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February update 2016

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February update 2016

  1. 1. This month Bill Donaldson President of CMI was invited by a radio talk show host to be the guest speaker for two weeks in a row, on KGNC, SmartMoneyradio, with Mark & Marcy McKay, Saturdays at 8:30AM CT. Now a Radio guest speaker with something good to say about your money: People around the world are getting stirred up, mostly by fear of global economies failing and markets going up and coming down so they are seeking safe havens, now there are two: 1. Special Asset Roth Conversions that can increase your spendable income from the IRA, allowing your money to potentially last longer. 2. Demand for silver and gold coins as the supply dwindles like it did in the bull run from 2000 to 2011 @40% a year average beating every market! William Donaldson is fast becoming recognized as an expert in his field of Alternative Roth Conversions. If you missed the show, please Cut and Paste this address into your browser to hear the latest podcast from Smartmoneyradio, as Bill speaks on His Greatest Discovery to help people get tax free income from their IRA! Bill made a discovery in 2013 while working with IRA clients and Equity Trust, the largest self-directed IRA custodian, Equity Institutional Trust, Westlake, OH. They have over $12 Billion under custody in securities, precious metal coins/bullion, and Real Estate. Over 10,000 brokers use their client services for IRAs and pension accounts. Clients, tax advisors, and Security brokers are not experts in Roth Conversions because they are not specialized in all IRA assets. They all want to see the client have a greater advantage but are restricted by a “Lack of Knowledge” We all need wisdom, knowledge, and understanding but are we willing to gather all the facts, avoid opinions, then make an informed decision? Precious few follow godly instruction, James 1:5 We are approved as a service provider helping our clients enter the only Turnkey Roth Conversion using Alternative assets with a 25% cost compared to a much higher tax bracket if you had to report your entire IRA In the traditional method. Hear what he has to say then ask for additional information and for wisdom to act on the advantages! Call me at 714-642-1517 for more information. Coin Management Inc. William A. Donaldson, President Bentonville, AR 714 381 2940