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Future Tech and Trends Shaping Search by Nimbull - adtech 2017


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Future Tech and Trends Shaping Search by Nimbull at adtech 2017.

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Future Tech and Trends Shaping Search by Nimbull - adtech 2017

  1. 1. EMERGING TECH & TRENDS SHAPING SEARCH Agenda Showcasing a mix of developments that will impact Search in the short, medium and long term. Speaker Email LinkedIn Twitter @nimbull #adtechsyd
  2. 2. Search Is Changing – Why Should You Even Care? 2 - Google and Facebook have the lions share of paid digital media revenue. They are most of the pie! - When you’re not getting results from paid ads, your probably focusing on SEO OR working on SOCIAL to BOOST SEO. - MORAL - NOT planning for changes to Search Marketing = Leaving your Marketing to absolute chance. @nimbull #adtechsyd
  3. 3. OBAMA IS A COUP SCHEMING COMMUNIST! @nimbull #adtechsyd
  4. 4. … SAYS GOOGLE HOME @nimbull #adtechsyd - Obama planning communist coup according to Google Home! Fake News in Search Snippets to blame. - Search is core functionality to many of the emerging tech developments.
  5. 5. Search Becoming Truly Device Independent 5 - 2016 Google change to remove ads on the right hand side and roll out ETAs is testimony of this. - Desktop and mobile search experiences approach parity. - Moved from “universal search” to “simplest device first”. Pivotal concept as IOT and connected devices enter mainstream usage. Desktop SearchMobile Search @nimbull #adtechsyd
  6. 6. - Windows 10 and BING delivers a consistent UI across the entire device range from PC, Tablet, Phone, Wearables & other IOT. - Transitioning between devices does not interrupt your digital experience. That’s why for the first time every WINDOWS was FREE! Search Becoming Truly Device Independent @nimbull #adtechsyd
  7. 7. - Bing has approximately doubled AU market share within 2 years. - Windows 10! Search Market Share @nimbull #adtechsyd
  8. 8. New devices and signals will require… New ways to search Gestures Touch Voice Image @nimbull #adtechsyd
  9. 9. Here They Come: Voice First Devices @nimbull #adtechsyd Mary Meeker
  10. 10. Voice First Devices @nimbull #adtechsyd - 30 million voice-first devices expected in U.S. homes before the end of the year ~
  11. 11. Search & The IOT 11 - Search will be a key function as connections between devices, sensors, people and their physical, augmented and virtual worlds becomes more sophisticated. - Forecast: by 2020 IoT endpoints will be around 21 billion units e.g lightbulbs, cars, furniture, toys. - All big OEMs have skin in the game… @nimbull #adtechsyd
  12. 12. “Search, That's An Order!” - Rise of the AI Helpers 12 - Soon we won't program computers, we’ll train them like dogs - wired magazine. - Search can now serve us away from the web browser and even beyond the realm of the smartphone. - AI helpers have search as a primary function at their core. @nimbull #adtechsyd
  13. 13. Search & The IOT – The Low Cost Smart Home is About to Explode 13 - The trusted consumer facing brands are finally showing their cards. - High Trust + Low Cost + Low Installation = MAINSTREAM - homepage blog article for full details @nimbull #adtechsyd
  14. 14. Search & The IOT - Example IOT Search Scenarios 14 “Alexa, what’s the best Italian restaurant around here?” @nimbull #adtechsyd Right now she’s returning organic results. How soon before we can pay for a premium listing in a voice response?
  15. 15. 15 - Hyper-geo matters - Of course you will eventually be far more likely to do a recipe search command on a Fridge than a laptop. When will we see a checkbox in Adwords that says: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, FRIDGE? @nimbull #adtechsyd Search & The IOT - Example IOT Search Scenarios
  16. 16. Voice Search @nimbull #adtechsyd - In 2013 voice represented less than 1% of Search volume. - Within 3 years its now over 20% of Search volume. - By 2020, 50% of search will come from voice ~ comScore “YO Siri”
  17. 17. Voice Search @nimbull #adtechsyd - Long tail is back in fashion! - Long tail campaign increase complexity of managing SE accounts i.e bid management, match types, keyword count etc - Mobile voice search 3X more likely to be LOCAL vs text based.
  18. 18. Voice Search – Example Tactics - Mine your SQR reports for common long tail queries and refeed on exact match. - Intent – Driven creative - Useful location extensions for Voice Search @nimbull #adtechsyd
  19. 19. Visual Search @nimbull #adtechsyd “Storm of visual-centric technologies are coming together to point to a future of search that makes the keyword less…key” ~ Purna Virji, Microsoft
  20. 20. Visual Search @nimbull #adtechsyd
  21. 21. Visual Search @nimbull #adtechsyd
  22. 22. New devices and signals will require… More dimensions to search 1. Keyword 2. Context 3. Tonality @nimbull #adtechsyd
  23. 23. Search & Future Speculative Technologies 23 - Revealed at pivotal global conventions e.g CES Las Vegas 2017. Examples include VR Gear, Cardboard, Oculus & more. @nimbull #adtechsyd
  24. 24. VR Shopping 24 - What would a VR search engine look like? What would a VR ecommerce page look like? - Why would anyone view a boring webpage when they can walk around a store? Virtual Shopping in a Korean train station@nimbull #adtechsyd
  25. 25. 25 - “A shopper in Sydney could be shopping with a friend in New York from a store in London”. - eBay Sight Search™ - hold your gaze, product floats towards you! - eBay and Myer partnership pioneering VR Shopping. - Alibaba launch VR Shopping in Dec 2016. - Shoppers look through a store and select products by staring at them. - Premium placements on eye level would likely be offered in the future, similar to how paid search works. - Search Engines Results Pages will go down a similar route. VR Shopping & “Sight Search” @nimbull #adtechsyd
  26. 26. 26 - The merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist - Hololens, Magic Leap, Project Tango. - Imagine Google Shopping for watches where the watch is on your wrist. - Will manifest on glasses and contact lenses connected with voice and gesture. Mixed Reality @nimbull #adtechsyd
  27. 27. 27 - Stratio may enhance the world of augmented reality through the application of short wave infrared sensors. - Search data buried in everything from packaging to medical sensing and smart living applications. - This tech previously only available to military/govt with huge cost. - Attach to iphone or as wearable. - Tell you the exact alcohol % in a glass of water mixed with clear alcohol. - Real time health stats from wristband e.g blood pressure. - Pick up a piece of fruit and know if it's rotten inside and its sugar content. - As users adopt these future technologies, advertisers will have huge contextual advertising potential. Stratio - Search For The Physical World @nimbull #adtechsyd
  28. 28. 28 - Neuro Marketing! - What shapes our decisions is just as bodily and emotional as it is mental and rational. - Holy grail of advertising feedback loops. - Potential huge – every device now has front facing camera. - Imagine Google Instant modifying realtime based on disappointment on your face. - Just like we never opted into remarketing, we may see benefits from allowing affective interactions feedback Search & Affective Interactions @nimbull #adtechsyd
  29. 29. 29 - Project Jacquard - Threads in your clothes woven out of “gesture-sensing fabric” that can recognize swipes and taps as triggers for activities on your phone. Project Jacquard - Gesture Sensing Fabric @nimbull #adtechsyd
  30. 30. 30 Project Jacquard - Gesture Sensing Fabric @nimbull #adtechsyd
  31. 31. 31 Robotic Search & Machine Touch® - SynTouch BioTac - “Experiencing the human touch without humans” - Potential to develop into an amazing ecommerce confidence builder. - SynTouch BioTac mimics the sensory capabilities of human touch, which will solve deep challenges of robotic operations in human environments - If a robot is searching on your behalf, sensory touch would be an important asset. - Boast clients like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Adidas, Ford and Microsoft. @nimbull #adtechsyd
  32. 32. 32 LETS MAKE A PIZZA ! @nimbull #adtechsyd THEN NOW
  33. 33. 33 AERIAL CONNECTIVITY & SEARCH – SKY SEARCH? - Google’s Project Loon. The world’s biggest search engine has internet connections points floating around for up to 190 days! - The “second half” of the earth will soon have internet. - Australian equivalents - @nimbull #adtechsyd
  34. 34. 34 AERIAL CONNECTIVITY & SEARCH – SKY SEARCH? - “ecommerce death star” – the AMAZON drone delivery mothership patent. - “Prime Air” did its first drone delivery ago in Cambridge on Dec 2016. @nimbull #adtechsyd
  35. 35. 35 Reach Bionics – Searching VR with Facial Gestures - Allows users to control VR experience with facial gestures. - Could prove pivotal to VR Search. - Doubt its ability? Parallels to Steven Hawking – documenting the science of black holes using facial movements. Navigating a SERP would be easy! @nimbull #adtechsyd
  36. 36. Conclusions & Thank You! 36 +61427 779 789 +612 7901 3085 Web Email LinkedIn Facebook Twitter @Nimbull 1) Watch the present tactical components like market share – we’ve gone from 5.5 to 14.2 for BING in 2 years 2) Input signals - As input signals move beyond the traditional text keyword, advertisers are presented opportunities to harness VOICE, TOUCH, IMAGE and other search methods to their advantage. 3) Voice Search is growing fast and has strategic and tactical responses you can execute today. 4) Search is a pivotal to functionality of emerging tech, from VR to AI & Assistants. 5) Anticipate when paid listings permeate emerging tech.
  37. 37. Appendix 37
  38. 38. Supporting Info & Links 38 - - Project Jacquard.
  39. 39. Search & The IOT - Example IOT search scenarios 39 “Alexa, its time to order some new paper towels” When will we see a checkbox in Adwords that says Desktop, Mobile, TV, Car, Fridge? @nimbull #adtechsyd
  40. 40. Search & The IOT - Example IOT Search Scenarios 40 “Alexa, who stars in Mozart in the Jungle?” @nimbull #adtechsyd How soon before Netflix can convince Alexa to say “would you like to stream on Netflix now?”
  41. 41. Search Engines & Data Driven Innovation 41 - Aggressive beta testing of new features, especially Google. - Some released to agencies via Betas and some not. - Rankbrain - “AI” contributing to SEO ranking algorithms. - Google are trialling every possible combination of Ad extension to engage users and get them information quicker. - 1000s of experiments, not afraid of major shifts. @nimbull #adtechsyd
  42. 42. 42 Fluent - Voice Search With Context Analysis - The continued challenge of multi-language, accent and intent-based speech recognition. - Voice Search accuracy & translation must approach 100% to gain widespread adoption. - Companies like Fluent who focus on context and learning will help us get there. @nimbull #adtechsyd
  43. 43. Search Market Share 43 - Competition to Google in AU? With the rollout of Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge – BING search market share has grown from 5.5% to 14.2%. - Could Bing ever move into more market share? Yes! Why? Devices pervasion & OS. - Bing in AU - Google Parity vs USP e.g recent release of Google Shopping equivalent. @nimbull #adtechsyd
  44. 44. Search & The IOT 44 - Search on Cars, Homewares (e.g Google’s NEST), and on other devices increases. - The concept of the automated home is now a reality. Input signals to NEST include clap, voice, gesture, smartphone etc. @nimbull #adtechsyd
  45. 45. Search: Progress, Patents and Trust 45 - Google’s fine line between serving users, shareholders, and governing bodies. - In an Anti-trust case involving Google Shopping: “The EU alleged the Google skewed search results to favor its own comparison shopping service” – WSJ. - Google argues that the EU demands that “we sacrifice quality to subsidize competitors.”- WSJ. - Comparison shopping engines like Next Tag have lost business. Google says they are nothing to do with it, and eBay and Amazon are thriving. - Very real consideration: Fines could theoretically amount to 10% of the company’s revenue, which in 2014 totaled $66 billion. Latest reports mentioned $3.5 billion fine. - Google Shopping is usually the highest ROI channel for ecommerce websites. If it goes away or modifies, it will be a major disruption for etailers. - Recently more stringent with feed requirements e.g GTIN for every product. - More importantly does this set a precedent within Google that makes them less fearless. We would all agree this would be a bad thing for innovation. @nimbull #adtechsyd
  46. 46. Google Search: The Door & The House 46 - Google’s mission statement: organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Now focusing on the useful side more and more, and they are supplying the utility themselves. - SEs fulfilling the end user action e.g having a restaurant booking completed using an Ad Extension, or having a comparison of Interest Rates occur within an Ad Extension. @nimbull #adtechsyd
  47. 47. - Future sponsored listings on AI Assistants e.g Voice searches for local services could be one of the most common requests to an AI Assistant. - Cortana vs Siri - Cortana is the windows 10 personal assistant - both doing well, with informative and often witty responses. Many off their answers are facilitated by bringing up search results and local listings - Learning through experimentation – TAY THE SEX ADDICTED BIGOT! Who wins? Cortana learns faster. - See later in the presentation - How will search commands change? 47 “Search, That's An Order!” - Rise of the AI Helpers @nimbull #adtechsyd
  48. 48. What The World’s Leading Marketers Are Saying 48 “Take your business to the next level” “Guaranteed success” “A rare find” “Tremendous leader and digital marketer” “Veteran of the digital marketing industry” “An exciting digital marketing force” “First class digital marketing professional” “Unique and amazing combination of skills” “Often revolutionary solutions” See more reviews at Speaking Engagement at PubCon Las Vegas. Session: FACEBOOK TODAY Previous 4A’s Digital Board Member - USA @nimbull #adtechsyd
  49. 49. Experience 49 Current Client Examples Past Experience 100s of global clients across APAC, NA and EMEA
  50. 50. Nimbull Services 50 ▪ Paid Search ▪ Paid Social Media Ads ▪ Social Media Community Building ▪ Display Advertising e.g: Display Networks, Retargeting, Programmatic Buying (DSPS) ▪ SEO ▪ Online Video Advertising ▪ Content Marketing ▪ Mobile Marketing ▪ Web Development ▪ Digital Marketing Training Nimbull Partners Include
  51. 51. “You’re a master of your field.”- Michael Kelso, Marketing Manager, Yahoo!7/Spreets “There is no question, Nimbull gets results. Jim Rice, Web Producer, Thomson Reuters. “Nimbull has demonstrated a hands-on and practical approach that is rare to find. Their depth of knowledge of new and existing technologies and ability to simply impart knowledge on how best to leverage these for a better return on marketing expenditure has been a key differentiator for our business performance.” - Tim Andrew, CEO, BetterBills. “Nimbull are subject matter experts on best practices across all forms of SEM. Their structured approach and thorough review was of great benefit to our business.” - Geetika Marek Guz, Chief Marketing Officer, brandsExclusive. “Nimbull achieves great results with various digital marketing channels. Even more valuable is the way Nimbull uses fast moving data from these channels to help us shape our overall product.” - Farina Schurzfeld, General Manager, Airtasker. “Since using Nimbull to optimise our digital marketing, HealthcareLink has experienced massive improvements in performance on Google, Facebook and more. Their digital strategy and reporting is first class!” – Kopi Nadajarah, Director, HealthcareLink. “Nimbull got our phones ringing off the hook in no time!” - Aska Lagodko, Injector to the Stars, Lily Room. "Nimbull are experts in SEO. I would recommend them to any advertiser trying to take their SEO to the next level". - Lisa Koba, Creative Director, Cheeky Little Soles. NIMBULL Testimonials