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Overview activitiites Quality Point

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Q.P En 2

  1. 1. Michael Gore MISSION • The main philosophy of Quality Point is represented in following mission statement: “We turn food safety into corporate value” • Quality Point wishes to cooperate in initiatives that stimulate quality perception. C URRENT P OSITION Position: Food safety Auditor & Consultant (2006-today) Company: Quality Point (http://www.qualitypoint.be) Responsibilities: • General Manager • Food safety auditor for certification bodies in: - Belgium (Vincotte) - Netherlands (ISACert) - France (Euroqualité) • Consultant in quality management systems for small and big companies assessing, implementing, maintaining, supervising the systems that have been established as well as coaching and training of staff within quality divisions. (QMS with or without extra certification) • Freelance committee member and external secretary for VLHORA (Flemish Council of University Colleges) Realisations: 2007: Trainer for SBM, part of Syntra West (training institute) Evening workshops regarding food safety systems in de food industry 2007: Food safety auditor for Vincotte-Belgium (ongoing) 2008: Committee member/ Expert at VLHORA, for assessing professional bachelor courses in food science and nutrition and biological laboratory technology. 2008: Food safety Expert for ISACert BV—Netherlands, in order to assess all non-dairy subsidiaries for a major food processor (Tnuva, Mediterranean region) Target: Assess the quality management within those companies and link them to food safety threats with negative press exposure (approximately 20 companies, end: 03/2009) 2008: Supplier auditor for Sodexo, through Euroconsultants NV. Assessment of approximately 20 suppliers in Flanders (Belgium) 2009: External secretary at VLHORA, for assessing professional bachelor courses in electro mechanics. 2009: Food safety auditor for Euroqualité– France (ongoing) Westkantstraat 58 8020 Ruddervoorde 2009: Advisor for the IPV (Initiatives for Professional Training within the Belgium food industry) Phone: 0032-(0)50/68.79.51 From 2006 till today an acquired expertise in different domains of the Cell: 0032-(0)476/52.51.81 food industry in setting up quality systems, auditing, coaching and training Fax: 0032-(0)50/68.79.61 (Reference list available on request) E-mail: info@qualitypoint.be
  2. 2. Michael Gore FORMAL RECOGNITION 2007: Recognised as Food Safety Auditor by the BRC (British Retail Consortium: Nr.104071 2009: Recognised as Q* For organisation for consultancy and training Recognised by the Flemish community for consultancy and training Recognised by the Walloon community for quality management, general management and organisation Recognised by the Brussels community as a consultant 2010: Recognised by the Flemish community for international entrepreneurship P REVIOUS WORKING EXPERIENCES Position: General Manager (2005) Companies: WDS Natuurdarmen NV & Omnicasing NV (50 employees) Responsibilities: • Daily management of two plants specialised in casings for the meat industry. The objective lied in a management buy-out. The project came to an end because of financial reasons. Position: Corporate Quality Assurance Manager (1998-2005) Company: Westvlees NV (>1000 employees) Responsibilities: • Head of the quality department • Set-up and implementation of an ISO-HACCP based quality system for Slaughterhouse—cutting plant—gut cleaning area—fat melting unit—blood processing—cooked & cured processing plant—minced meat and meat preparations—on site catering facilities—ready meals • In charge of managing certifications on a product and process level: GMP feed, BRC, HACCP certification, Certus (VLAM), FQC (Carrefour), Animal welfare (British Retail), Colruyt scheme (Colruyt) • Own design, set up and maintenance of a proper traceability system from slaughter up until the pre-packed products • Coordination of the whole quality management system; internal HACCP auditor and supplier auditor. • First line of contact with the food authorities for approvals, plans, audits, etc. • In charge of accompanying audits, commercial audits as well as system audits, foreign delegations, etc. • Contact person for complaint handling • Trainer regarding hygiene topics, HACCP, animal welfare, quality schemes, certifications Specific projects: • Management of the in-house catering with approximately 150 meals/day (1998-1999) • Organisation and management of the cleaning activities through contractors and internal cleaning teams (budget of €600,000/jaar), as well as managing a night supervisor and 2 janitors for safety purposes (2000-2004) • Productivity coach (trained by the organisation IMPAC) for the streamlining of processes. Internal auditor with direct feedback to Westkantstraat 58 the board of directors (2001-2003) 8020 Ruddervoorde Belgium E DUCATION Phone: 0032-(0)50/68.79.51 • Bachelor (BSC) in food science and laboratory technology, option Cell: 0032-(0)476/52.51.81 food and dietary sciences (KHBO Campus Bruges, 1998) Fax: 0032-(0)50/68.79.61 • Certificate of post academic training: Total Quality Management in E-mail: info@qualitypoint.be the agro food industry (University of Ghent, 2002) • Certificate of business administration (Syntra West, 2005)
  3. 3. Michael Gore REFERENCES Company Sector Type of activity EANDIS Gas & electricity Set up technical (4000 employees) specifications for the catering facilities within the group VINCOTTE Certification body Food safety auditor: (2000 employees) ISO22000/BRC/FEDIS/Etc. ICO TERMINALS Car shipping and copacking Set up a quality (1000 employees) of sugar management system and seek approval from sanitary services WESTVLEES Slaughterhouse, cutting plant, Coaching GMP, BRC, IFS, (1000 employees) meat products, meat training of quality managers preparations, feedstuffs LAMMENS POULTRY Poultry slaughterhouse and Revision quality management (250 employees) processing plant, minced system, Coaching BRC meats CULINOR Ready-to-eat meals Revision of the quality (100 employees) producer manual; coaching BRC & IFS, GMP Feed DELI-OSTRICH Cutting plant for exotic Coaching BRC, FEDIS (<10 employees) meats EURO-ABATTOIR Beef slaughterhouse Coaching FEDIS (<10 employees) GOEMAERE Slaughterhouse and cutting Coaching auto-control (<10 employees) plant SLUYS INTERNATIONAL Flavours and juice ISO22.000 implementation (20 employees) concentrates LOUAGE & CRAEYNEST Butter processing facility Implementation QMS, (<10 employees) BRC certification REULEN Fermented meat products Coaching FEDIS (20 employees) ‘t VEER Sheltered workshop Coaching HACCP, hygiene (600 employees) TAIGA INTERNATIONAL Producer of aromas Implementation ISO22.000 (20 employees) TIMFROST Warehouse for frozen Implementation QMS, (<10 employees) products Coaching auto-control TROPICS CARGO Transport and external Implementation of QMS (<10 employees) warehousing BART’S POTATO COMPANY Potato processor Revision of the QMS+ (50 employees) training GMP Feed and ISO Westkantstraat 58 8020 Ruddervoorde DE WINTER Casings producer for the Set up generic HACCP plan Belgium NATUURDARMEN meat industry for subsidiaries Phone: 0032-(0)50/68.79.51 (50 employees) Cell: 0032-(0)476/52.51.81 ARTIMAR Chocolate factory Implementation of HACCP Fax: 0032-(0)50/68.79.61 (<10 employees) E-mail: info@qualitypoint.be
  4. 4. Michael Gore REFERENCES Company Sector Type of consultancy GINO IDE Fish importer/exporter Implementation QMS (<10 employees) NIJF Fish processor Implementation QMS (<10 employees) ‘t VRIESMANNEKE Distributor Implementation QMS (<10 employees) MESSELY BAKKERIJ Industrial bakery Implementation of QMS (<10 employees) BEKAERT BISCUITS Biscuit factory Implementation of QMS and (<10 employees) IFS Certification CHEVIDECO Cutting plant for Horse meat Implementation of QMS and (20 employees) IFS Certification CIMA NUTRITION Pet Food wholesaler Coaching GMP Feed (<10 employees) COMAR Caterer Implementation of QMS (<10 employees) BELBERRY PRESERVES Comfitures and marmalades Implementation of QMS (<10 employees) producer CHOCOFINO Chocolate factory Implementation of QMS (<10 employees) FLANDERS QUALITY PATAT Potato processor Implementation of QMS (<10 employees) GF PRODUCTS Pasta & meat preparations Implementation of QMS (<10 employees) BASIC BUSINESS Vegetarian preparations Set up QMS and BRC (<10 employees) certification COCOMAS Confectionery Implement QMS and FEDIS (<10 employees) certification DKR Refrigeration company Advisory body for calibrati- (50 employees) on of equipment and assess temperature monitoring soft- ware INTERNATIONAL TNUVA (ISACERT) - 25 NON DAIRY DIVISIONS Assess quality management ISRAEL OF THE TNUVA CORPORA- systems TION IPOSTUDIO - ASSOCIATION OF Advisory body for hygienic ITALY ARCHITECTS design and quality manage- ment Westkantstraat 58 8020 Ruddervoorde GALACTIC - PRODUCER OF LACTIC ACID Audit mother company and Belgium BELGIUM & CHINA chinese subsidiary against (ONGOING) ISO22.000 standard Phone: 0032-(0)50/68.79.51 COFATHIM (EUROQUALITE) - PHYTO-PHARMACEUTICAL Audit against ISO22.000 Cell: 0032-(0)476/52.51.81 FRANCE COMPANY FOR PET FOOD STANDARD Fax: 0032-(0)50/68.79.61 E-mail: info@qualitypoint.be