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Automotive Retail: Management Professionalization


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Challenges and areas for action in the changing automotive trade as well as objectives and contents of a corresponding professionalization of management in 8 charts

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Automotive Retail: Management Professionalization

  1. 1. Automotive Retail: Management Professionalization
  2. 2. Automotive Retail: Management Professionalization Chart 2 The following concept defines challenges and areas for action in the changing automotive trade, and identifies objectives and contents of a corresponding professionalization of management. Michael Kuloge / Update August 2016
  3. 3. Automotive Retail: Management Professionalization Chart 3 „For the past years, the automotive retail business is going through a massive change. New technology, changes to the legal framework, and rising customer expectations permanently change the demands on management, organizational structures and systems.“ (Retail Consulting, Mieschke, Hofmann and Partner GmbH) Initial Situation
  4. 4. Automotive Retail: Management Professionalization Chart 4 Anyone who wants to be successful in the automotive retail of the future, has to understand the changes in the industry and its surroundings as an opportunity and needs to meet the resulting challenges and demands proactively. Only companies with a highly professional management and staff as well as modern and efficient corporate structures and processes are able to compete in rapidly changing markets. Challenges
  5. 5. Automotive Retail: Management Professionalization Chart 5 Distribution processes must be more efficient and future-proof Work processes need to be harmonized across businesses TOP priority should have the consistent utilization of the margin potential with simultaneous optimization of cost structures Oftentimes, the next step towards expansion must be done before the current one has been mastered due to increased consolidation pressure This new complexity requires a high degree of standardization and centralization without abandoning the proximity to customers Despite heterogeneous systems and complex business processes, the management and control of the whole company must remain secure at all times Fields of Action
  6. 6. Automotive Retail: Management Professionalization Chart 6 The identified challenges and fields of action in the automotive retail require further corresponding developments in management. The main objective of this general professionalization is the shift towards a In this context, holistic means that the company is being looked at as a whole, including all business areas, processes, structures and systems, the employees and customers as well as the company culture. holistic management oriented corporate governance Objectives
  7. 7. Automotive Retail: Management Professionalization Chart 7 A holistic management-oriented corporate governance should not only focus on operational and cross-functional topics, but also on tools and methods of modern corporate management as well as generic competence. In addition, change management and restructuring capabilities, and the knowledge on how to develop innovative medium-and long-term strategies including the implementation of this knowledge, are becoming more and more the key competencies. Effectiveness, role modeling, performance, and ethical considerations provide the framework or foundation, which should be understood as a personal expectation or requirement by the executive herself/himself every day. It is not only about the theoretical knowledge; it’s also about social skills, including how to lead, to manage, and to control. Contents of the Professionalization
  8. 8. Automotive Retail: Management Professionalization Chart 8 Before founding MK Automotive Consulting , Michael acquired more than 20 years CEO / MD experiences in leading premium and multibrand car dealership groups within Germany. This in his own as well as at privately and at Volkswagen AG owned dealership groups. Furthermore he managed for an US parent company owned BMW / MINI dealership group in Germany and was recently responsible as the Country Manager / MD for an US investment fund owned largest Ford dealership group within Austria with 5 locations and roundabout 300 employees with the brands Ford, Volvo, Fiat and Alfa Romeo. Additionally he worked as a senior consultant on behalf of the Volkswagen AG and was responsible for a holistic development and management consulting of Volkswagen dealerships. Besides from that Michael lectured a couple of years at the Management Marketing Academy of the Volkswagen AG on leadership, marketing & public relations, human resources, reporting and generation change. He achieved several awards of the Volkswagen AG (organization, employee satisfaction study, public relations) and main premium awards of the AUDI AG (q-power, sales, after-sales, marketing). Furthermore he accomplished successfully a management audit at Volkswagen AG as well as CEO audits at Audi AG and Screen GmbH. Due to Michael's international activities he is very open-minded and likes intercultural exchange. He cooperated several years with the Ben Craig Center, a business incubator affiliated with the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, USA and managed their subsidiary in Germany. Furthermore he founded a US investment corporation, was one of the initial investors and board members of a US medical start-up and founded their German subsidiary. Additionally Michael consulted a high-tech company in Helsinki, Finland regarding growth, mergers & acquisition as well as generation change and established business relationships to a MBO in St. Petersburg, Russia.