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Better Roth Solution 2016

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Better Roth Solution 2016

  1. 1. C o i n M a n a g e m e n t I n c . 5403 SW Lavender St. Bentonville, AR 714 381 2940 William A. Donaldson, President Coin Management Inc. 714 381 2940 Email Page 1 High Tax Bracket Baby Boomers are faced with financial problems for retirement income: 1. How do they plan to outlive their retirement income? 2. How do they avoid RMD and the after-tax result of IRA distributions, or tax law changes coming? Facts: QE gave lower yields offering only increase risk to increase the yield or increase distributions. The security broker could discuss the Roth conversion to tax-free income however that would disclose their only solution using securities, maximizing the tax cost and you would dismiss it altogether. An affordable Roth Conversion is available using an alternative short-term asset: 1. What if you could use your broker in a tax-free Roth to maximize spendable income? 2. Only a Managed Third-Party Service Provider and major IRA Custodian can provide the transition. 3. The RMD would be eliminated, then the client takes only what is needed and grows the rest. 4. If securities are used in a conversion you’ll maximize the tax and ignore the Roth. 5. If non-securities are used by a Third-Party Service Provider you reduce the total costs. 6. IRA custodians are in 100% compliance with disclosures using securities or non-securities in Roth Conversions. Two tax law reforms had a positive effect on higher taxed IRA clients: 1997 Congress approved another non-security IRA investment when physical Proof coins were added. 2010 Income limits were removed for Roth conversions. But only metal brokers as a Managed Service Provider and IRA custodians can use non-securities for this solution! What makes this a low risk and better alternative? Congress approved two types of IRA investments: 1. Securities – valued daily on the NY stock market Exchange 2. Non-securities – Precious metals (our choice) valued daily by the NY Metals Exchange spot price per oz. Securities used for a conversion usually maximizes the tax cost. Non-securities used (The silver Proof) minimizes all costs below 26% 1. Only self-directed IRA custodians were given a specialized metal valuation that reduces the tax cost. The best choice of IRA Proof coin, (US Mint 1 oz. Silver with COA, Certificate of Authenticity) Our solution Transfers in-kind, the physical 1 oz. of silver valued daily, not cash. The coins are subsequently sold inside the Roth and proceeds transferred back to your broker by a future short- term agreement between the buyer and seller. What are the Minimum Guidelines? $150,000 IRA/pension/401K/SEP assets that can be liquidated and transferred to the new custodian. Over age 60, combined state and fed. tax bracket over 30% People who want to eliminate RMD and/or fear future tax law changes of IRA investments. Call the IRA custodian, Equity Institutional Trust, 800 955 3434 X5381 to verify using US mint silver Proof coins in the turnkey Roth program (in-kind) and our approval as a metals company and Roth conversion specialist. Please call us for an analysis and our results will provide a worksheet for your review. References available. Google “William A. Donaldson, Roth Conversions” Sincerely, William A. Donaldson