Michael We, TLC Love Michael. And money off Michael and it's a Jackson's story and not that of the accuser. when proven innocent in shame. I know him very well and 6) Most key witnesses have alternative motives where money or court the press should I don't believe it. I'm going to stick revenge is involved, so how credible and reliable does that seem? change the name calling of up for him" 7) After many months months of investigation Sneddon adds two Wack Jacko into Saint Michael!!! Unis testis, nullis people to the conspiracy charge, did they just pop into his mind or Dionne Warwick testis! ~ TLC "I wouldn't even consider believ- is it a desperate attempt to save his case??? ______________________ ing the claims." "To Michael: 8) How can the prosecution speak of victims when those alleged victims speak out in defense of Michael? LOVE, SUPPORT Cousin Jeaffrey and Marsha: & RESPECT!!! "To Michael: Please keep the Relevant Facts: faith!" The Legend Continues 1) A well-known South Bay attorney ventured into the world's biggest criminal case by filing briefs with the state Supreme Court P.O. Box 11060 on behalf of Michael Jackson that allege the pop star is the target 2301 EB Leiden Holland of an overzealous prosecution. 2) Former Prosecutor, Laurie Levenson, Loyola Law School Professor "At this point, the case is looking like a smear cam- paign. It's a legal free-for-all." 3) The 1993 so called "evidence" now allowed in court is evidence that never led to criminal charges at the time because it was con- sidered a LACK OF EVIDENCE, so in 1993 Mr. Jackson was UNCHARGED! 4) Mr. Jackson has always done his share to Heal the world, pro- FREE NewsPaper mote peace and financially supported numerous of organizations and individuals who followed his example. Donations welcome at: 5) Michael never stands alone, his family, friends and fans are by his side always and ever, with their continuing love and support!