Portfolio Parts 1&2


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This is a combination of portfolios 1 and 2 for the TMD 427 midterm.

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Portfolio Parts 1&2

  1. 3. Dots represent rhinestones Painted Sunglasses Four rhinestone buttons as closure on jeans Leather fingerless gloves Two-finger opal ring Painted design on denim jeans Leather boots with painted design Frog closures on jacket
  2. 4. Dots on corset represent half sphere studs Metallic sneakers with rhinestones (= dots)
  3. 5. Maroon leather piping on front and back detail of jacket Brass buttons on navy blue leather jacket and boots Maroon leather cuffs on boots and jacket White cotton/poly halter Painted sunglasses Gold hoop chain necklace Jacket is lined with maroon polyester Two-finger opal ring Chiffon skirt Toe of boots capped with metal painted maroon
  4. 6. Black leather piping detail on back of shorts = Studs Yellow top stitching on ruffles of shirt Yellow striped cotton shorts under denim shorts Yellow leather belt Two finger opal ring Painted sunglasses Leather rhinestone watch with mother of pearl face Leather fringe on leather boots Back pockets and inset of front pockets is black leather
  5. 7. Polyester flame patch on back of jacket with purple stitching sunglasses Silk scarf on head Rhinestone snaps located at neck closure, epaulettes, waist of jacket, and at the hip of the pants Leather white studded watch Pants open at the sides and are liked with the main color of the outfit (in this case- purple) White fabric is polyester mesh over metallic polyester Design comes in: Purple (shown) Green, Silver, Blue, Black, Red, Brown, Orange, Pink, Yellow and Gold Main color (in this case- purple) is metallic polyester
  6. 8. Leather and rhinestone hat with leather piping Leather piping on collar, cuffs and waistband of jacket White tank with leather trim Gold leather jacket with leather flame appliqué and rhinestones on back Gold bangles and gold chain necklaces Gold flowing pants with studs and a leather waist band with opal button closure Black leather messenger bag with gold painted fading front and large brass studs on sides Painted sunglasses Black leather studded stilettos
  7. 9. Wool tweed blazer with leather lapel, pockets, epaulettes and trim of yoke Two-finger opal ring Waist of skirt and top are strips of leather laid down together over grey mesh and sewn down The skirt has leather strips over grey mesh but are un sewn at the bottom, allowing them to swing Heels of sandals are stones held with a rod through them – straps are leather
  8. 10. Top of dress and ruffles at the bottom is layered chiffon (different tones of orange) Orange tulle headpiece Painted sunglasses Leather fingerless gloves with ruffles to match dress Black leather pumps have orange tulle ruffles down the center back, and the toe is capped with orange painted metal
  9. 11. White hooded sweatshirt with random graphic designs Cuffs of sweatshirt, soles of sneakers and middle of ankle on sneakers – covered in rhinestones Silver and gold chain necklaces, and gold chain hanging from belt loops Zipper on sweatshirt travels from the front around the back and to the front again Distressed asymmetrical jeans torn randomly Hood string laced through the front of the hood Painted sunglasses Ribbon shoe laces
  10. 12. Leather trimmed white tank top Zip up hooded sweatshirt Leather belt with painted design Leather “trucker” style hat with embroidered star Pleated skirt Silk scarf (on wrist) Leather boots Green cotton/polyester “Member’s Only” style jacket with design on back Love beats and gold chain necklaces
  11. 13. Silver metallic halter dress Neck goes into a silver chain adorned with purple gem stones that act as weights to hold up the halter straps Purple vinyl appliqué Painted sunglasses Purple leather gather bag with loop chain handle Leather fingerless gloves Purple leather pumps with black metal capped toe
  12. 14. Pale blue flowing dress adorned with silver and clear studs Blue rhinestones accent the pull strings on the jacket Blue piping on waist and arm elastics and under the collar of the jacket Heels of shoes are split with a rod attaching the base and end
  13. 15. Inspiration for the next portion of this portfolio comes from this Levi’s Skinny Jeans advertisement. I wanted to redesign designs, sticking primarily to skinny jeans, and show my ability to innovate when it comes to clothing that is simple, bland or uninteresting.