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Nine key rules of Oracle Licensing


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If you are responsible for the Oracle Licences be sure to understand these key rules:
Can you prove ownership? Do you have contracts to hand? Are you measuring your usage? Are you clear on how your access methods and architecture affect your licence position? Learn more in the latest slide deck from Madora Consulting. Bringing Clarity to Oracle Licensing.

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Nine key rules of Oracle Licensing

  1. 1. THE NINE KEY RULES of Oracle Licensing cc: cold_penguin1952 -
  2. 2. ESTABLISH PROOF OF OWNERSHIP Gather together all the licence agreements, support renewals, contracts and correspondence. cc: lautsu - #1
  3. 3. Understand your licence metrics Over time Oracle has introduced new ways of licensing their software. cc: Richard-G - #2
  4. 4. Measure your usage measure your typical and maximum licence usage for each product cc: Leo Reynolds - #3
  5. 5. Understand how YOU access YOUR SYSTEMS This could affect your compliance cc: plenty.r. - #4
  6. 6. Understand how you transfer data between systems as this can affect the licensing position. cc: ~Brenda-Starr~ - #5
  7. 7. Understand your backup and failover strategy as Oracle have changed how this is accounted for over time. cc: David Gallard (Mr Guep) - #6
  8. 8. Made any changes to eBusiness Suite? this can affect the level of licensing for the technology. cc: Leo Reynolds - #7
  9. 9. Consider the impact of future business strategy on your licensing position. Are you divesting, merging or acquiring new companies? cc: illustir - #8
  10. 10. Get help from independent experts cc: jacqui.brown33 - #9 Find out more about Madora Consulting click here
  11. 11. Visit the Madora Academy To Learn More About Oracle Licensing