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Michael WiederoderCV no objective


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Michael WiederoderCV no objective

  1. 1. Michael Wiederoder 6210 Belcrest Rd #1450, Hyattsville, MD 20782 E-mail:, Phone: (989)-859-0750 OBJECTIVE To develop solutions that improve diagnostic technologies in public health, food safety and defense, and environmental monitoring through innovative research and analysis EDUCATION Ph.D. Bioengineering, University of Maryland: College Park, MD (UMD) Expected Aug 2016 GPA: 4.0/4.0 Focus: Microfluidics, Biosensors, Resource Limited Diagnostics Dissertation: Microfluidic Assay Performance Enhancement Using Porous Volumetric Detection Elements for Impedemetric and Optical Sensing Faculty Advisor: Dr. Don DeVoe ( M.S. Food Science, University of Maryland: College Park, MD Aug 2011 GPA: 4.0/4.0 Focus: Hyperspectral Imaging, Food Safety Thesis: Portable Hyperspectral Imaging Device for Surface Sanitation Verification in the Produce Industry Faculty Advisor: Dr. Y. Martin Lo ( B.S. Biosystems Engineering, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI May 2009 GPA: 3.92/4.0 Focus: Biosensors, Food Engineering, Food Defense, Meat Safety Senior Capstone: Biofilm Build-up Reduction for Peeled Chestnut Processing Faculty Advisors: Dr. Evangelyn Alocilja ( Dr. Bradley Marks ( RESEARCH EXPERTISE  Thermoplastic microfluidic device fabrication  Development and optimization of electrical and optical lateral flow immunoassays  UV photolithography and soft lithography for electrode and microfluidic device fabrication  Impedance based sensor characterization  Biosensor creation for resource limited environments  Food safety and defense  Hyperspectral imaging for food safety applications  Thermal food processing validation RESEARCH EXPERIENCE USAID Research and Innovation Fellow, Material Science and Manufacturing, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Pretoria, South Africa Jan 16–present  Optimized colorimetric lateral flow immunoassay for E. coli using silver enhancement methods for water quality monitoring at local waste water treatment facilities  Created novel paper-disc hybrid devices for pre-concentration and colorimetric detection of E. coli from waste water samples using lab on a CD technology
  2. 2.  Consulted on impedance based biosensor project for E. coli using functionalized inkjet printed electrodes on paper substrates to quantify bacteria in waste water samples Research Assistant, University of Maryland (UMD) MEMS and Microfluidics Laboratory Aug 11–present  Developed immunosensor systems for rapid, low-cost disease diagnosis in resource limited environments using thermoplastic microfluidic devices  Created novel volumetric impedance based immunosensors and generated novel mathematical models to characterize performance  Enhanced novel optically based microfluidic detection technologies using silver enhancement and refractive index matching and volumetric capture elements  Managed and mentored 3 undergraduate students conducting independent research projects Research Assistant, UMD, Department of Nutrition and Food Science Sep 09 –Aug 11  Created a fluorescence based portable hyperspectral imaging device for food surface hygiene evaluation in produce processing facilities at USDA ARS in Beltsville, MD  Conducted research in commercial produce processing facility to improve sanitation practices that improved food quality and safety  Generated data on spectral characteristics of possible contaminants in food processing plants to improve knowledge within the field Dept. of Homeland Security Scholar, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory June 08-Aug 09  Investigated effect of silicon membrane structure for biological sample separations  Developed microfluidic DNA purification techniques using isotachophoresis in lateral flow Professorial Assistant, MSU Biosensors Research Laboratory Sep 05-May 09  Developed novel procedures for rapid biosensors based on lateral flow immunoassay technology for food pathogens in Biohazard Level II laboratory  Collaborated with material scientists to create conductance based immunoassays using novel electrospun nanofibers and magnetic nanoparticles TEACHING EXPERIENCE Teaching Assistant, UMD, Bioengineering and Food Science Departments Sep 09–May 14  Led 400 level electronics lab and 400 level bioimaging course by grading exams, presenting lectures topics, and grading homework while generating assignments  Co-taught 400/600 level biosensors course leading multiple lectures and creating assignments  Led discussion section for 100-level Food Science course and developed laboratories and graded reports for 400 level food engineering class LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE Executive, UMD Graduate Student Government Aug 2010-present  Served multiple executive and program representative positions to advocate for graduate student concerns to university administration and state legislators  Presided over assembly for two years inviting speakers, running meetings according to Robert’s Rules of Order and editing, managing, and archiving legislation of the assembly  Chaired university-wide research conference with over 200 graduate student presenters and recruited judges to provide travel awards to exemplary presentations  Facilitated creation of Graduate Student Writing Center by writing white paper and collaborating with University Libraries and Graduate School  Served as graduate student representative on Athletics Council for 4 years developing policy for the UMD athletic department
  3. 3.  Chaired and served on the Provost’s Student Advisory Committee to provide input on policies and practices that affect students at the University level  Staffed the organizations committees and helped provide support to carry out initiatives  Helped organize Lobby Day to communicate student concerns to elected representatives HONORS AND AWARDS  National Science Foundation Fellow. Sep 11 – present  USAID International Research Fellow with NSF GROW Travel Award, Spring 2016  Wylie Dissertation Fellow, University of Maryland College Park (UMD), Spring 2016  Future Faculty Program Fellow, UMD College of Engineering Fall 2013-Fall 2015  Institute of Food Technologists Graduate Fellowship, Aug 2010 – May 2011  National Department of Homeland Security Scholar. Sep 2007–May 2009  Alumni Distinguished Scholarship Semi-finalist, MSU, Sep 2005 – May 2007 CERTIFICATIONS  Fundamentals of Engineering Exam: April 2010, Maryland Board for Professional Engineers  Commercially Sterile Food Processor Training: Jan 2010  National Science Foundation Responsible Conduct of Research Training: Aug 2010, University of Maryland College Park TECHNICAL SKILLS  Proficient – Thermoplastic Microfluidics, Centrifugal Microfluidics, Paper Microfluidics, Immunoassay Development, Soft Lithography, Photolithography, Impedance Spectroscopy, Isotachophoresis, CNC Milling, Bacteria Culturing, SEM, 2-D CAD, Microsoft Office, LabView  Experience with – COMSOL, Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS), PCR, Biological Sample Preparation, ARDUINO Microcontroller, SAS, Matlab JOURNAL ARTICLES  Wiederoder, M. S., Peterken, L., Lu, A. X., Rahmanian, O.D., Raghavan, S. R. & DeVoe, D. L. Optical detection enhancement in porous volumetric microfluidic capture elements using refractive index matching fluids. Analyst, 140, 5724-5731 (2015).  Kendall, E.L., Han, J.Y., Wiederoder, M.S., Sposito, A., Wilson, A., Rahmanian, O.D., DeVoe, D.L., 2015. Soft lithography microfabrication of functionalized thermoplastics by solvent casting. Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 53, 1315-1323, 2015.  Wiederoder, M. S., Liu, N. (Tong), Lefcourt, A. M., Kim, M. S. & Martin Lo, Y. Use of a portable hyperspectral imaging system for monitoring the efficacy of sanitation procedures in produce processing plants. J. Food Eng. 117, 217–226 (2013).  Lefcourt, A. M., Wiederoder, M. S., (Tong) Liu, N., Kim, M. S. & Martin Lo, Y. Development of a portable hyperspectral imaging system for monitoring the efficacy of sanitation procedures in food processing facilities. J. Food Eng. 117, 59–66 (2013).  Wiederoder, M. S., Lefcourt, A. M., Kim, M. S. & Lo, Y. M. Detection of fresh-cut produce processing residues on food contact surface materials using hyperspectral imaging. Sens. Instrum. Food Qual. Saf. (2012).
  4. 4.  Luo, Y.; Nartker, S.; Wiederoder, M.; Miller, H.; Hochhalter, D.; Drzal, L. T.; Alocilja, E. C. Novel Biosensor based on Electrospun Nanofiber and Magnetic Nanoparticles for the Detection of E . coli O157 : H7. IEEE Trans. Nanotechnol. PP 1–6 (2011).  Luo, Y.; Nartker, S.; Miller, H.; Hochhalter, D.; Wiederoder, M.; Wiederoder, S.; Setterington, E.; Drzal, L. T.; Alocilja, E. C. Surface functionalization of electrospun nanofibers for detecting E. coli O157:H7 and BVDV cells in a direct-charge transfer biosensor. Biosens. Bioelectron. 26, 1612–1617 (2010). REFEREED CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS  Wiederoder, M. S., Peterken, L., Lu, A. X., Raghavan, S. R. & DeVoe, D. L. Enhanced Optical Detection in Porous Microfluidic Sensors by Refractive Index Matching. in 18th Int. Conf. Miniaturized Syst. Chem. Life Sci. (MicroTAS) 2262–4 (2014).  Wiederoder, M. S. & Devoe, D. L. Volumetric Impedance Based Flow-Through Immunosensor Using an Integrated Electrode Array and Silver Enhancement. in 17th Int. Conf. Miniaturized Syst. Chem. Life Sci. (MicroTAS) 883–5 (2013).  Wiederoder, M. S., Liu, N. (Tong), Lefcourt, A. M., Kim, M. S., Chao, K. & Martin Lo, Y. Development of Portable Surface Hygiene Monitoring Device for the Produce Industry Utilizing Hyperspectral Imaging Techniques. Transactions of the ASABE, 2011. Oral Presentation.  Wiederoder, M. S., Liu, N. (Tong), Lefcourt, A. M., Kim, M. S., Chao, K. & Martin Lo, Y. Portable Hyperspectral Imaging Device Development for Surface Sanitation Verification in the Produce Industry. Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting. 2011. Poster Presentation  Wiederoder, M. S. & Marks B.P. Error in Thermal Inactivation Measurements of Pathogens in Meat Products due to Inaccurate Temperature Probe Placement. Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting. 2010. Poster Presentation CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS  Wiederoder, M. S., Kendall, E.L., Peterken, L., Rahmanian, O.D., & DeVoe, D. L. Refractive Index Matching to Enhance Optical Detection in Porous Microfluidic Sensor Elements for Point of Care Devices. SelectBio: Point-of-Care Diagnostics & Global Health World Congress, San Diego, CA, Sep 28-30, 2015.  Natesan, M., Pugh, C., Smith, J., Rahmanian, O.D., Wiederoder, M.S., Han, J.Y., DeVoe, D.L., Ulrich, R.G. Microfluidics and multiplex antibody detection, NIAID/WHO Gaps and Opportunities in Chikungunya Research: Expert Consultation on Chikungunya Disease in the Americas, Rockville, MD, Jun. 30 – Jul. 1, 2015.  Nazar, I., Wiederoder, M., Stroeve, P., Letant, S., Britten, J., Nguyen, H., Larson, C., Balhorn, R., Zaidi, M.S.S., Palazoglu, A., Faller, R., Tringe, J.W.. Controlled Molecular Transport through Nanofilters with Tapered and Cylindrical Pores. Biophys. J. 96, 648a. 2009  Anderson K., Palmer, J., Skrocki, T., & Wiederoder, M. Post Processing Microbial Control on Peeled Chestnut. Michigan State University Undergraduate Research Forum, First Place. April 2009.  Wiederoder, M. & Alocilja, E.C. Constructing a Conductometric Biosensor using a Polyaniline and Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Composite as a Transducer. National Center for Food Protection and Defense Conference. September 2008. Poster
  5. 5.  Wiederoder, M. & Alocilja, E.C. Optimization of an Electrospun Nitrocellulose Capture Pad for Biosensing Applications. Michigan Microscopy Society Conference. First Place. December 2008. Poster  Wiederoder, M. & Alocilja, E.C. Synthesis of Conducto-Magnetic Polyaniline- Tetracyanoquinodimethane as Nano-Wires for Bacillus cereus Biosensor Development.National Center for Food Protection and Defense Conference. June 07. Poster