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tile making machine


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tile making machine

  1. 1. Henan YuxinSenda Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd Tel:+86-18638289708
  2. 2. Henan YuxinSenda Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd Tel:+86-18638289708
  3. 3. Henan YuxinSenda Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd Tel:+86-18638289708 Introduction for tile making machine 1. PLC Automatic controlling system 2. Mortar and concrete are pressed and filtrated to form the tile molds which have high intensity, strong strength and precise demension. 3. Many tile molds can be changed to produce kinds of color tiles to meet demands of different clients. 4. It's the best choice for small-medium size investor for its lower cost at raw material and simple and easy operation at production process The feature for tile making machine 1.High automaticity, easy and simple to handle,high production efficiency. 2.Low cost, low labor intensity,low consumption,no pollution, no dust. 3.It just need 2-3 persons to operate the complete equipment, and the production is 3000 pcs/shift 4.Products: 300*300 mm,400*400mm,500*500mm,600*600mm,800*800mm. The thickness can be adjusted easily as you want. 5.Accurate appearance size,high intensity,high density,and low percentage of damage. 6.Good flexural strength, high abrasive resistance,good anti-skid performance, long-lasting,and elegant taste. 7.The terrazzo tile is featured by diversiform pictures, vivid flower pattern, various colors,high density,high intensity,good anti-skid performance,etc.It can also replace the granite tile and marble tile, and mainly be used to lay the sidewalk of the city, plaza ground,and indoor ground,can considered as the optimal ground surface materials. 8.The raw material is cement,stone dust,and gravel, which is very cheap and easy to find.
  4. 4. Henan YuxinSenda Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd Tel:+86-18638289708 Specification for tile making machine SD-128C-10 SDC-1000 moulding presure 300T 1000T moulding speed 5-8pcs/min 3-4pcs/min main frame power 7.5 KW 15 KW main frame weight 8T 20T Overall dimension 3100*1600*2600mm 5500*2100*2800mm Roof tile 5-8 pcs/min 3-5pcs/min Terrazzo tile 5-8 pcs/min 3-5 pcs/min Double layer terrazzo tile 4-5 pcs/min 2-4 pcs/min Size of tile <<500*500mm (As needed) >>500*500mm (As needed) Thickness As needed As needed Support equipment Bucket elevator Mixer
  5. 5. Henan YuxinSenda Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd Tel:+86-18638289708 Pictures Of Shipment Pictures Of Tiles
  6. 6. Henan YuxinSenda Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd Tel:+86-18638289708 Senda Group has a high degree of brand awareness and brand reputation at home and aboard, also has been a bright star in the industrial filed after ten years’ historical precipitation and rapid development. Senda group cooperates with Xi ' an Jiaotong University and Zhengzhou University College of Engineering in research and development, innovation, which make the Senda Group achieving the leader status of the industrial field. Each machinery are strictly 3-stages tested during the production, commissioning for 3 hours,no-loading commissioning and full-load commissioning after installation. Senda Group owns the perfect after-sales service system and experienced after-sales service team,all the problems related with the products could respond to the customer questions within 24 hours and be satisfied with our service. Senda Group has a wide range of different products, including sand making machinery, rotary dryer, total number of products is 35, covering the various products in the industrial filed, meanwhile, Senda Group always researches the new products to meet the needs of the market. Senda group has a perfect pre-sales team and field experience, the optimum solution be designed according to the customer needs, always standing in the perspective of the customer, following the best effect and lowest price to enabling the customer maximize profits. After ten years’ rapid development, 30% of the customers come from the word of mouth among numerous customers. Senda Group is greatly focus on the cost control, technology research and development, innovation, which makes the price is lower 10% than the products with same quality and brand from other suppliers .
  7. 7. Henan YuxinSenda Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd Tel:+86-18638289708